Thursday, August 21, 2014

Peach Festival Saturday at St. James

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Meet the band" at Weller Field tonight has been cancelled due to the weather!

"Meet the band" at Weller Field tonight has been cancelled due to the weather!  

Author Ed keleman

Ed Keleman, author of the new Haunted Route 22 ghost story book, will be signing his books at the Lincoln Highway Experience Museum tonight, August 20, from 5 to 7 pm. His books will be available for purchase.

Lincoln Highway SupperMarket

Our August 20 Lincoln Highway SupperMarket is ON. The rain is moving away and the sun is shining. There are only 2 left this summer so come out tonight. Join the crowd at the Lincoln Highway Experience Museum, 3435 State Route 30 East, Latrobe, PA from 5 to 8 pm tonight. Enjoy the sounds of musician Marty Zundel. Purchase food from 6 local restaurants. Call us at 724-879-4241 for more information or visit .

Is America Dreaming?

"It's been a little over a year since the first Brookings Essay. In that year, its authors have taken readers around the world and back to stimulate debate on the most critical issues of our time. In the latest Brookings Essay, Economic Studies expert Richard Reeves examines an issue so threatening to the American ethos that President Obama has called it “the defining issue of our time.” Today, children born into the poorest parts of American society have a slim chance of moving upward. Even worse, their chances are often decreased by a number of factors outside their control, such as race or class. You can learn more about mobility by reading the latest Brookings Essay by Richard Reeves, Saving Horatio Alger: Equality, Opportunity, and the American Dream. Before you do, watch as Reeves provides a quick snapshot of mobility in today’s America:
For even more from Brookings on social mobility and inequality, visit the Social Mobility Memos blog for the latest research and commentary from Reeves and his team at the Center on Children and Families at Brookings."

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We have 2 copiers to give away.

This is one of them.  Both copiers have served us well over the years and received regular maintenance.  They have been retired to light usage.  We are moving our office to a smaller space and won't have the room.  Please call our office at 724-238-7783 or send me an email

Ligonier Valley Writers to Hold Community Picnic and Readings

Ligonier Valley Writers to Hold Community Picnic and Readings:
Be Part of the Entertainment

Do you take ketchup or mustard with your literature? For an entertaining afternoon of fun, food, and fiction (not to mention nonfiction and poetry), come to Ligonier Valley Writers' annual community picnic. It's on Sunday, September 7, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at St. Michael’s of the Valley Church in Rector.  The event is free for LVW members and just $5 for nonmembers.
Bring a covered dish or dessert if you like (although it’s not required). Join us for good food and good conversation in the scenic Laurel Highlands. Both LVW members and nonmembers are welcome to read from their own writing after the meal. You’ll also have a chance to win raffle prizes.
Copies of the 2014 edition of The Loyalhanna Review will be available free of charge. The magazine features top-quality essays, short stories, and poems, as well as photos and fine art. Among the offerings this year are Lou Steiner's meditation on time, Nancy Clark's humorous essay on "Cups in the Cupboards" and what they tell us about their owners' personalities and, as always, breathtaking art, including many locally shot photos.

St. Michael's is located at 2535 Route 381 in Rector (Ligonier Township): (724) 238-9411. Ligonier Valley Writers has been serving writers and readers throughout western Pennsylvania since 1986. For more about LVW events, publications, and writing contests, visit

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lapp Family Market to Open in Latrobe, PA on Thursday August 21

Lapp Family Market to Open in Latrobe, PA on Thursday August 21

Mervin and Ina Lapp and their family of six children announce their plans to open a new neighborhood grocery store in Latrobe on Thursday.  Lapp Family Market will offer standard grocery items, bulk foods, deli meats and cheeses, and sugar-free and gluten-free products, as well as a variety of cookbooks, cooking and canning supplies, and home d├ęcor items.  Outdoor living product such as swingsets, decking, porch railing, fencing will also be offered.  Lapp Family Market will be open 8:30-5:30 Monday-Friday, 8:30-4 Saturdays, and closed Sunday.

The Lapp family has roots in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Holmes County, Ohio.   (The Lapp family moved from Lancaster into the Latrobe area in 2012.)  Lapp Family Market will draw from these roots, as many of the items carried in the store come from the Lancaster, PA and Holmes County, OH areas, including Walnut Creek Foods product lines, Coblentz Chocolates, Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky, Mrs. Miller’s homemade noodles,  Jake & Amos canned goods, Kauffman’s Fruit spreads, and Kutztown sodas.  Lapp Family Market also carry’s Angies Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, Bob’s Red Mill products, New Hope gluten-free baking mixes, and Nature’s Sunshine.  The Somerset area Moo Echoes line of milk and ice cream will be offered, as well as local honey, maple syrup, and eggs.  Old-Fashioned nut butters (peanut and almond) will be ground fresh on the premises.

Located along Route 30 East, Lapp Family Market is conveniently located to serve customers from Latrobe, Ligonier, Greensburg, and surrounding communities.

Lapp Family Market
216 Kingston Street, Latrobe PA 15650
(724) 879-4848

Just relax and build nuclear plants. Wind and solar farms are constant killers.

Workers at a state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert have a name for birds that fly through the plant's concentrated sun rays — "streamers," for the smoke plume that comes from birds that ignite in midair
Federal wildlife investigators who visited the BrightSource Energy plant last year and watched as birds burned and fell, reporting an average of one "streamer" every two minutes, are urging California officials to halt the operator's application to build a still-bigger version.
The investigators want the halt until the full extent of the deaths can be assessed. Estimates per year now range from a low of about a thousand by BrightSource to 28,000 by an expert for the Center for Biological Diversity environmental group.
The deaths are "alarming. It's hard to say whether that's the location or the technology," said Garry George, renewable-energy director for the California chapter of the Audubon Society. "There needs to be some caution."
The bird kills mark the latest instance in which the quest for clean energy sometimes has inadvertent environmental harm. Solar farms have been criticized for their impacts on desert tortoises, and wind farms have killed birds, including numerous raptors.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Check out 518 N 7th St, Jeannette, PA 15644I found on Trulia

I thought you would be interested in seeing this property my son is selling

518 N 7th St, Jeannette, PA 15644

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Joy monticue
Banquet/event manager

He is correct. There should be no tolerance.

“The position is clear. If people are walking around with Isil flags or trying to recruit people to their terrorist cause they will be arrested and their materials will be seized,” he says.
“We are a tolerant people, but no tolerance should allow the room for this sort of poisonous extremism in our country.”

Saturday, August 16, 2014

probable scam reported on Facebook

"Just to keep an eye out: I went to the grocery store and my grandson was home alone. I wasn't gone long but, someone came to the door and he answered even though he been told not to. His answer was that he had a bat in his hand so he was ok. Now the story.....There was a lady with long blond hair and she was selling childrens books or mags. She asked for a parent and he told her no and shut the door. I was out with a group of ladies last night and one of them talked about the blond woman selling childrens books at around 10:00pm and just didn't want to give up. The husband at last got firm with her and she then left. I called the police today and they are coming to talk with my grandson. So please watch out. I don't know if there is anyone else with this lady or what. The only thing the police told me was that no one had asked for a sales permit. So they would like info if you have any or saw something out of place."

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mountain Palace - Shrimp Youcai

The weekend special at Mountain Palace is Shrimp Youcai with Rice. Youcai is a water vegetable similar in appearance to a small bokchoy. It is very tasty and quite healthy and goes very well with the delicate taste of shrimp. This special has been very popular many times here at Mountain Palace. Come this weekend to enjoy our special or any of our other Happy Healthy menu items. Friday 6 to 9 Saturday 12 to 9 and Sunday 12 to 6. Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake.  724 717-8614 

not a fan of wind farms

The finding, which threatens the entire rationale of the onshore wind farm industry, will be made by Scottish government-funded researchers who devised the standard method used by developers to calculate “carbon payback time” for wind farms on peat soils.
Wind farms are typically built on upland sites, where peat soil is common. In Scotland alone, two thirds of all planned onshore wind development is on peatland. England and Wales also have large numbers of current or proposed peatland wind farms.
But peat is also a massive store of carbon, described as Europe’s equivalent of the tropical rainforest. Peat bogs contain and absorb carbon in the same way as trees and plants — but in much higher quantities.
British peatland stores at least 3.2 billion tons of carbon, making it by far the country’s most important carbon sink and among the most important in the world.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fracking Beyond the Law: Despite Industry Denials, Investigation Reveals Continued Use of Diesel in Hydraulic Fracturing

At least 33 companies drilled 351 wells in 12 states using prohibited diesel fuels without required permits in violation of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The illegal injection of diesel fuel during hydraulic fracturing has continued over the last four years, despite repeated denials by the drilling industry, according to a report by the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP).  In its investigation, EIP also found troubling evidence that drilling companies have been changing and eliminating their disclosures of past diesel use from the industry self-disclosure database of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, called FracFocus.
Injecting diesel fuel into the ground to fracture shale and extract gas or oil is a potential threat to drinking water supplies and public health because diesel contains toxic chemicals, such as benzene, that cause cancer or other serious health problems, even at low doses.
EIP’s report, “Fracking Beyond the Law,” uses self-reported data from drilling companies and federal records to document at least 33 companies fracking at least 351 wells across 12 states with fluids containing diesel from 2010 through early August 2014.   Diesel fuels were used to frack wells in Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, Kansas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Montana without required Safe Drinking Water Act permits.
Read the full report and see the well data – including PA data - by visiting this link:

Watershed farm project

A vision nearly 15 years in the making marked a major milestone Friday when the Watershed Farm Project was revealed during a special ceremony on the 123-acre former McConnaughey Family Farm owned by the Loyalhanna Watershed Association.
“When we were looking for the proper name for this ceremony, we decided on “ground-saving” because we are not rebuilding on the site we are saving an historic site,” said Susan Huba the association's executive director.

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ever hear of QuickBooks? does payroll, too.

Zickefoose said the authority's payroll from Paychex Payroll Services, a Pittsburgh-based company, was received eight days late.
The board discussed four options for addressing the issue: not changing the system, paying $15 for UPS to overnight the checks, buying checks and processing them in house, or asking all employees to enroll in automatic deposit. The board decided to table the matter until next month's meeting.
The board approved a $2-per-hour raise for Zickefoose, who works part time. She will receive $14.50 an hour. Despite being a part time employee, Zickefoose has worked full time hours due to the authority's numerous projects and its conversion to new billing software.

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celebrating 15 years

The shop's inventory has grown more diverse over the years, Richard McNatt said, adding that the clientele is changing.
“I think it's going from the people who like to collect to the newer generation that don't particularly like what their parents have,” he said. “They're looking for something that they can identify with, not so much antiques but things they can relate to.”
McNatt said it's hard to tell what people are looking for when they first come into the store. Recently, a young girl interested in sewing came in the shop asking for clothing patterns and left with a mannequin.

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I agree with Mary. Why no activity bus???

The United School District, 4 miles from the Northern End, understands and addresses the needs of all their students allowing an equal opportunity for success. The LVSD board "Refuses" to provide the students of the northern end with an activity bus. Oldham applies for grant after grant and gives contracts and raises after raises to her friends with the boards' blessings ,in addition to the $1.8 million from the RKM foundation , and taxes raised 3 times in four years. I see monies were found for the painting of the shed behind the adm bldg while 1 activity bus cannot be provided . That is Hutchinson's , Tantlinger's , Maier's, Robinson's and , Shafer's means of punishing the Northern End. Why doesn't Thistlethwaite or McDowell or Dickert -Wallace or Wilcox speak up? 

Mary Raich

"EAST WHEATFIELD TOWNSHIP — United School District students will have transportation services provided to them for after-school activities through Tri County Transportation Inc.
Board members on Tuesday voted to implement the transportation services for the benefit of the district’s students who participate in sports or any other after-school activity. Such services were cut in the past due to budgetary concerns.
Board President Don Davis said Tri County “was able to bring that back” at virtually no cost to the district save for anything over the price of the diesel fuel, the wholesale cost of which is $1.50 per gallon. Tri County would accept the money it received from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Davis said.
The district has gone at least two years without after-school transportation as a cost-saving measure, leaving parents responsible for transporting their children home.
Davis said when the district negotiated its contract with Tri County, the after-school transportation service “was one of the things we liked about their proposal.”
“This is a great service for our students and district residents, because we do cover 132 square miles,” he said."

a bookish choice

A literary-minded witch gives you a choice: with a flick of the wand, you can become either an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades, or a popular paperback author whose books give pleasure to millions. Which do you choose?
It seems my choice was made when I read one sentence in my maternal genealogy:Madame Rosalie de Leval gave her land to Louis des Isles. I set out to discover who Madame Rosalie was and why she would give my ancestor her land. In the process, I discovered a unique French woman whose story had never been told. Such a strong woman deserved to be recognized.
And so I set out on a journey of discovery.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

township barn courtesy of Paul Church

fire in township

At least one barn was destroyed by fire Tuesday while two other structures were in danger in Ligonier Township.
The Westmoreland Department of Public Safety reported the blaze started just after 9:30 p.m. The fire was brought under control within 30 minutes.

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I find the phrase "seasoned government administrator" kinda scary.

Ligonier Township's new manager will begin work on Monday.
During a meeting Tuesday night, the supervisors voted to hire Terry Carcella, 59, of Unity under a two-year contract.
Attorney Michael Korns, serving in Solicitor Scott Avolio's absence, said Carcella's salary will be $61,000 a year with some benefits.
Supervisor Paul Knupp said Carcella is a “seasoned government administrator” with more than 21 years' experience. He cited some of Carcella's areas of expertise as zoning, code enforcement, land use, flood and hazard mitigation, grant-writing and union negotiations.

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darling Gracie needs a good home

She is litter trained and looking for love.  Call me at 724-238-7783 or send an email

August 13 Lincoln Highway SupperMarket

Hope you can join us between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. tonight, August 13, for our weekly Lincoln Highway SupperMarket. The rain is forecast to clear out. Several area restaurants will be selling delicious food for your dinner. Chris and Lauren will be performing. Visit for more information or call us at 724-879-4241.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Great Price on Roses!

DOZEN ROSES - $19.99

At Rachel's Ligonier Floral
on the Diamond

Not in his backyard....

After working very hard to help fracking spread across PA, Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-25), doesn't want drilling in a portion of his district.


What about all the other watersheds fracking will compromise, Joe...such as the Laurel Highlands watershed, for example? Why is the watershed in his district more deserving of protection? Protection from the pollution and destruction that frackers say doesn't happen... .

Amazing hypocrisy.

Statement on Flatirons Ending Marcellus Drilling Operations at Brandon-Day Well

On August 11, 2014

HARRISBURG – Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson) has issued the following statement regarding the Flatirons Development, LLC decision concerning the Brandon-Day well:

“Flatirons Development, LLC, has agreed to discontinue Marcellus drilling operations of the Brandon-Day well which is located upstream of the Brockway Borough Municipal Authority Rattlesnake Reservoir.  The existing bore hole will be abandoned, sealed and reclaimed to eliminate the possibility of watershed contamination.

“This recent decision by Flatirons Development to stop plans for drilling at the Brandon-Day well is a good and responsible decision for our community.  Earlier this year after taking part in numerous discussions and meetings regarding this well, I reached out to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to express serious reservations with permitting any further drilling at the proposed site or any nearby site which could potentially compromise the reservoir.
“Toby Creek Watershed Association President Bill Sabatose and members of the Toby Creek Watershed have done an outstanding job monitoring the process surrounding this well and working to make sure the watershed remains clean.  This decision is a strong testament to the successful teamwork of area residents, local leaders, DEP and Flatirons to do what is in the best interest of our community to ensure public safety and protect our natural resources.”

This beautiful mature cat needs a good home.

Gracie lives to cuddle.  She is spayed, litter box trained and just needs a gentle combing every other day or so.  We're not sure of her age but we think she's about 10 years old.  She has no health issues and isn't a scratcher.  She just loves to be loved.  Best match would be a home without other pets.

If you know of someone who could use a good companion please send me an email or call me. 724-238-7783 or


This sweet little puppy is lost on Laurel Mountain.

MISSING:  Newly adopted tri-colored male, neutered Rat Terrier on Route 30, Laughlintown, near the Runaway Lounge.  Very shy, do NOT chase try to get into car call 724-953-5537 immediately.  Or take to Runaway Lounge. PLEASE SHARE!

events by Ligonier Radio

  • AUGUST 16: The Ligonier Valley Library will present a 3 D for Kids Program on Saturday, August 16th from 11 AM- Noon. This high-energy  workshop, presented by award-winning filmmaker Jeff Boller, explores the art and science of 3D movies. Participants learn how to create amazing drawings, photographs and movies... all in 3D! The workshop is intended for kids ages 7 and up and their parents. There is no charge to attend, but registration is required. Call the library at 724-238-6451 for more information.
  • AUGUST 17: The Summer Band Concert series continues every Sunday evening beginning at 7 PM at the Diamond Bandstand. On August 17th it's the Delmont Area Concert Band.
  • AUGUST 17: The Compass Inn will hold a Militia and the Frontier Living History Weekend on August 16th from 11 AM- 4 PM and August 17th from 1 - 5 PM. Call the Compass Inn at 724-238-4983 for more details.
  • AUGUST 22: The Taste of History will be at Fort Ligonier on Friday, August 22nd from 5:30- 7:30 PM. There will be pizza baking demonstrations in our field ovens and musical performance by Joe Golden and Pat Petraca. Tickets are $8.00 for Fort members and $10.00 non-members.
  • AUGUST 23: Antiques on the Diamond returns to Ligonier on Saturday, August 23rd from 8 AM- 3 PM. There will be over 50 antique dealers located around the Diamond.
  • AUGUST 24: The Summer Band Concert series continues every Sunday evening beginning at 7 PM at the Diamond Bandstand. The Somerset Country Community Band will perform on August 24th.
  • THROUGH AUGUST 29: Get out the popcorn and the blankets! Keystone State Park has movie night every Friday night now through August 29th. They will be playing a variety of movies (pg-13 or less) at the beach house. They will be shown on a projector screen outside on the lawn, so bring your blankets, chairs and make sure you dress for the weather. But most importantly bring the whole family for this great time! Movie times are at 8:30 pm, may vary depending on when it gets dark. Movies will not be shown in inclement weather. 
  • AUGUST 30: Come and witness blacksmiths perform their trade at the Hammer Inn -Blacksmith Day ..Saturday, August 30th from 11AM- 4 PM at the Compass Inn. Call 724-238-4983 for more information.
  • SEPTEMBER 1-30: Silly Saturdays in September return at the Compass Inn with colonial crafts and a lot of fun activities for the kids. That's every Saturday in September from 11 AM- 4 PM. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

U of Penn-led Expert Panel Calls for Public Health Research on Natural Gas Drilling

PHILADELPHIA — Groundwater and air quality testing before, during, and after natural gas drilling – which includes hydraulic fracturing -- should be key components of efforts to ensure the safety of communities near these sites, according to an expert panel convened to weigh in on public health research needs associated with unconventional natural gas drilling operations (UNGDO).  The panel also urges that any research conducted should use “community-based participatory research principles” so that the concerns of the many stakeholders involved in these activities can be addressed. A group of environmental health researchers, led by Trevor Penning, PhD, director of the Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology (CEET) at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, published their findings this month in Environmental Health Perspectives.

UNGDO, which includes hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, supplies an energy source which is potentially cleaner than liquid or solid fossil fuels and may provide a route to energy independence for the U.S, say proponents. However, significant concerns have arisen due to the lack of research on the public health impact of this type of energy extraction. 

Penn Medicine is one of the world's leading academic medical centers, dedicated to the related missions of medical education, biomedical research, and excellence in patient care. Penn Medicine consists of the Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (founded in 1765 as the nation's first medical school) and the University of Pennsylvania Health System, which together form a $4.3 billion enterprise. 

ALERT ALERT ALERT .......This little dog is missing.

MISSING:  Newly adopted tri-colored male, neutered Rat Terrier on Route 30, Laughlintown, near the Runaway Lounge.  Very shy, do NOT chase try to get into car call 724-953-5537 immediately.  Or take to Runaway Lounge. PLEASE SHARE!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see more programs opting out of federal dollars to avoid mandates?

Lunch at Fort Thomas Independent Schools may include more French fries, fewer vegetables and larger portions this year. One thing that won't be on the menu: federal dollars.
The Campbell County district is opting out of the federal school lunch program, forfeiting hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funding.
The reason: Kids didn't like their healthful lunches.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

"Wonder Cabinet" Opens Tonight at Allegory Gallery

Cynthia Thornton's latest show, "Wonder Cabinet" opens tonight at Allegory Gallery!

Cynthia Thornton is a fine artist, illustrator, and author.  She is also the proprietor of Green Girl Studios in Asheville, North Carolina.  Green Girl Studios is a metalsmithing-based company that designs and produces whimsical pieces in fine pewter, silver, bronze, and shibuichi (a copper and silver alloy).

This is Cynthia's second solo show at the gallery and will feature a collection of twelve original artworks.  The opening reception is from 5PM to 8PM.  Please join us to celebrate the new work and see the small-scale pieces in person!  If you're not able to attend, you can still see the show online!  CLICK HERE to check out the pieces from the exhibit.