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Sunday, August 31, 2008

alternative musical open mic

Our two open stage venues in Ligonier are geared to a bar crowd. It's basically a guitar - country or rock or bluegrass feel with a bit of folk mixed in. Since Liggy raised the possibility of a poetry slam or maybe a poetry open mic, I've also been thinking of an alternative musical open stage. Wouldn't it be nice to have jazz or classical or new age or beat or really just something that's not country or countryish rock?

I'm just tossing these ideas out there because part of what's nice about Ligonier is our artistic diversity and we have whole demographics looking for entertainment and places in which to express thoughts, ideas, and creativity. All we need is a decent venue. ;)

the games are gonna be great fun...come to Ligonier

steeler memories

mountie memories

A message to New England transplants..

..... and anyone else interested in New England: To read journals on Monte and Carolyn Holland's trip to New England, starting about September 8 (depending on availability of Library computers there, which is really quite good) click on: and watch for posts. To read previous posts on their previous trips to New England, click on that site and then click on the New England category (in the right hand column).

Carolyn Holland

I love the Ligonier Highland Games.....

The woodland setting of Ligonier's Idlewild Park is pure Western Pennsylvania countryside for thousands of families who picnic there each summer.

But during the first weekend of September, the grounds surrounding the amusement park are transformed into a little bit of Scotland for the Ligonier Highland Games. Read more....

Ligonier Highlands Games Schedule



• 9 a.m.-4 p.m. -- Seminar on Scottish Gaelic at the Wingate Inn, Route 30, Latrobe, led by Dr. Philip Smith, president of International Association of Tartan Studies. Send $30 registration fee for books and study materials to Ligonier Highland Games, P.O. Box 884, Bethel Park, PA 15102-0884.

• 6-10 p.m. -- Free professional piping competitions at Mountain View Inn, Route 30, near Greensburg.

• 7 p.m. -- Ceilidh (Scottish dinner) with whiskey tasting and entertainment by MacTalla Mor at Mountain View Inn. $35. For reservations, call 724-834-5300.

• 8 p.m. -- Informal Scottish Country Dance Party open to all at Mountain View Inn. $8. Music by Scottish fiddler Melinda Crawford.


All events at Idlewild Park, Route 30 West, Ligonier. Times are approximate. Many events run throughout the day.

Admission: $15; $12 for senior citizens; $5 for ages 6 to 12; free for ages 5 and younger

• 9 a.m. -- Scottish Fair opens with vendors, clan tents, genealogy booth, Highland cattle, Shetland sheep and pony display. Special exhibits include Scottish breed dogs and living history. Workshop in Scottish Fiddling with Melinda Crawford. Competitions in Highland dancing, heavy athletics, solo piping and drumming, and U.S. National Gaelic Mod start.

• 10 a.m.-noon -- Children's game

• 10 a.m. -- Scottish Country Dancers perform and offer audience participation throughout the day at the Raccoon Stage; Celtic Harp Workshop led by Sue Richards.

• 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. -- Southminster Ringers perform near bridge.

• 11:30 a.m. -- Sheep herding by Jack Monsour's Scottish border collies.

• Noon -- Welcome ceremonies with Parade of Clans and Massed Bands.

• 1 p.m. -- Scottish Fiddling and Celtic Harp competitions.

• 2 p.m. -- Pipe band competitions and Barra the Bard storytelling for children at Ricky Raccoon Building.

• 3 p.m. -- Tug-of-war competitions.

• 4 p.m. -- Rugby

• 5:30 p.m. -- Awards ceremony and final Massed Bands performance at main field.

• 6 p.m. -- Games close at Idlewild Park.

• 7 p.m. -- Cocktail hour and whiskey tasting precedes dinner and Ceilidh at Mountain View Inn. Reservation required. $35; $12 for age 9 and younger. Mail orders with check payable to "Ligonier Highland Games" to 2006 W. Chestnut Ave., Altoona, PA 16602-2053. Call 814-943-0559.


• 10:45 a.m. -- Scottish Worship Service at Covenant Presbyterian Church, North Market and Church streets, Ligonier.

• 1 p.m. -- Free pipe band concert at the Diamond in Ligonier.

Details: 412-851-9900 or online

Saturday, August 30, 2008

how many poets or lovers of the spoken word are out there?

I do so wish to start an open mic for poetry or simply the spoken word. I've got a mic and an amplifier and they sure don't take up much space. If I can find a nice venue here in the Borough - one with a pleasing atmosphere and the ability to buy food or beverages, are you game - as a participant or just a listener? If so, which evening of the week works best and what times?

Here's a blurb to give you a taste.....

Sometimes it's good to break up the monotony of London's gig-heavy scene with a bit of culture. Open mic poetry nights are a mixed bag at best, but that's half the fun: sometimes the more cringeworthy the performance, the more of a laugh it can be. And then there are those moments where you stumble upon a real gem of a poet, and it makes your week. London's rich poetic heritage makes open mic poetry nights one of the best ways to pass the autumn months.

Ligonier artisan featured in Pittsburgh Fair in the Park

New Wave cabinet with drawers and door constructed of solid walnut case with "floating" oak burl top and purple heart, spalted maple and ebony accents.

Paul Sirofchuck


Friday, August 29, 2008

Sad News: Mounties Lose

The Ligonier Valley Mounties football team lost their first contest of the season. Final score:

Purchase Line 21
Ligonier Valley 6

It was good to see the support the community gave the team at an away game. There were many folks who traveled the 50 miles to encourage the home town team. Next week: Ligonier is home against United.

Midway through the fourth quarter, it was announced that Laurel Valley was beating United 23-6. If the score held up, then that means Coach Page has his 200th win. Congratulations, Coach!

Hey, Robb Luther has a new web site with Ligonier news!

It's called LutherLine. I recognized Robb's name because he's the only other person I saw in my Twitter search for Ligonier. Robb also has a few videos on YouTube. I especially like THIS ONE! Be sure to check out Robb's LutherLine.

love her hair

I was poking around for our Ligonier Feature for this morning and saw this graphic on Braelyn's Boutique site. I love this woman's hair and the Feature pic size just wouldn't do it justice, so here you are. ;)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

lovers lane in Ligonier

Now this is identified as Lovers Lane, Ligonier. Anybody know where that is or was? Note the wooden guardrails. Isn't this a georgeous picture circa 1913?

Anyone out there old enough to have been necking on this road? Liggy, ask your grandpa! LOL

more vintage Ligonier

This postcard is postmarked 1913. Just wanted to share the authenticity of the train station with y'all. Wouldn't it be exciting to jump off the train and into one of these carriages? I think it would be!

vintage Ligonier

I found this postcard. It would appear to me that it is Route 711 South just before Hargnett Hill. At first I thought it was a picture of the Cairns House then realized that it was on the wrong side. Would it perhaps be what is now owned by the Ligonier Valley Golf Course and was possibly the former Shaffer residence that has since been torn down?

Any comments?

poetry slam........sounds like fun!

Special at The Sewickley Spa

Purchase and schedule a Spa Facial or Massage and receive the second one for half price!

This offer will only be available 8/28 through 9/5 in our Ligonier location.
Please call Stephany 724-238-3878 for more information.

poetry slam and non-bar venues......

I just had a wonderful lunch at First Wok and it popped into my mind that they are open late, they aren't a bar though you can BYOB, they serve food and it's a nice atmosphere. Hmmmm.....wonder if they'd consider allowing a poetry slam or a nice peaceful open stage?

BTW, Liggy, what the heck is a poetry slam, anyway? LOL

PennDOT Has Not Forgotten Us

I really started to wonder what was happening with the US 30 improvement project. The equipment (trucks, etc.) has been gone for a couple weeks or more, yet the signs still remain - the ones that say "Caution, no Guide Rail" and others. Was PennDOT going to leave the job undone, with only half of 30 with the top coat of pavement?

Well, not to worry. Last night, I noticed that the electronic sign on 30 Eastbound, just before the Darlington turnoff, says that work will resume day and night on September 8th. Good timing - just after the Highland Games, and a good month before Fort Days. Let's hope they have it done in time.

And please, remember to drive extra carefully when the workers are out.

Amnesty International ....First Friday series lecture

Amnesty International will be the next topic investigated at the First Friday Series offered at the Unitarian Universalist Church located on RT30E next to the Ligonier Beach on Friday, September 5th from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.

Our guest lecturer will be Eve Wilder. Amnesty Coordinator for Western PA. Ms. Wilder will provide a brief overview of Amnesty International and its current priorities. She will then lead a discussion about the issue of torture and talk briefly about an upcoming conference on "Talking About Torture: How can we learn to speak about the unspeakable?" Please come to this lecture/discussion which is free and open to the public and is followed by coffee and cookies for fellowship.

Fran Lynch

a wedding steeped in lovely

.....Sandra’s bouquet was wrapped in a hand-beaded piece of her grandmother’s 88-year old wedding gown and tied with a length of ribbon from the 1920 wedding corsage.

In addition, Sandra’s white bible, presented to her by her parents on Easter when she was nine years old, laid on the altar. Mable’s silk wedding gloves and a dried rose from her wedding corsage rested on the Bible...

Read the entire composition...

photo and composition by Carolyn Holland

Hi all you ski lovers out there.

I am one upset individual!! The press and local news media has taken it upon themselves to lambast our State Senators for stepping up to the plate. If anyone wants to know, DCNR has not put any money into Laurel since 1962 when the Poma double lift was installed. Denton Hill which is also a State Park not too long ago got a new Triple lift and no one said one word.It frosts me when people speak before getting all the facts. Laurel is our park and ski area. The money is going into DCNR's budget for much needed repairs and improvements. Seven Springs will do a good job maintaining the ski area and they will pay their bills, unlike the previous operators. Any one want to talk about it, give me a call, please!!

Butch Bellas

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

J. A. Cooper has announced her September and October art class schedule.

Interested in creating art?
Do you wish to try something new and don’t know where to begin?
Do you already paint but wish to expand your skills? Take an art class! Classes are limited to only 3 students, so you will receive lots of individual instruction.

Here's the schedule.

Hey, Marianne, let's pick a date!!


I really would like to see the local shops use this blog to get the word out on sales and specialty items. I think they are missing out and this could really provide a service to the people that visit, read this blog, and just locals that don't get to see what the stores have on sale or the "perfect" gift. 

Butch, I wonder how many people you have wedded over the years?

You must visit this site and look at the beautiful photos!

well, for goodness sakes

An unidentified juvenile has been arrested and charged with stabbing a woman in the chest at the Laurel Highlands Camp Grounds in Ligonier Township.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what a crazy busy day...

We're in the last week of the month which is always busy but right in the midst of it we switched our e-mail platform over to Google Apps. My mental capacity is limited and so too many brain cells were busy thinking through new processes and so not a single post popped out of that brain for blogging. That's darn unusual, but here I am and I'm thinking about blogging and Google and all these new fangled do-dads and stuff that we have available for easy communication or entertainment.

I'm a big Google fan even though I get creeped out at the super connectivity of new social media. I spent a lot of blog rant time last year fretting about big brother and data silos and finally in the end came to the conclusion that freedom's at risk and there ain't much I can do to stop it.

I vote. I speak my mind. I'll fight for freedom, but there's a cultural change underfoot that we'll just probably have to live through and adapt. If we lose too much, well we'll cross that bridge whenever. So, I'm adapting. I'm "LinkedIn" and I'm being Google-ized. I haven't been ipod-ized yet, but I guess that's coming. Might have to just say no to any kind of implant but hey - what if they come in really cool colors?

heh heh

OK, can you tell I'm tired? Good night, Ligonier. See ya in the morning.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Amber Miller took this great shot of our Little League heroes

Players on the Ligonier Valley Little League All-Stars rode atop fire trucks through the streets of downtown Ligonier before the team received a proclamation from the mayor on the steps of Town Hall after their performance in the Pennsylvania Little League State Championships.

Visit Amber's blog here.....

It's Almost Time For Football!

GO Mounties! GO Rams!

Valley Varsity Football
Head Coach: Roger Beitel
Season: 08/16/08 - 10/21/08
Chestnut Ridge (scrimmage)
10:00 am
Conemaugh Twp (scrimmage)
7:00 pm
Purchase Line
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
Marion Center
7:00 pm
Laurel Valley (homecoming)
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
Penns Manor
7:00 pm
Homer Center
7:00 pm
Northern Cambria
7:00 pm
Berlin Brothersvalley
7:00 pm
Laurel Valley Varsity Football
Head Coach: Gerald Page
Season: 8/28/08 - 10/24/08






8/16/08 Sat Berlin scrimmage) Home 10:00 am
8/23/08 Sat Ferndale (scrimmage) Away 10:00 am
8/29/08 Fri United Away 7:00 pm
9/06/08 Sat Penns Manor Home 1:00 pm
9/13/08 Sat Purchase Line Home 1:00 pm
9/19/08 Fri Saltsburg Away 7:00 pm
9/26/08 Fri Ligonier Valley Away 7:00 pm
10/04/08 Sat Northern Cambria Home 1:00 pm
10/10/08 Fri Homer Center Away 7:00 pm
10/18/08 Sat Marion Center Home 1:00 pm
10/24/08 Fri Blairsville Away 7:00 pm

(Schedule taken from the Ligonier Valley School District Web site)

dc's sunday night variety...graham nash and david crosby

I'm eliminating most of the slide shows.

I really like them but it's making the blog take too long - even with high speed access - to load.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday evening band concert in the Diamond

Somerset County Community Band

bring a lawn chair and enjoy a lovely summer evening

landscaping help wanted

Landscaping company in Ligonier is seeking to add 1-2 individuals to their landscaping team for the duration of the season. Position includes installing retaining walls and sidewalks, plant and lawn care, loading and unloading trucks, etc.

Chef's reception starts at 6:30 pm
Call (724)995-1050 to reserve
Chef's Reception Table Hors D'oeuvres
Segura Viudas Aria, Cava Sparkling Wine

Fire & Ice Oysters & Shrimp Cocktail

Benton Lane, Pinot Gris

Hazelnut Crusted Lemon Poached Lobster
with Truffle Vinaigrette &
Summer Heirloom Tomato Salad
Torrontes, Crios Susana Balbo

Jumbo Lump Blue Crab Cake & Clam Bake
with Chorizo & Corn Fritters
Alban, Viognier

Warm South Carolina Peach Cobbler
with Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Pio Cesare, Moscato D'Asti

$80 pp includes taxes & gratuity
menu items may change due to market availability
The Ivy Cafe in historic Ligonier
201 E. Main St

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I think Carolyn Holland's photo on the cover of the 2009 Ligonier calendar is beautiful.

Cripe, I just ran into the house from a bear.

I had just finished some gardening and sat down with a good book and some cigars near the woods.

Took a couple of puffs and just as I was opening the book, I noticed movement behind the wood pile and fur.

I wondered.. that a cat? No, too big... that a dog? No, a bit too stealthy....

....dear Lord, I hope it's not a coyote......

...then the bear lifted his head.

About halfway across the yard on the way to the house I reminded myself that you're not supposed to run from a bear.

heh heh

PS - I think the bear ran, too, but just to be safe, I'll be reading and smoking on the porch. ;)

what a beautiful day in Ligonier for Antiques on the Diamond

You can still get some good deals and the library booksale is still open till 4pm. After that get some good ice cream or maybe take in a movie at the theater. Momma Mia has been held over because it's SOOOOO good.

open the mountain?

The ski area could be open this winter if the lease can be completed and the capital funds are released.

Read more....

Friday, August 22, 2008

oh, crossed paths with Princess of poo......

...pourri - our darling Ms. Kelly, the purveyor of the pure potion that prevents putridity in the pots of plenty.

Hahahaahahahha I just love this and YOU will love Poo-Pourri.
Available at The Paper House on West Main Street.


booksale preview party

my book booty.....17 good ones and I'll be back for more!

ps - purse from Maddals - great it!

simple pleasures...bathing a cow on a hot summer day

Dylan Miller, 10, and his sister, Sara Halferty, 14, both of Ligonier, have been coming to the fair since they were both tykes.

As they hosed off one of their cattle, Miller and Halferty explained the lengthy process of primping their animals for a competition.

"We've got to bathe them, clean their ears, brush their tails," Halferty said.

Read more....

The Ivy Cafe has announced the winner of their signature cocktail contest.

Summer News & Events at The Ivy Cafe

Our Wine Dinners are Back!
Chef Anthony sets monthly themes for each dinner which are 5 courses each with a specially selected wine. Clay is going to reveal 5 selections from our new wine list for August.
Reservations are required and seating is limited.
Call (724)995-1050 to reserve

Wednesday August 27th 2008
"Summer Clam Bake & Seafoodfest"
This wine dinner will be delectable and remind you what summer is all about! 5 courses paired with wine.
$80 per person, includes taxes & gratuity.
Reservations are required for this exclusive event.

*News about the Cocktail Recipe Contest
for "The Poison Ivy"
Jim Sheeder is our first place winner,
try his cocktail tonight!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

highest and best use

It's a goal, really, finding the highest and best use for a piece of real estate. Take this building on West Main Street, for example. At one time its highest and best use was its original design as a railway station.

I was introduced to it when the game commission was in residence and I have to say it was kinda neat having those stuffed animals in the lobby. Even if the offices were closed, visiting friends and I would peek in and it was still special.

I never understood the move by our school district into that facility. It never made sense to me and it felt like a loss to the community of a very interesting building and a real waste of tax dollars.

I don't believe in throwing good money after bad and this was never a good idea and I say better late than never, let's get the administration the heck out of this building. That said, we sure don't need another vacant building making us all feel bad. We already have two key locations sitting vacant purportedly because the landlords are kinda loony. So, let me say this - PLEASE don't buy this precious piece of real estate if you are not a savvy developer and can't find a win-win with your tenants. [Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. That's what my mom always told me.]

What we need here in Ligonier are some professional developers, restauranteurs, and retailers. I don't mean to imply that we do not have good or even great folks here in town - we do - BUT, we need professional vision that understands the needs of a buying demographic and will provide products and services that fill those needs and wants. Let me define professional.

I guess by professional I mean more than mom and pop. Mom and pop is part of what makes Ligonier special but it is also what makes Ligonier darn frustrating if you need to buy something or want to do something and it's after 5pm on a weekday/Saturday or anytime on Sunday.

I am hoping that you see as I do a unique opportunity with the Armory project and the railway station. We have a wonderful chance to develop that corner and both areas would have free parking.

The back wooden structures of the railway station scream boutiques and artist studios to me. The main structure looks like a wonderful place for a restaurant with an outdoor cafe. I can see a diner on the lower level of a great new building on the Armory site. Maybe while we are busy serving the needs of the people who live here we can even give the folks who come into the valley to see the Fort or Idlewild something to do at the end of the day. Evenings do exist.

Get a good anchor corner like this going and maybe we create enough evening traffic to make it worth the while of the Diamond district merchants to hire staff so they can stay open later or on the weekends. Maybe we can help them by taking the parking meters out of the Diamond and creating a two hour free parking zone.

Ligonier Township and parts of the Borough are bound to become a bedroom community for folks willing to drive in and out of the Pittsburgh metro area in exchange for a better life. You know development of that kind is coming during these next 20 years. Careful conservation of green areas and historic areas combined with smart business development are crucial. That's not news to anyone. I know we have great minds watching the green and the history. It's the business part that concerns me.

Play it right and wowie, can you imagine it?

isn't this lovely?

kerosene recall - heads up

This kerosene may have been distributed as far as Ligonier.

Kerosene sold since May by a Coraopolis company could cause explosions or fires for consumers, and a widespread recall is necessary, a spokesman said today.

The danger, said company spokesman John Arnold, is real. A faulty valve at the supply center of the Pittsburgh Terminals Corp. intermittently allowed gasoline to mix with some of the kerosene product. Read more....

this is book sale week ....... yahoo!!


Annual Book Sale Preview Party kicks off with a different twist

The Preview Party will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Friday, August 22. Tickets are $20 per person at the door, $15 per person if paid by August 16. Checks are to be made payable to Ligonier Valley Library.

This year's book sale is a little different from previous years, as only bargain books will be available in the basement. Also, participants in this year's Annual Book Sale Preview Party, "Odds & Ends," will have the unique opportunity to go home with a bag of books.

Read more.....

I think we have Butch Bellas to thank for this. He never gives up.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort is taking another shot at resuscitating the dormant Laurel Mountain Ski Resort in Ligonier Township.

The Somerset County resort's announcement Wednesday that it will take over Laurel Mountain, which has had operational problems for nearly two decades, took place as Gov. Ed Rendell said the state may invest $6.5 million for infrastructure improvements. Read more....

Morning. Hey, Butch, I just heard the mountain might re-open.

Can you fill us in?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


two kisses for each hello
pressed like snaps onto each cheek

one kiss for sleep-tight
planted on the forehead like a flag

a handful of kisses for goodbye
windblown like seeds or bubbles

a spidery kiss that tickles a sad feeling

Just found this poem tucked into an obituary while doing a title examination. Isn't it pretty?

let's save a pelvis or two......hey Lauren

Why not do a green horse green rider post?

My body reminds me of my dear lady everyday though I wouldn't exchange the experience for anything.

Folks, Ligonier is where my pelvis met destiny when I as a green rider on a young green thoroughbred next to a dry cornfield felt a slight breeze. LOL

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lauren and Byron - WELCOME to Ligonier Living

Folks, I want to introduce two new contributors, Lauren Schneider and Byron.

That's Lauren with her dapper equine friend, Floris. [did I spell it right?]

Byron is hubby to Lise and dad to some lovely young ladies, one of whom is very particular about tissues. ;)

A big blog welcome to you both. We're looking forward to adding your voices to our community [right, Lise?] here at Ligonier Living.

PS - Any contributors who would like the super top secret method for uploading pictures from your cell phone to this blog, let me know. Liggy, Butch and I are the only ones who have used it but all are welcome. It's fun in a voyeuristic kinda way. ;)

little ligonier slideshows

Hope you like the little Ligonier slideshows flickering on the right side of Ligonier Living. The images are randomly selected from Flickr and Picasa using keywords, one of which is always Ligonier.

I'm having a blast with it. It's like fishing.

stepping into the wood

for a bit of berries

I cleverly held back thorns and unwittingly chose burrs instead

those little buggers

those little green fiends last seen in Harmony's forelock

Education options in the Valley, don't forget private schools

I just wanted to remind parents or future parents of the education options in Ligonier.  We have the public school, and the private valley and holy trinity.  Don't forget about private options. As an educator in the private setting I encourage you to check it out and that means setting up an appointment to tour the facilities and figure what is best for your child.  There is financial help for those that have the money concern when contemplating a private school.  You would be amazed what families do get scholarships, so you are not a minority.  Education is so very important and what many people do not realize, it goes beyond just the 3R's.  This is building character in your child and preparing them for the world in all aspects of life.  

I just came back from in-service and feel pumped for the new year! :)

it's picnic time at St. John The Baptist Orthodox Church!

Come one, come all to the 7th annual food fair/church picnic at St. John The Baptist Orthodox Church in Wilpen!!

DATE: Sunday, August 31, 2008
TIME: Noon until ????
WHERE: St. John's Orthodox Church - Wilpen Road - Wilpen, PA (Ligonier)

Featuring: Pulled pork sandwiches, haluski, halupki, pierogies, keilbossi sandwiches, hot dogs and sauerkraut, baked goods & beverages

Raffle baskets, bingo and other games!

Take Out Available!
Directions: Take 711 North from Ligonier (approximately 3 miles); Turn left onto Wilpen Road (at church sign) before Sheetz.

For more information, please call 724-238-6581.

fire on Ramsey Road

A home on Ramsey Road off Route 711 North in Ligonier Township suffered extensive fire damage. Tanker trucks from various fire companies were forced to haul water long distances and blocked Route 711 to traffic to keep firefighters supplied with water. Read more...

Sleepy Hollow remembered.....

Monday, August 18, 2008

lots of sirens, anyone know what's going on?

this has nothing whatsoever to do with Ligonier, but

if you're in the mood for good adult entertainment, go see Tropical Thunder. It's hilarious.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

dc's sunday night totally sappy variety.....LOL good night!

dc's sunday night variety......oh oh

dc's sunday night variety...oh-oh it's john travolta ;) - oh yea and olivia!

dc's sunday night's a little nat king cole to recovery from....... ;)

we don't serve your kind here!!!

jk just thought it was too cute!

dc's sunday night variety......Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares

Ligonier Valley Wholistic Practitioners

The LVWPA is a local community resource of wholistic practitioners experienced in integrative health care modalities that enhance health and wellbeing.

Read more.....

Community feeling...

I've been pondering how much this blog helps to build community feeling - at least for me. I ran into Liggygirl at Equine Chic during the stroll and she greeted me with a "hello blogger!". On Sunday afternoon, I got to watch Diane Cipa as she played Mrs. Mayor in a wonderful rendition of Seussical! I'm afraid I've been humming Alone in the Universe, and Oh, the Thinks you Can Think since quite frequently since last Sunday. I 'm glad to know there will be more excellent productions in the future.

On another note, in keeping with Diane's weekend food chats, I took my daughters to Little Italy for dinner. We had some wonderful food, but I'm embarrassed to say that anyone looking at me would have known that I had eaten some kind of pasta sauce. Should we suggest that they provide bibs to the diners like the seafood restaurants do for those partaking of lobster? Or am I the only one who finds pasta messy to eat?

field marshall john ligonier get your own print of these through the chamber but when walking around town because I've witnessed several people walking into them they are a bit low lol

Saturday, August 16, 2008

anyone know what the new bridge over the Loyalhanna is for?

As you're coming past the Lady of the Lake, it's on the right before you turn into town. Is it temporary?

David Keiser just sent this pic.....

There were 44 golden retrievers at this doggie birthday party. Wow!

ligonier football nineteen fourteen! fifth one in on the front row is my great grandpa we are trying to find out the others

listen for the cannons cause we've got battles a'goin on in Ligonier!

The Brigade of the American Revolution is in Ligonier. That's right! Today and tomorrow the smoke will spiral up into the heavens from our quaint little valley.

Stop by Fort Ligonier for a taste of what life was like in our green hamlet "way back when"......LOL and you thought you had a hard life. LOL

Just think about bullets, and real hunger and real cold and knives and fighting for your life the old fashioned way, then say a prayer and express your gratitude for living in a fairly cushy period of history in a country whose freedom was hard won.

Saturday and Sunday 1:30pm and 3:30 pm