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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ligonier CC Demo Day...golfers mark your calendars

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 (2:00 PM - 5:30 PM)

Ligonier Country Club

Contact Name: John Klinchock
Contact Phone: 724-238-5438
Titleist Fitting professionals use the optimal combination of tools and training to better fit serious golfers to Titleist golf clubs. Please make sure you contact the golf shop directly for all the details. We appreciate your interest in trying Titleist clubs and hope that you enjoy the demo event.

Kentucky Derby Celebration at the Colonial Inn


May 3rd-Kentucky Derby Celebration starts at 2pm! Mint Julep and Mojito specials! Appetizer Buffet and Dinner specials. Wear your hats!!!

Make your reservations NOW!

WEAR YOUR HATS! [okay! you don't have to tell ME know any excuse to wear the HAT and I'm in.]

my poet niece laments

ahhhm what the heck, if you go for poetry... READ THIS.

I love it.

if you're from out of the area, this is the building we're talking about

imagine this.....setting aside the money for now.......heh heh

Imagine a creative really cool housing development going into the Armory site combined with an artistic visionary use of the old railroad station and we've got a new hot spot right on West Main. Wowee!

Think art.

Think jazz.

Think outdoor cafe.

Think past 5pm.

LOL Hey, we might have enough people to make it worth while and think of the other housing projects that might sell out because of a new excitement on that end of town.

OK, here's what Anonymous has to say.....

Well, kiddies, our local school board is at it again. There is a move afoot to move the school administration offices that are centrally located, next to finiancial institutions, U.S. Post Office, Library, restaurants, etc. to an empty school building far from all of these neccesary organizations.
Do they realize the cost of rehabbing classrooms into usable office space? I think not!
Unless, of course, they think the present admin building is worth 6 or 7 million dollars. I think our taxes are way too high already and do NOT endorse this foolish move. If there are empty buildings, sell them and as Ligoiner Council knows and says, "there is a need for affordable housing in the valley"
The present property has garages in the rear where most of repair work is done to vehicles and the like. It is also storage to all the district records (many), which is why the LVSD office moved from the second floor of Ligonier Town Hall in the first place.The property cannot be split and must be sold as a whole. Are there garages and storage at the new location? Has the school board taken leave of their collective senses? I wonder.

Interesting, Anon. Ligonier Living readers out there, if you have more info, please pass it our way. dc


This just in. Anonymous sources are telling Ligonier Living that the Ligonier School Board is planning a shut down of the administration facility at the end of this school year. Yes, that's right, the old train station building on West Main which was renovated and restored using BIG bucks. Apparently the board wants to move administration to New Florence.

Thanks, Clay! Your comment is worth a post.

because this is exactly why we're doing it. A BIG thank you for reading Ligonier Living. Here's what Clay had to say:

i love your blog! i read it can make a real difference in helping to shape and guide the town. your opinion regarding the armory development project, i think, reflects what a lot of us are thinking. i hope the town can grow without sacrificing its charm. by the way, thanks for the entertainment information...i caught a show at the tavern and my wife had dinner at the ivy cafe with her brother. we are new to town and love it here! we enjoy all of the "inside information" you provide...way to go!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beanie Crochet Brim

Crochet Beanie Hat - Part 2

Crochet Beanie Hat - Part 1

Foxfire Suite by John Denver (1991) only

cheating our students? what do YOU think?

Megan Verwelst discusses the issue of new graduation tests in The Valley Voice.

Here's a blurb:

According the Pennsylvania Board of Education, the purpose of the new graduation tests would be to increase the value of a diploma.

“By handing out ‘empty’ diplomas, we are cheating our children and our commonwealth,” said Gerald Zahorchak, the Pennsylvania Board of Education secretary.

new business link...Winters the pineapple story

The pineapple is the universally recognized symbol of hospitality. Legend has it that in colonial America, when sea captains returned from voyages to the Caribbean they would often bring tropical fruit, especially the pineapple which was considered the most exotic. The pineapple was hung over the door of the captain’s home to signify that the man of the house had returned, and the family could accept visitors.

The saucier version of this story is...........

Oh, you've got to visit their site for the REST of the story. ;)

Looking for a furnished room

I have an intern coming to work at my firm (Winters Advertising & Public Relations) in Ligonier from mid-June through mid-December. I am looking for a furnished room within walking distance of the Diamond. If anyone has a room for rent please call me at (724)238-6888, or e-mail me at Thank you, Janet Winters.

Equine Chic 100 East Main

Hey, don't I know you?? We have a new Ligonier blog. YEAH!!

Welcome The Smith's to the Ligonier blogosphere.

Nicely done. Yahoo!

I hope these folks haven't given up on the West Church Street property.....

...and glad to see they are looking at the Armory.

Read all about it.

Here's the blurb:

A second developer may be interested in developing the armory site.

Ligonier Mayor Ormand "Butch" Bellas said he met last week with Marc Anthony, president of Denison Investments LLC. Earlier this month, council rejected Anthony's proposal to build a $1.2 million housing project on West Church Street in Ligonier. By a 3-2 vote, council rejected his plan to build four houses, each costing $400,000.

Skiavo said he recently received a letter from Denison Investments expressing interest in the armory property.

"They called; they're interested," Skiavo said.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Re-posting this because it's what I'd love to see at the Armory site.

This is Ligonier Living.........

the Lincoln Highway blog is a lot of fun

Use the link in our Regional Blogs section or just click here.


more 4 wheelin....

Armory to be razed and other housing options considered.

Read all about it!

Here's a blurb:

The developers of a proposed housing plan for the former National Guard armory in Ligonier say they will "explore" other options after opposition from local officials forced them to delay their presentation to borough council last week.

Live Theater this weekend...

FOXFIRE is a heart-warming yet entertaining play about a family in the
Appalachian mountains of Georgia. Reservations are being taken NOW.
Call 724-238-6514. Tickets $12 / $10.

First Friday Series........Sikhism

Sikhism will be the next topic investigated at the First Friday Series offered at the Unitarian Universalist Church located on RT30E next to the Ligonier Beach on Friday, May 2nd from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.

Our guest lecturer will be Gurdial Mehta, an engineer with math and physics majors who among other endeavors worked as a NASA contrator and who will present this unique belief in a Universal God interpreted as being the Universe itself rather than an anthropromorphic entity.

The word Sikh comes from the Sanscrit word meaning "disciple" and they follow the teachings of Nanak and 9 successive gurus.

Please come to this lecture/discussion which is free and open to the public and is followed by coffee and cookies for fellowship.

afternoon easy listening on Ligonier Radio


The lights are out in memory of Joe Snyder.........RIP

RE: Laurel Mountain News

Well, I think that is the last telephone interview I will ever do. The reporter got more wrong that right. The skinny is everything is still up in the air, funding from the Commonwealth's budget is a very important part of the deal. We need a lot of improvements to make Laurel a "skier's mountain" once again. Everyone who knows any politician in State government please write and tell them how important it is to our area to to get the ski area running again. We need the local jobs and all the tourist dollars for the local businesses to survive the slower winter months. We all benefit when the skiers are in town and passing through on the way up the mountain. DCNR is doing the right thing by proceeding carefully to ensure that anything that happens on Laurel is done correctly. Jack Johnson Co. is a very reputable firm and will suggest the right improvements that we need.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

dc's sunday night's a treat....Buffy Sainte-Marie & Pete Seeger - Cindy

and now a word from our sponsor.....

dc's sunday night variety...hey here's the first Popeye and it's got Betty Boop!

dc's sunday night variety....I love this!.....Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

dc's sunday night variety.....THE ROY ROGERS SHOW

dc's sunday night variety........this is unbelievable....Cher & Tina Turner & Kate Smith - Beatles Medley

spotlight on the Fort and 250 years.....

The brainchild of British army Gen. John Forbes, the fort was constructed in 1758 on a three-sided hill some 50 feet above Loyalhanna Creek.

Here's the article.

Ligonier Ride

Here's a blurb from a biking blog:

Today, Amy D and I joined her hubby Mark’s bike group called Speedgoat. They usually meet on Saturdays at 9am at Ligonier. And then ride for miles and miles until they call it a day.

Before we would start our ride, Amy pumped air in her bike tires. Guess what? She broke off the metal tip and ended up getting a flat tire. Nothing new about Amy. Ha, ha! Her friend Jeremy was kind enough to fix it within a few minutes. I was amazed how fast he could take the tube off and replace a new one. Used a CO2 to pump air in within seconds. I was trying to study and learn. Pointless… too quick.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hey, something might be happening on Laurel Mountain.....

The dormant Laurel Mountain Ski Resort near Ligonier, once dubbed the "ski capital of Pennsylvania," may be getting a new lease on life.

Friday, April 25, 2008

'Crazy Eddie' Charged With Burning Down Hollow Tavern

Ligonier's Noel McLeary......... Nothing Left

Planning meeting

The meeting was contiuned and is open to the public. Scott welcomes all visitors and listens to suggestions and ideas. Let's hope we can get the table and chair question settled soon so people can sit outside if they choose and enjoy our town. It is a people friendly and encourages conversation.

in defense of the sidewalk cafe....these pictures make me smile and make me want to be THERE

I have a question for you, Butch.

The planning commission did not technically adjourn their meeting last night but rather continued it for the purposes of a work session. The work session is scheduled for 6:30 on the 7th, right? They do not need to advertise the session because they can't make decisions there, is that correct?

Are members of the public permitted to sit in and listen to a work session or is it private?

planning commission meeting

Kudos to Scott Lieb, Chairperson, for running such a nice meeting. I've been to many many meetings in my career and the person running the show can make such a difference. It's not always easy controlling a table or a room and Scott's style is low key, but keeps everyone on target, calm and moving. That deserves applause. Thanks Scott. Can you hear my hands clapping?

Now, take a look at these houses. Was this picture taken in Ligonier? Possibly, cause it kinda looks like Ligonier, doesn't it? heh heh.....well no.....

I grabbed this shot from an article discussing building technologies and guess what?

These lovely homes are NEW and they are part of the Summerset at Frick Park development in Pittsburgh.

Well......see? We do have alternatives. ;)

ceremony to honor Vietnam War veterans

State Rep. Jess Stairs, R-Acme, is seeking Vietnam War veterans for a ceremony to be held in conjunction with the observance of Memorial Day on May 26.

The recognition ceremony will take place at 9 a.m. at Ligonier Valley High School, 40 Springer Road. Stairs will present a House certificate of appreciation and a commemorative medal to each Vietnam veteran in attendance. If a veteran is unable to attend, a family member can accept the awards on his or her behalf, or it can be mailed to the veteran.

Vietnam War veterans or family members should contact Stairs' district offices in Ligonier Town Hall, 120 East Main St., 724-238-2155; the Dryridge Fire Hall, 104 White School Road, Unity, 724-837-5678; or the Norvelt Pharmacy building, 2310 Mt. Pleasant Road, 724-423-6503.


I received this very nice e-mail yesterday from a Ligonier Living fan. For those who are new to blogging for business and pleasure, this is a clear demonstration of the power of blogging. In fact, I would suggest that Judy start chatting about cookies in a blog.

The blog medium is the most powerful I have ever encountered and I can talk for hours about.....but I won't.....just look at those scrumptious cookies and realize that you met them and their maker through blogging. Need I say more?

Visit Judi's cookie site. It's pretty darn cool.

Hi, Diane,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Judy Wittig, I currently live in the Pittsburgh area and am in love with the idea of living in Ligonier. This has been a dream of mine since growing up in Scottdale, going off to school in Boston , working in Pittsburgh and settling down in Plum Boro running an internet cookie business! Well, this is just how I found your new blog, Ligonier living. Every now and then, I just google “ living in Ligonier” . Ha, found you 3rd place!

I wanted to compliment you on your blog, it has refreshed my dream of moving to Ligonier. I love the site, from an outsiders point of view, it captures everything I love about visiting the wonderful town of Ligonier . Yes, the town is charming and beautiful but the real draw for me is it’s residents, the individualism , creativity and intelligence reminds me of a larger urban area. Am I dreaming?

Thanks for listening and much luck with your new blog. Hope you don’t mind me emailing you, I haven’t yet progressed past the “reading blogs” stage!

Warm Regards,

Judy Wittig

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm not rude so I turned off my cell during the meeting....

I know you were hoping for some video. heh heh.....

I've got to run but just wanted you to know that I loved the planning commission meeting. I just love watching pieces of our government at work. I love the free flow of ideas, opposing and not. It's a wonder. I'll be back with details but I've got to attend to a few items first.

You won't be disappointed.

Wow, townhall looks formidable from this angle.

The power of free government is a formidable force, ain't it?

I know you know where I'm headed..... wink wink

She's singing striped suit blues.....LeNature style

Trib says:

Tammy Andreycak, 40, of Unity pleaded guilty Thursday in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh before Judge Alan Bloch to four counts of defrauding a bank, the Internal Revenue Service, conspiracy, and filing a false corporate income tax return when she worked as director of accounting at LeNature’s Inc.

ok, clarity on the planning commission meeting....IT'S ON

We knew the Armory plans had been taken OFF the agenda, that's not news. The regular meeting is still at townhall at 7pm.


planning commission meeting tonight????

Anybody heard if it was cancelled? We think it's on, but word on the street is maybe not.

hey.......may I have your attention, please?

Love that hat!

Now that you're reading, look down, down, down, all the way at the bottom of the page and you'll find.......our very own Ligonier Entertainment calendar.

Cool, huh?

Village housing that is affordable

While the hot topic of housing is being brought up alot here's something that I ponder every once in awhile.  The housing, trailors down by the high school. I know that side of town is considered (I forget the categorized word).  If we want to make housing and such and "beautify" Ligonier what about places that aren't as scenic? Disclaimer I am not berating trailors or mobile homes in any form. I am berating house owners that do not take care of their "homes".  This applies to houses and "homes".  Down around the mentioned area are less than aesthetically pleasing homes.  We used to have those around main street and bell street, now we have a park that people enjoy.  I am NOT suggesting a park there, but I am proposing affordable housing units for those that have a limited financial status or are being "helped" financially.  I have no idea what the homes cost in Latrobe that I see when going to Falbo's pizza restaurant before you enter the city. They are lovely and have little porches. I think this would be fabulous for Ligonier to have for those that cannot afford a 100,000 dollar house or home.  Is this possible? It would fit into the Ligonier scene and allow those to still live there, but also maybe have a maintain your section area as a rule. YES I am a stickler for crap (that's all it is) things that are busted, falling apart (not art), and garbage scattered out front of a home area. I like the  homes that are on bunger street that are new and you can purchase for around 225,000 bucks. These are not accurate figures, so please look them up on your own.  Something that is more Village/Valley friendly and affordable. We have an image here of the town and I like it to be maintained yet embrace those that are part of our community. 

Pork Chop Dinner at St. James

I hope you all put your reservations in for the St. James Pork Chop Dinner. Let me tell you it is well worth it!! I don't even really like pork chops but man this is a good meal.  You go away stuffed with good food for $8. That includes a good portion of pork chops, potato, roll, some veggie, drink, and dessert, oh and a salad of some kind cole slaw or apple sauce (sorry I forget). This helps the church help others and maintain their finances to help the community and missions. You go right in pay your monies, take your dessert and find a seat. Someone comes up to get you a drink and bring you your food to you. Great community event. You can also get yours to go. They take reservations because it is THAT successful! 724-238-7242 to make your reservation for the next pork chop dinner.

Lovely Spring Day

Ok so I MUST share with you how great this town is AGAIN. I am working and loving it, but at the same time wanting to be OUTSIDE on the gazebo that I see all the time from the store. I've had lovely people come in today. 

I am currently doing a financial swap thing (getting all my ducks in a row) and a lovely lady did me a HUGE favor and came up to help me get it all set. Thank you lady! She went above and beyond. This weather puts us all in a good mood and if you're not GET INTO ONE! 

I also love the mailman and mailwoman that come into here. Such upbeat people that always help you out. Thank you. 

If you are walking around town and are near Equine Chic take a good whiff of our gardenias out front! The ever so clever Scott planted them and they smell divine. I wish I could hop into the planter with them. They are fabulous just like him.

It seems like even the mac trucks are purring away and not disturbing the morning delight. 

Want to blog?? Come to the Ligonier Library May 6th 5:30 to 7:30 .

Whether for business or fun, blogging is a powerful medium. All you need is internet access and YOU can create and manage your own blog. It's EASY. It's FREE. It's FUN.

Diane Cipa of The Closing Specialists, sponsor of the Ligonier Living blog, will teach you how to use free software to create your own blog. This session is for experienced internet users. You do not have to know how to program. We'll be using the wireless network in the library.

Participants wishing to create a blog during the class must bring a laptop computer that is capable of accessing the wireless network. Plan to bring your cell phone and/or digital camera so we can add pictures to your blog.

If you don't have a laptop, but still want to learn, just bring a pen and paper. We'll be sharing loads of tips and tricks that you can take home and try on your desktop.

May 6th 5:30 to 7:30

Reservations are preferred but not required. Please contact Diane at for more information or to reserve your spot.

It's FREE and it's FUN.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

more info coming in on The Hollow Fire

Edgar Clinton Wiltrout set the fire that destroyed the Hollow Tavern on Feb. 23 to avenge the firing of his girlfriend, according to state police.

The former owner of the business, Charles "Chip" Santone, told state police he fired Jerri Liming a month before the Route 30 landmark in Unity closed and that Wiltrout had threatened to "get him" before the building was destroyed by fire.


From Le Petit Prince 

"Il faut des rites" ("We need rituals")

Just food for thought. Apply it to your life.

Do you really know?

I love working in Ligonier because you have people pop into work and make your already bright day brighter. I have had a wonderful day thus far and it will only stay that way, Diane is right attitude is everything. So I just think its fabulous how I get to watch the town life go by, the traffic, the foot travelers, and the friends that stop in to chat. Its just heaven! Oh and I swear I have the BEST view from the store :-D Stop in and see if I'm right!

Looking for a special gift for Mother's Day?

Melissa Daughtery aka CandleQueenMissy will make a unique basket just for your mom. Here are two baskets she's got all ready to go.

PSALM 37:3-5 Trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) in the Lord and do good; so shall you dwell in the land and feed surely on His faithfullness, andly you shall be fed. Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart. Commit your ways to the Lord (roll and repose each care of your load on Him); trust(lean on rely on and be confident) also in Him and He will bring it to pass.

We've been chatting about small houses.....

.....and I ran into this interesting article in the Inman News this morning.

While everyone is saying "Oh, woe is me." about housing and gas prices and all this other "stuff", me thinks we need to think back a generation or two or three and remember what life was like before we started the cultural "mainlining" of consumerism.

Don't get me wrong. I love freedom and I'm capitalist, BUT each and every person can find - if they want - easy ways to live without BIG without MORE without INSTANTANEOUS gratification.

It's a lifestyle choice. So, if you CHOOSE "big", "more", etc. then I hope you can pay for it yourself because it's not an entitlement. It's a choice. Please stop whining and please realize that it would be oh so easy to enjoy a less stressful life. You CAN step out of consumerism into "real" life if you choose to do so.

Someone told me this morning that gasoline in the 1950s at 30 cents a gallon adjusted to inflation would be around $3.20 in today's dollars. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Wonder what kind of house most folks were living in? Wonder how many cars they were driving? Wonder whether every room had a TV and a stereo. Wonder how often they ate out? I wonder...........anybody out there still use a sewing machine?

LOL Trib wonders if it's the Headless Horseman. Good one!

Another mystery emerged in Westmoreland County after a Unity landmark burned down two months ago.

It's been a hot topic of conversation at water coolers and in Internet chatrooms. People want to know who keeps posting slogans on a temporary sign outside the blackened remnants of the Hollow Tavern.

Nearly once a week, someone posts an irreverent message on the sign. No one claims to know who does it. Or when.

One week, the sign said: "Bar for sale, PA Hotspot!"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Maddal' you like thrift shop safari?

Come on, I know you do! Pamela Graham has created this crazy little shop filled with great hats, jewelry, sunglasses, handbags and consignment clothing. What more can you ask for, ladies??

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Maddal's, 138 W. Main Street, Ligonier, PA 15658 .......724-238-3449

Dovecote........home boutique

April and David Buckwalter welcome you to Dovecote, a home boutique located at 136 West Main Street where they've captured that "Ligonier cottage" feel I remember so well from my childhood. April and Dave, I can almost smell the fresh clover in the fields along the Loyalhanna.

Making a house a home, visit Dovecote.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Dovecote....April Buckwalter.....724-238-3181
136 West Main Street, Ligonier, PA 15658
A unique home store with gifts for home & you. Clare Burke potpourri, Gianna Rose soaps.

Parking continued

Now that I think about it I had forgotten about that parking lot Butch!!! Glad you reminded. I don't think I've EVER seen it full aside from when it is with vendors. hmmm  This could be utilized more for sure! Now I feel bad for the lonely lil lot. Just give it a chance and burn calories walking up the mini hill. Ok we could say Get fit Ligonier haha.

thanks for planting these beauties's one of the wonderful perks we have here in Ligonier

The sun was shining on these daffs so their a bit hard to see. I grabbed the shot while strolling down West Main after work.

RE: parking meters

Well, Since I have first hand experience with parking tickets complaints, I can tell you that the meters were installed to keep the vehicles from parking all day and catching a ride to work with someone else. The long term lots (2) are 10 hour meters. It does hurt the merchants if people can't park close to where they want to shop. Example being the Loyalhanna lot, it is hardly used because people have to walk up hill to get to the stores. which I think is strange because they wll park really far away at the mall and walk up hill. I guess if the Loyalhanna lot was free, maybe it would get used more?
A comment on the old days: People didn't travel as far as they do today, not everybody had cars. You could get almost anything/everything you need right here in town. Times have changed, bigger stores are where the population is located and we have to travel to get a more varied selection of goods. If you want to see how the old days worked, go to Williamsburg, VA and see how it was done. Candy and I love that place.

Nice slideshow Miss Diane!

Props to you Diane for the gorgeous slideshow for Rae's!!! I hope Vivian will see this and enjoy it. Have you met her lil boy Pepe? He's a sweet lil black poodle that is just as lovely as his mama.

Brother can you spare a quarter?

I know parking is a huge issue.  Before you give me what for, I do see both sides.  Yes it helps for taxes (or so I've been told) and yes it's a pain in the tuckus.  I wish there was a way to buy a parking pass if you are a merchant or work for one and do not have a parking spot. I know if I do not walk to work or get dropped off I am paying around 2 dollars for a day of parking. Heck I could just get a ticket for 2 more. 

The location of the old shop always had people coming in can I get a quarter. Now I KNOW this annoys other merchants. You may not have that many anyway and then you have to go to the bank.  We have the rule if you are not a purchasing customer we do not give out quarters. Fair enough.  (Hey I've gone to the restroom at places and bought something just out of guilt and gratitude)

 I also know that the free parking days are MAJOR attractions. I've also heard people cuss a blue streak when spending several hundred in town and then get a ticket and they take it personally that the town hates them and shows no appreciation for their spent $. Yes they could've got free 15 (which many natives don't know or do, sometimes I wonder how are reading skills are) and yes they could've popped 25 cents in or shock 50 cents. Or take note on your watch (better yet if you have an alarm set it for when your time goes off). 

So I will end this with are we being greedy and unreasonable about parking? Or is it frankly a concern for paying customers? 


I voted, how about you? When I went they said it was pretty slow and I'm not going to tell you what number I was, it was SAD....where are you all, ok probably working and I hope to God you go after work!!! It is your right and duty!

Hey, just got the news........someone's been arrested for setting fire to the Hollow.

Here's a blurb:

A Ligonier man was arrested Monday and charged with the arson fire of The Hollow Tavern, a Route 30 landmark bar/restaurant destroyed in a Feb. 23 blaze. Edgar Clinton Wiltrout, 55, was charged with multiple felony counts of burglary, causing or risking a catastrophe, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. He was jailed yesterday on $1 million bond.

RE: funny little town

Well, we moved to Ligonier about 40 years ago and Wednesday afternoon is when most of the town shut down for the afternoon. It was a surprise to us used to having towns open 'til five to have stores close in the middle of the week. Does anyone else remember this? It is very tough for shopkeepers to pay all the overhead and still have enough left over to hire help and keep open in the evenings, too. We need a draw to bring people here to shop.
The ocean has water, Ohio Pile has the falls (water) and hiking/biking trail. Can we develop a bike trail out the old railroad tracks and over the old "black-bridge" pilings? The Miller's ( new owners) of Harry Marker's farm would like to see people come to see how organic farming helps all of us and the trail goes right by them.

Hey, who's that sexy cowgirl hugging Homer?

I know, it's our very own Cathi Rhodes. Visit her web site to hear how she's knocking em dead in Erie.

Cathi's a gifted entertainer. I fully expect to see her on stage in NYC someday.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stroll on over to Rae's on West Main Street and you'll likely find a treasure.

Patricia Johnson is one classy lady and she's sharing her exquisite taste with Ligonier. That special something for your friend or for your home is waiting for you. Welcome to Rae's.

Rae's..212 West Main Street..Ligonier, PA 15658..(724) 961-0017

"funny little town"

While I was eating lunch at the Tavern with my girl friend there was a group of 3 women and a baby sitting beside us.  The one said oh this store is closed the other said oh they're always closed, it's a funny little town. Case in point about shops being closed. I rest my case.

Please remember to cast your vote tomorrow.

The polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.