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Monday, October 31, 2011

It’s True, Bankers Really Do Control the World: Study

"WINTERTHUR, Switzerland - Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, have published a paper that argues just 147 companies account for a large chunk of the total economic value of all the transnational companies around the world.

Among the top 50 corporations, 45 operate within the financial industry. Barclays PLC is the most powerful, according to the study, followed by such well-known names as JPMorgan Chase & Co., UBS AG, and Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. The United States takes home first prize with 24 companies cracking the researchers’ top 50 list, followed by the U.K. with 8, France with 5, Japan with 4, and Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands tying with 2 companies each.

The intense interconnection and concentration of power weakens market competition as players form blocs, according to the study. There’s another drawback to those close links, particularly among the banks: when one runs into problems its woes spread quickly to the others."


4 mo old Boston Terrier mix pups ready for adoption

3 boys and 1 girl

All pups have been wormed and had their shots.  Small adoption fee.

Call Beth Luther at 724-238-4513.

Mark your Calendar for Thursday Night at Connections

Take a sneak peek at Connections Cafe's evening menu for Thursday!

Hazelnut-crusted Salmon

Butternut Risotto

Roasted Veggies

Garlicky Green Beans

Reservations Required

Today's (Monday) Salads $5 or $7:

Wheatberry with Apple & Fennel

Cranberry, Wild Rice, and Chicken

Tuna & Red Bean

French Potato Salad

Black Bean & Roasted Corn

Today's Soup: Potato Leek

Today's Sandwich: Grilled Gouda Cheese with Apples on Sharon's Multigrain

109 South Market Street (across from The Toy Box)


Happy Halloween from Ligonier tavern!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ari Speaks Out on Anti-Semitic Incident at Occupy Wall Street

Global Warming Skeptic Now Agrees Climate Change Is Real

"WASHINGTON — A prominent physicist and skeptic of global warming spent two years trying to find out if mainstream climate scientists were wrong. In the end, he determined the mainstream scientists were right: Temperatures really are rising rapidly. The study of the world's surface temperatures by Richard Muller was partially bankrolled by a foundation connected to global warming deniers. He pursued long-held skeptic theories in analyzing the data.

"The skeptics raised valid points and everybody should have been a skeptic two years ago," Muller said in a telephone interview. "And now we have confidence that the temperature rise that had previously been reported had been done without bias." There is no reason now to be a skeptic about steadily increasing temperatures, Muller wrote recently in The Wall Street Journal's editorial pages. Muller said it makes sense to reduce the carbon dioxide created by fossil fuels.

One-quarter of the $600,000 to do the research came from the Charles Koch Foundation, whose founder is a major funder of skeptic groups and the tea party. The Koch brothers, Charles and David, run a large privately held company involved in oil and other industries, producing sizable greenhouse gas emissions."

Read more at and at

Last Chance...
to see DRACULA, THE MUSICAL? at the Ligonier Theater today at 2:30 PM. For tickets, call 724-238-6514. Walk-ins are always welcome!

Mountain Palace - Weekend Special

Once again Chef Lacy has created a weekend special from her native northern China. This weekend it is liver prepared in her native style with rice for $6.95. It's a healthy and very tasty opportunity for folks who like liver. It's just what the doctor ordered! For those other folks, we have our regular menu of Miracle Dumplings, Hot Pots, and Healthy Soups. A number of vegetarian options are available. Now that the snow has melted, come to Mountain Palace to enjoy a unique dining opportunity in our Chinese art museum setting. Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake. 724 717-8614

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Drilling Debate in Cooperstown Turns Personal

"COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. — The letter that arrived in Kim Jastremski’s mailbox on County Highway 52 suggested that she stop protesting the possibility of natural gas drilling. It seemed more of a threat than a request. Computer-generated, unsigned and sent to about 10 other opponents of a practice known as fracking, it compared them to Nazis and said they were being watched while picking up their children at school in their minivans.

Jennifer Huntington’s abuse is more public, like comments online suggesting that people find out where her dairy sells its milk so that they can stop buying it, or the warning that her farm, which has a lease with a gas company, “will fall like a house of cards when your water is poisoned.” She and other drilling proponents have also been called “sellout landowners that prostitute themselves for money.”

The debate over horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the injection of huge quantities of chemically treated water underground to free up natural gas, has become increasingly contentious across the Eastern United States, with dozens of communities passing or considering bans. But that ill will often takes its most intimate form in small towns and rural areas like this one, where fracking has emerged as the defining, non-negotiable political issue."

Read the article at


Lucy is a 5 year old beagle who weighs about 20 lbs.  Lucy tunneled under her fence this morning on Turkey Inn Road just off 271 north.  She is a recent rescue and her owner, Rich, is very worried about her.  If anyone sees her please call Rich at 724-989-0554.

Halloween Party Today! FREE!

HOT homemade Organic Potatoe and Leek Soup...Today!

Beat the Early Winter Blues....simmering in the pot NOW at Rosary Acres! Homemade Organic Potatoe and Leek Soup! Come and Get It!

724-238-4140 reports

Mayor Bellas has declared Trick or Treat for Halloween will be held on Monday,October 31, from 6 to 8pm in Ligonier Borough.

The Ligonier Township Supervisors have also designated Monday,October 31, from 6 to 9pm as Trick or Treat in the township.

Visit for more fun stuff.

events by Ligonier Radio

  • OCTOBER 21-30: The Valley Players of Ligonier will present the musical comedy spoof Dracula..the Musical on October 21, 22, 28 and 29th at 7:30 PM and October 23rd and 30th at 2:30 PM. For tickets and reservations call 724-238-6514.
  • OCTOBER 28-29: It's a Halloween Haunting Storytelling Event at Compass Inn Museum Friday and Saturday October 28th and 29th from 6-9 PM and Sunday, October 30th from 5-8PM. Admission is $4.00 for ages 12 and up and $1.00 for children under 12. Call 724-238-4983 for more information.
  • NOVEMBER 5: Action for Animals will hold their annual cash bash at Huber Hall in Latrobe. Come out to support this worthy cause. Call 724-244-3996 for more details.
  • NOVEMBER 18-20: It's the musical comedy Nunsense A-men at the Ligonier Theatre for four big shows November 18th at 7:30 PM, November 19th at 2:30 and 7:30 PM and November 20th at 2:30 PM. Cost is $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for students. For reservations, call 724-238-6514.
  • THROUGH DECEMBER 24: The 2011 Christmas ornament is now available at the Chamber office, Antiochian Village or at the Ligonier Sweetshop/Pathfinder Photo. This year's ornament features Antiochian Village. Cost is $9.00 plus tax. 

Good morning, Ligonier and HELLO SUSIE SNOWFLAKE!

Fresh Fish at Rosary Acres from Wholeys

Fresh and Wild caught CoHo Salmon and Sword Fish Steaks!

Fresh Organic Produce Arrives at Rosary Acres!

Fresh Organic Produce in tonight: Look at the great Red Chard and Collard Greens...Also Blueberries, Leeks, Honey Crisp Apples, Broc, Cali, Pine Apples, Artichokes, Stawberries, Romaine Hearts, Green Beans and much more! Fresh Mediterra Bread!

Rosary Acres
1869 Rt 30 w
Ligonier, Pa 15642
(next to Bull's Tavern)

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Mother of Exiles

The Statue of Liberty turned 125 on Friday. Its history is telling: It turns out the statue was initially viewed as a symbol of justice, freedom, the end of tyranny, and only later became an icon for immigrants, for the "force that had peopled the wilderness and made the country that emerged what it was.” That, thanks to Emma Lazarus' great sonnet which ends with the famous words:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Happy Birthday, Madam!

Greeks find a creative solution

Cashless Transactions

"They same time is money, and now it’s being used as a currency in an emerging barter system developed by cash-strapped Greeks who want to swap goods and services.

“In the Time Bank we exchange voluntary services. Sometimes I give painting lessons for free but I take yoga for free also,” says Niki Roubani of the Bank of Voluntary Time project. “It’s huge, it’s everything we do without money. It’s looking after people and making things ourselves. We still have the memory of an agricultural society in Greece, where people used to do things together. They would harvest the olive tree of my family this week and then the next week we do the olive trees of your family. So they would exchange services – and people like that,” says Niki Roubani.

The Time Bank is just one of a growing number of service-swapping alternatives that are providing people in Greece with an imaginative way to cope with the tough economic conditions."

Read more and see report at


Trends in the Distribution of Household Income Between 1979 and 2007

"Congressional Budget Office report:
After-Tax Income Grew More for Highest-Income Households

CBO finds that, between 1979 and 2007, income grew by:

275 percent for the top 1 percent of households,
65 percent for the next 19 percent,
Just under 40 percent for the next 60 percent, and
18 percent for the bottom 20 percent.

The share of income going to higher-income households rose, while the share going to lower-income households fell.

The top fifth of the population saw a 10% point increase in their share of after-tax income.
Most of that growth went to the top 1 percent of the population.
All other groups saw their shares decline by 2 to 3 percentage points."

Read the above excerpt from the CBO report at

Put Thursday Night on Your Calendars!

If you missed Connections "Dinner with Friends" last night, you missed a great fall feast! Mark your calendars for next Thursday, November 3rd and join us for a delightfully good meal. Dining is BYOB and begins at 6:00 p.m. Reservations required.

If you can't wait until Thursday, stop down for lunch any day of the week. Today's sandwich is fontinella cheese with roasted peppers and garlic ($5). Soups are Minestrone and Curried Coconut Pumpkin ($3 or $5). Half sandwich and soup is also available ($5).

Eat-in or Take-out

109 South Market Street



Need snow tires? Don't wait. ;)

Edible Kneads Gourmet Bake Shop is Open!

We have finally opened our doors, so come on down and grab a delicious gourmet bagel with one of the specialty cream cheeses, hand-made granola, soup, or a bagel sandwich!
Enjoy an irresistible cakepop made by The Cakepop Lady or one of our variety of other savory and sweet treats.
You can also get a freshly brewed cup of coffee from Old Linn Run Coffee Bean Roastery.
Please stop in for a visit!

Open Wednesday through Sunday
7am to 3pm

looking for solutions in the existing Ligonier Borough Code

We have so many laws and regulations created at every level of government - too many in my opinion.  Lawmakers tend to make new laws to resolve problems that could be resolved by existing laws or regulations.  Ligonier Borough is like every other legislative body.  It's full of well meaning public servants who want to help.  I'd like to help, too, by pointing to some possible solutions to the parked motor home dilemma and suggesting that enforcement of existing law be used rather than the creation of yet another set of regulations.   

I don't know if the motor home in question is inoperative or unlicensed.  If it is, then existing law in Ligonier Borough seems to prohibit the storage of the vehicle on any street in the borough.

By definition a motor home is a mobile home and so at minimum the Ligonier Borough ordinance concerning the permitting of a mobile home should come into play.

Here are a few items in the Ligonier Borough Code that might be useful:

§ 135-36. Unlawful to store or exhibit certain vehicles.

It shall be unlawful for any person, partnership, firm or corporation to use any street, or any portion thereof, in the Borough of Ligonier for the purpose of exhibiting or displaying any vehicle for sale, rent or exchange or for storing any vehicle that is inoperative or does not bear the current registration plate.

§ 58-4. Mobile homes.

Any person moving a mobile home into the Borough, whether the same is to be used for residential or commercial purposes, or any person who shall move a mobile home or building from one location to another within the Borough, shall, within five days from the date on which said mobile home is moved into the Borough or a mobile home or building is moved from one location to another within said Borough, obtain a building permit from the Land Use Administrator, for which permit a fee in accordance with the schedule hereinafter set forth shall be paid to the Land Use Administrator for the use of the Borough. [Oops - I see Ordinance 550 deleted and repealed this section of the law.  Let's see what's in the new zoning law that applies.]
Well, there is too much in the zoning ordinance that applies so I'll just say that this motor home is clearly - in my opinion - an accessory structure and therefore Ligonier Borough has existing rules in their zoning law to force removal.  There are a few different enforcement options in the code.  Here's the link so you can peruse it for yourself.

If you are reading this post and you are a resident of Ligonier Borough, consider asking your lawmakers to use existing law to resolve the motor home problem on Plum Alley rather than to create yet another set of rules and regulations.  That's one way of preserving liberty and limiting the reach of government.  ;)

new regulations on the way for Ligonier Borough?

Stickney said at last evening's planning meeting that the motor home is "not an appropriate use of the neighborhood," referring to the homes on Gist and Bunger streets. Those houses share Plum Alley behind their lots. The motor home has been parked off Plum Alley in a neighbor's yard for 43 days, Stickney said, and is being used as a second home on that lot.

Read more: Ligonier planners tackle oversize vehicle parking - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Another Unjustified Waste of Taxpayers' Monies

According to the transportation reimbursement forms, Dr. Oldham charged the LVSD mileage for her presence on the Review Stand for Fort Ligonier Days. She charged 55 1/2 cents for 44 miles. What was the educational value for Dr. Oldham's attendance at the taxpayers expense? The band was there, however, a band director is in charge. Was it to be with the "Friends" of Ligonier? But furthermore, why are we paying for Dr. Oldham's starting point from home rather than the administration bldg? She chose not to live in the district. She charges mileage from home to attend functions that are not during school hours. What a sweet deal! The board needs to revisit and refine the perks for mileage. Starting point should be the administration bldg not an employee's home.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Party this Saturday!

Lotto 'Lucky Dog' by DDB NZ and The Sweetshop

From the PA Bulletin, PA's official gazette for information and rulemaking

Action to be taken in November on drilling-related permits

General Permit Number WMGR064. General Permit Number WMGR064 authorizes the beneficial use of natural gas well brines for roadway pre-wetting (brines mixed with antiskid materials prior to roadway application), anti-icing (brines applied directly to roadway and walkway surfaces prior to precipitation event), and for roadway de-icing purposes (brine is applied directly to roadway surfaces after precipitation event). The Department is proposing to renew General Permit Number WMGR064 and make a major modification to the general permit to also authorize the beneficial use of natural gas well brines for (i) dust suppressant and (ii) stabilizer for unpaved secondary roadway systems.

Backgrounder: Flowback water from fracking contains salt, and is being called a “natural brine” to be used for winter snow and ice clearing, and dust management. However, this flowback waste fluid also contains toxic chemicals, heavy metals and radioactive materials. This DEP permit allows the spreading of this flowback brine water over our roads in winter, to be tracked into our houses and to melt as runoff into our streams.

Concerned Pennsylvanians can give the DEP feedback and may recommend denial of the proposed amendment and renewal. Comment period to DEP until November 16th. Submit comments to Scott Walters ( or write to:

Division of Municipal and Residual Waste
Bureau of Waste Management
PA Department of Environmental Protection
14th Floor Rachel Carson State Office Building
PO Box 8472
Harrisburg PA 17105-8472


We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

"It is the best of times because we have entered a period, if we can bring ourselves to pay attention, of great clarity as to cause and effect. A blessing when we consider how much suffering human beings have endured, in previous millennia, without a clue to its cause. Gods and Goddesses were no doubt created to fill this gap. Because we can now see into every crevice of the globe and because we are free to explore previously unexplored crevices in our own hearts and minds, it is inevitable that everything we have needed to comprehend in order to survive, everything we have needed to understand in the most basic of ways, will be illuminated now. We have only to open our eyes, and awaken to our predicament. We see that we are, alas, a huge part of our problem. However: We live in a time of global enlightenment. This alone should make us shout for joy."

From Alice Walker's "We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For."

hmmm...aren't they a part of the 99%???

The Occupy Wall Street volunteer kitchen staff launched a “counter” revolution yesterday -- because they’re angry about working 18-hour days to provide food for “professional homeless” people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters.

For three days beginning tomorrow, the cooks will serve only brown rice and other spartan grub instead of the usual menu of organic chicken and vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, and roasted beet and sheep’s-milk-cheese salad.

Read more:

"Dinner with Friends" Tonight at Connections

Something new at Connections! Starting tonight at 6:00 p.m. Connections will be offering "Dinner with Friends" on Thursday evenings. Music by Jane. Tonight's menu (BYOB)is:

Smoked Turkey Breast

Roasted Rosemary Red Skins

Acorn Squash/Merlot Sauce

Green Beans, Tomatoes & Carmelized Onion

Kale and Bacon

Garden Salad

All for $15

Also new at Connections for lunch: Grilled Cheese - Today's sandwich is New York Extra Sharp White Cheddar on Ciabatta Bread - $5.00/ Cup of soup & half sandwich for $5.00. Today's soup - Minestrone.

109 South Market Street


John Stossel - 99% Economic Illiteracy

Meet Pittsburgh Dad

$40,000 needed to build the bridge

Ligonier Valley Trail coordinator Rose Stepnick said the volunteer group needs $40,000 by the end of the year to extend the trail over Mill Creek and preserve other funds obtained through grants.
Letters will be sent to potential donors from the trail group, Ligonier Township's supervisors and recreation board, the Loyalhanna Watershed Association and Ligonier Borough.

Read more: Ligonier Valley trail group seeks money quickly to span creek - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

adult charged in boy's death

LIGONIER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — It has been more than one year since an 11-year-old boy suffered a fatal gunshot wound at a home in Ligonier Township.
Police have said another young boy pulled the trigger. They have now charged an adult in connection with the boy’s death.

THE NUNS ARE COMING BACK! The original cast of "Nunsense A-Men!" are making a special appearance for one weekend only on November 18 at 7:30 PM, November 19 at 2:30 & 7:30 PM and November 20 at 2:30 PM. Reservations are being taken now at 724-238-6514 and seats will go VERY fast for this hilariously wonderful musical starring Eric Harris as Mother Superior, Jim Mikula as Sr. Hubert, Barry Shirey as Sr. Robert Anne, Curtis Caldwell as Sr. Mary Amnesia and Ryan Hubbard as Sr. Leo. Call today for YOUR tickets! "It would be a sin to miss it!"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Organic Fresh Herbs at Rosary Acres

Fresh in NOW! Organic Herbs!
Italian Parsley
ALSO Fresh Kale, Green Chard and Red Chard and more!

1869 Rt30 w
Ligonier, Pa 15658 (next to Bulls Tavern)

ROTC fundraiser

For benefit of:   LV AFJROTC
Saturday, November 5, 2011
at the Waterford Fire Hall
Doors open at 4:00 pm    Early Bird starts at 5:30 pm
Food and Beverages included
Come join us for Food! Fun! and Excitement!
Must have Bingo on the last number called.  Must purchase an entry ticket to win Bingo.

Donation: $20     A limited amount of tickets will be sold at the door.   To get your tickets or more information,  please contact Judy Ebberts 724-238-7493

so disturbing.....protect liberty while we still can

So-called ‘talking surveillance cameras’ that use a speaker system similar to the Intellistreets model are already being used in UK cities like Middlesborough to bark orders and reprimand people for dropping litter and other minor offenses. According to reports, one of the most common phrases used to shame people into obeying instructions is to broadcast the message, “We are watching you.” Read more on InfoWars.

9-9-9: A Vision for Economic Growth

Good Morning Ligonier!

Halloween Fun for the Entire Family!

Come to the Ligonier Theater this weekend for a hilarious musical spoof of the classic tale in "Dracula, the Musical?" The spook-tacular fun takes place Friday & Saturday at 7:30 PM and Sunday at 2:30 PM. Tickets $15 for adutls, $10 for students. For reservations, call 724-238-6514. See you at the Theater!

I love the audacity of this ad. This is one brave candidate. ;)

Incredible Story of a 3 month old Black Lab Puppy

This puppy was on top of a train going 50 mph that left from Pa and was heading towards Ga.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Haunted Halloween at Compass Inn Museum

The Ligonier Valley Historical Society is sponsoring the 7th annual Haunted Halloween storytelling event on Friday and Saturday, October 28 & 29 from 6-9 p.m. and Sunday, October 30, 5-8 p.m. at Compass Inn Museum. These spooky stories in an equally spooky setting will send a thrill and chill up and down your spine.

Join us for a night or two of ghostly entertainment! Parents will be advised beforehand which story locations may be unsuitable for young participants but there will be stories for every age. Refreshments and treats will be available for purchase. Admission is $4.00 for guests 12 and older and $1 for children under 12.

Compass Inn Museum is located on Route 30 in Laughlintown, 3 miles east of Ligonier. For more information, please call the Museum at 724-238-4983 or visit our website H

Halloween Party this Saturday!

Hosted by the Ligonier MOPS
(Mothers of Preschoolers)

Admission is free - donations will be accepted

Off on our own by Ted Carns

I finished reading hometown friend and
( Gary's cousin)Teddy and Kathy's book last night About their 21st century success story of zero waste, total recycling! A great sustainable living handbook packed full off stories, with a lot of Teddy humor and brilliant ideas make a great read! Maybe I can get him to stop at at a mellow mike night for a little reading ;)

it's Mellow Mike night!

Ligonier Tavern
6:30 to 9pm

come to sing
come to drink
come to laugh
come to eat
come to read
come to listen
come to get mellow.....

paying back

A Ligonier businessman and others convicted of masterminding the LeNature's fraud scheme that bilked investors and lending institutions are responsible for paying back $661 million to their victims, a federal judge ruled.
U.S. District Judge Alan Bloch issued the order on Monday in the criminal cases against Gregory Podlucky, 51, the former CEO of the Latrobe bottling company.

Read more: $661 million in LeNature's payback ordered - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while :)

Good Morning Ligonier!

It's worth the 4 minutes! A house that has come alive in the spirit of Halloween! Pretty Cool :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

gotta love capitalism

OCTOBER 24--Citing the potential of “Occupy Wall Street” to become a “global brand,” a Long Island couple has filed to trademark the name of the amorphous organization responsible for the protests and encampments in lower Manhattan and other U.S. cities, The Smoking Gun has learned.
In a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) application, Robert and Diane Maresca are seeking to trademark the phrase “Occupy Wall St.” so that they can place it on a wide variety of goods, including bumper stickers, shirts, beach bags, footwear, umbrellas, and hobo bags.

3rd annual An Affair with Lincoln

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor’s 3rd annual An Affair with Lincoln gala will be held at the Fred Rogers Center of Saint Vincent College, Latrobe on Saturday, November 12 at 6 p.m.. A portion of the revenue from this event will help with establishment of the Lincoln Highway Experience museum. A ride on the historic Lincoln Highway is more than just a way to get from Point A to Point B. It’s an experience!

The experience theme will be evident throughout the special event, beginning with Pittsburgh’s renowned seven-person a cappella ensemble, In Acchord, who will be entertaining guests with contemporary and classic pop tunes. Since Silent Auction Baskets are so yesterday, bidding will be directed to Lincoln Highway experiences, many of which are priceless, as well as fine art and old world crafts. A sampling: Don’t just be among the 10,000 who watch the Fort Ligonier Days Parade, bid to have someone special IN the 2012 Parade; or an opportunity to take a personal tour of the Westmoreland County Court House. For the brave foursome, there’s a paranormal investigation of the oldest structures at Seton Hill University (dark clothing and no bling required). The Laurel Highlands has some of the best fly fishing in Pennsylvania. No matter the skill level, the lucky bidder is sure to get better after his/her 3-hour private fly-fishing lesson (with streamside catered lunch). Or, don a cleric collar and experience the drama of being part of the all male version of the theatre production of Nunsense. Want to get up close and personal to see the Pittsburgh Steelers practice next August? The winner of two field passes will. Then, there’s The Ride of Your Life Experience on the Great Allegheny Passage that is full of surprises.

In addition to all the experiential fun, the evening also includes hors d’oeuvres, dinner, and spirits. Tickets are $65 each. To make a reservation, call the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor office at 724-238-9030, or go online at

Rush to Drill for Natural Gas Creates Conflicts With Mortgages

"Bankers and real estate executives, especially in New York, are starting to pay closer attention to the fine print and are raising provocative questions, such as: What happens if they lend money for a piece of land that ends up storing the equivalent of an Olympic-size swimming pool filled with toxic wastewater from drilling?

Fearful of just such a possibility, some banks have become reluctant to grant mortgages on properties leased for gas drilling. At least eight local or national banks do not typically issue mortgages on such properties, lenders say.

“When you decide to sell your house you may find it difficult to do so because many banks, here and elsewhere, will not mortgage properties with gas leases, which, in turn, limits the number of buyers willing and able to buy your property,” wrote Linda Hirvonen, an agent in Ithaca, N.Y., in a newsletter last month."


A MATTER OF TIME by Joe F. Stierheim

Available now at Whistlewind on North Fairfield, Ligonier.

hip, hip, hoorah!

The US already meets 72pc of its own oil needs, up from around 50pc a decade ago.
"The implications of this shift are very large for geopolitics, energy security, historical military alliances and economic activity. As US reliance on the Middle East continues to drop, Europe is turning more dependent and will likely become more exposed to rent-seeking behaviour from oligopolistic players," said Mr Blanch.

...hat tip to ful for sharing link in comment.  ;)

a few pics of "occupy pittsburgh" from your man in da burgh

open mic


living quarters

Oh fun! The free book selection for today is The Emerald City of Oz.

"PERHAPS I should admit on the title page that this book is 'By L. Frank Baum and his correspondents,' for I have used many suggestions conveyed to me in letters from children. Once on a time I really imagined myself "an author of fairy tales," but now I am merely an editor or private secretary for a host of youngsters whose ideas lam requested to weave into the thread of my stories. These ideas are often clever. They are also logical and interesting. So I have used them whenever I could find an opportunity, and it is but just that I acknowledge my indebtedness to my little friends. My, what imaginations these children have developed! Sometimes I am fairly astounded by their daring and genius. There will be no lack of fairy-tale authors in the future, I am sure. My readers-rhave-told me,what to do with Dorothy, and Aunt Em and -Uncle Henry, and I have obeyed their mandates. They have also given me a variety of subjects to write about in the future -enough, in fact, to keep me busy..."

Rosary Acres now open MONDAYS!

It's offical and starting TODAY!

We are open on Mondays

Rosary Acres Natural and Organic Foods

1869 RT30 w, Ligonier Pa

or find us on facebook


We are located right at the end of East Main  next to Bull's Tavern.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Safety First, Fracking Second

Drilling for natural gas has gotten ahead of the science needed to prove it safe

"Public fears are growing about contamination of drinking-water supplies from the chemicals used in fracking and from the methane gas itself. Field tests show that those worries are not unfounded. A Duke University study published in May found that methane levels in dozens of drinking-water wells within a kilometer (3,280 feet) of new fracking sites were 17 times higher than in wells farther away. Yet states have let companies proceed without adequate regulations. They must begin to provide more effective oversight, and the federal government should step in, too.

Even the incomplete data we now have suggest specific safety measures. First, the weakest link in preventing groundwater contamination is the concrete casing inside well bores [see “The Truth about Fracking,” by Chris Mooney]. Inspection of casings should be legally required. Second, the toxic fluid that is a major by-product of fracking is routinely stored in open pits, which can overflow or leach into the soil. It should be stored in tanks instead. Third, gas companies should inject tracers with the fracking fluid so inspectors can easily see whether any of the fluid ends up in the water streaming from residents’ faucets. Finally, companies or municipalities should have to test aquifers and drinking-water wells for chemicals before drilling begins and then as long as gas extraction continues, so changes in groundwater are obvious."


occupiers getting some simple lessons human group dynamics

“The other day, I took in $2,000. I kept $650 for my group, and gave the rest to Finance. Then I went to them with a request -- so many people need things, and they should not be going without basic comfort items -- and I was told to fill out paperwork. Paperwork! Are they the government now?” Smith fumed, even as he cajoled the passing crowd for more cash.

The Finance Committee dives on whatever dollars are raised by all the OWS working groups, said Smith, and doesn’t give it back.

Read more:

Kruman charged with attempted homicide

A 79-year-old Ligonier Township man is accused of threatening to kill a woman at his home earlier this month.
Leonard M. Kruman of Hermitage Circle was charged by township police with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, false imprisonment and resisting arrest in connection with the incident at 2 a.m. Oct. 8.

Read more: Ligonier Township man, 79, accused of making death threats - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Residents near drilling want answers

"I am a stay-at-home Mom so there is no explanation about where I could have contracted this," Squibb said from her Michigan home.

People still living in the area surrounding Squibb's old neighborhood in Wellington Estates in Flower Mound are concerned about possible cancer clusters, after a string of leukemia cases in children and breast cancer in women. State air testing near some natural gas facilities revealed high levels of benzene, a cancer-causing toxin. "People are getting sick and it doesn't matter what color they are or their economic situation," Sharon Wilson, organizer with the Texas Oil & Gas Accountability Project, said. "The thing that all of these people have in common is oil and gas drilling in their neighborhood."

Watch the 2-minute news report at,0,5969894.story

excellent article shared by Rose

Schools nationwide have rushed to supply their classrooms with computers, and many policy makers say it is foolish to do otherwise. But the contrarian point of view can be found at the epicenter of the tech economy, where some parents and educators have a message: computers and schools don’t mix.

Read more in the NYT.

Chick says Somerset Trust will be open soon.

Monday will begin the last week of preparation to finalize the work on the Somerset Trust Branch in Ligonier.  The bank will be open on the following Monday, October 31rst.  Things are either winding down or ramping up, depending on your view.  The carpet will be installed on Monday.  There are a lot of details remaining in the finish work of construction but our Job Superintendant, Chuck Sergent tells me, “We’ll be there”.


Ligonier Valley Marching Band

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forbes magazine on ending allowances for O+G industry

Scientist Calls For End To Percentage Depletion for All Extraction - Not Just Oil

"Mineral resources extracted from public land are royalty free. Public mineral resources become private the minute you pull them from the ground, meaning the only costs incurred from mining on public land are operating expenses. It turns out you don’t even have to own a gold mine to own a gold mine! Perhaps you can see the problem here. A mine on public land apparently has no value to the taxpayers who own it, but to the extraction company reaping the benefits, it can be treated like a multi-million dollar tax liability.

There is certainly a boom in the leasing of petroleum rights on public lands, but for the taxpayers this venture isn’t nearly so lucrative. Oil and gas companies enjoy savings of over $500 million each year from percentage depletion allowances in addition to other subsidies such as $6 billion in royalty free extraction from public land over the next 5 years according a report to the Government Accountability Office. Meanwhile, the societal, health and environmental costs of petroleum use are immeasurable. Estimates range from $500 billion to over $1 trillion dollars each year in added healthcare costs and environmental damage."

Go to Forbes for the article,

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Cool Springs Express Restaurant and Tavern

Celtic Culture Shop, Ligonier, PA

LigonierTV visits Compass Inn Museum

Roll With The Flow

Gov. Gary Johnson Among the Occupy Wall Street Protesters

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Homemade Fresh Organic GREENS and BEANS SOUP at Rosary Acres

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troop withdrawal from Iraq

The Obama administration has decided to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq by the end of the year after failing to reach an agreement with the Iraqi government that would have left several thousand troops there for special operations and training.

President Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki spoke Friday morning to cement that agreement in a scheduled telephone call, according to people familiar with the agreement.

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