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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm impressed.

I'm working on a title. The seller is a widower. His wife died at the age of 93 last year.

What's so impressive is that he has an e-mail address! I don't know if she was much older than he, if at all, but I'm still impressed that he is fully capable to handle this transaction AND communicates via e-mail.

Mellow Mike tonight 6:30 to 9 at Ligonier Tavern

I have some beautiful Mellow Mike sketches by Jim Kozar that I need to scan and share here! Joe has his thinking cap on pondering a book on Mellow Mike. That's cool.

Anyway, if you have a drum and are in the mood, we're trying a bit of percussion tonight. ;)


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If you could only smell them!! Almost all except the daylillies we bought at the farmers market last summer. That's out lilly garden with a few other flowers
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I've never been a fan of McMansions.

Look at that great house that was cut down and replaced with this huge overbuilt box designed to keep people from sitting next to each other. Well, let me rephrase this. I support the freedom of the buyer to buy what they want and the builder to build what they want. I simply wish more small houses were being built rather than forcing those who want small into condos and townshouses.

I really like little houses and am glad that Ligonier is full of them!!

WSJ article:

A new study out Monday by the American Institute of Architects shows that Americans have fallen out of love with McMansions. The 500 residential architects surveyed said that only 4% of their clients wanted more square footage in their homes this year, compared to 16% last year.

This desire isn't surprising, given both the recession and the fact that the most recent U.S. Census shows that there are 77 million people in the "empty-nester" phase of life, from ages 45 to 64, and 61 million in the first-time buyer category, from 20 to 34.

So at least for the near future, empty-nesters and young adults will dominate the housing market. The question is, will smaller, more affordable housing be there for them?


Family Portraits - In Season

Everyday Therapeutics Rocks with On-site Massage

Donna says: "Some people don't do well simply because they don't feel well." Jim Rohn

remember this........think yourself well & you will be well - if you don't go within, you will go without-


42 Below Riders....hey thanks, Andrew!

As I was leaving for work this morning at 7:15am, I witnessed 7 or 8 cyclists on Route 30. They were all in black, which I found odd as cyclists tend to be an overtly colorful bunch. Several had 42Below printed on their riding gear, I had no idea what this was.
A quick search of Google once at my desk revealed the attached. Interesting group/event.
Does anyone know where they stayed last night? I'd imagine they hadn't been riding long when I saw them at 7:15. Perhaps with Chris and Beth of Speedgoat? Curious to flesh out a few more details.

Good morning, Ligonier! Rainy day..good for plants..bad for new cement. YOI! ;)


Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer hours for Custom Sewing

Ok, after a very quick 30 days of trying to work every other week, I have to admit that this experiment has been a dismal failure. I am exhausted, behind in my work and I feel like I actually got LESS time with the kids! If I hadn't tried it, I would have felt like I was missing out on something. Unfortunately, I never really got to take the time off that I thought and I got too burned out trying to work long days. So, back to the drawing board to try to come up with a new plan to spend quality summer time with my babes and still earn a living!

New summer time schedule (for an experimental amount of time) will be: Monday 9-3, Tuesday 9-12, Wednesday 12-5, Thursday 9-12, Friday 2-6ish. All other daytime, evening and weekend time by appt. We'll give it a whirl and see how it goes. Again, I thank all of my customers for their understanding and patience. I am amazed at the overwhelming support and encouragement I receive everyday!

Pribisco Photography has cool on-line ordering options

Indiana ....elderly man missing...

Indiana County crews are looking for a missing elderly Indiana man. If you see him, contact the Indiana state police

the crossing......Washington Furnace Run

Five year old takes on the challenge of crossing Washington Furnace Run by traversing a log. With him are his father and his grandfather. His grandfather, Monte W. Holland, lives in Laurel Mountain Borough. Photos by Carolyn C. Holland (grandmother of five year old).

the water.....beautiful

Carolyn Holland caught this swimmer enjoying a cool dip at the Laurel Mountain Borough pool. Oh, that looks inviting. ;)

On-site Massage Rocks

Donna says: When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. Lao Tzu

remember this: perception is your reality........

It takes 17 muscles to smile and 44 to frown .....only surround yourself with people who smile and see how your day unfolds.

Hey, looks like the music was great on Sunday!

photo by Carolyn Holland

Pre K coming to Laurel Valley

LIGONIER – The Learning Lamp and Ligonier Valley School District are joining forces to bring on-site pre-kindergarten services to Laurel Valley Elementary School.

The goal of the service is to create a more seamless program that will better prepare children in the school district academically and socially for kindergarten and beyond.

Read more....

So how was the movie this weekend?

I thought it looked funny but hubby wasn't game, said it looked stupid. If you saw the Land of the Lost, comment, okay? It might be good drive-in fare. ;)

Good morning, Ligonier! Guess we'll be watering the flowers yet again today, eh?


just as an aside

I'm starting to think I have seen every picture - available on the web - that has ever been taken of Ligonier - 20 times at least! LOL If I start repeating - let me know cause my brain can't keep track of it. ;)

Along that vein, if you have some interesting Ligonier pictures or videos, please post them and use a Ligonier tag so I can find them - OR - just send them to me with a little blurb and I'll post them here. Seeing photos of Ligonier and the people who live here or visit is really lots of fun, don't you think?

Oops, there's my mom again on that fateful day in Ligonier, 1954, when she met my dad. It was taken in the field in front of the cottages that used to be next to Ruthies. The Route 30 turn around replaced those wonderful little houses and the darling tree lined lane.

I attended a party recently at a house next to Ligonier Beach. As I drove that little treelined land, the smell and feel of it took me right back to our old family cottage. Those houses back there are the same - only updated.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

cool shot

Pre-K Class with Fire Truck

The Ligonier Valley Learning Center Pre-K class had an exciting visit from the Ligonier Fire Department.

pic source

Custom Sewing by Amy...

I just love making cushions!
I wish I had taken pictures of the old cushions to show how dramatic the difference is!

Check out Amy's blog.

It's fascinating. ;)


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Da burgh

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a friends driftwood garden!
joyous *

Vietnam veterans picnic

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interesting site

from Earth Lotus

Good Morning, All

May this e-mail find you enjoying a quiet Sunday morning and preparing for your upcoming 4th of July festivities. Both classes (10:30am and 12:15pm) will be offered on Saturday, July 4th. Join me for your weekly yoga session before enjoying time with family, friends & fireworks.

And as I begin look ahead towards Fall, I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you, "What would you like to see offered as a Fall Workshop"? All suggestions are welcome & I will do my best to accommodate your input.

Have a most Wonderful Week.


Good morning, Ligonier!!! plants are loving the sprinkles


On Iran....Read this if you want to help or get help!

The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:

English: Tor and the Iranian Election - Bring down the Iran Curtain | Ian's Brain

Farsi: Tor: ?????? Tor

Help us set up more bridges on Tor here: Torrents list � Rivolta in Iran

Images and vids and instructions on how to send them to us:

Helpers with expertise in the field of medecine, translation and such:

“Medici Cu Internet is a collaboration between, HackersWithoutBorders and trying to organize contacts with medical expertise online since there are problems in Iran with hospitals being monitored by the government. Join the IRC-channel at #mci-ir - WebIRC - AnonNet or send an email to us at embassy [at] for more info. Medical experts, Farsi-translators and people who know the medical situation in iran are welcome to join and collaboratively set up an index with common injuries and their best treatments.”

People Outside Iran: This is as clear and concise as I can be. I have not included ANYTHING that I have sensed to be remotely fishy, but humans always err.

People Inside Iran: Don't believe a WORD of what I am telling you. Do what you think is best, keeping everything in mind. I know LITTLE of what you know so make your decisions based on your OWN judgment.

P.S. Please post this around and tweet and retweet.

Klashbaugh's vacation pics...streaming live

Deadwood from cemetery

Klashbaugh's vacation pics...streaming live


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Klashbaugh's vacation pics...streaming live

Deadwood again

Millcreek hall for your wedding or large party call wayne at the ligonier tavern at 724 238 7788
joyous *


Wild bill's chair

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Eights and aces

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Congratulations, Laurel Mountain Christian Camp!

The camp, which kicks off its inaugural season next week, is the result of roughly three years of hard work to realize the vision of U.S. Steel Corp.'s retired chairman, Thomas J. Usher, and his wife, Sandra.

The setting will give inner-city Pittsburgh children ages 8-12 a chance to explore nature while fulfilling their spiritual sides.

From 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, the camp will hold an open house for invited guests to explore the 125-acre grounds.

"We're expecting about 250 to 300 people," said Jenn Gunter, the camp's administrative assistant and registrar.

Rashad Clemons, a senior youth counselor, leads a group discussion in preparation for the arrival of campers.

Read more from the Trib...

Check out the camp web site...



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3 for $10 - great deal

Giant Eagle is charging $9.99 for one!

at the Country Market

Ligonier Beach

Ligonier Beach
Originally uploaded by calliope 1099

Bob and Marie Ross Buttermilk Falls 2 Ligonier Aug 1939

Originally uploaded by Dawn Hartman

Wine Dinner at The Ivy Cafe