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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everyday Thoughts with Everyday Therapeutics

Taking a break ~ I take mental health days every so often & my daughter told me she needed a break today. Since this is the 5th Wednesday of the month I could take it off..... 

A word about Mellow Mike ~ I always think "THIS WAS THE BEST MELLOW MIKE EVER" ~ last night was the same with Grace staying up loving on me, Diane's heartfelt singing, dancing with my daughter with her new found friend (cindy too), I love friends sharing our desert, getting Joe to sing ON THE BLOG, Marianne's flutes, connections, then the little girl busting out her singing touched me, and PETE meeting our requests.  I loved our time together everyone.  All the love in the air....... leaves me with the feeling I had when I discovered this group.......ahhhh ~ dreamy :)- 

1 comment:

Diane Cipa said...

What a fun night - every Tuesday is full of surprises. ;)