Saturday, April 19, 2014

Parisian Café Flower Workshop

Attendees at the “Parisian Café Workshop” will each create a beautiful French Bouquet of spring flowers to take home; enjoy French Coffee or Tea, and a fresh Éclair au Chocolat. The workshop will be conducted by Mary Jo Bullington, and held at the Lincoln Highway Experience (3435 State Route 30 East, Latrobe, 15650) on Thursday, April 24 at 3:30 p.m. Pre-registration and payment ($25) is required. Please call 724-879-4241 or register online  here .  Monday is the last day to register

"It's simply time."

It’s time for Western states to take control of federal lands within their borders, lawmakers and county commissioners from Western states said at Utah’s Capitol on Friday.
More than 50 political leaders from nine states convened for the first time to talk about their joint goal: wresting control of oil-, timber -and mineral-rich lands away from the feds.

Sleepy Hollow is re-awakening as the Steel Wheel Grill.

I love these prefab homes.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hawaii in the Highlands

“Hawaii In The Highlands” Show at Ligonier Theatrefor two shows 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. May 28, 208 West Main St., Ligonier. Hawaiian performers skilled in drums and hula will incorporate traditional dance. Admission: $35. Tickets: 724-836-8000

Items for Free

Looking for items to repurpose for your house project?.
Due to demo I have 4 shelving units (83" x 24" x 11")
in really good shape, 2 solid wood exterior doors (1 with screen door),
and old windows.

All items free, you haul.  Please call 412-389-8425 for more information.  Whatever is not taken goes in the dump tomorrow.

Mountain Palace - Free Tea Egg Weekend!

That's right. It is once again Easter weekend at Mountain Palace and we will be continuing our tradition of providing free tea eggs for everyone as long as they last. Tea eggs are a special treat in China and are made by boiling eggs in tea until they crack a bit permitting coloring swirls and flavor to enter the egg. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the excellent picture taken last year by William Jones of a tea egg in a blue and white porcelain bowl that would have been perfect for this post. I'll just enter a picture of Lacy I got of a time before she was Chef Lacy. So come to Mountain Palace this weekend and get your free tea egg just delivered by the Chinese Easter Bunny. Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake. Friday 6 to 9, Saturday 12 to 9 and Sunday 12 to 6. Chinese medical exercise and acupressure session will be Saturday at Mountain Palace at 11:00.  724 717-8614 P.S. Thanks William for getting this to me!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Third Report in Three Days Shows Scale of Fracking Perils

"The fracking industry is having a bad week. In the third assessment in as many days focused on the pollution created by the booming industry, a group of researchers said Wednesday that the controversial oil and gas drilling practice known as fracking likely produces public health risks and "elevated levels of toxic compounds in the environment" in nearly all stages of the process. The latest research, conducted by the Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy, compiled "the first systematic literature review" of peer-reviewed studies on the effects of fracking on public health and found the majority of research points to dangerous risks to public health, with many opportunities for toxic exposure.

“It’s clear that the closer you are [to a fracking site], the more elevated your risk,” said lead author Seth Shonkoff, from the University of California-Berkeley. “We can conclude that this process has not been shown to be safe.” According to the "near exhaustive review" of fracking research, environmental pollution is found "in a number of places and through multiple processes in the lifecycle of shale gas development," the report states. "These sources include the shale gas production and processing activities (i.e., drilling, hydraulic fracturing, hydrocarbon processing and production, wastewater disposal phases of development); the transmission and distribution of the gas to market (i.e., in transmission lines and distribution pipes); and the transportation of water, sand, chemicals, and wastewater before, during, and after hydraulic fracturing.""  and

I can't believe this.

Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk where pro-Russian militants have taken over government buildings were told they have to "register" with the Ukrainians who are trying to make the city become part of Russia, according to Ukrainian and Israeli media.
Jews emerging from a synagogue say they were handed leaflets that ordered the city's Jews to provide a list of property they own and pay a registration fee "or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated," reported Ynet News, Israel's largest news website.

agritourism ordinance to be considered

A proposed agricultural tourism amendment to Ligonier Township's zoning ordinance will come before township supervisors for consideration when they meet next month.
Attorney Mark Hamilton, who serves as the township's special counsel on Foxley Farm matters, submitted the proposed amendment to supervisors during a work session on Tuesday.
It proposes adding “agritourism” as a conditional use in the conservation district, along with the R-A, R-1 and R-2 residential districts.

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Cancer Crushers Relay for Life Team Holding Bake Sale on Saturday!


Yum! Is your sweet tooth looking for something tasty? Then stop by the Cancer Crushers Relay for Life Team Bake Sale being held on this Saturday  at the parking lot of Beaufort Services Inc. in Oak Grove.  The sale runs from 10 - 2. Be sure to stop by and find a sweet treat that is sure to please! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fracking Boom Creating Crisis of Illegal Toxic Dumping

And in Pennsylvania the industry sent 1.3 million tons to landfills last year, including 16,000 tons of radioactive material.

Hundreds of irradiated “filter socks” dumped in an abandoned building found by North Dakota officials on Feb. 28 (Source: North Dakota Dept of Health)

Industrial waste from fracking sites is leaving a "legacy of radioactivity" across the country as the drilling boom churns out more and more toxic byproducts with little to no oversight of the disposal process, critics warn. According to a new report in Bloomberg Wednesday, the controversial oil and gas drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing is "spinning off thousands of tons of low-level radioactive trash," which has spawned a "surge" in illegal dumping at hundreds of sites in the U.S.

"We have many more wells, producing at an accelerating rate, and for each of them there’s a higher volume of waste,” Avner Vengosh, a professor of geochemistry at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, told Bloomberg. Without proper handling, “we are actually building up a legacy of radioactivity in hundreds of points where people have had leaks or spills around the country.” Bloomberg reports: Some states allow the contaminated material to be buried at the drill site. Some is hauled away, with varying requirements for tracking the waste. Some ends up in roadside ditches, garbage dumpsters or is taken to landfills in violation of local rules, said Scott Radig, director of the North Dakota Health Department’s Division of Waste Management." 

Mill Creek Amish Furniture

Hello Ligonier!
We  are Mill  Creek Amish furniture.  Find us at

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

I may have missed it, but a walk in support of the Blackburn Center in Greensburg that attracted about 1000 walkers got no local newspaper coverage. Here is a link to a post that Carolyn put together on her blog:  Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Monte Holland

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A growing body of research that suggests the EPA is gravely underestimating methane emissions from oil and gas operations

"The methane emissions from the gas wells ... are surprisingly high considering that all of these wells were still being drilled, had not yet been hydraulically fractured, and were not yet in production," the paper reports.

                 Gas well in Lawrence County....nice bucolic scene.

"Natural gas drilling is emitting far higher levels of methane into the atmosphere than federal regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency have said, according to the findings of a new study released Monday. "We identified a significant regional flux of methane over a large area of shale gas wells in southwestern Pennsylvania in the Marcellus formation and further identified several pads with high methane emissions," said the report, conducted by a team of scientists led by Purdue University and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

While past EPA studies have said gas well sites emit as little as between 0.04 and 0.30 grams of methane per second, this new study found numbers between 100 to 1,000 times higher than what the EPA has calculated, with levels closer to 34 grams of methane per second at some of the Pennsylvania sites. Methane is up to 30 times stronger than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. Of particular curiosity for the research team was the fact that the highest levels of methane were coming from well sites that were being preliminarily drilled for production, but had not yet gone through the controversial gas production process known as fracking."

3D printing coming to LVSD

The Ligonier Valley school board approved two technology-related measures at its meeting on Monday night.
The board voted unanimously to purchase a uPrint SE 3D printer from Allegheny Educational Systems Inc. at a cost of $16,344.50.
High school Principal Tim Kantor said the device will allow students in teacher Thomas Bridge's architectural drafting and computer-aided design drafting classes to design and print 3D objects. The printer makes objects using spools of a plastic-like material, he said.

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Foxley Farm in court

A Westmoreland County judge will decide whether the owners of a 60-acre farm used to host weddings and other events should be sanctioned for renting out their home and grounds in the scenic Laurel Highlands for private parties.
Ligonier Township and three neighboring families contend the owners of Foxley Farm violated terms of a consent order signed by a county judge last year.
Foxley Farm owner Maggie Nied testified on Monday in a hearing before Westmoreland County Judge Chris Feliciani that her farm hosted 16 weddings last year, five more than she agreed to have at the site.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

note the communist posters in this fun shot

White House press secretary and occasional beard grower Jay Carney likes political art. Particularly, he likes Soviet military propaganda.
This fact was accidentally revealed in, of all places, the latest issue of Washingtonian MOM magazine. The journal did a profile on Carney's wife, Claire Shipman. There's a lot of fun facts about Carney's preferred brand of $275 sneakers (Hugo Boss) and how the family's Portuegese water dog is related to Obama's (cousins!).

It's love!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

such a glorious weekend

Friday, April 11, 2014

Protect these teens from delicate conversations...

"Florida knows you can never have too much of a good thing, like, say, guns. So even though its denizens already boast over a million concealed-weapon permits, making them the most well-armed in the country, Florida's GOP pols and NRA allies have been admirably busy adding to the state's arsenal: Armed guards in schools! Pop-Tart guns in schools! Stand Your Ground expanded to include warning shots! Now they're hustling through a bill in the House to allow people to carry concealed firearms without a permit during emergencies such as riots, civil unrest or forced evacuations during natural disasters like floods and hurricanes - times, admittedly, when people might be under a wee bit of stress or tempers might be just a tad frayed or situations might pose some tricky questions for a rushed-through, vaguely-worded bill, like if you can carry the gun through chaotic streets does that mean you can also bring it into a  shelter crowded with terrified people, or does it count if you're actually going towards the riot to join in rather than away from it, but, anyway, what could go wrong? The NRA loves the bill. Sheriffs' groups say it's "the definition of insanity." Democrats agree, though at least one thinks it might be okay in a zombie apocalypse.

The kicker: Before legislators started talking about guns, they were talking about lady parts, and how they want to effectively ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. But before they proceeded with that oh-so-delicate conversation, they led out all the teenaged pages, who were at the House to learn about the business of state government, which evidently includes efforts to regulate women's bodies, which they clearly know nothing about, nor are they likely to learn anything now, thank the good Lord. The young people were kept out until the talk turned to a more appropriate subject for their tender sensibilities: guns. Then they were brought back. The let's-let-everyone-with-a-gun-run-riot-during-a-riot bill will probably come up for a vote Friday. We can't wait." 

A beautiful flash mob scene

"In the name of peace in Ukraine, a cool flash mob in the middle of the beloved Privoz Fish Market in Odessa, one of the cultural treasure-houses of Europe, by members of the Odessa Philharmonic and Odessa Opera Chorus in the first cooperatuve project in many years. “There was no need to choose a piece of music," explained conductor Hobart Earle. "Beethoven’s 9th symphony and Schiller’s Ode to Joy are humankind’s hymns for freedom, peace and brotherhood.""

Mountain Palace - You Cai Shrimp!

This weekend's special at Mountain Palace is you cai shrimp with rice. Chinese medical exercise and acupressure class will be at 11:00 Saturday at Mountain Palace. Last week's happy healthy cooking class for parents of infants was a major success with 10-month-old Noah enjoying the results of mom's training. He enjoyed both the jidan gao (egg custard) and egg chaofan (fried rice.) Mountain Palace is eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake. Friday 6 to 9, Saturday 12 to 9 and Sunday 12 to 6.  724 717-8614

Thursday, April 10, 2014

thanks to Legandear for sharing this wonderful video!

got junk? community yard and trunk sale on April 26

Community Yard and Trunk Sale
One man's junk is another man's treasure!  The Ligonier Valley Historical Society will be holding their annual "Community Yard and Trunk Sale" at the Compass Inn Museum field on Saturday, April 26, 2014
from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The sale is free to the public. There is a vendor fee of $15, which benefits the many programs of the Ligonier Valley Historical Society. 
For additional information, or to sign up to sell as a vendor, please contact 724-238-6818, or Compass Inn Museum, PO Box 167, 1382 Route 30 East, Laughlintown, PA 15655

free fly fishing lessons offered

Opening day of trout season, locally dubbed “Fishmas,” is Saturday.
Many anglers fish with worms, minnows, salmon eggs and Powerbait. However, for the past three years, Orvis has sought to encourage fly-fishing as the preferred method for catching trout by offering a free Fly-Fishing 101 program in dealerships nationwide.

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art walk planned

The owners of seven Ligonier art galleries and the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Ligonier Valley will present an art walk through the town on May 10.
The inaugural Ligonier Art Walk promises to be an unforgettable event — a day-long celebration of a variety of different styles and artistic techniques.
“We're really excited about the Ligonier Art Walk,” said Sommer Toffle, museum coordinator at SAMA. “It will offer a great way for guests to experience the museum and galleries Ligonier has to offer.”

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Thunder in the Valley to feature Foghat

Johnstown, PA—Thunder in the Valley® Motorcycle Rally and Atlantic Broadband are proud to announce the 2014 entertainment headliner, Foghat. Best known for their classic hit “Slow Ride”, Foghat is some of the best blues-boogie-rock ever recorded by one of the biggest bands of the 1970s and 1980s. Over the last few years, Foghat has reached a whole new generation of fans largely as a result of their incessant touring but also due to their songs appearing on such popular home video games as Guitar Hero III & Grand Theft Auto. Their music has been featured in movies such as ‘Dazed & Confused’, ‘Wild Hogs’, ‘Bottle Shock’ and ‘Halloween II’ along with numerous TV shows and ads.

Foghat will perform on Friday, June 27 at 10 PM at the Jagermeister Stage at the Train Station venue within the rally. The concert is free to the public and VIP Preferred tickets will be available in limited quantities. More information regarding the VIP Preferred tickets will be forthcoming.

exploring Ligonier

When you stand on the grassy hillside above Foxley Farm in the Laurel Highlands and see Chestnut Ridge flanking the sky behind you and the rolling fields of timothy and clover at its feet, its clear why this gorgeous Ligonier Valley would draw farmers to its soil way back in the early 1800’s.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nate Scimio blocked the attack with his arm, saving 2 students from harm.

Sophomore Trinity McCool told USA TODAY that the suspect, after attacking several other people nearby, took a swipe at her and a friend with what looked like a butcher knife.
"I saw his face, the look in his eyes, I was horrified," she said.
Another student, Nate Scimio, blocked the attack, however, by sticking out his arm as the blade came down.
"(Nate) took the stab right in his arm and saved my friend and me," McCool said. "I'm pretty sure it was his instinct. He didn't want anyone to get hurt. He told everybody to run away."
McCool said Scimio also apparently set off the fire alarm that sent students rushing to the exits. Scimio later tweeted a selfie from the hospital showing his right arm in a bandage.

Tyler Crumrine grew up in rural Ligonier.......

Tyler Crumrine grew up in rural Ligonier with a love of dramatic literature. Too far from Pittsburgh to see live shows, he became a voracious reader of plays. Crumrine would research playwrights and read through their entire body of work. He channeled this early passion into a career at Pittsburgh’s City Theatre Companywhere he handles charitable contributions.

“I love [City Theatre] and am grateful to have a day job in my field that's not only fulfilling but also allows time to work on my own projects on the side,” he says.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happening at Ligonier Beach

Open for Spring! Stop by to meet the new bar staff and try the new menu at Graham's Grill at Ligonier Beach. A great new menu including unique weekly specials,  sandwiches, burgers, wraps, salads, pizzas and so much more. This weeks special is fish tacos! 
Spring hrs. Thur-Fri 4 -Close & Sat-Sun 11-Close