Thursday, December 18, 2014

Families flee out-of-control natural-gas leak

"About 25 families in eastern Ohio have been unable to live in their houses for the past three days because of a natural-gas leak at a fracking well that crews cannot stop. Bethany McCorkle, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the state agency that regulates oil and gas, said crews lost control of the Monroe County well on Saturday. Families were evacuated from about 25 houses within a 1.5-mile radius of the well, located near the Ohio River about 160 miles east of Columbus.

The well is not on fire, but the gas could be explosive. “There’s still a steady stream of natural gas coming from the wellhead,” McCorkle said yesterday. The well is operated by Triad Hunter, a Texas company that also has offices in Marietta in southeastern Ohio. The company did not return a call yesterday but said in a statement that the well had been temporarily plugged about a year ago while the company drilled and fracked three more wells on that site.

“Despite numerous precautionary measures taken in connection with the temporary plugging and abandonment operation, the well began to flow uncontrollably while recommencing production operations,” the company said. Triad Hunter workers tried to bolt the cap back into place but couldn’t, the statement said."

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's official. New York state will ban fracking.

''After years of lobbying and aggressive public protest by state residents to make permanent a short-term moratorium on the controversial oil and gas drilling practice, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo cited harm to public health as the key reason for the decision to announce an all-out ban. "The potential impacts of fracking on water, air, land resources, community and local services are significant," Cuomo said in a tweet just after the decision was made public.
In response to the news, Wenonah Hauter, director of Food & Water Watch, which has fought aggressively against fracking in New York and across the country, declared the development as the "Biggest fracking victory ever!" "Our growing national movement has persevered," Hauter added in a statement. "We applaud Governor Cuomo for acknowledging the overwhelming science that speaks to the inherent dangers of fracking to public health and the environment. Fracking has no place in New York or anywhere, and the governor has smartly seized a golden opportunity to be a real national leader on health, environmental protection and a future free of polluting fossil fuels."" 

And more at the Post-Gazette:
''State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said there is no solid scientific basis to show that hydrofracturing drilling, known as fracking, is safe. He said the little reliable evidence available would keep him from letting his family live near a well. “If you don’t believe your children should live there, then I agree; your duty is to suggest that no child live there,” Mr. Cuomo told Mr. Zucker at a public Cabinet meeting.

Mr. Zucker said: Prevention is the cornerstone of public health. … Once damage is done, it is extremely hard to fix it.”

Christmas Mental Health Discussion Expanded to Virtual Classroom

Pleased to Announce
Expanding this evening's live presentation to browser-based machines.
Christmas Mental Health

6:00 this evening we will begin the broadcast Internet and Comcast permitting.

Link as follows:

This is a free Holiday service from Happy Healthy :)

We plan live video/audio real-time interaction. The Forum Discussion is open. It is Christmas. Get the barrel of that gun away from your head.

We wish everyone a blessed and wonderful Season!

The Happy Healthy Inc Team


Tonight, WTAE covers effects of fracking in WPA, 10pm

WTAE Channel 4's Chronicle is an ongoing series of hour-long news specials dedicated to in-depth reporting on relevant topics to Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. Action News icon, Sally Wiggin, is the host.

Preview tonight's edition (10pm) "Drilling Down" at

large gathering expected for funeral in Ligonier

A multitude of police and emergency responders are expected Friday in Ligonier to pay their respects to a Perryopolis officer killed in the line of duty.
“For a small town, it is a logistic nightmare to find places for all of these people to park their vehicles,” said Ligonier Mayor Ormond “Butch” Bellas, among the many local and county officials involved in planning for the influx of traffic and people. “It's going to be big, but how big, we don't have a clue.”
Officials estimate that hundreds of police officers, firefighters, medics and others could travel to the borough of 1,560 residents Friday morning for funeral services for Officer Richard Champion, 35, of Ligonier Township.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

sweet and funny...

    Three frogs cling comically to a branch in Borneo, Indonesia

Other stunning photos of wildlife from around the world can be seen at

Merry Christmas!

Happy Healthy Inc
Christmas and Seasonal Mental Health
Pre- Christmas/Seasonal

All welcome!
Please check us out, Christmas can always get hairy :)

Wed. Evening 6:00 Live Virtual Meeting Room Internet Wide
DSM-4 and 5 Variations
Pressing emotional conflict of Seasonal Affect :(
What have we got to loose?

Best wishes,

The Happy Healthy Team

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senior citizens invited to holiday lunch and choral performance

Ligonier Valley School District will host an annual holiday luncheon for senior citizens on Wednesday.
A brief choral program at noon in the high school auditorium will entertain guests before lunch is served about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday in the cafeteria, 40 Springer Road in Ligonier Township.
Reservations may be made by calling the high school at 724-238-9531 between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Seating is limited and reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Protecting children from monsters under the bed...and the real ones

tragic accident kills Ligonier man

State police investigating the crash say Champion was headed south on Route 51 with his emergency lights and sirens on, when an SUV coming the opposite direction turned in front of his cruiser. The SUV and the cruiser collided, and Champion's car burst into flames.
Champion was a member of the Perryopolis Police Department for only eight months. The 36 year-old from Ligonier leaves behind a wife and a 16-month-old son.
"Excellent officer, outstanding officer. He was a great asset to our department. I was very proud to work alongside of him. I was very proud to have him as an officer with the Perryopolis Borough police department," said Chief Roger Beadling, with the Perryopolis Police Department.

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first in Pennsylvania

Steve Clark bought a piece of history.
His decision to buy one of Ford's new aluminum body pickup trucks was an easy one, made in a matter of minutes after arriving at a Ligonier dealership.
Clark, 33, of Ligonier is just the third person in the country, and the first in Pennsylvania, to buy one of the much-talked-about aluminum-body F-150 pickups, viewed in the industry as one of the biggest risk-taking moves in Ford's 108-year history.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

DVD Availability & Holiday Schedule

Thanks to Marianne, Diane and Diane for a wonderful musical experience at Mountain Palace last night!
DVD of Traditional Chinese Medical Exercise is now available in time for Christmas and makes an excellent Happy Healthy stocking stuffer! The DVD is over 46 minutes and contains sections on Bone/Joint, Active Motion and Self Acupressure. Email, call 724 288-3872 or go through to order. Cost is $35.
Mountain Palace will be open through the holidays on its regular schedule of Friday 6 to 9, Saturday 12 to 9 and Sunday 12 to 6. 
In regard to classes over the holidays, we have made the following modifications: We will not be having acupressure class on Friday Dec. 19. We will be taking a break and resuming the acupressure classes on Fridays at 1:30 beginning January 9. That class will be in regard to High Blood Pressure. January 16 will be Obesity and January 23 Diabetes Session 1 and January 30 Diabetes Session 2. We plan to continue through February with the subjects to be announced later.
We will continue Saturday morning Traditional Chinese Medical Exercise sessions at 11:00 here at Mountain Palace through the holidays including Dec. 20 and Dec. 27.
Lacy will continue to provide individualized acupressure treatment sessions by appointment.
Have a Happy Healthy Christmas!
Lacy & Clay

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Sing-A-Long at Mountain Palace Tonight!

In the spirit of the season, Mountain Palace will host a Seasonal Sing-A-Long this evening (Saturday 12/13) from 6:30 to 9:30. Featured will be Diane Cipa, guitar, Marianne McCauliffe, flute and Diane Shirey Lenz, keyboard. Lead singer, and dancer with any willing ladies, will be John Huey. We expect some Christmas Carols as well as some vintage (WWII Era) favorites. The weekend special is Pork with Chinese Cabbage and Woodears. Where else could you enjoy such an event? Come to Mountain Palace this evening for a guaranteed Happy Healthy good time!

We will attempt to broadcast this event over the Internet using our Live Virtual Classroom for those who may not be able to attend. Click the following link if you wish to check it out:

724 288-3872
The Happy Healthy Team

Friday, December 12, 2014

Candlelight tours wrapping up at Compass Inn

Candlelight Tours at Compass Inn are a great tradition this time of year. They wrap up this Saturday and Sunday, 3-7 p.m. Stop by and be swept back in time, when candlelight and fireplaces provided all the light and heat we could find, and decorations came from the natural world...


Santa Claus is coming to town with a film crew!

CBS Films location manager David Weinstein is very familiar with Ligonier, as his sister has lived in the town for many years.
“I am a local location scout in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, so when a film or a TV show comes in and they need a location, of course anytime they say anything that is Norman Rockwell-like, this is the spot,” he said.
“Let It Snow” — a feature film starring John Goodman, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried and Alan Arkin — will have a crew of 15 people filming on the Ligonier Diamond the afternoon of Dec. 19 to capture a scene of the Christmas lights illuminating the bandstand area.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Neck, Shoulder & Low Back - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Especially in cold, blowing wintry weather? Acupressure Point Treatment of Neck, Shoulder & Low Back according to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and Practice.
Lingzhi Cai, M.D., Ph.D. in the convenience of your home or office via Internet or at Mountain Palace, 111 Creek Road, Bolivar, Pa 15923.
1:30 Live at Mountain Palace or Live Virtual Classroom with real time audio/video interaction at the following link:

PC, Mac, Android and iPad compatible

Thank you very much and have wonderful Neck, Shoulder & Low Back happy healthy Christmas!

The Happy Healthy Inc Team  Free, no joining necessary!


See Flyer and respond to messages through club or Cell 724 288-3872

Traditional Chinese Medical Exercise DVD Now Available! $35 - Order Now, Limited Supply for Christmas (30)

                                      Please help us to fix it!

   In the United States, there is an expected 31 million people with lower back pain at any given time.  8 out of 10 people have some type of backache.

     Bone and joint issues have become an increasingly serious problem that affect your health. Statistics show 50% of people 60 years old and almost 100% 70 years old suffer from such serious problems. Increasingly, even younger people are suffering due to the time in front of computers, sedentary office work, keeping in the same positions for long periods of time, etc.

    This class will teach you basic knowledge of causes of neck and low back pain, and how to prevent and treat them with traditional Chinese medicine methods including pressure point to help you easily cure  this health problem living in happy healthy !



township news impacting subdivisions

For the time being, township residents' requests for subdivisions will be handled by Westmoreland County until the township creates its own subdivision regulations, he said. But residents will have to wait until the township passes a new zoning ordinance to proceed.
“All development stops until we get this recommended for approval by the planning commission to the supervisors and they start with the public comment period,” he said. “Once they do that, that's called an ordinance pending doctrine.”
Under the doctrine, the township can review applications based on the new ordinance.
Carcella said there will be no zoning hearing board meetings while the township goes through the process of revising the ordinance.
In other business, the board approved designating three categories for which Act 13 impact fee money, paid by oil and gas drillers, can be used: construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair of roads and bridges; emergency preparedness and public safety, including fire and police services, equipment acquisition and other services related to emergency preparedness; and local and regional planning initiatives.
The township has about $151,000 in its Act 13 account.

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Diamond location wins tax assessment appeal

The Valley School of Ligonier has won a tax assessment appeal for an East Main Street property on the Diamond in Ligonier.
The Westmoreland County Tax Assessment Appeals Board agreed with appraiser Gary Hayden's testimony that the fair market value of the building, which the school leases to Citizens Bank and Janney Montgomery Scott, should be $1.35 million.
Previously, the implied market value of the property, based on an assessed value of $374,410 multiplied by the Westmoreland County Common Level Ratio of 5.18 percent was $1,939,443.80.

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old time Christmas Carol radio broadcast

The classic radio drama, starting Lionel Barrymore as Scrooge, will be aired five times.
“It's a classic Lionel Barrymore broadcast,” said Ron Adams, the station's manager and on-air personality. “A lot of people know Barrymore as “Mr. Potter” in the movie “It's a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart. A very distinctive voice. “
The broadcast will play at noon, 8 p.m. and midnight on Dec. 24. On Dec. 25, it will air at noon and 6 p.m.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I just found this picture in a drawer.

We were taking a bike trip.  That's Marty putting air in the bike tires.  This is our friend's son Andrew smiling.  It's such a cute pic.  Thought you might like to remember the "old" Sheetz. ;)

Monday, December 8, 2014

19th century fireplace mantels

We found 3 19th century fireplace mantels when we were cleaning out our garage last month. They are for sale for $125 each. Give us a call if you'd like to come and look at them. Lincoln Highway Experience, 724-879-4241

Friday, December 5, 2014

Paying A Ton To Subsidize Fast Food's Poverty Wages

"Taxpayers spend about $7 billion per year to help pay workers who are employed by an industry that rakes in $200 billion annually. That's because the fast food industry's notoriously low wages force more than half of fast food workers to rely on some form of government assistance like food stamps or Medicaid to get by, a study from the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign recently found.An analysis of the Berkeley/UI data from the left-leaning National Employment Law Project breaks down how much low-wages at the 10 biggest fast food chains are costing taxpayers. These findings reflect the bleak reality of the low-wage recovery. Nearly 70 percent of the new jobs created since the end of the recession have been in low-wage sectors like fast food and retail and they’ve replaced largely middle-income jobs."  
National Employment Law Project:
"A fundamental promise of America is that work will be a ladder to economic opportunity and an anchor of economic security for working families. But that promise has unraveled over the past three decades. Globalization has combined with domestic policy choices to yield an economy that creates too many low-wage jobs and not nearly enough good ones. Lax enforcement of workers' rights, increased subcontracting and mis-classification of employees as independent contractors, and failed immigration policies have heightened insecurity for all workers. Inequality has grown to historic levels, the middle class is imperiled, and many fear our best days are behind us."

Homegrown Bean Sprout, Ground Beef & Chive Special!

Yuzhen has been busy again nurturing the bean sprouts! This weekend special will be the Bean Sprouts with Ground Beef and Chives with Rice. Sounds pretty tasty! Mountain Palace is open Friday 6 to 9, Saturday 12 to 9 and Sunday 12 to 6. Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake.  724 717-8614

Acupressure Point Treatment class will occur today at 1:30 regarding Constipation. Class is available at Mountain Palace and through our Live Virtual Classroom for anyone with Windows, Mac, Android or iPad machines. The link is:

Traditional Chinese Medical Exercise class will be at Mountain Palace at 11:00 Saturday.

Additional information: 724 288-3872

WPXI video on the drug treatment center

new listing for sale $229,900

3951 N 711, Ligonier Twp, 15658

Call your favorite real estate agent today and check it out.  Priced to sell!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Odie and Penny went missing from Laurel Summit in Laurel Mountain Village on Thursday afternoonDecember, 4, 2014.
Odie is a full-sized black & white Great Dane, approximately 150 lbs with an orange collar.
Penny is an Irish Setter, approximately 70 lbs with a purple collar.
Both have Somerset County tags and vet immunization tags.
Both are very, very friendly.
If anyone sees them, please call Mary at 814-442-8493. Thank you!

Acupressure Point Treatment - Constipation Friday Dec. 5 1:30pm

        How can I get rid of my constipation?


     Many people are suffering from constipation which causes many health problems such as hemorrhoids, fissure, colon cancer, cerebral hemorrhage and acute myocardial infarction. Even it affects emotions like anxiety and depression if having the constipation  for a long time.  Laxatives can help you temporally, but their side effects will affect your health to put your body system out of balance and it will become resisted if you take the pills for a long time.  This class will teach you basic knowledge of causes of constipation and how to treat constipation with traditional Chinese medicine methods including pressure point, anti-constipation rice and herb soup and anti-constipation herb tea to help you easily cure  this health problem living in happy healthy !

At Mountain Palace or Live Virtual Classroom for $10 at the following link:

Lingzhi Cai, M.D., Ph.D.
724 288-3872

CMU's Breathe Cam lets citizens document sources of air pollution

At the Post-Gazette
The Breathe Cam project uses and refines existing computer software developed at CMU to stitch together multiple photographs and create a high-resolution panorama of an area much faster than previously possible.
That technological advance, by CMU researchers Paul Dille and Randy Sargent, allows users of the site to view and explore the images just minutes after they are recorded. “It’s enabled us to turn this into a service, not just a technology,” Mr. Sargent said.

At Essential Pittsburgh
Improving air quality continues to be a major challenge in the region, but now Carnegie Mellon University's CREATE Lab has introduced Breathe Cam . It's designed to give area residents direct access to the world's most sophisticated technology for documenting visual pollution in the air they breathe. CMU Robotics professor Illah Nourbakhsh joins us to explain how it works.

CMU Robotics professor Illah Nourbakhsh said on Essential Pittsburgh today that one quarter of ER visits are because of asthma, a condition which he says is hugely exacerbated by breathing bad air. Western PA produces a lot of bad air and, as fracking comes in, this situation will deteriorate further. 

May such technology as the Breathe Cam not be needed in the Ligonier Valley...which is to say that, with concerted effort by citizens (that means anyone reading this), the fracking horse will be kept in the barn, not let out to run wild. (My apologies to horses for use of this metaphor.) 

Get active and protect your needs to be defended here as well as in The Big City.

don't you love trains at Christmas?

The Ligonier Valley Historical Society's 32nd Festival of Lights event opens during a preview party 6:30 to 9 p.m. Friday. The event will feature nearly 50 trees, wreaths and centerpieces.
Theresa Gay Rohall, the historical society's new executive director, said this year's event will include some new features.
“We wanted to build on to what we have for the festival of lights,” Rohall said.
The Ligonier Valley Rail Road Association will loan an HO scale train layout for the festival.
“It is exciting to have a train at our Christmas event,” Rohall said. “Who didn't grow up with a train under their Christmas tree?”
Bill Potthoff, president of the railroad association's board, agrees.
“All kids remember a train under the Christmas tree,” Potthoff said.

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time for a Ligonier Christmas

Santa, a snowman, shepherds and more are sure to get Ligonier residents excited for the Christmas season when the Valley Players present “A Ligonier Christmas.”
The show, which will include sacred and secular music performed by community singers, is the nonprofit organization's 16th annual Christmas presentation.
“It's about coming together as a community to keep our little theater a part of the holiday festivities,” said Francine Mitchell, who wrote and is directing “A Ligonier Christmas.”
A cast of around 45 people, ranging in ages 6 to 75 will come together to present the show.
“I wrote this play in the spirit of Christmas and hopefully it will bring the joy of Christmas memories and the true meaning of the holiday to our audience,” said Mitchell, who has been involved with the Valley Players for six years.

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LVSD looking for public input

The Ligonier Valley school board will ask for community feedback on the potential sale of Laurel Valley Middle High School for $1.75 million.
The potential purchaser wants to use the facility, which is next door to Laurel Valley Elementary School, as an inpatient treatment center for people addicted to drugs or alcohol. The school has about 200 students.
Members of the community are invited to comment on the proposed sale during a meeting at 6 p.m. Dec. 15 in the Ligonier Valley High School auditorium.

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ice pond!

Ever since the Valley Youth Network began working on the Ligonier Valley Ice Pond at its Springer Road headquarters, executive director Kip Crumrine has heard many stories from those who loved to skate the rink in the past.
“Almost every person I talk to that either has seen the work that we're doing or has seen us using it in the past has these fond memories of skating on it when they were growing up and just remembering coming down there and having big community skates and having a bonfire going — just a real fun time,” Crumrine said.
This winter, the organization hopes to allow a new generation to make such memories.
The pond is slated to open to the public the third week of December with a restored structure and renovated warming hut.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How a ruby-red Texas town turned against fracking

Last month, Denton, a college town not far from Dallas, voted to ban hydraulic fracturing – thanks in no small part to a dedicated band of mainly female activists. How did they manage to beat big oil?

"The fracking ban that comes into effect on Tuesday in the heart of Texas might never have happened at all, if industry had not insisted on fracking beside a local hospital, a children’s playground, and the 100-year-old farmhouse that was Cathy McMullen’s retirement dream. That brought fracking a step too far. McMullen believes such overreach – typical under the Texas regulatory framework – helped turn a ruby-red Republican town against fracking. Despite industry objections – and death threats for McMullen and other activists, Denton voted by 60% to ban fracking last month. The victorious activists like to call their fight David v Godzilla, because the oil industry is so powerful in Texas. That fight is not over yet.
George P Bush, the nephew and grandson of the former presidents, will soon take charge of the General Land Office – one of two Texas state agencies that have joined an industry lawsuit to overturn the ban.But McMullen and the small group of mainly female activists behind the ban are already inspiring towns in Texas and elsewhere that are looking for ways to rein in an industry that so far has enjoyed supreme rights to frack. The oil and gas companies probably would be fracking still in Denton if they had not completely dismissed McMullen’s concerns, she said. “They underestimated us completely,” she said. “I think they all just thought: ‘Oh, it’s just Cathy.’ I don’t think they saw the storm clouds on the horizon, and that industry was creating this storm, and that it was going to blow into town, and everybody was just sick of it.”"