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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

see you at mellow mike - ill be the one with a laptop :-p

I'll be popping down for mellow mike, but I shall be toting my trusty laptop with me so I can be productive and enjoy the night.....I hope that is ok. I just can't condone not working on my practicum at night. I need this sucker finished for april! :) 


Unknown said...

It was nice seeing you Liggy. Missed you!

I loved that you brought your laptop and were able to use it and still be able to socialize and sing a bit, too.

This whole Mellow Mike experience as it continues to evolve is really very casual. I think that's what we've wanted, right? We're trying to find that coffeehouse and/or European neighborhood pub feel.

Joy mentioned again as we were tearing down how happy she and Peter are with what we are doing.

The poetry and prose readings sort of get lost once we get started on the music because - depending on the crowd - people just want to sing and mess around. I'm trying to work out the best way to handle that and suggestions are welcome. So far I think doing a reading early last night worked. Last week we did one early and one near the end. I guess we have to wing it as we go.

I loved that the table with the little boy joined us in the room. I watched him enjoying listening while coloring and doing all that other stuff. Good English/Irish pub feel.

liggy girl said...

It is great and casual and sort of play it by ear :) I think its just right. The little boy and girl and woman were peter's wife and two children. I do think he enjoyed it. I want this paper out of the way and then I can start to contribute music wise. Hope MM is better..... Where was Leslie? I'll keep trying to recruit, March will be here before we know it and then what a new venue?

Byron said...

So, you met Heidi, Molleigh, and Riley? Wonderful people, they are! Riley's a great little kid.

liggy girl said...

I used to work at the Tav back in the day. It was fun while I was there.

liggy girl said...

I worked in Takers and had all the tables in that area and the porch (used to have comfy couches and the fire) and then was a hostess when they put the bar back in. I miss the Takers area. I'm not sure if it is still there, but there was a lovely painted bible verse that at the time was covered by a burlap sack near the doors going to the restaurant. I always liked it.

Unknown said...

Oh, I didn't know that was Peter's family. How nice!

Marianne - we missed you and I hope you are feeling better!

Leslie's been checking in. Liggy, you'll appreciate this. She just bought some dynamic piano music that has her glued to her piano. When she's really got her arms around it, we'll bring in the keyboard and have a listen. She says it's great stuff.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure the verse is still there. It is pretty.

We need to start thinking about St. Patrick's Day. I chatted with Joy about it a bit last night. I know it's a big drinking night and I don't know if they'll have a bar crowd that wants loud bar music or wants our mellow music mixed with Irish tunes. Joy said she'll talk with Peter. She said we could always move upstairs, but I'm thinking rather than that, if it looks like we'd be competing with loud bar music we might want to go somewhere else for that night.

If you are reading and you'd like to enjoy a casual mellow Irish and folk kinda St. Patrick's Day, let us know or let the Tavern know.

I don't know if Joe and Diane would be interested in opening Abigail's up for a St. Patrick's Day evening, but that's a thought. ;)

Byron said...

I might run into Joe tonight - I'll ask him.