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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh, man, does this look good!

Thanks so much to our food blogger friend, Dani, for sharing this post......

In between antiquing along Ligonier, PA's route 30 West, set down your stash of milk glassware and rest your bargaining chops to envelope yourself around a filling meal at Fat Daddy's Place. On the outside, this daddy-o comes off looking like granny's little brick house, but inside, it's a lively pub and grill festooned with tin beer signs and without further ado, trinkets, posters and plaques celebrating Western PA sports teams.

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Fat Daddy's Place
Route 30 West
Ligonier, PA
Ph: 724-238-7776
Web site: N/A


liggy girl said...

OH THAT DOES.....just what I love on a cold winter day. ooo

cookielady said...

I have to stop in here on my next trip to Ligonier. Can't believe I've missed this place! Any help on the location on 30?

Unknown said...

Hi, CL! If you are coming to Ligonier on Route 30 from Latrobe, pass the Giant Eagle on your left and keep your eyes peeled. Fat Daddy's will be on your left next to PeeWees Ice Cream. You'll need to go up to the light at the fort and do a U-turn to get back to the restaurant.

Old Man Winter said...

Hot soup sounds good on such a cold winter day!

Marianne McAuliffe said...

i like hot soup all year 'round :)

Anonymous said...

I went to Fat Daddy's Place for the first time with my family on Wednesday night around 8:30. The little boy with feminine features was apparently too busy watching TV or whatever to deal with us. There was not a single person in the dining area and I would soon dicover why. When I first walked in the waiter/waitress let out a sigh of discontent followed by rolling its eyes. I can hear and see just fine. I still tried to eat there, but shemale insisted me and my family eat at Carol & Dave's, or the Tavern, or anywhere, but Fat Daddy's. So I left. Outside I saw two women smoking and a gentleman and I said,"I can't believe you can't get anything to eat!" The one lady replied, "the kitchen is open come inside I will take care of you." My family and I did enjoy the bartender and the food was GREAT!! I will try Fat Daddys again, but I will never recommend that place. Maybe the server was having a bad day, but I choose not to find out nor will I subject any of my friends to that kind of behavior! ~ Pittsburgh, Pa