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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

deployed in Haiti Koreans and US Soldiers do what they can to help

Patrols from the 1-325th Battalion of the brigade found the Haitian people to be friendly, but hungry and scared.

"So far, it's not too bad," said Army Spc. Trevor Shafter, 24, of Ligonier. "I'm just glad that we can go on a deployment and not have to worry about the stuff in Iraq and Afghanistan."

The gravel yard housing the sweating paratroopers and Korean search and rescue teams, doctors and volunteers — for their version of the Peace Corps — was to be an electric utility run by South Korea's E-Power Corp.

"We went up in the mountains, to the suburbs. It was nice, but much of it was destroyed," said Jun-Kwon Song, 37, who is pulling together the Korean effort. "We went near the National Bank of Haiti. It was still standing, but the rest of the neighborhood was totally destroyed."

Read more in the Tribune Review.


swpacpa said...

Trevor is my nephew. The trib spelled his name wrong. His name is Trevor Shafer, and he graduated from Ligonier High School in 2004.

Trevor, has already served two tours of duty in Iraq and now is seviing a humanitarian mission in Haiti.

Thank goodness for these dedicated young sevice men and women.

Marianne McAuliffe said...

wow! you guys gotta be really proud of trevor!

Marianne McAuliffe said...

as an afterthought, i can't believe he's that old! time does fly, doesn't it?!?