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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


17th Annual Tastes of the Town - April 2, 2009 - Hosted by the Ligonier Valley Historical Society, features a wide variety of sumptuous treats provided by area restaurants. Tickets are limited. Call 724-238-6818 for more information.

The Mellow Mike good news.....

Marianne has pictures from St. Patrick's Day on her camera and there are some really good shots!

The bad camera cable doesn't fit her camera so we'll have to wait to post them. ;(

Had a really good time at Mellow Mike tonight. Joe sang an utterly beautiful rendition of And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda. Pat read a few of her original pieces and I really loved her essay about her father called Milk Toast.


Bernie Sherry as Sir Wiltrout

Bernie has been seen on the Ligonier stage in numerous roles including the Emcee in our Cabaret, vaudeville style fundraiser. Recognize anyone else? LOL

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Just wanted everyone to know that they can access the Pittsburgh Post Gazette online from the Ligonier Valley Library's web site at There is a green toolbar at the top of the library's web page (under the photo). Click on NEWSPAPERS (far right). A drop down box containing a list of newspapers that can be read online will appear. Click on the paper of your choice and the link will take you directly to the newspaper's web site.

I personally enjoy reading my newspaper at breakfast while enjoying a cup of coffee. Online newspapers are great if you are searching for a particular story. Most of them have powerful keyword searching capabilities. But I will really miss having the actual paper in my hands.

Mellow Mike tonight 6:30 to 9:00 at the Ligonier Tavern

Come relax and get mellow with us.

Can you imagine.....

Bernie, Barry, Dom, Buddy, Susan, and all the rest of us giving straight lines without laughing while these guys are all wearing wigs????

Trust me we'll do it, but the underlying tension should be palpable. LOL

whisper...........okay here's the REAL reason you want to come see this show

Ligonier Valley Players


Witness For The Prosecution


April 24 & 25, 2009 at 8 PM.........

May 1 & 2 at 8 PM ..

and May 3 at 2:30

Reserve your seats today!!... call...724-238-6514

Director: Patrick Mitchell

Only Agatha Christie could have conceived such a suspenseful thriller and then capped it with an uncanny triple flip ending. A young married man spends many evenings with a rich old woman. When she is found murdered, the naive young man is the chief suspect.

"A walloping success."-Herald Tribune

"Packs plenty of surprise in its cargo of suspense."-Daily Mirror

Winner of the New York Critics Circle Award

Tickets $15 Adults, $13 Seniors, $7 Students

You HAVE to come see this show.

Ligonier Valley Players


Witness For The Prosecution


April 24 & 25, 2009 at 8 PM.........

May 1 & 2 at 8 PM ..

and May 3 at 2:30

Reserve your seats today!!... call...724-238-6514

Director: Patrick Mitchell

Only Agatha Christie could have conceived such a suspenseful thriller and then capped it with an uncanny triple flip ending. A young married man spends many evenings with a rich old woman. When she is found murdered, the naive young man is the chief suspect.

"A walloping success."-Herald Tribune

"Packs plenty of surprise in its cargo of suspense."-Daily Mirror

Winner of the New York Critics Circle Award

Tickets $15 Adults, $13 Seniors, $7 Students

A Touch Of Grace Massage Therapy

Did you know if you refer a friend to Joanne at "A Touch Of Grace Massage Therapy" you get a 10% discount?

She offers chair massages for a number of events:
Employee Appreciation Day
Teacher In-Service Days
Family Reunions
Girls Day In

Joanne will work with you to get the perfect package for your needs and can answer all your questions. She is very knowledgeable and loves to share her skills in massage.

Check out her website

Joanne provides a number of services:
Swedish 60, 90 Min
Deep Tissue 60, 90 Min
Hot Stone 60 Min
Sports 60 Min
Pregnancy 60 Min
Wraps 60 Min
Tension 30 Min

Call her to make your appointment and see what else she offers 724-858-6271
Or visit her location 220B West Main Street, Ligonier

Warm Pie Happy Home has a new look and name!

Remember that fun blog "Warm Pie Happy Home" that was just so friendly and inviting? (If her images were not copyrighted I'd SOOOO post them to "promote" her blog) Well she just updated it. I like her take on homemaking. I personally think it is wonderful when women AND men take pride in making their home what THEY want it to be. I'm not big on those that try to please others via their home. You can tell and there has to be soul in the decorating and housekeeping. Check out her newly styled blog "Sugar Pie Farmhouse". I know Kimberly and I follow her religiously and get so excited when their is a new post:) ENJOY! Ya'll come back now, y'hear

Ginko eating invoices.....

Is that anything like the dog ate my homework?

How much is too much?

As I continue my journey into downsizing and using up or wearing out what I already have I discovered we have an over abundance of potholders, cloths, and kitchen towels. How many does one really need? I understand you may want a good number of them if you cook throughout the day, but man oh man we do NOT need that many.

I always wish that I could ship the extra stuff to the people in countries or in the US poverty stricken areas. Most of it is in good if not great shape. These were pretty good and a few with minor stains. I honestly am in shock as to how many we had. LOL

I also gathered up a bunch of clothes to get rid of. I will have them for the yard sale, but shoot if anyone knows a family that needs some female clothing size 2-6 let me know. I'd gladly help anyone in need! I hope that people looking for something will post it on here so that our readers can help them find/get what they need. Kinda like craigslist only skipping the in betweener :)

Ah I can feel the grasp of simplicity. It's becoming more of a reality. It's amazing the mental clutter that material clutter makes. I always feel a little lighter when I get rid of some extra stuff.

Classical Music for Horses

Check out this article on how a woman uses music for her horses and was told to get a license

Palm Sunday traditions

Well, I guess it's called Passion Sunday now, MW tells me. ;)

I was looking around for traditions, things people like to do with their palm fronds. Mine, I just tucked into the edge my dresser mirror.

I poked around on YouTube and found this wonderful video of a woman making a St. Bridget cross. It's not really for Palm Sunday but I think you could use palm fronds to make the cross.

MW and I work together and she's a devoted Catholic and an old fashioned girl. I like that about MW. I asked her if she did anything special and I wasn't disappointed. Those are some pics she shared of palm frond weavings she and her grandmother made. Once finished, they take the woven fronds back to the priest and have them blessed again.

Do you have any traditions you'd like to share for Palm Sunday?

Inspiration for the first and third Tuesday

No Quilting till next week.

Just a sample of what can happen when you cut up fabric and put it back together.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the families

Something that is weighing on me. After the horrible accident in Laughlinton it has been a sore reminder what happened to my cousin. Obviously that situation was different for me, but a drunk driver took her life. This situation was different, I actually know Brandon. We had German Class when I was a senior and he was a freshman in high school. He is a great person and has a kind heart. I know this will bother him for the rest of his life.

Something that bothered me that a post said was the hatred for him. I TOTALLY understand this and went through that emotion. I have my Christian faith and that was the only thing that got me through that. I learned that you can't let the hate consume you and make you negative. I make sure to share Bethany's story with everyone and keep her memory alive, I choose the positive. What is done is done and that was God's plan, not ours here on earth.

When the Amish lost those children they said immediately they had forgiven the man that killed the kids. They washed them and dressed them for the funeral. That was beyond what I could ever do, but they set a high example of finding peace in a tragedy.

I hope everyone will keep all families involved in their thoughts and prayers. This time I know the drunk driver and he is not a bad person, very poor choice, but he has a story too. I never thought the views would be changed for me, but they are. Rest assured I'm positive the time and punishment will be served and attempted to make right. There is nothing anyone can do to bring back a lost soul, but peace can be sought. Bethany was taken from us a month before her 20th birthday. There are many many years that she will never get to live, but you can't choose to focus on that. Look for a post on her for the 5 year mark.

I pray and constantly think about the families involved. If I could ever help in any way I gladly would. Sometimes even talking to someone that went through it helps.

I can't believe I found a picture of the nose warmer!

time to get your Easter outfit, right?

My mother loves to buy clothing. She's a good shopper and knows when the great sales take place and takes advantage. It's always been a high priority for her because she only had one skirt when she was little - so she told us - and she must have decided that would never happen to us. There were predictable events every year for clothes shopping and mind you, we rarely got clothing in between. The clothing cycle started in my mind at the beginning of the school year because, frankly, our lives moved in school years, not calendar years.
  • school clothes - My grandmother often helped in the buying of school clothes. We always got a few new outfits. I recall the feel and smell of corduroy jumpers, plaid dresses and a pair of Buster Brown shoes or maybe Hush Puppies.
  • birthday & Christmas - My birthday is two days before Christmas so I lump these together. We got one present for our birthday. My parents always put it in our bed so when you woke up, it was right there and your birthday started with the present, most often some special article of clothing though in 4th grade I woke up with a violin in my bed! Under the Christmas tree with the other presents we'd get a robe or pajamas and some years a new coat. My mother always bought me the wacko stuff. I don't know if she was the non-conformist or she figured I was one. One year she bought me those red long johns with the trap door and yes I wore them as PJs. She also bought me a nose warmer from Spencer's gifts. It was a little red and white striped hat with a tassle at the end and you put it over your nose and tied it around your head. Yes, I defiantly wore it though she told me a few years ago she really never expected that I would. Sheesh, Mom.
  • Washington's birthday sale - my favorite because it was so unpredictable! Hyman's in Homestead had a huge sale every year and this is when my mother filled out the gaps in our wardrobe. It was all so cheap, we'd come home to a pile of stuff on our bed.
  • Easter - so special because we always got a new hat, dress, shoes, gloves, spring coat and maybe even a purse. My sisters and I are wearing our Easter dresses in this picture though it wasn't taken on Easter. That's why you don't see the full get up. We were dressed up to go see my uncle in his school play, 007's Goldfinger. Isn't that an odd play to do in high school? It must have been very hip at the time. I remember the story of the girl who died because they painted her body gold. Did you hear that one, too?
  • school picnic - Kennywood - ah the memories...and of course a new pair of tennis shoes, shorts and top.
  • summer camp - new swim suit and sweat shirt for sure
And then the cycle started all over again.

I just realized this is such a chick post. Sorry, guys. ;) You can do one about playing army. We're into clothes. LOL

Did you know images of old newspapers are available through Google news?

I didn't but discovered it this morning through a Ligonier Living alert.

Here's a link.

a morning funny from Marianne

Morning, lady. I just had to share this one. It's too funny. ;)

The Dept. of Defense briefed the president this morning and told Mr. Obama that two Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq. To everyone's surprise, all the color drained from Obama's face.

Then he collapsed onto his desk, head in his hands, visibly shaken, almost in tears.

Finally, he composed himself and asked, 'Just how many is a brazilian?'

This is especially enlightening since he obviously has no understanding of a billion or trillion either.

defense trying to bar Mowry's confession

The attorney for an Army private accused of fatally stabbing retired businessman William McMichael Jones of Ligonier last year contends that a confession made in Texas should be barred from evidence.

After a brief court hearing Monday morning, Westmoreland County Public Defender Dante Bertani said Anthony Blaine Mowry, 19, was not properly advised of his rights before he spoke with county detectives while he was in custody. Read more....

Love the costumes. Is that a carpet?

Visit the Ligonier Hollow Tree Players blog for more fun pics.

Note to Hollow Tree Players: Tell us more about your organization. I've always wondered and really you seem like a mystery to me. Who are you? Drop a line here or maybe add a blurb on your blog profile.

Good morning, Ligonier!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Politcally Uncorrect.....Merle and Gretchen

Good afternoon, Ligonier! all busy and sidetracked this morning. ;)


Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Just heard from Danny at the News Stand that the Pittsburgh Post Gazette will no longer be delivered to this area after tomorrow.

unclear if there were other injuries

Blough was a passenger in a Chevrolet Lumina driven westbound by Carley Tomko, 18, of 193 Front St., Hooverville. Her vehicle and a Pontiac Grand Prix driven west by Rebecca Weimer, 48, of 527 Behm Road, Boswell, were stopped at a traffic light when a Chevrolet Silverado driven by Brandon G. Behie, 23, of 105 Earnhart Drive, Laughlintown struck their car.

Tomko was taken to UPMC Presbyterian in Oakland. Her condition was unavailable yesterday.

Behie was taken to UPMC Presbyterian and was in stable condition, a hospital spokesperson said.

Taylor Awtey, 16, of 152 Hill St., Jenners; and Tyler Weimer, 17, 527 Behm Road, Boswell; were passengers in Tomko's vehicle. Other passengers in Weimer's car were Blough's sister Brittney Blough, 17; and Andy Darr, 17, of 7665 West Main St., Stoystown. It was not clear if they were injured.

Read more.....

blogging Ligonier in Australia

"Mary reminded Maiden Foot of the sister he had recently lost of approximately the same age. Upon one of their encounters at Fort Ligonier, Maiden Foot gave Mary a small string of beads."

Read more....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

unique handcrafted furniture

Paul Sirofchuck designs and crafts contemporary hardwood furniture. A registered, practicing architect, he understands the design process and unites this with his knowledge of wood's properties to create intriguing, graceful, durable and functional "works of art" in wood.

Paul Sirofchuck's work can be seen at Main Exhibit Gallery, which he owns with his wife, Mandy, at 301 West Main Street, Ligonier, PA 15658 • Call 724-238-2310 or the studio at 724-593-6313.

update on Laughlintown accident

John Austin Blough, 15, of 764 Speigle Road, Hollsopple, Jenner, died at the scene of the crash, which occurred at about 1:39 a.m. in Laughlintown. He was pronounced dead at 2:50 a.m. by Westmoreland County Deputy Coroner Gerald Fritz. Multiple blunt force trauma was listed as the cause of death.

Blough was a passenger in a Chevrolet Lumina driven by Carley Tomko, 18, of 193 Front Street Hoooverville. Her vehicle and a Pontiac Grand Prix driven by Rebecca Weimer, 48, of 527 Behm Road, Boswell, were stopped at a traffic light when a Chevrolet Silverado driven by Brandon G. Behie, 23, of 105 Earnhart Dr., Laughlintown struck their car.

Read more....

We are hearing rumors of more news. Will update when confirmation available.

Are you a peep or a bunny fan?

As a kid I loved them. As an adult, well?
Give me a chocolate bunny any day. ;)

John A. Blough, 15, of Hollsopple

Ligonier Township police are investigating the accident. The department did not release details on Saturday, only issuing a statement that state police reconstructionists are examining a fatal vehicle accident on Route 30 in Laughlintown.

Joseph A. Bradley, principal at North Star High School, said it was his understanding that Blough was a passenger in the rear seat of a car that was stopped behind another vehicle at a traffic light. According to Bradley, the vehicle in which Blough was riding was struck from behind by a third vehicle.

The condition of the passengers in the other vehicles was not known.

Read more....

a FISH convoy

By the time the stocking truck arrived, there were at least 10 vehicles — pickup trucks, SUVs and cars of every shape and color — in the lot, each carrying volunteers willing to help stock the stream.

When the stocking truck pulled out, they fell into line behind it, an impromptu caravan that moved like a lethargic snake — moving and stopping, moving and stopping, sometimes covering just a few hundred yards between rests — over the next four hours. Read more...

Good morning, Ligonier.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Watch the first annual Streamy Awards live NOW.

Condolences to the Blough Family of Jenner Twp.

A Somerset County high school freshman was killed in an overnight crash on Route 30 in Westmoreland County. The Westmoreland County Coroner identified the student as John Austin Blough, 15, of Jenner Township. North Star High School Principal Joe Bradley said Blough was riding in a car with others returning home from the Britney Spears concert at the Mellon Arena.


Go See Aladdin!

Hollow Tree Players - present "Aladdin" at the Ligonier Town Hall - Sunday, March 29 at 2pm. $5 per seat suggested donation.

We went to see the show tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's entertaining for the kids, and there's enough humor and antics to keep the adults laughing. The script was written by the Hollow Tree Players' own Melissa Zimmerman.

And if you ask nicely afterward, you just might get a Magic Carpet ride from the Magic Carpet herself.

specials tonight at Foggy Mountain Lodge

Oysters Rockefeller
Oysters on a Half-Shell Topped with Spinach, Butter, Seasoned Bread Crumbs Served with Choice of Cocktail Sauce or Garlic Butter.

Sandwich Special:
Tuscan Tuna Sandwich
Albacore Tuna Salad Served Warm and Topped with Swiss Cheese on Toasted Pita Bread Served with French Fries or Onion Rings.

Eggplant Rollette
2 Eggplant Rollette's Stuffed with Ricotta Cheese & Herbs Lightly Breaded and Baked, Topped with Marinara Sauce and Parmesan Cheese. Served with Garlic Bread. Choice of House Salad
or Coleslaw.

Lake Perch w/ Puttanesca Sauce
Lake Perch Lightly Seasoned and Saute'ed until Golden Brown and Topped with a Puttanesca Sauce that has Black Olives, Anchovies, Oregano, Garlic. Served with Choice of Potato and Vegetable. Choice of House Salad or Coleslaw.

Mediterranean Chicken Salad
Tender, Boneless Chicken Breasts are Marinated in a Raspberry Vinaigrette Grilled with Sweet Bell Peppers, and Served atop a Crunchy Romaine Bed Sprinkled with Blue Cheese and Olives.

Prime Rib Au Jus
Queen-12oz. $15.99 King-16oz. $17.99 Emperor-20oz. $20.99 (Fridays and Saturdays)
(Sundays When Available)

Baked French Onion Soup
Signature Crab Bisque
Cream of Mushroom

Click here to see the whole menu.

new ride at Idlewild Park....TEA PARTY

While trying to find the rules for daytime glove wearing in the 1950s...

I stumbled upon this picture. I had this Barbie and the wigs, too!

Like being outside and want to do some volunteer work?

went on thrift shop safari today

Did some work on my costumes for Witness for the Prosecution and found some wonderful pieces including this lovely brown vintage chapel veil with butterflies, a yellow rose covered hanky and two great hats, one shown here. All found at the Salvation Army in Latrobe.

I was sort of counting on getting a black beret at Kmart. I had seen them there over the winter and thought they might be on sale. Good thing I found two hats at the Army because Kmart was plum out of berets.

I've got three workable outfits with gloves and hats for the show. Makeup and hair are all worked out - now to see if our director likes it all as much as I do. The Valley Players is such a fun hobby. I highly recommend it if you've got that ham gene.

I know you can't see it from here, but

..would it surprise anyone that most of what's in this trash bag is beer bottles and beer cans? It's my second spring garbage sweep in the hedges on Route 711. There must be a few regular driving beer guzzlers who pitch their cans before stopping at Sheetz where a police officer might see them.

Note to Pigs: garbage doesn't magically disappear when you toss it into hedges. Why not just toss it unto my neighbor's front yard? I'd gladly go over there and pick it up, it'd be a whole lot easier.

this pretty little blue flower said hello this morning

Walk the Loyalhanna Nature Trail

The Loyalhanna Nature Trail is one mile in length, covering approximately 18-acres of flood plain between the Loyalhanna Creek and Mill Creek. As you walk, you will encounter many species of plants and animals, as well as different ecological and geological phenomena. This section of the Loyalhanna Creek that the trail follows has been designated as a delayed harvest trout fishing area and is well stocked by the PA Fish & Boat Commission. Read more....

Equine Chic is here NOW...and stop by today....

We're celebrating our Anniversary!

Equine Chic
100 E. Main Street, Ligonier

Saturday, March 28th, 2009


Come celebrate and check out some new merchandise. There will be refreshments, discounts, give-aways, and FUN!

Grand Prize Drawings,
Free Nights Stay at the Hampton Inn at Chestnut Ridge
Bridle from Rodrigo Pessoa
Sterling Silver Necklace from Jane Heart

See you there!

Pre-Equine Chic...The Needle Nook

Originally uploaded by S1lvers Family

Story Book Forest Pennsylvania


The teen was killed and two life flighted
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naturalized gardening

I like to experiment with gardening and finding ways to use nature's own processes with as little interference from me as possible. It's all trial and error for me but it's really interesting. It's made me rethink lots of things.

Why spend so much money buying spring mix at Giant Eagle when I am working so hard to get rid of the natural salad plants that want to grow for free my yard and garden?

Why spend so much money for herbal teas and remedies when I am working so hard to get rid of the herbs that want to grow for free my yard and garden?

Why spend so much money raking up and removing all the foliage [natural mulch] that falls from the trees, shrubs and other plants and then spend more money and effort buying bags and spreading store bought mulch?

Why buy and spread grass seed in a lawn that has a natural evergreen ground cover that they sell at the nursery for big bucks?

Our little green space in the world has become a long project of creating island natural gardens with perennials and shrubs added that like the light and soil. The end goal is that these garden areas will continue to expand until one day there will be no lawn but instead walkways and smaller green areas that require no mowing since they will be covered by that luxurious evergreen natural ground covering that just wants to grow there.

In the meantime, I leave all the leaves where they fall in the gardens and we still remove the fall leaves from the lawn but we save them in an out of the way spot just in the woods. Over the years, as this wonderful vegetation rots, it creates a rich compost that I add back into the island gardens.

Now as I walk around the gardens each evening, I snack on the berries, rose hips, flowers, salad leaves, whatever is in season and all of the eatable snacks grew there for free.

News of an accident last night?

Word on the street that there was an accident in Laughlintown and victim life flight but we are finding no media reports.

Good morning, Ligonier! Oh, daffodils are blooming....all along the banks of the Loyalhanna.

Well, they're blooming in my garden but the banks of the Loyalhanna sounds better with the tune I'm humming. ;) Hope they're blooming in your yard, too.


Friday, March 27, 2009

now I'm hungry for fish!

Fish Tonight!

Fish Fry at Holy Trinity Parish in Ligonier, 4-7 PM

And there's others around the valley, too, I'm sure.

music at the Colonial In this evening

Fri. March 27th- From Las Vegas- Irish Folk Singer Davey Clark 6-9pm (Drink and Dinner Specials) Please make reservations!

Friday Fish Specials for Lent
Giant Battered fish Sandwich with French fries, or platter with cole slaw $6.95 lunch special

8 oz Fresh Rainbow Trout, pan seared in lemon basil, wine and butter. Includes Vegetable, potato and salad or soup. $14.95. (UNBELIEVABLE)

The Colonial Inn Restaurant - Route 30 West of Ligonier, PA 724-238-6604

big DUI patrol tonight

Friday night, 70 state police troopers and police officers from throughout Pennsylvania will gather at St. Vincent College near Latrobe for a three-hour workshop before beginning roving DUI patrols across the county.The drunken driving patrols will run from 10 p.m. Friday to 2 a.m. Saturday.The operation is being conducted in the honor of state trooper Kenton Iwaniec, a Ligonier native who was killed by a drunken driver one year ago while on his way home from work.

Read more....

Good afternoon, Ligonier! What a beautiful day.


Fort Ligonier fortifications and dry moat

Ligonier Valley Railroad...that's alot of trains!

Passenger service was quite frequent, considering the small populations of the communities along the line. The railroad-owned Idlewild Park was a substantial draw for passenger traffic, reflected in the fact that extra passenger trains were run on Sundays.

In 1941, there were five trains per day in each direction between Latrobe and Ligonier.[3] Four of the five stopped at all stations, while one train per day served only Latrobe, Kingston, Darlington, and Ligonier. In addition, three extra trains ran Sunday only, and yet another train ran daily except Saturday.

The 1941 timetable shows no passenger service on the Wilpen branch. However, the June 1916 edition of the Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines of the United States shows two trains per day in each direction serving (in order from south to north) Ligonier, North Ligonier, Hannah’s Run, and Wilpen.

Read more....

Visit the Ligonier Valley Rail Road Association

I read the book, The Mellon Family, a few years ago and there's one tidbit about the railroad I loved. I no longer have the book and so can't quote it directly but when the railroad tracks were being laid, Mr. Mellon, I can't remember which one was in charge of the railroad contruction, was unhappy with the daily progress. He came up with the idea of placing a keg of beer wherever he wanted the daily work to reach and encouraged the men to make that spot every day which they apparently did. Wonder what kind of beer it was? Was Rolling Rock around then?