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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mellow Mike yesterday




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Chuck n Sally


Mellow Mike yesterday Special Recognition!

Is MM a fun time or what?



"Even if plaintiff's allegations were true, an individual's status as a public official does not, as plaintiff contends, 'make exemption 6 irrelevant to him and his vital records.'"

He said he would "disregard" documents from theSelectiveServiceand the Social Security Number Verification System suggesting there are problems with Obama's number, because he "concludes" they were obtained "under false pretenses."

Taitz told WND she is submitting a motion for reconsideration based on new evidence that includes an affidavit from an individual who obtained a government affirmation that the number Obama is using doesn't match his name.

She said it is important to the public, because it could provide evidence of fraudulentIRSreturns, fake election documents and Social Security fraud, should the allegations prove accurate.

Read more:Judge rules on Obama's Social Security Number

News from The Art Room

Big kids are back in school -

What to do with the little ones?

Art class looks like FUN!!!!

The Art Room offers classes for

children 18 months & up!

*Mommy & Me (Tuesday 9:30-10:30)

*Small Hands, Big Ideas (Monday 1-3 or Thursday 9:30-11:30)

*Afterschool Art Sampler (Monday 4:15-6:15)

*Afterschool Art at the YMCA (Thursday 4:15-5:15)

*Mom's Night Out (1st Thursday every month)

*And don't forget those PARTIES!

Diana Reh Hunt slays me.

This quiet lady creates such powerful statements.

Last night at Mellow Mike we were reviewing a few of the planned performances for the Friday We The People event at the Ligonier Theater.  In walked Diana with a tall item covered with a dark plastic covering.  I knew what it was.  I couldn't wait for her to unveil it for all to see.

Some Ligonier Living readers knew a man who had a half beard.  Butch - If you are reading, I know you said he was your friend.  I am sorry that I cannot recall his name. Perhaps you could comment and help here.

At any rate, if you knew the man, you probably have an idea what was under that protective covering.

So, as she did shortly after his death, she repeated the performance for us last night at Mellow Mike.  Diana stepped up to the microphone holding a tall wooden curved pole - much taller than Diana.  On the pole is an animal skull and many feathers and porcupine quills.  It's magnificent.  One of a collection made by her friend who has passed on.

Standing at the microphone, Diana pays tribute to her friend with a poem written just for him.  Such a quiet, powerful tribute.

As is always the case with Diana's poetry, I want to hear it again and again.  You have that chance on Friday night.  Please join us for the We The People event at the Ligonier Theater.  This is a FREE event.  Free will offerings will be accepted in the theater to support the Ligonier Valley Library.

crucial Constitution safeguard

An independent oversight board recommended by the 9/11 Commission to ensure that national security policies do not infringe on Americans’ civil liberties has remained dormant for years, raising concerns among watchdogs that a crucial Constitution safeguard does not exist.
Well past the halfway point of his term, President Obama has appointed only two of the five members for the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, which also languished under President Bush.

Connections Menu for Wednesday

Enjoy the great weather--have lunch on our porch or deck!

Connections ~ 109 South Market Street

(Across from the Toy Box)

Today's Salads:

Summer Corn

French Potato

Curry Chicken

Tuna & Red Bean

Black Bean & Roasted Corn

Not sure which to choose? Ask for a combo.

Salads - Eat-in or Take-out : $5 or $7


Good Morning ;)

" The sun has climbed the hill, the day is on the downward slope.

Between the morning and the afternoon, stand I here with my soul,

and lift it up.

My soul is heavy with sunshine, and steeped with strength.

The beams have filled me like a honeycomb,

It is the moment of fullness, and the top of the morning. "

D.H. Lawrence

decision delayed by Ligonier Township

Ligonier Township supervisors postponed a decision on Tuesday night regarding a land reclamation project at the Ligonier Camp and Conference Center.
The project -- to excavate coal from an abandoned 1940s strip mine and then restore the land -- is an extension of two other projects that Coal Loaders Inc. is finishing on the center's property.

Read more: Decision delayed on land reclamation project in Ligonier Township - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Diana by Dmitri

une belle femme écoutant de la musique

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Beanery Writers Group August 29, 2011, Writing Prompt


     I keep reading how the upcoming elderly population, comprised of baby boomers (born 1946 into the fifties), will live the last portion of their life differently than previous generations.
     I then look at those persons born in the years prior to the baby boomers (including myself and my hubby). They already appear to be living their lives differently than their grandparents did. It seems to me that members of this population are leading the baby boomers, providing an example for the baby boomers, in how to life when “the sixties are the new forties”. 
     In a few years the media will have to take note of how badly older people are living, or how outrageously. ---Author Jane Baskin
     Take a look into the future. If you are a member of the generation preceding the baby boomers, or if you are a baby boomer yourself, describe how the media might have to describe how badly or outrageously members have lived out their sixtieth and seventieth, or even their eightieth or ninetieth year, years if their life.

Sit down for 7 minutes and just write. Then, if you feel so inclined, develop your 7 minute writing further.

Send your results to beanerywriters at yahoo.comEven though we haven’t responded to each submitter, some responses have turned into posts on the Beanery Online Literary Magazine (

NOTE: The Beanery Online Literary Magazine seeks submissions for the autumn season and autumn special days, including Labor Day, September 11thevents, Election Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving---and even Christmas and New Year’s eve/day.

The Beanery Writers Group meets the second and fourth Fridays (except the first Friday in October, and the second Friday in November and December). It is open to writers in all genres, either seeking assistance on a single project or ongoing membership.

The Beanery Writers Group meets the second and fourth Fridays (except the first Friday in October, and the second Friday in November and December). It is open to writers in all genres, either seeking assistance on a single project or ongoing membership.
The next meeting date is Friday, September 9, 2011, 1:00-3:00 p. m., at the regular place---the Coffee Bean Caf√© (on Rt. 30 in LATROBE across from the outdoor theater). Gather early for sociability and/or eats. The back room is being reserved from noon to three-thirty, so we can gather and socialize without taking up the space for customers at the coffee shop.

For further information contact facilitator, Carolyn C. Holland: beanerywriters

Carolyn (a WordPress daily post challenge)


Hello! As the seasons change, so do we at the Studio.
Saying good-bye to summer means cooler weather! Time to get out of summer vacation mood and get your butt into shape!
As always, classes are 1 hour and only $5! No sign up or membership needed.
New schedule starts September 6.
PERSONAL BEST; is a 60-minute fat burning muscle strengthening program for able-bodied men and women of all fitness levels. Fun, surprising and somewhat gritty, Personal Best will have you pushing your own limits. Bring a mat/towel (if you don't have your own, we have plenty here!), water and willingness to get off the couch. Get your body confidence back with Personal Best.
STEP IT UP; a step aerobics class set to all the songs we love to sweat to. The time is here to STEP IT UP! Not only will this cardio based class lead us to better health, but we'll burn calories, lose weight and tone up. Do you ever wish you had more endurance and better balance and coordination? Then STEP IT UP!!!! Step aerobics helps with all of that! What do you have to lose (besides a few pounds)? Just being here is the first STEP, but also bring water and your determination. Class suitable for women and men of all ages.
PUMP IT UP; an endurance weight training class set to music, using barbells that YOU decide your limit. You'll work every muscle group, gaining strength, tone and definition! DIG DEEP and PUMP IT UP! All ages of females and males are invited to this challenge.
ZUMBA; dance, shimmy and shake off the weight!!! FUN FUN FUN! And yes, guys come to this class too! All ages! Bring a friend!

it's Mellow Mike night!

Ligonier Tavern
6:30 to 9pm

come to sing
come to drink
come to laugh
come to eat
come to read
come to listen
come to get mellow.....

Good morning, Ligonier!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Constitution reading and Mellow Mike this Friday

WK just reminded me that the first football game is this Friday.  The reading of the Constitution at the Ligonier Theater will start promptly at 6pm and take one hour.  If you want to participate in the reading and still catch the game, I think that's doable.  Just come in and read in the first part of the document.  This is a casual event and so if you need to leave, that's okay.

Likewise, we have a few folks who prefer to not participate in the reading but would like to enjoy Mellow Mike.  It's okay to come into the theater after 7pm.  Mellow Mike will start after the reading.

This is a free event.  We're taking free will donations for the library - cash or checks.

help wanted

House Keeper And Breakfast Server For busy Ligonier bed and breakfast.


Part time, flexible hrs including weekends.  More info at Job Search Engine.

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin reacts to flooding...

"All I can tell you is that when you see Vermont covered bridges washing down our rivers, those bridges have been there for hundreds of years, so they survived the floods of the 1928 and '30s. And what that means is that, frankly, we're experiencing flooding now in many areas of Vermont that is unprecedented in record keeping. We went through that just eight weeks ago, where we had our biggest lake, Lake Champlain, at flood levels that have never been recorded in recorded history. I find it extraordinary that so many political leaders won’t actually talk about the relationship between climate change, fossil fuels, our continuing irrational exuberance about burning fossil fuels, in light of these storm patterns that we’ve been experiencing. We didn’t used to get weather patterns like this in Vermont. We didn’t get tropical storms. We didn’t get flash flooding. It wasn’t—you know, our storm patterns weren’t like Costa Rica; they were like Vermont. And the point is, we in the colder states are going to see the results of climate change first. We are. Myself, Premier Charest up in Quebec, Governor Cuomo over in New York, we understand that the flooding and the extraordinary weather patterns that we’re seeing are a result of our burnings of fossil fuel. We’ve got to get off fossil fuels as quickly as we know how, to make this planet livable for our children and our grandchildren. And I do think that there’s a relationship between the storms that we’ve been getting here in Vermont and the example, frankly, of what—they are an example of what lies ahead for us."

Full interview at
Save the Date!
What better way to kick off a weekend then by sipping several California wines or craft beers from along the Lincoln Highway, enjoying delicious hors d-oeuvres and some easy listening music by a mountain lake! This special benefit for the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor will be taking place Friday, September 16 from 6 pm to 8 pm at Green Gables Restaurant in Jennerstown. Tickets are $30 per person and can by ordered by calling 724-238-9030 or online at .

Sheep Cutting Grass? Cool...

From the "This-Is-Getting-Ridiculous" department:

At two schools in Carlisle, Penn., sheep are cutting the grass around solar panels to save the district $15,000. At the same time, Gov. Tom Corbett has cut $2 million in education, laid off teachers and cut extracurricular programs while giving tax breaks of $833 million to frackers and other corporate special interests in the nation's only major natural gas-producing state without a drilling tax. Oh yeah, and he gets lots of money from those same companies.

Sheep are cool, but the discrepancies mount.

Sheep link:
Teacher lay-off link:
Cut extracurriculars link:
Fracker tax breaks link:
No drilling tax link:
Fracker contributions to Corbett link:

Retro Furniture - FREE

A room full of retro furniture (sectional couch, two chairs, expandable coffee table, end table, two hanging lights, and ceramic lamp) needs a new home. The couch is long and low (includes a side chaise) and covered in a gold tweed fabric. The chairs are small, covered in an orange tweed, and have rounded backs.
All in good condition, with no rips or stains. One chair has some sun damage. This is a late sixties, early seventies set that has been in a formal living room for the last forty or so years. There are interchangeable floral back cushions for the couch. Free for the taking, you haul. Email ASAP if you would like to take a look at it.

Connections Menu for Monday

Celebrate the first day of school with lunch at Connections!

Today's Salads ($5 or $7 eat-in or take-out)

Curry Chicken

Spicy Peanut Noodle

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Chick Pea & Feta

Caprese Bowtie

Black Bean & Roasted Corn

109 South Market Street

(724) 238-9611

Good morning, Ligonier!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

since I have a structural phobia....

Am I being too paranoid by thinking that there should be an I beam across the middle under this porch?  It's got a ledge beam installed where it meets the house.  There is a concrete block foundation on the outside two walls.  They are pouring concrete tomorrow - that is unless there is another delay in this three month project - and I'm curious to know if any readers have a comment.  ;)

Tub Mill Run

Tubmill Trout Club reports that GenOn Energy, part owner and operator of Conemaugh and Seward electrical generating stations, has pledged $20,000 plus manpower for a three-day Tub Mill Run improvement project that ends Monday. With help from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and Fish and Boat, the project aims to reconstruct an erosion-prone stream section and install habitat improvements at the intersection of Route 711 and Tub Mill Run near Laurel Valley School in Westmoreland County.

Read more:

eBooks - Do you own an e-reader?

eBooks - Do you own an e-reader? Here are some places to download books for your eReader or computer.
Overdrive - borrow eBooks, audiobooks and more 24/7Overdrive - borrow & download eBooks, audiobooks and more 24/7. It is free & easy to use. All you need to get started is your barcode number from your Westmoreland Library Network card. Learn more...
Project Gutenberg - features books that can be read online.
Short Stories at East of the Web - allows you to read short stories online.

great expectations for the RAMS

A year ago, Ligonier Valley was a rough first quarter against Penns Manor away from finishing undefeated and winning the Heritage Conference.
This season may finally be the year the Rams win it all for the first time since 2007.

Read more: Ligonier Valley favorite to grab top spot - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Saturday, August 27, 2011

"The Mouse That Roared" (book review)

In American culture, Disney has become synonymous with childhood. Present-day grandparents grew up watching the animated films, wearing Mickey Mouse pajamas and begging to go to Disneyland. But while it all seems innocent, few people have considered the hold that the Disney Corporation has not only on their own lives, but on the world as a whole. Cuddly cartoon animals and whimsical fairy-tale stories are merely Disney's public face. The expansive conglomerate is not limited to Disney film and theme parks. It also owns six motion picture studios, ABC television network and its 226 affiliated stations, multiple cable television networks, 227 radio stations, four music companies, three cruise lines, theatrical production companies, publishing houses, 15 magazine titles and five video game development studios. This media and culture monopoly goes unnoticed by most Americans, who just want to indulge their childhood fantasies as Disney so deftly enables with its movies, theme parks and merchandise.


News from The Art Room


Children ages 3-5 are invited to attend a free trial art class Aug. 29th or Sept. 1st


Mommy & Me, Preschool, School Age, & Homeschooling classes, Mom's Night & MORE!

Visit our website for more details

Dusk on West Main Street

Dusk in Main Street 2 by Lydiala
Dusk in Main Street 2, a photo by Lydiala on Flickr.

Ligonier sunset

Ligonier sunset by Lydiala
Ligonier sunset, a photo by Lydiala on Flickr.

on West Main

Main Street 3 by Lydiala
Main Street 3, a photo by Lydiala on Flickr.


Main Street1 by Lydiala
Main Street1, a photo by Lydiala on Flickr.

Streets of Ligonier

Streets of Ligonier by Lydiala
Streets of Ligonier, a photo by Lydiala on Flickr.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box by Scott Michaels
Jack in the Box, a photo by Scott Michaels on Flickr.

Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round by Scott Michaels
Merry Go Round, a photo by Scott Michaels on Flickr.

nice fall festivals site

Laurel: It’s not only municipal governments and school districts that can benefit through cooperative efforts and by sharing services. Four Laurel Highlands festivals that are held the weekend of Sept. 9-11 are sharing an Internet website. Farmers and Threshermens Jubilee, Ligonier Highland Games, Mountain Craft Days and Stahlstown Flax Scutching Festival recently launched But it’s not the first cooperative promotional venture by the festivals: Since 2006, they have joined for advertising and marketing they could not afford individually. The Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau provides technical support and guidance for the website. Good thinking.

Read more in the Tribune Democrat.

amazing mushrooms for sale at the Ligonier Country market this morning

Mountain Palace - Dr. Cai's Further Prescription for Happiness!

Rx After eating Miracle Dumplings from Mountain Palace, go to the Westmoreland County Fair and ride the YoYo! See the senior Mountain Palace staff many feet in the air rotating. Dr. Cai reminded me I forgot to list the health benefits of this weekend's special. Pork, celery, dancing noodles, and ginger with rice for $5.95. Celery is known to reduce blood pressure and to contain 8 different anticancer agents. Ginger is primarily an aide to digestion and enhances the immune system. 111 Creek Road, Bolivar. Eleven miles north of Ligonier turn left off of Route 711 on Creek Road and directly across from Mirror Lake. Saturday 11:30 to 9:00 and Sunday 11:30 to 6:00 724 717-8614

St. James Peach Festival

Just a reminder...
the St. James Lutheran Church Peach Festival is
TODAY, Saturday, August 27th from 10 am to 2 pm.

Come out for fresh peaches & ice cream, pulled pork sandwiches and delicious baked goods.

There will be a huge yard sale from 8am to 2pm with lots of great bargains. Don't miss it!

Come and check it out!
St. James Lutheran Church
300 West Main St.
Ligonier, Pa

Feds swoop in on Gibson guitar factory

Federal agents swooped in on Gibson Guitar Wednesday, raiding factories and offices in Memphis and Nashville, seizing several pallets of wood, electronic files and guitars. The Feds are keeping mum, but in a statement yesterday Gibson's chairman and CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, defended his company's manufacturing policies, accusing the Justice Department of bullying the company. "The wood the government seized Wednesday is from a Forest Stewardship Council certified supplier," he said, suggesting the Feds are using the aggressive enforcement of overly broad laws to make the company cry uncle.

Read more in WSJ.

Join us to read the Constitution, support the Ligonier Valley Library, and enjoy a bit of Mellow Mike - all in one night.

We The People and will take place at the Ligonier Theater on Friday, September 2nd starting at 6pm with a reading of the Constitution followed by a sampling of Mellow Mike sing along favorites.

The reading of the Constitution is an open relay with individuals in the audience stepping forward as they desire to read aloud a small portion of the document. We did this last year at Town Hall and it was so well received we promised to do it again this year.  The reading takes one hour.  The words speak for themselves. It is a non-political celebration of the foundation of our freedoms.

Sing Along Song List
·  This Land Is Your Land
·  Puff The Magic Dragon
·  My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
·  Edelweiss
·  Let It Be
·  Mr. Bojangles
·  I've Been Working On The Railroad
·  City Of New Orleans
·  Can't Help Falling In Love With You
·  Across The Universe
·  Hey Jude
·  House Of The Rising Sun
·  Suzanne
·  Hallelujah
·  Dmitri Improv
·  Woodstock
·  What A Wonderful World

We'd like to create a large sound of fun and unity in the theater.  Participants are encouraged to bring lyric sheets for the sing along and also small instruments to add to the enjoyment of all.  There will be a few poetry readings and solos interspersed in the sing along to give folks a flavor of Mellow Mike.

We hope you will pass this information along to friends and family and join us on the 2nd for a fun evening and to support our local library. Cash donations and checks payable to Ligonier Valley Library will be collected at the event.

Sponsored by Mellow Mikers.  For more information call Diane Cipa 724-238-7783.

sharing the bounty

Arthur and Maxine Cook, Jolico Farm, Somerset, have been gardeners for 42 years. Like many gardeners, they are often faced with what to do with their excess produce after eating and preserving much of it.

A writer on a gardening blog that Maxine was reading mentioned the Ample website. She visited the website and clicked on the link for people who have excess produce to find a food
pantry that would accept it. The nearest food pantries listed were in Ligonier, Acme and Latrobe.

Read more in the Daily American.

Good morning, Ligonier! Hey, it looks like a great day for Antiques on the Diamond, eh?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Calling All Moms!

PASA's 4th Annual BIKE FRESH, BIKE LOCAL September 25th

PASA logo name

Promoting profitable farms that produce healthy food
for all people while respecting the natural environment.

PASA's 4th Annual BIKE FRESH, BIKE LOCAL Sunday, September 25th (rain or shine) VictoryBannerLogo Join us at Victory Brewing Company $40 registration online at PASA’ s 4th Annual BIKE FRESH, BIKE LOCAL ride through the beautiful rolling hills of Chester County is both fun and challenging. Proceeds support PASA’s work in SE Pennsylvania on behalf of family farms growing fresh fruit, vegetables, and humanely raised poultry, beef and pork.
Many thanks to our event sponsors!

Bike Shops providing mechanical support:
Tri County Bicycles
256 E High St. Pottstown, PA 19464
The Downingtown Bicycle Shop
833 West Lancaster Avenue, Downingtown, PA 19335
Chester County Bicycles
160 Park Rd, Eagle PA 19335
Trophy Bikes
3131 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
PO Box 419
Millheim, PA 16854

Promoting profitable farms that produce 
healthy food for all people while respecting the natural environment.

Find us on Facebook

BFBL banner logo

Learn more about this marketing campaign,
get in the on-line directory or join your local chapter.