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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well, I'll be. Look what else I found...."Chicken Ligonier!"

These are images I sure don't want to forget.  Wish we could preserve the smell, too.  Hubby and I call this good food CHICKEN LIGONIER.  It's sure worth the wait.

The gentleman who owned the soft ice cream stand found out he could earn as much doing chicken every Sunday Memorial Day through mid-October as working a weekly schedule selling ice cream etc. So he closed the ice cream store and uses the cooler, etc. to support the barbecue built on the western edge of the parking lot. I believe he is helped by a brother and brother-in-law. Didn’t take serious notes when I interviewed him the first time. He is sort of gruff. Stands at the end of the barbecue pit and takes your order.

signs we take for granted until they're gone

Found this pic on a Pittsburgh Signs page.  I miss that cocktail glass.  It's gone now, isn't it?

found this bizarre site, Ligonier Tales

Have you seen it?  RC Sproul, Jr.'s autobiographical writings about growing up in Ligonier.  Alot of it is boring but alot of it is fascinating.  Here's a blurb:

The festival season swiftly moved from down home to upscale as next on the social calendar came the Rolling Rock races. Rolling Rock was a small country club built for the pleasure of the Mellon family and some of their favorite friends. You could play a round of golf there, though there were finer courses in the vicinity. You could play tennis there, or take a swim. You could also go hunting. The gameskeepers at Rolling Rock were more than happy to snatch a pheasant from it’s cage, put it in a burlap sack, swing it over their head a dozen times or so, and then let the poor creature out to stagger a step or two before becoming an interesting trophy for a businessman likely as unsteady on his feet as the bird. The likewise kept foxes there. I think stranger even than the Mellon bodyguards that followed our bus to school was the weird truth that some of the young ladies in my class were excused for being late to school several times a year because they and their horses were busy participating in a fox hunt. I remember watching them wistfully in their finest red velvet as our bus drove through the hunting grounds on the way to school.

good idea - probable increase in FDIC insurance limits

We live in a part of the country well served by conservative community banks. We're lucky here in western PA, it's sort of an enclave of stability. That said, I am happy that we're likely to see an increase in the FDIC insurance limits from $100,000 to $250,000. This will give piece of mind to many.

Representative Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, has told lawmakers of his committee that Sheila Bair, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, will soon request the authority to boost the level of insured deposits, the source said.

Presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain both proposed an increase in federal deposit insurance to $250,000 from $100,000 as a way to broaden support for the bank asset bailout bill rejected on Monday by the U.S. House of Representatives.


Eboost at Equine Chic

This is what I swear by. I am currently fighting something icky. I just eboosted and feel alot better. I don't mind if it's just in my mind :-p Eboost tastes like tang and is a powder that you put into about a half glass or water bottle of water. Shake/mix it up and drink.  Gives you vitamins and energy. No jitters (I'm super sensitive to caffeine). Includes B vitamins, zinc, green tea, and vitamin C amongst others. Stop in and get your Eboost at Equine Chic.

Giant Eagle~food, items, and socializing

I am just curious if everyone or many shop at Giant Eagle in town? We love to and frequent there alot. I love to look at the specials and the GE ad that comes every week. It's almost like a favorite magazine to me.  I also love to see what I can get for free or for peanuts. Food is expensive anymore and toiletry/cleaning items can be $. I love our GE also for the social aspect (though sometimes less than desired when you're in a hurry or just want some YOU time alone) you always see people you know and catch up.  There is no hurry to the store and be back fast....that does not happen. Our preacher was talking about how Europeans (he spoke about brits specifically) don't have huge refrigerators and don't hoard up on food to store, they go weekly/daily and make it an outing to socialize and connect with friends and community. I think we have that here more than most places, but I thought about how you think of going as a chore or don't view it as calm down and slow down and see who you see and enjoy that present moment. When I calm down and let things unfold I am always pleasantly surprised.

Fort Days Breakfast - What To Do?

For the past several years, our family has driven in to town early, found our secret parking space, and walked to the Fairfield Grille (we still call it Erin's sometimes) for a good breakfast before going out to face the day. Now that the Grille is gone, we have to make a different plan. We might be trying out the pancake breakfast at Heritage UM Church this year.

Does anybody know of other places that will be serving breakfast - bacon and eggs or something like that? I do remember a booth on the Diamond in front of the bank that was selling beignets (mmmmmmm).

I miss the Fairfield Grille.

Beyond breakfast, what are your favorite food booths at Fort Ligonier Days?

Ligonier Valley Library looking for book donations to restock Re-readables. that the yearly book sale is over, we need donations for the store, especially "newer" books and DVDs that are in very good condition.

We also need magazines. We are looking for 
current decorating, cooking, arts & antiques titles as well as woodworking, hunting, dogs, horses, fishing, etc. Favorite titles include: Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Antiques, Country Living and Country Homes, any British decorating titles, Traditional Home, Southern Living, etc.

Please do not donate at this time: National Geographics or Smithsonian. We have zillions and they are just not selling well.

safely get rid of all that old electronic stuff......through the Loyalhanna Watershed recycling program

COMPUTER ITEMS - hard drives, laptops, mainframe computers, modems, personal computers, CPUs, monitors, keyboards, mouses, peripherals, printers, printed circuit boards, cords

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS - answering machines, CD players, mobile phones, microwave ovens, pagers, radios, remote controls, stereos, tape players, telephones, cell phones, telephone equipment, television, uninterruptible power supplies, VCRs, batteries

OFFICE ITEMS - copiers, duplicators, electric typewriters, fax machines, testing equipment, transparency makers

WE DO NOT ACCEPT: stoves, refrigerators, household appliances, power tools, and any items that may contain freon or mercury.

TUESDAYS - noon to 5pm

focus on education, Loyalhanna Watershed Association

A very important responsibility the Loyalhanna Watershed Association holds is that of educating the community within the watershed. From classrooms to trailside, to formal meetings, LWA staff members are always willing to share information and engage watershed citizens of all ages in water quality education. If you are interested in having the LWA visit your club, classroom, or meeting, please contact the LWA Program Manager at (724) 238-7560.

Good morning, morning glories!

mark to market

Correct me if I'm wrong, but memory tells me strict accounting mark to market rules came out of the S & L crisis as a solution to prevent failure due to the overstated value of assets.

I don't think we should take lightly any vacation of mark to market rules.

The core and substance of the Paulson Plan - namely the creation of a reverse auction system in which the Treasury acts as the buyer of last resort for mortgage backed securities to help troubled institutions get this hard to value paper off their books - is a sound plan. I think the public and congress over-reacted and so I'd have to say the administration didn't do such a great job selling it.

What we have here is a pricing mechanism failure. Rather than masking the problem with a mark to market vacation - which BTW might not be so easy to undo - the auction system could jump start a real market and other buyers might follow. That's a real fix in which taxpayers are NOT bailing out but buying mortgage backed paper that likely has value far above the purchase price.

I would hope that policiticians could demonstrate leadership and good statesmanlike qualities and help their constituents understand simple business concepts rather than the easy role of demagogue.

Monday, September 29, 2008

speak your mind

I love it when people disagree with me. The conversations that flow can be enlightening to all. We really miss our Ligonier Echo, right? Well, I've just tossed two topics out here for comment. Let's chat! I don't remember Ligonierians - is that a word? - being afraid to opine. ;)

what, no parking passes for fort days???

and what are in town residents and employees supposed to do?????

my thoughts on the Paulson Plan

I don't claim to be a brainiac, rocket scientist or economist. I'm a street level, street trained mortgage lender and title agent. I lived through what happened at street level and had sufficient exposure to the inner workings of wholesale lending and secondary market operations to get a feel for how it should work and where it went wrong.

I just don't buy into blaming one political party over another because each administration we lived through added their own twang to the song and frankly any sanity in the mortgage industry or securities industry could have ignored politics and held firm to quality in due diligence. That's the job of underwriters and management, not politicians.

As for the Paulson Plan, I can only say this. How we got here isn't as important to me as not dying while we fight out who to blame and stupid politics. We can worry about that stuff once our damaged ship at sea in a hurricane makes land. For now, I'm listening to three people - Paulson, Bernanke and Bair. Why? Because over the last year I have watched them and they have not disappointed me with their critical decision making as they have attempted to bring us home and out of harms way.

I trust that they know the monetary system and have a gut instinct for how all this is moving without perhaps being able to verbalize it. I trust that their intuition senses danger and that they have a very hard time dealing with politicians who don't understand and have to act like they do.

This is not a time for pure democracy. This is not a time for populist decision making. This is a time for leadership and hard resolve and fast action to save our economy from severe damage.

I trust the warnings. I'm willing to trust the plan. Call me an idiot if you want to, that's okay but my guts are talking and I do like to listen to those guts even if I can't articulate their message in any way you can understand.

As for using the term bail-out. I disagree. The plan is for the government to act as a buyer of last resort in a situation in which the pricing mechanism for mortgage backed securities is broken. The market has been unsettled by a lack of confidence. I have spent 30 + years in the real estate/mortgage/title business. I've lived through the S & L crisis in the 80s and the foreclosure moratoriums following steel mill closures in the 70s. Though we are clearly living through a period of high delinquencies and foreclosures, most mortgages are still performing.

The securities acquired by the government under this plan have value and once the markets settle and we cycle back to normalcy which we always do, their price will normalize as well. Given the type of financial system we have, this is the correct role of government, to step into the most unusual of market circumstances to mitigate damage and protect the citizenry.

Powdermill Nature Reserve open again for deer hunting.

We still have too many deer at Powdermill! Again this year, we will be opening up the reserve to archery, muzzleloader, and flintlock, as well as to the traditional rifle season.
Click here for letter to hunters and application.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Episode Eight

to be continued....

Episode mom is in the crowd scene and my sister Kathy somewhere!

Episode Six

Episode Five

Episode Four

Episode Three

Episode Two

Episode One

Do you like independent film?

Here's a film produced for $5,000, filmed in Homestead/Munhall, PA by a young Chris Preksta.  It's called Captain Blasto.  Chris might look familiar.  He's my nephew and I am a proud aunt.  This clip is Episode Nine of the Captain Blasto series.  If you like what you see, you can watch the other episodes at


UPDATE: On second thought I'll post the series cause I want to watch it again anyway. ;)

wow, the Ligonier Country Inn entertainment calendar is on steroids...LOOK AT THIS!

Friday, October 10, 2008
Joey Golden and the gang will be playing here for Fort Ligonier Days. 8-11pm

Jerry B and the Bone Tones
Saturday, October 11, 2008
Great music for dancing or listening. The band plays from 8-11pm!!

Line Dancing Night
Friday, October 17, 2008
Line dancing for all by the Mountain Boys.
Enjoy a night of dancing from beginner to advance. 7-8 lessons 8-11 for the non stop dancing...

Train Night- Domino board game
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Have you ever played trains? Easy game to learn, we start at 6pm. Bring a munchie to share with friends and $1.00 to put in the pot.

Hallo 'wine' Night
Saturday, November 01, 2008
Great food includes eye balls, grass hoppers, spider soup and more... Steamy drinks and wine dusted off from the cellar cob webs. The Para normal gang of Pa C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Team will be here to bring out the ghost. Music by the Bricks for all others. 8-11pm Cover charge only $5.00. Scary room rate of $105. for the Inn rooms, $118 for the Shafer House rooms.

Hooray For Hollywood!
Saturday, November 15, 2008
We are teaming up with Alexandra Vansuch the new Executive Director of the Valley Players on a cabaret dinner theater series.
This month a real treat

A tribute to Oscar-winning songs....being held in our Carriage House, now with air-conditioning and heat for your comfort.

6:30 Happy Hour with a cash bar
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Show
Stay after show for dancing
ALL SEATS $30.00

Join us for a great evening of drinks, great performers, great food, and great company!
Keep watching for more events to come with the Valley players!
Call the Theater for reservations
Call Early Seats Are Going Fast

Thanksgiving Dinner
Thursday, November 27, 2008
We always do the traditional Thanksgiving sit down dinner for 1pm-7pm. We do have a few other entrees for those who want something different this year. Call for reservations and menu.

Derry High School Musical Fundraiser Brunch
Sunday, December 14, 2008
Enjoy our Brunch with Derry Area Music Students in the Carriage House. Help them raise some money for their musical!!

Holiday Open House
Sunday, December 21, 2008
This yearly event is surely to get you in the Christmas spirit. The Harpist plays from 5-8pm.

Jimmy Buffett Music Weekend
Friday, January 23, 2009
A weekend of fun, margaritas, music, and more. This is our 18th year for this fun event. Book your rooms early. Weekend package of $300.00 any room, you pick.

focus on contributor....Liggy Girl

I've just got to say that this young lady, Liggy Girl, whose real name is Bridget Shirey, is the heart and soul of Ligonier Living.  She's charming, funny, creative, musical and a real joy.  Thanks, Liggy, for doing what you do and making Ligonier Living so special.  Here's what Liggy says about herself:

I live in a small town that I never want to leave. I love it, even at times when life is a lil too slow for my liking here, it just is magical and I see the beauty of it. I have many many interests and I blog about several on here from money, music, to Ligonier, to farmgirl stuff, to my new passion with shabby chic/romantic decorating, to things that are on my mind. I hope you enjoy this fun little look into my life and interests.

last day for the Ligonier Country Market

Don't miss it!

oh, geez

Ligonier District Judge Denise Thiel rescheduled the preliminary hearing for Oct. 24. 

Better make darn certain our back door is locked.  

speaking of homecoming....

I went into the office yesterday and noticed both Michelle and Wendy were dressed in red and black.  I said, "Hey, you're dressed the same!" and they both smiled and told me it was the Homecoming Day.  Wendy is  a Laurel Valley mom and Michelle is a Ligonier mom.  Guess Ligonier dresses all in black and Laurel Valley dresses in red and black.

Then Tracey walks in dressed in red and black, so I say, "Hey, you dressed for Homecoming Day, too!"  Nah, Tracey is a Holy Trinity mom and she just happened to pick red and black.

So, I drove to Greensburg to do a closing - that's what I do for a living - and walk into the real estate office conference room to set up the closing table.  Our very friendly real estate agent - I'll leave her nameless and you'll see why..... came in and said, "Hey, when he [meaning the buyer] comes in, he has to sit over here next to me because if he sits anywhere else he'll see my red bra."

I paused, noticed she was wearing all black, smiled and asked, "Are you from Ligonier?"

Friday, September 26, 2008

Homecoming - A Good Night for Football

But not such a good night if you're a Mounties fan. Ligonier Valley hosted the Laurel Valley Rams at Weller Field tonight for what turned out to be the most exciting game played this year.

Final Score:

Laurel Valley 26
Ligonier Valley 21

The game had its big defensive plays, shifts in momentum, and long yardage plays, but in the end, Ligonier Valley could not manage just one more comeback.

The Mounties led 21-20, with just over 2:00 to play, when Laurel Valley scored the go-ahead touchdown. They failed on the 2 point conversion.

Following a touchback on the ensuing kickoff, and trailing 26-21, Ligonier Valley drove to the Rams 15 yard line. At one point in the drive, after what looked like a stop on 4th down, they were helped by a 15 yard face mask penalty against Laurel Valley which gave the Mounties another set of downs. The last offensive play for Ligonier was a pass that was batted and intercepted in the end zone by the Rams, preserving the final margin.

On one side of the 50 yard line in the bleachers, hearts soared. On the other side, hearts sank.

The win was Laurel Valley's 300th all-time. And over 200 of those belong to Coach Jerry Page. Congratulations to the Rams.

Good show all around, boys.

(I wonder if this is the first place the scores of most Mounties games get posted?)

Congrats, Anna Hanley. Ligonier is proud of you!

LIGONIER, Pa., Sept. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Anna Hanley, a senior in the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, has been named a Commended Student in the 2009 National Merit Scholarship Program.

Hanley is recognized as one of the 34,000 students throughout the nation who scored in the top 5 percent of the 1.5 million students who took the 2007 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

A daughter of Joanne and Matthew Hanley of Ligonier, Hanley plans to enter college to study political economy and journalism. Read more.....

hello ligonier!

What a beautiful day. I feel good.
Enjoyed Mellow Mike last night.

Am knee - make that hip - deep in work today for which I am grateful.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

pull that beloved poetry book off the shelf and come join us

tonight at Mellow Mike

7pm to 9pm
Poison Ivy Lounge
upstairs at The Ivy Cafe on East Main


from The Wall Street Journal

Sept. 25, 2008

Congress reached an agreement in principle on a $700 billion package to bail out the financial industry, leaders from both parties said Thursday. They plan to present the deal to the White House later Thursday, hoping for a vote within days. Lawmakers said there were few hurdles remaining. "There really isn't much of a deadlock to break," said Democratic Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Republican Sen. Bob Bennett said the plan is one that can "pass the House, pass the Senate (and) be signed by the president."


If you haven't yet heard.....a local town has been visited by aliens...and you can see the actual footage right here at The Ligonier Theater!

As 'reported' by Roger Marsh, local author and filmmaker, Mars Attacks Mount Pleasant will be presented at a Premiere Viewing on Friday, Sept. 26, 2008 at 7:30 PM where you can meet the CAST! They will be arriving in limos and stepping out onto the Red Carpet! We will again be showing the film on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008 at 7:30 PM and on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 2:30 PM, our regular movie times. Regular movie prices will also apply.

J. A. Cooper, her art flows from a heritage steeped in our history....

My ancestors first arrived in America before the American Revolution and continued to arrive through the early twentieth century. They include, as so many families do, authors (James Fenimore Cooper), farmers, tin smiths, accountants, engineers, teachers, and, most notably, soldiers. They had horses shot from under them in the Revolution. They were infantrymen and cavalrymen during the Civil War. Some went home afterwards, some died in the prison camps. They were gassed in France during World War I. They flew planes during Vietnam. They were ordinary men and women who showed extraordinary courage. They built a nation, and I wish to honor them with my historical paintings.

Ligonier...the town that made Pittsburgh possible.

That's an interesting take. Hadn't thought of it that way, but I guess she's right.

Ligonier plans grand event for 250th birthday



“Celebrating our 250th,” this year’s Fort Ligonier Days will mark a milestone anniversary for the town that made Pittsburgh possible.

In 1758, British and American colonial troops from the British fort at Ligonier massed together with such force that they caused the French to abandon Fort Duquesne, in what is now Pittsburgh.

The historic celebration of Fort Ligonier’s 250th birthday, which will be held Oct. 10-12, will feature musical entertainment, battle recreations, a wide variety of food and crafters, and a huge parade.

Read more....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I was thinking about gratitude this morning...

...and how we really do need to be grateful for what we have and who we have around us because sometimes we just don't appreciate things or people until they are gone.

Boy, do I miss the Fairfield Grille now that it's gone.  Boy, do I miss Rick Schwab now that he's not running the Ligonier Echo.  And, of course, we can go on and on about people and places, people especially.

That doesn't mean we should be afraid of change but I think I'll try to remember to enjoy each good thing as it happens and each good person I meet and try hard not to take it all for granted.

Mellow Mike tomorrow night...those Poison Ivy martinis are mean, green and yummy.

Poison Ivy Lounge - upstairs in The Ivy Cafe on East Main 7pm to 9pm.

Come to read, play or just listen. Come to sup or drink...just come to relax and to something different for a change.

the VOMIT COMET .....ROFL...thanks, Lise!

thank you

from The Wall Street Journal

Sept. 24, 2008

Republican presidential candidate John McCain said he will "suspend" his campaign on Thursday, and asked to delay Friday night's debate against Democratic candidate Barack Obama, so he can return to Washington to deal with the financial crisis. Congress is currently considering a $700 billion bailout plan that is drawing increased scrutiny from lawmakers.

I didn't know Ligonier Camp had a blog.

I'm just dying to know what a Vomit Comet is.

[Vomit is one of those words that just catches the eye.....heh heh.]


Call me a cynic, but there'a a surprising lack of news in the Ligonier Echo.

Call me a paranoid, but there's a surprising lack of local government meeting announcements in the classified section of the Ligonier Echo.

Oh, I see lots of ads for meetings in Jeannette, but Ligonier?  Ah, no.  My paranoidism - is that a word..NOT..change that to paranoidal tendencies, lead me to think legal technicalities requiring advertisement must also define WHERE the advertisements should be published.  Is it possible that publishing OUR meetings in Jeannette or Greensburg or Mount Pleasant would suffice legally though most of us wouldn't be looking there?

Honestly, if you are seeing regular local government classified meeting announcements and I am simply blind, please let me know.

Frankly, since the Trib took over the Ligonier Echo, we are living in a BLACK HOLE....a BIG VOID.... an ALMOST ABSOLUTE LACK OF real...real...REAL local government news.

Do you have a model train layout you'd be willing to share?

The Ligonier Valley Rail Road Association may be interested.
November 2008 - Model-Train House Tour
A fundraising model-train house tour is in the planning stages for November. Three members have already agreed to share their extensive layouts. We are looking for at least three additional hosts. If you have a layout and are in the Greensburg, Latrobe, or Ligonier area and would like to share your layout, please contact us at 724-537-2647.

Do you irritate friend and family while watching a movie and saying.......

"The book was better."

LOL, My hubby hates when I say that but it's almost always true.  ;)

Anyway, If you like to read AND watch movies, check out the Ligonier Valley Library group.... The Read the Movie ... View the Book Discussion Group.

That's right!  Get together with some nice folks, read a book, then next time, watch the movie together.  The group has changed the meeting times to the 1st Saturday of the month at 10:30am, starting October 4th.  Here's more info.....

plan to visit Antiochian Village on Route 711 North

On the surface, the Village looks rather ordinary but step inside and start to explore and you find rareities and beauty.  

I had a chance to stay there for a weekend 2 or 3 years ago.  

Things I loved:  no phone or TV in the room....the bookstore....the museum....the bookstore [oh I already said that!...but you know me, I love to buy books....]...the chapel.  It was deep in winter or I might have also enjoyed the meditation trail.  The library looked awesome but I had no chance to peruse the shelves.

Now's a great time to visit Antiochian Village.  They have a special exhibit and while you are there, make certain you find the chapel and at least gaze at its beauty.  Here's the info on the exhibit which runs through February 2009:

Two Centuries of Settlement and Immigration 
Connected by Faith

The exhibit East Meets West was borne out of a desire to participate in Ligonier 250, a regional celebration of 250 years of local history since the founding of Fort Ligonier and the French And Indian War battle of Loyalhanna which occurred there in 1758. Exploring the background of the Antiochian Village property, just 6 miles north of Fort Ligonier – beginning with settlers who arrived here during the frontier days and leading up to the present time – led to the discovery of historical connections between Scotch-Irish Presbyterians (who first built a church on this property) and Orthodox Christians of the Middle East (who now own Antiochian Village). The story told through this exhibit spans the centuries, and crosses oceans, continents, cultures, and faiths, as it explores a series of fascinating links between East and West, rich in the heritage and legacies of two emigrant communities who have made the United States, and this region, their home.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey, we made the front page!

Let's welcome Kim to the Ligonier Living contributor group!

Here's what she says about herself:

I'm 43, happily married to my HS sweetie John for 18 years, one dd, 15, two fur babies, a cat named Shadow and a kitten named Cali. I love taking care of my family and home. I enjoy going to thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, etc. I love to decorate my home with the treasures that I find.

Is it true? Neither candidate plans to vote?

If so, I find it absolutely reprehensible that neither Senators McCain or Obama have plans to return to Washington to vote on the Paulson Plan.

Take a stand gentlemen.

Ligonier Living Mellow Mike

Calling all poets, bards, musicians and lovers of acoustic music and the spoken word.

Join us every Thursday evening in the Poison Ivy Lounge on East Main Street – upstairs in The Ivy CafĂ© – for an open mike. 7pm to 9pm

Come to read, play or just listen.

Come to sup or drink...just come to relax and to something different for a change.

Let’s get mellow in Ligonier……

Acoustic piano in lounge.


Ginko in the jungle....

Hey, Rick Sebak was in the Road Toad.

...the highlight was a surprise visit from PBS producer Rick Sebak, who brought along a copy of his just-finished show A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway. Not airing on PBS for more than a month, the crowd was treated to a sneak preview of the entire film on an impromptu setup of computer, video projector, and sheet on the wall.  Read more....

More Sirens This Morning

Tuesday morning, about 6:30.

Call at Ligonier Gardens on US 30. Some residents evacuated.

local blogger getting ready for fall...Hi, Kim!

Ligonier on Wikipedia

Just for kicks I check out Ligonier on Wikipedia.  Here's a blurb:

There are 827 households out of which 20.7% have children under the age of 18 living with them, 42.8% are married couples living together, 9.8% have a female householder with no husband present, and 44.4% are non-families. 41.1% of all households are made up of individuals and 22.0% have someone living alone who is 65 years of age or older. The average household size is 2.03 and the average family size is 2.73.

In the borough the population is spread out with 18.8% under the age of 18, 5.4% from 18 to 24, 24.0% from 25 to 44, 23.7% from 45 to 64, and 28.0% who are 65 years of age or older. The median age is 46 years. For every 100 females there are 84.0 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there are 76.6 males.

killer arraigned

Mansour ordered Mowry held without bail at the Westmoreland County Prison.

Peck said he has not yet decided whether he will seek the death penalty in the case. He said he will make a decision within the next several weeks, when Mowry is arraigned before a Westmoreland County judge.  Read more...

Podlucky news.....

A closing on the sale is scheduled for Wednesday, said Ligonier Township Supervisor Keith Whipkey. His office received a request to review municipal records to determine if any local liens were filed against the parcels.

Kirschner claims the proceeds from any sale of the properties -- 4.7 acres on Sunrise Lane and 9.2 acres on Old Lincoln Highway -- should go to LeNature's liquidation trust. In court documents, the trustee said the money used to purchase the properties was fraudulently transferred from LeNature's to Podlucky's personal control, and later that of his children. Details of the proposed sale were not available.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Depends on what you mean by "no news day" ;-)

This afternoon, at about 3:45, there was an accident on 711 North, just after the entrance to LCCC and just before Cool Springs Express. It looks like a telephone pole was taken out. I don't know the details, but I do hope no one was hurt.

It was easy to pinpoint the time, because that's when the lights went out. Most of Oakwood Hills and probably several locations along 711 were without power for maybe 2 hours. Cool Springs Express had a "Closed" sign on the door.

I daresay that a few other local dining establishments picked up some extra customers this evening. I do know that my Fox's wedgie was really good.

Last I checked, at about 6:20, the electric crew was waiting for a new telephone pole to arrive. We saw it on 711 headed in the right direction just after that. And when we got home, the lights were back on. Good job by the linemen at making the repairs.

And then, at 7:00, the Waterford fire whistle went off and we heard the sirens again. But the lights didn't go out.

Leafer's alert! This is the best seat in town.

The Colonial Inn's 35 ft., non-smoking cocktail Cocktail Bar and Cigar Barlounge is one of the most beautiful bars in the state. The cocktail lounge overlooks the always picture-perfect, three acre lake where the local family of ducks, geese and other wildlife put on an amusing and unpredictable show every day.

Isn't it nice to have a no news day for a change?

Hey, Ron.........Ligonier Radio! Yoohoo...

Will you be broadcasting from the library again on Fort Ligonier Days?

Does anyone care if I delete the calendar at the bottom of the page?

I can't tell if anyone is actually using it. ;) If you are using it, let me know and I will be more diligent in adding events. The posting seems to be the best way to communicate and so the calendar kinda gets off my radar.

If everyone likes, it we'll keep it. If no one cares, it's history!

I do like the bowling game, so THAT definitely stays. eh-heh....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fox's call MIA?

OK WHERE the heck can I get wings in town?!!! I tried Fox' answer and that is where I've got them from. lol Darnit?! anyone know what's up with Fox's?

So, Lig, you suggested we do themes...

for Mellow Mike when the mood strikes?  When would you like to strike the autumn mood?  Wait for pretty colors?

good morning, morning glories

The lures of sex and money brought the two high school dropouts together.......

Saturday, September 20, 2008

You know it's funny.

I like doing those little slides shows for area merchants.  See the one for Currant Thymes?  I remember putting up Dovecote and then holding off because it was right next to the Crazy Eddie coverage for the Hollow Tavern fire.  It just occurred to me that I've posted Currant Thymes smack dab in the middle of the East Main Street murder coverage.  Yoi!  LOL

teaching music

So, Liggy, you mentioned that you teach a wide variety of musical instruments. Where, what, when and how much?

Ligonier Living readers might not know that our Liggy is an accomplished musician and is working on her MFA.

stabbing caused death.....Mowry was out on bail...

He already was on bail from Somerset County Prison, where he had spent eight days after he was arrested last month on multiple charges that included driving while intoxicated, giving false information to police and underage drinking.

Initially, his bail was set at $20,000 and was later reduced to a nonmonetary bail. Released from the jail sometime around Aug. 18, he was given a public defender and waived his case to court.

Mr. Mowry briefly attended Ligonier Valley High School, offcials there said, but he transferred to Greater Latrobe High School during his freshman year.

Read more....


I gotta hand it to the officials, Mowry murdered Wednesday and now is caught on Fri!!! SUPER job!

Mounties Win at Marion Center


Ligonier Valley 34
Marion Center 19


more on the murder

Mowry charged

Friday, September 19, 2008

Egads, KDKA report on mr. jones and the suspect

Anyone catch KDKA report?!!!'s unfolding before our eyes....18 year old and will spend his life behind bars for that! Least we hope, but man it's all freaky.

suspect! caught

Anthony Blaine Mowry.......caught

no black and white bash at the theater this year, but......

...instead, we can look forward to lovely evenings of dinner/theater fundraisers that sound oh so much more fun and creative......

stay tuned.

DA expected to hold news conference soon

...charges being filed which I guess means they have someone in custody.

Read news...

ever want to buy everything in a shop? that's how I feel about Currant Thymes....

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Currant Thymes
106 N.Fairfield St.
Ligonier, PA 15658

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Want to learn to play the piano?

308 East Main Street, Ligonier, PA  15658

Brenda Bearer Funk, Owner

Watch for Ligonier on TV.

We're the background for a new Highmark/BlueShield commercial!

learn about personality types

This sounds like fun.  Mary Belle Rawlings and Barbara Childs will be teaching a four-week course at the Ligonier Valley Library called "Please Understand Me" - October 3, 17, 24, and 31 at 1pm.

The course is free but registration is required.  Call the library at 724-238-6451.

RIP John LaRosa

Sure miss hearing you strum your guitar while strolling past the barber shop.