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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If you head into the woods of Forbes State Forest, walking a trail as you go, thank a volunteer.
Employees of the state bureau of forestry's Laughlintown office do a lot of work to blaze and maintain those trails, to be sure. But they've also enlisted some others to help with that work.

Read more in the Tribune Review.
Hello all,
We have a folk duo visiting us Thursday night this week from 6-8pm. They rambled through about a year or so ago and have returned once more to the area. If you can slip away for a couple hours it is worth it. Great sound. Check them out here or see them live this Thursday.
Out of the Fire Cafe Staff
State Route 31
Suite 200
Donegal, PA 15628
phone: 724.593.4200
fax: 724.593.4201

My buddy! Guess who

Guest larry shew at mellow mike tonight

Ride captain ride! I love that song from the past

Waggles has been spotted again!! HUNTERS please read.

Lost Dog

Waggles was spotted last night on Clark Hollow Road.
There is a high level of concern that she may be inadvertently targeted by hunters.  Please keep an eye out for Waggles.

Call Beth at 724-238-4513 or Tim at 724-493-2841 if you spot her.  She does run from people so if you spot her, just call and report rather than call or whistle for her.  She will just run away.

The plan is to find her feeding area and trap her.
Thank you!!!!!

it's Mellow Mike night!

Ligonier Tavern
6:30 to 9pm

come to sing
come to drink
come to laugh
come to eat
come to read
come to listen
come to get mellow.....
Some small-farm and organic food advocates warned that the legislation would destroy their industry under a mountain of paperwork, and Senator Jon Tester, a Democrat of Montana, pushed for a recent addition to the bill that exempts producers with less than $500,000 a year in sales who sell most of their food locally.

Read more in the NYT.
Thirty-nine senators voted Tuesday in support of a three-year moratorium on appropriations earmarks, the strongest showing ever by opponents of the current process and a potential game changer in the year-end budget debate.

Read more:
Breaking News Alert: Pentagon report: Repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell' law poses little risk for military
November 30, 2010 11:50:42 AM

The Pentagon's long-awaited report on gays in the military concludes that repealing the 17-year-old "don't ask, don't tell" law would present only a low risk to the armed forces' ability to carry out their mission and that 70 percent of service members believe it would have little or no effect on their units, according to sources briefed on the report's findings.

For more information, visit
No one blames Sue Aitken for Brian's arrest, except herself maybe, but his father and attorney claim that the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office and the former Superior Court judge who tried the case ignored evidence that proved Brian had the guns legally. The family has asked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for clemency and has garnered a great deal of support on a "Free Brian Aitken" Facebook page and among gun-rights advocates.
Aitken and his supporters believe that he had a legal exemption to have the handguns in his car because he was moving from his parents' home to a residence in Hoboken.

Read more:
Watch sports videos you won't find anywhere else




Patrick Neill
of Capital Wine and Spirits

December 3
$25 per person

includes tastings of 6 wines

a selection of light hors d'oeuvres

You might find the PERFECT wine for a


814 629 9201

tis the season!

Ligonier Radio is fully engaged in "Holiday Music" mode at The Valley and are featuring vintage, classic holiday music through December 26th.  Lots of fun to have running in the background on your computer while working!

Good morning, Ligonier!

Pudgy cheeks that once drew "ooohs and aaahs" are eliciting "ughs" from some parents who have struggled with their own weight issues and fear their children will toddle along the same path.

"I have seen parents putting their infant and 1 year old on diets because of history in one parent or another," said Dr. Jatinder Bhatia, who chairs the nutrition committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics and is chief of neonatology at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

Read more on ABC.

query: what kind of experience leads to a job in mortgage underwriting

In my opinion, a good underwriter can be taught the mortgage rules IF they have the basic smarts and analytical talents.  It's not an entry level position and most often underwriters move up out of mortgage processing.  I have to say, however, that most of the underwriters I hired and trained when I was in mortgage banking did not.  Most were simply excellent performers in a related department.

I look for and test for the same qualities in my title insurance agency staff now.  I want a person who can read and comprehend instructions and guidelines, analyze and resolve problems, maintain quality of product and service, work efficiently and has a good attitude.

Any position in the mortgage or title insurance business requires long training at the side of an expert.  So my advice is to find a good underwriter under which to learn your craft and then demonstrate your abilities by doing an excellent job.  You will be noticed.  Once you have achieved credibility with management based upon your quality of work, let them know you'd like to move into underwriting.

In the meantime, read and study all available resources - there are lots of good web sites - to learn MORE than you are taught in your office.   You will be noticed.  ;)
A Westmoreland County couple has filed a lawsuit against Consol Energy Inc. for underpayment of natural gas royalties.

Earl D. Hall Sr.; his wife, Betty Jane; and son Earl Hall Jr. of Mt. Pleasant filed the lawsuit in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court on Nov. 19.

Ten people filed a similar lawsuit last week in federal court against Energy Corp. of America. The lawsuits are seeking class-action status, which could encompass more than 1,000 plaintiffs in the Consol lawsuit and more than 100 in the Energy Corp. case.

Read more in Tribune Review.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Actor Mark Ruffalo has been placed on a terror advisory list by U.S. officials after organizing screenings for a new documentary about natural gas drilling.

The "Zodiac" actor arranged showings for "GasLand" earlier this year and voiced his concerns about the practice in relation to the national water supplies.

Read more:

The Ligonier Valley Trail and Bikeway Public Meeting


Ligonier Township and Recreation Board

Ligonier Borough

Loyalhanna Watershed Association

So what do I actually think about the Wikileaks dump of U.S. embassy cables? A bunch of contradictory things, it turns out. Here's sort of a stream of consciousness of what was going through my mind yesterday as I read about this: 

Read more on Mother Jones.
The Obama administration is supporting a two-year freeze on federal pay. I haven’t seen the details yet, but this appears to be a good start at getting excessive government pay under control.
I’ve been calling for a pay freeze since an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2006. Since then, average federal pay has continued to soar far above average private pay, which has finally prompted policymakers to take note.
The Obama proposal would apparently save $28 billion over five years. Hopefully, that will be the first of many budget savings that the administration and Republicans in Congress can work on together in coming months. I’ve described other ways to tackle the government’s overspending problem here.

Read more on CATO.

peace by Earth Lotus

If you are looking for some "green" Holiday gifts, check out the retail items for sale at Earth Lotus Yoga Studio.  The "Peaceful Tee" long-sleeve shirt ($38) is organic and available in both blue and brown.  The "Peaceful Scarf" ($25) is recycled cotton and available in blue, black and pink.  The matching "Peaceful Mittens" ($18) are also recycled cotton and available in blue, black and pink.  And finally, the "Peaceful Tote" ($15) is 100% organic cotton.

Please call (724-259-3405) or email ( Melissa Marasia if you're interested in purchasing any of the items.  Happy Holidays!
I did not pay any attention to last week's feeble-minded attempt at a civilian-sponsored go-slow at airport security checkpoints. When the best that the children of a revolution can do for the defense of their inalienable protection against unwarranted search and seizure is to issue the pathetic moan, "Don't touch my junk," a low point of humiliation has been reached. It will soon enough be forgotten, as have the low points that preceded it. And it is destined to be succeeded by even lower and more humbling ones.

Read more on Slate.
Mr Blair, who converted to Roman Catholicism after he stepped down as Prime Minister in 2007, was to address the question "Is religion a force for good or ill?" with Mr Hitchens, author of the best-selling God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.
Mr Hitchens, 61, a former socialist who supported the Iraq war, is having chemotherapy for oesophageal cancer, and has indicated he believes he may not have long to live. He recently debated his brother, the conservative journalist Peter Hitchens, 59, in Washington on the subject: "Can Civilisation Survive Without God?"

Read more in the Telegraph.

"Brick and Mortar" no more

Dear friends,

We are sadden today to tell you that The Enchanted Moment will be closing its doors in December. We will be open only by appointment next month and Saturday December 4th for our closing sale at our "Brick and Mortar" location. We still have wonderful and unique ideas for your "Stocking Stuffers", Gift Certificates, and other items that will be sold.

The Enchanted Moment will be taking on a NEW design as a strictly online and mobile professional massage services and holistic retail products. We will simply bring the Spa to you!

We have listen to your suggestions and inquires about the lack of convenience in this modern day world. Therefore, for our long distance "guests" we will be seeing a lot more of you in the comfort of you home and PJ's.

So let's "Party" to your health . Please continue to view our website for updated information and what's available. Personal Services will still be available along with our Party Events. Chose from the following: Spa, Massage, Tea, Spiritual Readings, Reiki Healing, and "Goddess Gossip".

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal friends, guests and customers for your continued support and unconditional love. The Enchanted Moment is not a location, a solid substance, nor a material. The Enchanted Moment is an emotional bond, trust, and an "Alternative to the Mundane". We are a dedicated husband and wife team that will continue to succeed in the advancement through education to alternative healing and living. Looking forward to seeing you all soon ; )

This is NOT good bye, but a transformation.

Gary and Heather
YORK, Pa. (AP) -- They lived outside society, hidden from the world in a squalid row house with no heat, electricity or running water. They had no birth certificates, no schooling, no immunizations or evidence of medical care - nothing whatsoever to prove their existence.

Police in this south-central Pennsylvania city are still piecing together how the parents of five children - ranging in age from 2 to 13 - managed to conceal them for so many years. And why.

Read more on the AP.

'Morally and Ethically Wrong'

Who said that about groping pat-downs? A TSA agent from Pittsburgh.

“I truly feel that it is morally and ethically wrong to do it,” the agent noted. “This does not make flying safer. It’s just taking away American citizens rights.”

Local TSA Agent Speaks Out On Pat-Downs - KDKA 11/25

Next question: If your job requires you to do something that you believe is morally and ethically wrong, do you have an obligation to refuse to do it? Or will you be "just following orders."?

It is worth noting the recent improvement in economic news:

Read more on Calculated Risk.

Amazing Sitar !!!!

Don't miss this one.... perfect for that "hard to buy for" person on your list.... see our webpage for more information ... or call 724-238-3897
George Mason's school-sponsored poker club, which was founded in September, has quickly become one of the most popular extracurricular activities at the Falls Church high school. But it also has anti-gambling groups questioning whether it encourages potentially unhealthy habits in children.

For years, the debate over whether poker can be stripped of its stakes - and used to teach probability and statistics - has been waged far from George Mason High, between leading academics and advocacy groups. But with gambling among teenagers a nationally recognized problem, the school-sponsored club represents something of a new frontier in the dispute.

Read more in the WP.
Few people watching the career of the tall, husky and fair-haired Leslie Nielsen, who has died aged 84, could have predicted that the stolid actor who specialised in authority figures would become known as a comedy star after two and a half decades in show business. His reputation was transformed by playing Dr Rumack onboard the threatened airliner in Airplane! (1980) and Frank Drebin, the hilariously inept plain-clothes cop, in the series of Naked Gun films.

Read  more in the Guardian.

I apologize if that last post seems too gruesome but

it really bugs me that "mother government" is deciding which risk is appropriate and which is not.  Collectivism in politics on the left and right overshadows and seeks to control the choices of individuals.

I've just had enough of everybody on the right and left trying to force everyone else to think like they do and behave like they do.  It's one thing to argue for similar behavior and to encourage but when you use government and law to dictate, it stinks.

It just stinks.

yes, and we ought to plaster every car with bloodied bodies, too.

The medical evidence is daunting. Recent studies indicate that any woman who takes the pill for four years before her first full-term pregnancy increases her risk of breast cancer by 52 percent. The Journal of the American Medical Association recently confirmed that the hormones given to women in menopause have been found to cause deadly breast cancer.

Read more in the WT.

Good morning, Ligonier!

Inmates have sued six times claiming that being forced to listen to the Christmas songs 12 hours a day was in violation of their civil and religious rights and a cruel and unusual punishment, but U.S. District Judge Roz Silver disagreed, dismissing the case and denying claims for $250,000 in damages.

Read more in the WT.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh, nearly forgot, here is a video from Tuesday (23 NOV) Mellow Mike

UFO on video ?

Explain this, if you can !

things to be thankful for

Not long ago a journalist asked me what freedoms we take for granted in America. Now, I spend most of my time sounding the alarm about the freedoms we’re losing. But this was a good opportunity to step back and consider how America is different from much of world history — and why immigrants still flock here.

If we ask how life in the United States is different from life in most of the history of the world — and still  different from much of the world — a few key elements come to mind.

Read more on CATO.

events by Earth Lotus

This week at the Studio:

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1st - BOOK CLUB (4:15pm - 5:15pm)
We'll be discussing chapters 3-6 of Max Strom's "A Life Worth Breathing" and conclude with a group meditation.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2nd - ALL-LEVEL CLASS (7:30am - 9:00am)
Since I will be away over the weekend, I'm offering a ONE-TIME Thursday morning All- Level class.  All are welcome!

Integral Yoga with Pam Alexandar will be CANCELED throughout the month of December.


I am scheduled for a therapeutic yoga workshop over the weekend.  All classes are canceled on Friday and Saturday.

Have a wonderful Sunday & See you on the mat,
In Love & Light
724-259-3405 (website)

a hooking blogger - or is blogging hooker? ;)

Finally!  Thought I better post the rugs we all worked on while at the Woolley Fox three weeks ago ~ time flies!  This upside down photo is my rug ~ 1668

Read more on A Day in the Life blog.

Found Huskie

I like to ride in the car-Maybe even Drive if you let me!!

Female Blue Eyes found Green Gables Restaurant
814 629 9201

Good morning, Ligonier! Hey, there's another FOUND DOG ALERT. Be sure to read below.


This little lost feline has turned a new page in her seven lives.

Or maybe this is simply life number two, in any case her name is now Paige and she has a new home in Ligonier with a Golden Retriever as companion. I hear they love each other.  ;)

Much thanks to the kind hearted folks in the Park Plan who raised the red flag and gave a helping hand to this lucky lady.
Bethlen traces its roots to the other side of Westmoreland County, where 239 miners lost their lives in the Darr Mine disaster of December 1907. Most of those who died were Hungarian immigrants, and it remains the worst mine disaster in Pennsylvania history.

Read more on Daily Me.

Found- Husky

Siberian Husky

Saturday 5:30 pm
Route 985- Jennerstown- Green Gables Restaurant-
No Tags
Rides in Car -perfect
Walks on leash-perfect
Well groomed
Call Green Gables Restaurant -if you know who Puppykins might be!!

814- 629- 9201 ext 103

Many Thanks..... Beverly

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Natural and Organic Foods delivered to your door.

Rosary Acres "bringing the olde general store to your door". We are a local business that delivers natural, organic, gluten free foods and more right to your door. We distribute for Frankferd Farm Foods and we have no minimum order. We use the Frankferd Farm Foods 57 page catalog with everything you need from Amish butter to Organic Kiss my face shampoo, bulk ingredients in small to large sizes and more.


• ORGANIC FOODS-FRANKFERD FARM FOODS- Gluten free items also- Delivered no minimum order.

• FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES-Organic and Fresh by the pound or by the bushel or case for canning.

• FRESH FISH FROM WHOLEY –Order your wish or shop the catch of the day on your delivery.

• FRESH MANCINI’S BREAD-Italian, European Multi Grain, Pesto, Sundried Tomato and Basil and more.

Visit our web site or call Rick Adams at 724-516-3187 cell or 724-676-0234 home for questions or details.

where to get a tree??

Hi Diane,
We always got our Christmas tree out in New Florence, for the past 23 years now. Do you know of any other tree farms that you can recommend? Perhaps your readers can recommend a place.

Church In Ligonier

Church In Ligonier
Originally uploaded by Eric A. Harris

Originally uploaded by brettgross

Originally uploaded by brettgross

Originally uploaded by brettgross

Everything important I learned, I learned as a dishwasher.

Read more in Mother Jones.

Elizabeth wanted to share her letter with you.

Dear Sir,
After 25 years of weekly travel through the Ligonier Valley, I'm still struck by the breath-taking scenery. Traveling Rt. 30, I look down onto the clear-flowing waters of the Loyalhanna and up at the unpolluted skies of the Laurel Highlands, savoring the beauty.

Lately, though, I'm concerned that this Valley will be affected by natural gas extraction from the Marcellus Shale. In a depressed economy, unsuspecting landowners are signing contracts that, in other states, have led to ruined wells, polluted streams, sickened people and animals, and unsaleable properties. Huge advertising budgets promote an "American-as-apple-pie" picture of hydro-fracturing, hiding ugly truths.

For every well drilled, companies take a couple million gallons of fresh water, transform it into toxic fracking fluid -- unleashing benzene, radioactivity, heavy metals -- and then? Force it back underground, haul it "away," or clandestinely dump it. Will it end up in the Loyalhanna? And, once gas is flowing and the damage done, as they've done in community after community, the companies take their jobs and massive profits and leave.

Leave what? Fishermen, imagine dead trout; hunters, think sick game; farmers, consider dry, ruined wells; outdoorsmen, picture once-raging rapids downsized to a creek; businesspeople, understand a diminished Laurel Highlands will no longer attract tourists. Parents, homeowners, get Look at Dimock, PA, or Dish, TX, for the natural gas companies' dirty secrets. Watch "Gasland" on HBO. Go to and
Don't be fooled by promises of quick profits and jobs; the Golden Calf is actually a Trojan Horse. Act now to protect the beauty and integrity of the Ligonier Valley. Once unleashed, this monster will not go back in the bottle.

A different future is possible.

Elizabeth Donohoe

Pittsburgh, PA


Beef Shepard’s Pie topped with Potato Pancake

Samacian Spiced Pork loin with Mango Chutney

Swordfish with Jalapeno Butter,with
 Sautéed Kale & onions

Portabella Alfredo Chicken over Fettuccini

Potato and Sautéed Kale
When it comes to understatements, “the Germans have made some mistakes” is in a class by itself. But one thing they’re great at is words. They’ve got the best words, particularly for feelings of angst or woe. Most everyone knows schadenfreude, the feeling of joy one has at another’s misfortune. A more useful term in the melancholy group would be weltschmerz: the sadness one feels when contemplating how far the real world is from an ideal world.

Other German words are rich in specificity but impoverished in pith. For example, there’s Verbesserungsvorschlagsversammlung, which is a meeting held to hear suggestions for improvement, or Schwarzwälderkirschtortenlieferantenhut, which, according to my less-than-scholarly Internet spelunking, is the hat worn by a Black Forest–cake delivery person.

Read more in NR.
After all, with a base price of $32,780 plus $2,200 for a charging station, the Leaf is anything but cheap - especially compared to the otherwise equivalent $13,320 Ford Fiesta, which achieves 40 miles per gallon with a gasoline engine. Of course, those seeking to flaunt their green credentials with the trendiest vehicle of the moment can have federal and state taxpayers contribute up to $13,500 to reduce the purchase price. Electric cars have created the rent-seeker's dream. With the Energy Department pouring $25 billion into green car pork, companies like Nissan and Government Motors are not alone at the trough. GE wants Uncle Sam to install Wattstation-brand charging units that, tellingly, the firm touts as being designed by "renowned industrial designer Yves Behar." Appearances are very important to the green consumer.

Read more in the WT.

Wow. I didn't know Laurel Valley Tree Farm had closed.

Goodbye to all of my faithful, tradition loving customers who have returned year after year to the Laurel Valley Tree Farm. 
Each year I hoped to increase sales to 1400 trees a year.  However, I only sold half the trees needed just to break even.  Volume is the key to keeping this type of business alive.  The long growth time of 10 years or more and the fixed costs such as liability, employee benefits, mortgages, and other legal requirements are not adjusted to the number of tree sales.  This costs are minimums which must be paid if I sell 10 trees or 10,000 trees a year.
Any film studio would kill for a movie that earns north of $400 million domestically while drawing near-universal raves from critics.

One 2010 feature managed both feats, a one-two punch that normally would generate serious talk of an Oscar for best picture.

Too bad the film features an animated toy named Woody.

"Toy Story 3," featuring the voice of Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, seems the most likely film to shatter the animated glass ceiling. But it won't be easy. For years, Oscar voters have viewed animation as a second-tier genre, worth dragging your nephew to see, but hardly art with a capital "A."

Read more in the WT.


L - Love the Lord, all you his saints. (Psalm 31:23)

This verse takes on real meaning as we look at Psalm 31 as a whole. The heading on this psalm is “A Prayer for Protection.” Early on the psalmist (David) says, “Listen to my prayer and hurry to save me.” In addition to requesting God’s help, David praises God, “You are faithful, and I trust you because you rescued me.” And further on David says, “My life is in your hands. Save me from enemies who hunt me down.”

This is all back drop to our L verse. Many people say “Praise God!” when something good happens. There isn’t always a lot of punch behind that phrase. It often just flows forth in the moment.

David says much more when he states, “Love the Lord, all you his saints.” The preceding verses tell the story. Saints are those whose lives are immersed in God’s care, in serving God, and in trusting God. We should not confuse saints with those who are canonized by the church. Here a saint is one who trusts God and puts one’s life in God’s hands for protection and guidance.

If we choose to be saints, we are choosing to love God. What form does that love take? What form does any genuine love take? The Great Commandment is the key for me. And yet, even if we commit to love of God, neighbor and self, what form does it take?

The phrases I quoted above help. Love is to be intertwined. In the case of God, we are linked in prayer and praise. Love is to be expectant. In the case of God we trust God to be with us and to save us. (continue reading at
26 Devotions Based on the Alphabet: The Letter L)

Good morning, Ligonier. Don't you love it when the snow comes right on time?


Photo by Dmitri, The warmth of the hearth at Ligonier Tavern

More photos by Dmitri, Tonight was electromagnetic radiation in the visable spectrum night. (Did any one copyright that?)

Friday, November 26, 2010

we drove through town this evening as the crowds were gathering....

it's looks lovely, doesn't it?



Why are these wraps soggy? Seems like they may have been frozen.

I love these wraps but twice now they have been WET and sort of water logged.  YUCK!

What goes?  The folks at Giant Eagle didn't seem to know.

Brunch with SANTA!!!

Breakfast with Santa
Green Gables Restaurant
For a TRULY Magical-Deck the Halls Experience
Join Santa
First 3 Sunday's In December!!!!!!!!
Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Cost: $ 18.00 for Adults
Children under 12 EAT FOR FREE-
up to 2 children per adult
Call 814 629 9201- to book your reservations today!!!

events by Chamber

  • Light Up Night and Santa's Arrival - November 26th, 2010 - Friday after Thanksgiving.
  • Festival of Lights opens 1st Saturday. December 4th - 12th, 2010, noon to 7 pm.
    Features decorated trees and handcrafted gift boutique.

  • Christmas Candelight Tours of Compass Inn - December 4th-5th & 11th-12th, 2010

  • Gingerbread House Contest - Ramada Inn

  • Town Wide Open House - December 5th, 2010 - Noon to 5pm. Buggy Rides, Kettle Korn Man, entertainment and stores will offer refreshments in the shops and a festive Christmas atmosphere.
Love this picture which links to this article in the HP.

going a bit nutty ;)

The study concluded that the 50 percent ethanolic extract of nutmeg possesses aphrodisiac activity, increasing both libido and potency, which might be attributed to its penchant for stimulating the nervous system.

Ray Sahelian, a Los Angeles-based physician and best-selling author of the book “Natural Sex Enhancers,” confirms that while he has not done extensive studies with nutmeg as an aphrodisiac, “just about all enhancing herbs and spices work both in women and men.”

Read more on Global Post.

blowing in the and and power.....

The funds, he said, will come in part from new donors who have stepped forward since the federal government signed off on the project and from others who have only recently come to understand the cost of Cape Wind electricity.
Cape Wind is expected to add less than $2 a month to the bills received by National Grid residential customers, because electricity from the company’s turbines will make up only a small portion of the utility’s power supply. But on a strict comparative basis, the cost of Cape Wind electricity will be double the current cost of power from fossil fuels.

Read more in the Boston Globe.

yeah, sure, California.....

I love street cars, but I sure don't like the idea of taking my money to pay for them in California.

The mayor had asked the federal government to give an advance loan against those sales tax revenues, allowing the work to be done in 10 years, an idea that seemed to be gaining steam until Election Day. “Let’s face it, after the midterm election we’re in a new world,” said Joel Epstein, a mass transit advocate.

Representative Henry A. Waxman, the Democrat who represents the area, said he hoped Republicans would not block a plan that, he argued, would create jobs, improve the transit system and not cost the federal government a significant sum of money.

Read more in the WT.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Yoko Ono and her son, Sean Lennon, are joining a national oral history project that urges people to take time the day after Thanksgiving for a National Day of Listening with their friends and loved ones.

The recorded conversation between mother and son about their lives will be broadcast Friday as part of the StoryCorps segment on NPR's "Morning Edition." Organizers said Ono and her son find similarities between their childhoods.

Read more in the WT.


Let's not forget.  Tonight is the night FORMERLY KNOWN AS Light Up Night.

Have loads of fun, Ligonier!!!

Good morning, Ligonier!


events by UU Church

Gas Drilling and Water Quality Impairment

December 3 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM -- Free to the public
Our speaker will be Lenny Lichvar, District Manager for the Somerset Conservation District and District 4 Commissioner for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.
He will discuss the use of the in-stream data loggers being utilized to monitor for potential impacts of gas drilling and other water quality impairments in Somerset County. He will also discuss other Marcellus Shale drilling related issues.
Discussion and refreshments follow the presentation.
The First Friday Series offers the public the opportunity to hear religious, philosophical or other vital topics affecting humankind. The belief set of a different religious tradition or other subject is presented and discussed each month.
Gasland---A Special Event on Saturday, Dec. 4...
At 6:00 PM we will show the film, Gasland. It is a detailed documentary showing some of the environmental problems created by the fracking chemical and techniques being used by the gas extraction industry. This is a film everyone who is concerned with our environment should see. The public is invited. Admission is free.
How to Find Us
From Ligonier, proceed east on Route 30 approximately 1.5 miles. We are on the right hand side just beyond the Ligonier Valley Beach. Coming from the east we are about 2 miles west of Laughlintown on the left side of Route 30. Look for a large blue sign with white lettering. 
General Motors Co.'s recent stock offering was staged to start paying back the government for its $50 billion bailout, but one group made out much better than the taxpayers or other investors: the company's union.

Read more in the WT.


I support Anwr drilling.  Watch the video.

Frankly, fracking freaks me out, but so does sitting on a balcony in a crowded theater.  I guess it's all perspective and confidence in the engineering and smarts of the humans who build and maintain structures and systems.  ;)

on CSPAN this morning.....

a woman was droning on about how we have so much to do what with climate change coming and I thought....GIVE IT UP, lady.

You'd do more for the planet by creating natural habitat with a fruit tree and a small vegetable garden in your own backyard than badgering everybody else about what we ought to do and taking away more liberty and money and tossing it down the drain like Gore did with ethanol.

Bottom line - everybody is influenced by money and power.  Most "green" projects just tip the money and power in another direction.

I'll never forget listening on NPR to folks trying to preserve peat on an island off the coast of Scotland..  They were up against a "green" group who wanted to build a wind farm.  On the one side you had old style environmental conservationists who understood that peat is a living ecologically balanced system and on the other side you had "green" opportunists who wanted to "save the planet" by cutting away all the precious peat, covering the land with concrete and raising the turbines.  They wanted to dump the peat somewhere thinking it could just be reestablished and grow again.

I never heard who won the fight but I did find this study which is interesting reading.

Read a bit of it then ponder on which side sits the lovers of nature and on which side sits the short sighted businessmen....then consider this.  In my opinion, all the mall builders moved into wind farms.  It's fast easy money and it's got the cover of a new religion, Goreology

That's right.  If you want to believe what your teacher tells you, fine but don't force your beliefs on us.  I think Al Gore is full of hooey but that's just my opinion.  Kneel at the throne of the low flow toilet and praise the multitude of gallons gifted to create one gallon of The Most Precious Ethanol.  While you're at it praise the martyrs who starved for the loss of the grain that had to be diverted to make The Most Precious Ethanol.  Say a Glory to Gore with each gallon you pump and ponder upon the funneling of The Most Precious Ethanol into your tank which was gloriously forced upon us by the All-Gore Himself.

I am tolerant of all religions but I draw the line on those who force themselves upon others.  It's time to recognize Goreology for what it is and stop pretending.  I do not intend to EVER worship in a government created church.