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Monday, October 27, 2008

you decide. you vote.


cookielady said...

Ha, How nice it would be if we were all the same! Me, I just want the freedom to live and seek my own level, and though I may envy other people's success, I'd rather strive to create my own or fail trying. I'm still dreaming that one day our government will function to help the truly needy,and get out of the rest of our ways.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

As a former Ligonier resident and Ligonier lover, I have enjoyed this website for its newsy updates on what is happening in Ligonier. Visiting this blog has cured some homesickness for me as well. However, I am very unhappy to see it take a turn to promoting a political agenda (with a four minute sound bite that does not dig very deep into the issue). I am extremely turned off, and will probably not visit this blog again. So sad.

Unknown said...

As a former Ligonier resident and probably faithful reader of the Ligonier Echo, I'm sure you miss the editorial content and highly opinionated letters on both sides of the issues.

We who live here have lost that forum. This is a free speech zone. Contributors and commentators are not vetted for their politics. All views are welcome and political discourse is encouraged. Have at it!

I never agreed with Rick Schwab's politics but I loved reading his column and articles.

cookielady said...

I hope that you, anonymous, do continue to visit this wonderful blog to write and express your thoughts and read what others have to say. All different voices make up a blog, without them, it's just someone talking about themselves!

Sincerely, I think that our country thrives on different opinions and views and we should welcome them with passion. I try to remain open minded because I never know when I can reach a different conclusion after really listening to someone. As far as using the blog for promoting a political agenda, I saw the video as just another way to keep conversation going especially so close to an election. Politics after all are a very large part of all of our lives.

I've just starting visiting here recently, but from what I've read, and the reason I keep coming back,is the wide open expression of humor, serious thought, beauty, hope , news, poetry, folksy, local business, music,arts, etc. etc. etc. I for one, hope you return, anonymous!

Uncle Sam said...

Anonymous, I hope that you saying you would probably not return to Ligonier Living permits you take a peek back here now and then… I too didn’t care for the video and turned it off shortly after it started. We have that choice.

I subscribe to the Tribune-Review although I don’t agree with a lot of what they and their correspondents have to say. AND….. I’m mad as hell at them for taking our beloved editor, Rich Schwab away. The Trib is a part of my life that I’m not willing to give up at this time.

Cookielady has it right in her last paragraph when she said “the reason I keep coming back, is the wide open expression of humor, serious thought, beauty, hope , news, poetry, folksy, local business, music, arts, etc. etc. etc.” This blog has a lot to offer and we just have to pick and choose what we want to look at and read. That’s the way it is in America.

To someone who lived in our valley and loves Ligonier, please stay with us.

Unknown said...

Now, we're cooking. That's what was so great about the old Echo is that we had that wonderful combination of all that plus opinions of every shade on every topic.

It's hard to tell if the lack of content on the Editorial page is due to censorship of lack of interest on the part of readers.

I can tell you that I have only had to censor two comments since this blog was started. That's not bad and frankly if the person had found a reasonable and less nasty way of expressing their opinion, I'd not have deleted them.

I love a good debate and Uncle is right. We can choose to read or watch anything. This is America! We are free and you are free to express your views and sentiments here without spending a dime.

liggy girl said...

See my view on things I don't like, I DONT DEAL WITH THEM. I cannot control others or the world, I can control myself and what I expose myself to. Plain and simple, there is some give and take, but if something is your priority you MAKE it be just that and deal. It's just like some things that go on in Ligonier, do I agree with it, does that make me move, HECK NO, I deal or try to make a difference. I also cherish our freedom in this control and thank god that we have freedom of speech. I think if I was in a country that did not have this, I'd be dead or at the least miserable. That's why I did not go to a certain straight laced college, I dubbed myself too colorful for it. THANK GOD we are all not the same and do not think the same. Remember the Giver and Big Brother and how things had to be the same and colorless and boring and controlled.

If people do not agree and wish to not read this so be it, I feel it is only they that are missing out. I send good energy and blessings their way to see this and realize. :-D

liggy girl said...

OH and something funny, I just totally did not even click it, I figured it MIGHT be something that either A I'm totally sick of hearing about or B wouldn't agree with. Simple :-P but I like to have variety, like a spice, curry, cumin, ginger, cinnamon etc.

Anonymous said...

You are all right, and I appreciate the point that political discourse is encouraged. I suppose I was simply disappointed because my favorite thing about this blog is the Ligonier news, pictures, and links to many different sites local to Ligonier. Also, in these highly politically charged times (and, believe me, I can be quite political) I appreciated a webspace removed from politics...but, opinions and political beliefs are part of the people of Ligonier as well.

So, I guess my long-winded point is that the commenters views are well-taken; and, I can admit that I was being hyper-sensitive at the time of my post. I apologize, and will return. I appreciate the thoughtful discourse of these comments. As we all know, sometimes political conversations can become emotional, and I was certainly guilty of that in my last post.

Unknown said...

Whew. Thanks, Anon, and welcome back. ;)

Do you remember the big hoohah we had here in town over the Silver Maple?

liggy girl said...

Good for you anonymous. I think we all are "tired" or growing weary of politics. I have been counting down the days till election day haha, so I understand what you meant/felt. Please be a voice on here and continue to enjoy our topics and news. So glad you came around. Maybe the good vibes I sent ya worked :-p We are all united through ligonier :-D cya around :)

Uncle Sam said...

Thanks, Anonymous. You made my day.

Marianne McAuliffe said...

i remember "old silver"..and to this day won't park in that parking lot!
and that's my right to make that decision...but y'know, that lot is used so very little that i must not be the only one exercising that right!

funny what pushes our buttons, eh?

Byron said...

OK, so for us newcomers, what's the story of the Silver Maple? (Maybe that deserves another blog post.)