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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ligonier Country Market had a fantastic opening day.

It's a beautiful sunny day in Ligonier today. Of course, the split second I decided to take a video the sun hid behind a cloud. ;)

I was surprised that I was directed to the back parking lot when I arrived. There were two full parking lots this morning but there was no feeling of being crowded.

I found what I was looking. Al my regular favorites were there. I bought two containers of tomatio salsa [not sure of the spelling], a jar of black currant jelly, a gift for a friend [cute pink apron made out of vintage fabric], and two loaves of bread, banana nut & cinnamon.



liggy girl said...

Oh Diane, I still must meet you lol. You are just a name and a lil face on here :-p Hey think we could all meet up as bloggers and more at like the Tavern or Joes some night? Just a thought. Keep up the amazing work!

Unknown said...

Love to meet you someday, Liggy. You know, in a strange way, I love the mystery of blogging with I only know by the words they write.

It's sort of like a new version of pen pals, but more like pen pal journalism. Bloggers - many who do not know each other - create together, little islands of words and images that people visit in cyberspace.