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Saturday, February 28, 2009

if the Echo is dead......Ligonier Living is alive!

We have a regular readership that is growing and growing and growing!

Everything on Ligonier Living is free.

You submit an announcement, we post it.

You submit a classified ad, we post it.

You want to express your opinion on some topic, we post it.

You have a picture or video you want to share, we post it.

Ligonier Living is alive because you are reading and we are blabbing. LOL ;)

hot news! word on the street the Ligonier Echo office .....

is relocating to Greensburg. I don't know, folks, what do you think? Is this the beginning of the end of the Ligonier Echo?

Ligonier Valley Historical Society could use your support!

Lets face it, Ligonier and History are one in the same, and that's part of what makes it sooooo very special here. I've come to learn that our LVHS has lost some grants this year and there will be additional fund raisers to aid in the cost of operations. Upcoming, is the "Tastes of the Town" held on Thursday evening, April 2, 2009 from 6:30 to 8:30, at Mill Creek ! What a great way to help our Historical Society, meet and greet all the locals, and get to sample all the wonderful treats our local vendors are offering to the public to help our LVHS. So please come, and help support them throughout the year! for additional information please visit
Thanks so much! Lori & Bill

call for submissions

The Beanery Online Literary Magazine (BOLM) is seeking submissions in all genres. Especially needed are items that celebrate Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Lent, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and July 4 (or any other holiday that occurs in this time frame). Contributors are welcome from the United States and the global village.
The BOLM is sponsored by the Beanery Writers Group in Latrobe, (Southwestern) Pennsylvania. It’s global readers include persons who live in Australia, Sweden, Singapore, Jordan, Italy, Chile and across the United States.
GUIDELINES: Posts must contain writing with no inappropriate language or subjects. They may be edited. If extensive editing is done, the post will be sent back to the author for their approval. Writers of (and for) all ages are published (a 7th grader just had her post selected for an assignment in a California school English class). Length preference is 300-500 words, although longer pieces, or stories with several parts, will be considered.
E-mail writings to with the word “SUBMISSIONS” in the subject line.
To receive a sample Beanery Writers Newsletter, or for a subscription, E-mail with the word “NEWSLETTER” in the subject line.

GIS mapping at Powdermill

At Powdermill, we’re GIS-mapping the entire 2,200 acre reserve! The project was started last year and entails the use of a hand-held GPS device to locate certain points, drive stakes into the ground to mark each location, and assess the vegetation that is present at each of those points. Volunteers who like the outdoors and aren’t afraid of a little greenbriar are helping to measure trees and record species. All of this information on the present ecology of the reserve is being archived to track the changes caused by succession, establishment of invasive species, and over-browsing by deer.

For more information on how you can be part of the fun, please call Cokie Lindsay in Powdermill's Volunteer office at 724-593-4070 or send an email to for details.

Loyalhanna Watershed upcoming events

  • YCC Applications Due - March 30

  • Third Annual "Latrobe Corridor Cleanup" - April 18

  • Westmoreland Earth Day - April 18

  • "A Spring Thing" Public Program - April 25

  • Spring Macroinvertebrate Collection - April/May

  • Fourth Annual "Great Ligonier Cleanup" - May 2

  • Annual Dinner Meeting - May 15

  • "Where in the Watershed?" Bus Tour - June 5

I thought this violet was real, Kim. ;) Very pretty.

Visit Kim's blog, Home Is Where The Heart Is. She's has changed the look and I love the new green. We are longing for green, aren't we?

The looks so simple. ;)


by ImagiPlay
Wooden sculpture puzzle
It looks so simple
Natural finished basswood
Approx 6.25" x 10.25"
Ages 4 and up

more puzzimals

other puzzles

Available at The Toy Box on South Market.

Good morning, Ligonier.


Friday, February 27, 2009

want to learn to knit? check out Kathy's Kreations

Beginning Knitting with Tracey Earhart Saturday, March 21, 2009, 9:30 am - 12N;
registration fee $25.00*
An introductory how-to class for novice knitters of all ages including casting on, knit, purl and
binding off.
"Stash Buster" Scarf Party with Kathy Zimmerman Saturday, March 21, 2009, 1 pm - 4 pm
registration fee $25.00*
Bring oddlots of 5-7 balls of yarn (and some to share, if you wish) & a US size 10.5 circular
needle 29" length to learn how to knit the famous sideways scarf.
*Registration fee must be pre-paid at the time of registration to reserve a space in class. If you
need to cancel, we will refund tuition up to 48 hours prior to the class. After that, we will refund
half of the tuition in the form of a store credit. Unless noted, class fees do not include materials.
Classes without a minimum of 4 students may be subject to cancellation or postponement, at
the discretion of the instructor. Exceptions will be made for inclement weather. Students may
pre-register for classes by calling Kathy’s Kreations at 724-238-9320 or sending e-mail to
Private knitting, crochet, felting and hairpin lace lessons available by appointment.
Kathy's Kreations has been the helpful hands of experienced knitting for over 28 years!

Read more......

Action for Animals seeking donations

Friends of AFA will be in the lobby of the Ligonier Theater before each showing of Hotel for Dogs this weekend to accept donations. Pet food, toys or supplies are all appreciated. On Sunday at 1:30 some special furry friends will be there, too.

spotlight on Ligonier classified ads

Our Echo has so many classified ads. I noticed that not so many are really Ligonier listings so I thought it might be interesting to just post them here and help whoever placed the ad get a bit more coverage.

cleanouts, hauling, inside/outside, estates, etc. 238-6861

handyman services, quality work, fair prices, insured, ceramic tile, carpentry, odd jobs 238-3479

house for rent, 3 bedroom, stone fireplace, closed-in wrap around porch, large treed lot with garden $590/mo 238-3774

apartment for rent, 2nd floor, 4 rooms & bath, no pets, $525/mo + electric 238-6565

apartment for rent, 1 bedroom, no smoking, $425 includes utilities 238-5701

interior painting, wallpapering, stenciling, faux finishes 238-6978

help wanted, CNA, part time, home health, apply at 125 Kalassay Dr., Ligonier,

Troops in Iraq

Hi all,

I have a friend serving in Iraq and have heard through the grapevine that the troops like to receive items for children (clothes, toys, etc.). They then hand them out to the local Iraqi kids. So, I am going to try to get a box together. If you would like to help you can drop off any gently used items you may have at my gallery sometime in the next two weeks and I will ship them off to my friend.

J. A. Cooper Gallery
108 N. Fairfield St. in Ligonier
next to the police station

Thank you for your help!

flash cards for the aged

That line is still cracking me up. I was chatting with Kathy at Standard Bank about The Unicorn Song and how cheesy I thought the graphics were in the youtube...BUT I had to admit that I am remembering the animals for the first time.....a green alligator and long neck geese, a humpy backed camel and some chimpanzees..dadadadadadadad....or something....

...thinking HUH I need....

FLASH CARDS FOR THE AGED......isn't that a line from a David Bowie song?

Hotel for Dogs playing this weekend

I've been thinking alot about music lately.

One, I've been rooting through songbooks and on-line song collections for good Mellow Mike material; and two, I've been playing with Pandora.

In both pursuits, song selection is based on good melody, lyrics and in the case of Mellow Mike, whether I can play the chords. LOL

Music, whether you are engaged and singing or passively listening, touches us in ways, I think, that we don't really perceive or think about. Music touches our being through vibrations and the tonality of the notes can change our mood.

Lyrics, especially when we learn and sing along, find a life of their own in the background of our mind and can change our sense of normality. I believe words have meaning, even when we invoke them thoughtlessly.

For for the heck of it, next time you find yourself toe tapping and singing along with a tune, stop a moment and listen to the words. Think about young people who are learning how to interact with society and how to express themselves and think about how that song makes you feel.

I like a good beat. I like to dance. I know the lyrics of my youth have helped to shape my self expression, including those things that some parents worried about so long ago.

My ears have been assaulted by gangster rap that unexpectedly pops up for some reason in Pandora. I must have put a bad seed in my mix somewhere. Those assaults made me think about what it would be like to live in a mind that is steeped in those lyrics of hate and how that has perhaps changed society in unexpected ways...............

adding The Unicorn Song for Tuesday's Mellow Mike!

Good morning, Ligonier!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Simple Life

Something I struggle with but embrace is simplicity. If anyone knows me they know I am a paradox, love the free precious things in life, but love my luxuries as well. I keep thinking how Ligonier is a Paradox as well. We have so much beauty that is free and things to do that are worth more than anything but cost nothing. I love the socializing in this town. It is something I cherish. I know we all have our flaws and quirks, myself included. We all have stories and history whether in the Valley for years or other parts of the world. I always wish I could get a summary and helicopter view of the people that make up this valley. There's so much to learn and one will never get to learn it all. I adore how we can walk around and not worry about safety and talk to "strangers" and send them a smile. I am romancing Easter, Spring, and Summer in my mind. I look forward to those times. I love when the bunnies, birds, grass, and greenery come out. I love the pretty pastels and spring colors that invite us to dream. On the other hand I love Ralph Lauren and Lilly Pulitzer clothing. There is something crisp and clean and classy about each. Those are not the most expensive not the cheapest. What are somethings you cherish that are free and what are the luxuries you enjoy? Both in and out of our town. :)

Great song:) Put your records on

hey, I recognize that picture!

That's a Mellow Mike Plus songbook. Nice! Here's the latest meeting announcement for the Beanery Writers:

Friday, February 27, 2009
1:00-3:00 p.m.
Coffee Bean Café (meeting room)
Rt. 30, Latrobe, PA.
All genres
Members and guests welcome
Critique, sharing, learning
For further information:
Carolyn C. Holland, facilitator, 724/238-3493

Lenten study submitted by Carolyn Holland

For some time The Rev. Monte W. Holland has been concerned about today’s young generation and the ethical behavior, which they are exposed to in today’s society. He sees the inconsistencies in what they experience in society and what is taught by Biblical Scripture, where lessons on “The Godly, Moral Life,” are presented.

As a step in counteracting society’s UnGodly, Immoral life lessons, he developed a series of six lessons, one for each week in Lent, beginning today, Ash Wednesday. Each lesson is divided into seven daily sections. Below is an introduction for the first week, and a link to its entire writings, hosted by the Open Hands Ministry site. Open Hands is a ministry of the United Methodist Churches in the Ligonier, PA, area, which provides layettes for WIC babies in Westmoreland County, and operates second-hand clothing and furnishings stores in Stahlstown and Jeannette.

Introduction- In this day and age, as it was in years past, many people live without an adequate knowledge of basic Godly and moral principles as taught in the Bible. Today, more than ever, individuals in public and private life are pushing the bounds of their life choices beyond traditional moral standards. On the other hand, we are not talking about going back to the “good old days.” Frankly, they may not have been all that good.

The first assumption is this: many persons push moral bounds because they haven’t learned anything different.

A second assumption is: Biblical teachings about the Godly and moral life are solid standards to live by, and will guide us toward the highest quality of living that we can reach. Some detractors say that such teachings keep us from “having fun.” Not so! To the contrary, these teachings lead us to living in a way that is most fulfilling and leads to real joy and “fun,” in the best sense.
This study is not about doctrine or what one believes about details of the nature and worship of God. It is based on the assumption that (to continue reading click on or cut and paste this address in the search engine on your computer, and click on “online study.”

Here's another:
To read an Ash Wednesday devotion written by The Rev. Monte W. Holland: Ashes to Ashes: A Devotion for Ash Wednesday

Good morning, Ligonier!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

this is just great!

Slumdog Millionaire Parody

Part One of Hidden America

Children of the appalachia

Children of the Appalachia.....check it out. I want to send my gently used clothes and goods to them. I was amazed that somewhere so close could be this bad off. I truly knew, just it is often forgotten.

Apartments in town

Anyone know of apartments up for rent right now and the prices or contacts?

water mystery's MAWC at the helm

Kerr’s company, known as RDM, manages water systems for Greater Johnstown and for Westmoreland County Municipal Authority, which owns Ligonier’s water lines, reservoir and wells.

Officials say each authority has something the other wants: Ligonier is in need of a more reliable and plentiful water supply, while Greater Johnstown has plenty of water but needs more customers.

Read more....

Good morning, Ligonier!

Look who's in the News...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mellow Mike Night !

Another wonderful, Mellow Mike Fireside Evening at the Ligonier Tavern ! What talented locals with their voices, musical instruments, and readings! Thank you, Diane for being such a wonderful host in keeping things so light and informal. We were packed to the rafters! See you next Tuesday evening.

Hey Liggy,,,any ideas for Fat Tuesday music?

You're a big New Orleans fan, right?

Join us for Mellow Mike this evening

in the front dining room of the Ligonier Tavern. Come to eat. Come to drink. Most especially come to sing or to listen and get mellow.......

6:30 to 8:30, well really 9ish.....

Happy Fat Tuesday!!!.....almost forgot ;)

More Reviews on ROUTE 30......

Comment copied off Carolyncholland's Weblog hosted by Carolyn C. Holland

In the spirit of fairness, here are some comments from audiences who have seen the film that enjoyed it:

Awesome movie! I’m quite happy I was able to see it last night at in San Francisco. Loved it, I did! One of my friends who came with is a filmmaker. He was very impressed. You did such a fabulous job capturing the essence of quirky, gentle, and pseudo toughness of the people from that area. If (when) you come to Santa Cruz, I will look forward to seeing it again. -K Swartz (fayetteville native)

I was very impressed. What a pitch perfect film. Part 3 (the story about the Amish woman starring Dana Delaney) was a story that resonated deeply with me. I grew up in Pennsylvania (in Perkasie, between Quakertown and Doylestown) and what really stood out to me in your film was how distinctively Pennsylvanian the characters were. The whole film felt like a family reunion. -D. Hauslin

Congratulations again on “Route 30.” What a wonderful movie! We all enjoyed it so much. The stories and characters are so original and enjoyable to watch. And the location itself is such an important character in the movie. It was like taking a trip home for Deborah and I (having grown up in Ohio), and we loved the brilliant fall colors and the small midwestern town atmosphere and sensibilities that you captured so beautifully. It’s clear that your positive attitude coupled with great organization and planning made it possible for you to make such a polished and entertaining film on a very small budget in an amazingly short time. Thank you so much for inviting us and making it possible for all of us to attend. -B Humphrey

Oh my goodness my husband and I went to the Gettysburg showing. We ABSOLUTELY LOVED that movie! - C. Cullison

Route 30, the movie is visually lucious, hilarious, smart and touching. It was exhilarating to watch a flawless expedition into ensemble motion picture crafting from a point of view that was at once, universal and personal. Thank you for taking the time and captivating your professional and non-professional friends into landing in our home place and leaving our region with a moving picture that reminds us just how blessed we are here in the shadow of those scrubby pine mountains. I can’t wait to see the picture again and look forward to sharing it with more friends. - P. Leeper (Fayetteville, PA)

It is a damn damn good film, full of heart, surprise, good old-fashioned
concern for character and it’s funny as hell too. The section with Dana Delany and David DeLuise is a brilliant gem, and I think it is the best performance Ms. Delany has ever given. And I loved the Jenny
Wade tour guide too..I wasnt aware of her work before but she is on my radar
now. And Mr. Ed…great great face and presence. All in all, it’s a
five-figure cinematic gem that is going to be embraced by the public at large…you
really have created something unique and memorable and simple and non-pretentious
and HUMAN, which in this day and age is a minor miracle in and of itself. -J. Burr

Comment by Route 30 rebuttal — February 24, 2009 @ 6:38 am

In the spirit of fairness, I wrote this review. Rarely have I been to a film where people walked out. This tells me that I am not alone in my opinions, although most of what I’ve seen an be considered “rave reviews.” Thanks for the rebuttal, but it doesn’t change my mind. Carolyn

Comment by carolyncholland — February 24, 2009 @ 9:45 am

Good morning, Ligonier!


Monday, February 23, 2009

here's the controversial Route 30 trailer

Auditions tonight!

Auditions tonight!

speaking of the Ligonier Theater

Whatever problems they used to have with the sound seem to have been resolved. We've seen a few movies there this year and found it to be a wonderful experience.

I love going to see a movie here in town. It's so much more pleasant than going to the theater in Latrobe or to the mall, AND they have been getting more current releases making it a viable alternative.

I think we just need a better sign so people know what's going on. Is there some reason why the theater doesn't have a marquee with more pizazz?

I remember when Diane Winogrodzki first came to work here in our office before she was involved with the Valley Players. She thought it was an X-rated movie theater because of the low key marquee. We laughed our rear ends off over that one. ;)

Good morning, Ligonier!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

ROUTE 30: A Review of John Putch’s Movie

Carolyn Holland sent us her review of the movie Route 30....

This afternoon a friend and I attended a movie that had great raves. Attendance at the local Ligonier Theater, which I’ve heard has poor movie attendance, was almost SRO. I splurged (diet-wise) with hot buttered popcorn and settled in for an afternoon of enjoyment.
Within the first five minutes, I was disappointed. I guess I didn’t expect (to continue reading click on Route 30: A Review of John Putch’s Movie or go to ---scroll down or go to folder COMMENTARIES)

Ligonier in The Washington Post again... ;)

Go old school. Ligonier, Pa., has bluebloods and an Anglo-centric view of history, plus terrific shops and antique shows. Info: Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau, 800-333-5661,

Read more .....

I didn't know we needed water, did you?

Ligonier needs water. And Johnstown has more water than it needs.

So officials are talking about bringing the two together with a $9.8 million project that would send the Flood City’s drinking water over Laurel Ridge via miles of new pipeline.

If the project goes forward, it would be a rare example of regional cooperation among governmental entities in two different counties – with the potential for significant financial benefits on both sides of the deal. Read more....

discovering Roger Ferri..wish I could find a picture of the Fire Island house...

...Roger Ferri's fanciful but altogether winning drawings for a skyscraper to be erected on the northeast corner of Madison Square, in which the glass envelope is broken by setbacks filled with craggy outcroppings of rock, waterfalls, and luxuriant more...

.......Mr. Ferri was best known for his theories about the integration of nature and architecture. One of his most ambitious schemes, widely published but never built, was a proposal for a 44-story glass skyscraper in Manhattan that included a series of terraces and setbacks with huge gardens and rocky landscapes. A house he built on Fire Island sits on a trellis base and was designed to seem as though the house itself were a balcony overlooking the ocean...... read more...

more people taking advantage of library computers

I love the library computer network. They've got wireless internet so it's a nice quiet place to work on your laptop and they've got plenty of computer workstations free for your use. It's a terrific community resource. Janet Hudson is reporting seeing lots of new faces.

What Director Janet Hudson sees at Ligonier's public library are new faces at its high-speed terminals.

"It's very interesting," Hudson said. "It's a whole new group of people -- men between the ages of 30 and 50. Now, you would think that's a demographic that might otherwise be working during the day. I can't say for sure if they are job-hunting, but I know my regulars, and these are not the regulars. It's white-collar." Read more...

Good morning, Ligonier!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is this the Gypsy Rover song everyone wants to sing?

Liggy Check-In

Still getting adjusted on my Mac. I've had it for 2 years and now updated to Leopard and started using Flock so things are all different and new and I'm messing around. Sorry to not be posting and contributing....just updating and getting my Mac act together:) Fabulous stuff I must say! Practicum is coming along, getting the workbook thing together....April I will be FINISHED! xo

Good morning, Ligonier!


Friday, February 20, 2009

coach retires

An era in local high school football has come to an end.

After 46 years of coaching, including the last 30 as the head coach at Laurel Valley, Jerry Page has finally decided to call it a career. The Ligonier Valley school board accepted his letter of resignation Tuesday night. Read more....

soup du jour??

Who doesn't like a nice hot bowl of soup for lunch? Most of our Ligonier restaurants have a reliably good soup that you can get every day PLUS they have one or two soup specials.

EVERY DAY WINNERS [add to the list please!]
Roadhouse crab bisque
First Wok wonton or egg drop
Tavern chicken noodle
Rosalie's Little Italy wedding soup

Choral Festival this admission

The ACSI Choral Festival will be held at the Ligonier Town Hall tonight with District 1 ACSI Schools. Champion Christian School has 22 students participating. Guest conductor will be Merle Stutzman Jr. This is a free public concert that begins at 7:30 p.m.

Good morning, Ligonier!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

hot news!

Congratulations to Cathi Rhodes, our new executive director of the Valley Players of Ligonier. You go girl!




Diane mentioned the "My Library" feature on Google in an earlier post. It is really neat and is a great place to preview a title that you might like to purchase or borrow from the library. There are limitations to how much of the entire book you can actually read on-line. Copyright issues.

My favorite on-line networking forum for book lovers is It is free! With you can create your own online bookshelf, join any number of book discussion groups on a variety of topics, and make friends with book lovers from around the world. It's kind of like the "Facebook" of the book world. I use it to keep track of books that I have read, am currently reading or want to read in the future. It is also a great place to pick up suggestions for new books to read or purchase.

Ligonier Valley Library's mystery book discussion group, "Murder, Mystery & Mayhem," went cyber last year. It is now one of the on-line discussion groups on Shelfari. It is called "Death in the Stacks." Anyone with a Shelfari account (free) can become a member of this on-line discussion group or any number of other groups.

Send an e-mail to for more information on "Death in the Stacks" or check out the library's web page at and click on the "What Shall I Read Next" link on the green tool bar at the top and then on "Book Discussion Groups" in the drop down box.

Ligonier's getting the Charlies!

Is that anything like getting the Willies? hah ha...

The high school's performing You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and the Valley Players are doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

high school muscials on the way!

Ligonier Valley: "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"; 7 p.m. Feb. 27-28 and 2 p.m. March 1; high school, 40 Springer Road, Ligonier; tickets are $7, $5 for students and senior citizens; call 724-238-9531.

Greater Latrobe: "Grease"; 7:30 p.m. March 13-14; high school, 131 Arnold Palmer Drive, Latrobe; tickets are $10, $8 for students, $5 for seniors and children under 8; call 724-539-4298.

Derry Area: "Annie"; 7:30 p.m. April 2-4 and 2 p.m. April 4-5; middle school auditorium, 994 North Chesnut Street Ext., Derry; tickets are $8; call 724-739-0052 or email

Read more....

Good morning, Ligonier!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

welcome Jaime as a contributor to Ligonier Living!

J. A. Cooper

it pukes.....LOL

Text not available
The Book of American Indians Containing Comprehensive Details of Indian Battles, Massacres, Border Warfare, Biographical Sketches of Distinguished Indians, &c By John Dunn Hunter

This book has a terrific section on plants and their use. Great reference.

Photographs through the Library of Congress

Very cool, Diane! This is another cool thing:

Prints and Photographs Reading Room online through the Library of Congress. I have spent hours looking through there.

this is cool...books on Google

I've read books on Google before but this is the first time I decided to use the My Library function and also I see Google has a tool with which you can select a portion of a book and post it right to your blog. That's what I did with the picture you see below. Google did all the work.


The Book of American Indians Containing Comprehensive Details of Indian Battles, Massacres, Border Warfare, Biographical Sketches of Distinguished Indians, &c By John Dunn Hunter

The Book of American Indians Containing Comprehensive Details of Indian Battles, Massacres, Border Warfare, Biographical Sketches of Distinguished Indians, &c By John Dunn Hunter: "No Text"

read it on-line....books on Google.....The Book of American Indians

The Book of American Indians: Containing Comprehensive Details of Indian Battles, Massacres, Border Warfare, Biographical Sketches of Distinguished Indians

By John Dunn Hunter
Published by B.F. Ells, 1854
Original from the New York Public Library
Digitized Jan 10, 2006
384 pages

read it on-line....books on Google....The St. Clair Papers

The St. Clair Papers: The Life and Public Services of Arthur St. Clair : Soldier of the Revolutionary War, President of the Continental Congress; and Governor of the North-western Territory : with His Correspondence and Other Papers

By Arthur St. Clair, William Henry Smith
Published by , 1882
Original from the University of Michigan
Digitized Feb 17, 2006

aqua massage available at Ligonier Physical Therapy

The AQUA PT uses 36 water jets to gently massage and relax muscles, temporarily increase blood circulation, and temporarily relieve muscular pain and tension. This machine can massage the full length of the body or can be programmed to massage a specific area of the body. The pulsating water jets can be adjusted to provide a relaxing or an invigorating massage.

While staying fully clothed and dry, the patient can benefit from the pulsating water jets as they gently massage using various speeds, cycles, pressure, and water temperature, depending on the need and sensitivity of the patient.

The new AQUA PT is "like two hands with nine fingers on each hand massaging three sides of the body."

Call for more information at 724-238-6660.

Peggy Pavlik

Kundalini Yoga is effective, efficient and easy. Those who practice it say they can feel changes in the body and psyche within a few minutes, and even deeper changes occur through regular practice. Truely, the practice of Kunalini Yoga gives us the wherewithal to forge the link between our finite, limited selves and the tremendous and loving power of Infinity and it enables us to experiace this in every area of our lives with ease and grace.

Class currently taught at Earth Lotus Studio, Ligioner.

Call Peggy at 724-593-2038 for class days and times.

Witness for the Prosecution

Auditions are coming up for this Valley Players production and I am so excited. What an opportunity to try drama! They need 10 to 15 men and women for this production. Many of the roles only have one or two lines and so rehearsal time shouldn't be too tough.

I've always wanted to try a drama but am terrified that I won't be able to remember the lines or do serious lines. I always do comedy so I haven't tried to be serious.

I'm planning to audition and I am posting this to call out to those of you who are normally in the audience. This is a great chance to give it a go. Wouldn't it be fun to have a bunch of us up there on stage being all serious? I think it would be a hoot!

If you love the theater or just want to try something different.......AUDITIONS: FEB 23 & 25 FROM 7 TO 9 at the Ligonier Theater.

Directors: Patrick Mitchell & Howard Murray

Friendly Reminder about

Check it out today for the great deals. Today is one of the Woot-offs where lots of goods are up for purchase until sold out. This goes on and on all through out the day. Check it out.

Serenity Prayer Bracelet

Something I have always loved is the Serenity Prayer.
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

I know people that struggle with drug and alcohol issues make this a daily prayer and look to it for strength, I do not have that problem, but have always loved it. I for one tend to want to control what's going on, but with this it takes me back and lets me realize to just let life go and enjoy what happens and only be in control of myself. Keeps life simple remembering this. I love collecting things with this prayer on it.

Yesterday I was shopping a little with my Auntie that is visiting and went into The Finishing Touch and found some pretty silver bracelets with different sayings inscribed on them. I found one with the first part of the Serenity Prayer. There were others with bible verses and I wanted to get one of each, but I settled for just this one. It was only $5.50 plus tax! :) Something to wear each day with my favorite saying. I have seen other bracelets with this and they were way too expensive and I could not allow myself to splurge for that. I'm so happy. My other favorite bracelets with words is the quote:"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth." Unfortunately these have been worn so much they are tarnished and the silver is wearing off.

Something interesting on a dreary Wednesday

I appreciate the choreography :-p if you want to call it that.

Learning Bridge- ANY bridge teachers out there?

So far myself, Diane, Biblio are the ones that want to learn Bridge. My neighbor last year was supposed to teach me to play bridge, but she fell ill, so that didn't happen. Apparently my great-grandma Ashbaugh was a bridge player and all the other card games that were popular in the day and held regular card parties as well as others. Legend has it that when she had a party at the house people would cancel all plans to attend! There was a couple that had planned a nice vacation, GG Ashbaugh decided to hold a party and they quickly cancelled their vacation plans and reservations to attend the party. They were the talk of little old New Alex. lol (mind you when I met her I was still playing with American Girl Dolls and she was a little old lady, which I could never imagine having entertained guests with great style) I swear I'm channeling some older soul in me. Bridge, Quilting, Card Nights, Simplicity, Going back to cash only, etc. hmmm Please any kind soul that is patient and willing to pass on the art of playing bridge please contact us! :)

UU Fellowship of Ligonier Valley is on the link list.

Check out their schedule. I found a game night!

Game Night Game Night will be held on February 28th. We will enjoy a pot luck dinner and play games chosen by the group. Scrabble, bridge, Anagrams, Trivial Pursuit or bring your own favorite game. Please contact Kathy Bold to let her know what dish you plan to bring.

Good morning, Ligonier!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

see you at mellow mike - ill be the one with a laptop :-p

I'll be popping down for mellow mike, but I shall be toting my trusty laptop with me so I can be productive and enjoy the night.....I hope that is ok. I just can't condone not working on my practicum at night. I need this sucker finished for april! :) 

Carriage House Pottery

Carriage House Pottery has been open for business since 1991. Through this medium, I receive great pleasure creating functional handmade pottery. My latest works represent an effort to reach beyond the basics of strictly functional pottery. I am expanding my ideas about form by using various altering methods such as ovaling and squaring and paddling. My creativity is further enhanced by adding movement with chi lines and wavy edges and expressed by additions of surface texture, carving, and slip trailing. With the accumulation of a large library of pottery books, I find inspiration studying ancient Oriental and Classic Roman and Greek forms. Nature, gardening, and traveling are also key elements.

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Carriage House Pottery
773 Forever Lane
Ligonier, Pa 15658