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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

more ofPaul O'Hanlon, Feb 29, 2012, speaking on public transit cuts


IMG_8892 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_8892, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.


IMG_8887 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_8887, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.


IMG_8876 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_8876, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

Butler gas wells had casing failures, water went bad

"At least two gas wells near a community that's complained of sudden drinking water pollution developed casing problems during the drilling process, but neither Rex Energy Corp. nor state environmental regulators disclosed those problems during recent discussions about the contamination. A cement well casing is meant to prevent natural gas or fluids from leaking into nearby aquifers during the drilling and hydrofracturing, or fracking, of wells. [...]

Since early last year, people (from the Woodlands area) have complained of suddenly discolored and smelly water, unexplained illnesses, and tests that suggest the presence of industrial chemicals in their water."

Update: Speakers from the Woodlands area of Connoquenessing and others will talk about their continuing nightmare at a rally on Thursday afternoon in Butler. They will march to Rex Energy’s Butler office and demand that Rex Energy and their subsidiaries be held accountable for the loss of water documented by the families in the Woodlands area of Connoquenessing.

The Keystone XL Flim-Flam

"Aside from inevitable environmental damage from pipeline leaks, and the fact that this foreign-owned corporation would use the autocratic power of eminent domain to take land from unwilling sellers along the 2,000 mile route, here's something not to like: The gasoline and diesel that would be made from this Canadian crude would not go to American gas pumps, but to foreign markets.

The dirty little secret that those pushing so urgently for building Keystone XL don't want you to know is that the tar sands oil producers are in cahoots with Texas refineries to move the product onto the lucrative global export market, selling it to buyers in Europe, Latin America and China — not to you and me. The pipeline and the toxic crude it'll carry across six states would do absolutely nothing to shave even a penny off of the price we pay at the pump."

Paul O'Hanlon, Feb 29, 2012, speaking at pgh transit cuts hearing

Experts: Fracking depletes water supply

"When water is used for fracking, it's used to extinction. It's taken out of the hydrological cycle, never used again," Phillip Doe, a former environmental compliance officer for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, said Thursday. "When they say 5 million gallons for a frack, they're talking about 5 million gallons that will never see light again, and that's if they're lucky."

Speaking during a League of Women Voters Cross Currents forum on hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," for oil and gas drilling, Doe said one of the biggest challenges facing the Front Range today is the amount of water used for drilling for oil and natural gas. That's because water used for agriculture and most other uses is returned into the hydrological cycle and used again."

A Real School Board In Action!

Pinch me! I must be dreaming. There is actually a school board who conducts business above board , in the open for the students and the community and not for "friends" with hidden agendas.

APOLLO-RIDGE: Board director resigns By SAM KUSIC | Posted: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 2:15 am SPRING CHURCH -- The Apollo-Ridge school board has accepted the resignation of director Kathy Taylor, and it intends to name her replacement next month. Taylor's resignation, which the board accepted unanimously during a meeting Monday, was effective immediately. Board President Gregory Primm said that Taylor is stepping down due to a conflict in her schedule. He said she had an unexpected opportunity to take some classes toward a doctoral degree and therefore was unable to devote time to the school board. Taylor was elected to office last year and was about three months into her term. Primm said the board will be accepting letters of interest from district residents interested in serving in her place. Candidates are to be interviewed publicly during a workshop session March 19. The board will make a decision the following week, on March 26. To introduce some objectivity into the process, the board scores candidates' answers to interview questions, with each board member awarding points to each candidate. The candidate with the most collective points wins the nomination.
Mary Raich

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

any opportunity to make a fashion statement

enjoying a day at Stoughton Beach with family

News from The Art Room

Mom's Night Out
at The Art Room
(1st Thursday of every month)
Date: Thursday March 1, 2012
Time: 6:30 - 9?
Cost: $30
Project: Handmade Spring, Mother's Day, & Easter Cards (some examples above)
Cost includes all materials & as well as a wonderful spread of appetizers from Out of the Fire Cafe!! BYOB if you wish. Come alone or bring a friend - join a great group of ladies for a fun night out!
Reserve today - space is limited!
RSVP by Weds. 2/29
724-995-8030 or

LVSD's Negotiator Costs Uncovered.

The LVSD hired Carl Beard (Jan 9) as their chief negotiator for contract negotiations. I inquired about his rates for these services and was supplied a document that read "Attestation of Non -Existence of Record" on Jan 24 by LVSD. I recently resubmitted the inquiry again.
Now I receive a copy of a letter sent to LVSD dated December 1, 2011 from Mr. Beard charging the district $155 an hour.
Obviously this letter was in the possession of the LVSD as they lied about its existence. Another example of the endless lies. The invoices paid thus far to Mr. Beard amount to $1,137.
Mary Raich

White House Vows to 'Expedite' New Pipeline Proposal

"The administration must stop trying to have it both ways. President Obama cannot expect to protect the climate and to put the country on a path toward 21st-century clean energy while simultaneously shilling for one of the dirtiest industries on Earth. What the administration seems to be missing is that the southern segment of this pipeline would exacerbate air pollution in refinery communities along the Gulf Coast and threaten our heartland with costly spills — all for oil that likely won't make it to Americans' gas tanks."

Like this shot from Dmitri's Flickr feed.

IMG_8062 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_8062, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

Aurora IMG_3836

Aurora IMG_3836 by "Dmitri" Beljan
Aurora IMG_3836, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

Aurora, whose light blue eyes are so striking!


IMG_8831 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_8831, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

pittsburgh street life

Banker to waitress: "Get a real job"

A picture can be worth a thousand words...but some background will help: A banker who ate a $135 meal at a California restaurant left his server this $1.33 tip, along with the suggestion that she get a real job. The receipt was recorded by a conflicted employee, who says that his boss "so loathes the 99% that he makes a habit of this sort of thing."

Meanwhile, in Florida, there's a move to lower the minimum wage for tipped workers from $4.65 to $2.13.

Monday, February 27, 2012

High wintertime ozone pollution near oil & gas wells

"High levels of winter ozone air pollution have been recorded in a Utah oil and gas field — after the phenomenon was seen in Wyoming — raising concerns that such pollution could become more widespread. [...]

Ozone pollution — which can impair breathing — has been an urban and summertime problem, but in the West, it has emerged as a rural winter issue. As drilling picks up, particularly in areas such as Colorado where shale oil has been discovered, the concern is that the problem could grow."


IMG_8805 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_8805, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

Downtown Pittsburgh

This Week's Movie (March 2, 3 & 4)

The Adventures of Tintin 

Running Time: 107 min, Rated PG  -  Animation | Action | Adventure  

Intrepid reporter Tintin and Captain Haddock set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock's ancestor.

Lincoln Highway Experience to Host “Pennsylvania’s Roads”

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor will present “Pennsylvania’s Roads: From the Lincoln t0 Eisenhower” on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 2 p.m. at the Lincoln Highway Experience, 3435 Route 30 East (near Kingston Dam) in Latrobe.

Presenter Jeffrey Kitsko is an expert on the history of Pennsylvania’s roadways. His award-winning website – – has been featured in numerous publications and online resources.

Since a young man, Kitsko has acquired an extensive collection of historic maps and photographs. During his visual presentation, he will explore the history of the Lincoln Highway, the PA Turnpike, and the Interstate Highway System as envisioned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Also discussed will be the roadway construction from the time of the named auto routes, transportation issues, and the importance of preserving the early motoring slice of Americana known as the Lincoln Highway.

Due to limited seating, advanced reservations are required. Visit to make reservations through PayPal, or call 724-879-4241. A fee of $10 per person ($7 for Friends of the Lincoln Highway) will include light refreshments.

Much to Savor, and Worry About, Amid Mild Winter’s Early Blooms

"David W. Wolfe, a professor of plant and soil ecology at Cornell University and an expert on climate change, said the temperatures this winter appeared to “represent an extreme,” even within the context of climate change. But, he said, the federal climate-zone guides from 1960, 1990 and this year reveal “an extremely fast pace” of change. “This winter, when they do the final analysis, will be close to an all-time record breaker,” Dr. Wolfe said. “It’s a rare event. But I think it will become less rare.”

That is little solace to farmers, horticulturalists and home gardeners, who have worried about their Linkcharges this winter. Rod Dressel Sr., who owns a 300-acre apple orchard in the Hudson Valley, said the buds on his trees were starting to swell. If the trees flower too early, a freeze could kill the blossoms and, with them, the promise of apples this fall."

today is Occupy the Food System Day

"Occupy our Food Supply is a day to reclaim our most basic life support system – our food – from corporate control. It is an unprecedented day of solidarity to create local, just solutions that steer our society away from the stranglehold of industrial food giants like Cargill and Monsanto.”

Take a Class

Did you know that you can take classes at Allegory Gallery?  It's true!  We are proud to offer classes from internationally known artists!  Even if you've never made a piece of jewelry in your life before, you can learn to make your own!  In a lot of cases, you can learn to make the piece for less than it costs to buy it and usually you'll walk out of a class with a finished piece!

Some of the benefits of taking a local class is that you're helping support a local small business AND you're helping to support local artists.  An added benefit of taking a workshop locally is that you don't have to pay the HIGH overhead of taking the same class at a major show.  You won't have to pay for a hotel room, travel expenses, or the inflated price that the larger shows charge.  The money goes directly towards allowing an artist to create and to survive.  Small class, less cost!

I think it's important for us as a community to establish long-lasting relationships with talented artisans and craftspeople.  These are the people that we want to bring to town!  The more we can get them to come, stay and create... the better!

Allegory Gallery is thrilled to invite back, Maria Richmond!  She'll be teaching the Paisley Pendant class this upcoming weekend!  Sign up today!  You can sign up online to lock in your class or you can stop in the shop to sign up.  This is a unique opportunity to take a class from an internationally known artist!  Seize the chance to spend time with this AMAZING wire artist!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Helping Hands For Home is pleased to announce...

Helping Hands For Home is pleased to announce the new products we are using. Introducing Biokleen!

American made, biodegradable cleaning products since 1987: guaranteed to outperform leading brands and help maintain a clean, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Biokleen home cleaners are environmentally friendly green cleaners for all your household cleaning supplies. Biokleen has been making a safe cleaner for any non toxic cleaning application since 1987. Our number one goal is to provide effective products that are safe for the user and the environment. We strive to make each of our products adhere to these standards without compromising efficacy.

This line of eco friendly green cleaners is made with environmentally friendly ingredients and is 100% biodegradable. Household cleaners that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non toxic cleaning solutions produced with the most natural, premium, renewable and non petroleum based ingredients for each application. All products are non aerosol and ozone safe; our products contain No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that cause the photochemical reaction of atmospheric oxygen to smog. These products are entirely vegan and cruelty free, absolutely no animal testing.

Welcome to The Road Toad, Ligonier

Mellow Mike -- All you need is Love

Longer Version at Mellow Mike! "Your Cheatin' Heart Will Tell on You"

Mellow Mike "Waltzing to Matilda"

Special Battle Report 029 Toy Soldier's 1500 Point Tournament the_typode...

Here Comes The Sun; the lost solo guitar

Julian Lennon - Lookin' 4 Luv [Official HD Video]

Ligonier Township has a new web page.

Here's a link.


IMG_6029 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_6029, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Aurora 2

Aurora 2 by "Dmitri" Beljan
Aurora 2, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

Mellow mike back in town Ligonier tavern march 13

I spent a wonderful morning with my AP Computer Science students at Google headquarters in Bakers Square Pittsburgh. Google had an open house for selected groups, mostly schools, to showcase the opportunities and work environment that they have to offer. All I can say is that if your child has any interest at all in the CS fields the jobs out there are challenging, rewarding, plentiful, and oh yeah, pay well. With employers the quality of Google coming to our area and looking to recruit our students, all of us, parents, and educators need to make them aware of the opportunities. If you have a student strong in mathematics and interested in problem solving of any kind, do them a favor and research the CS fields. One of the young Google employees who is originally from Greece today told my students and myself that Google and other firms often have to look outside of the US for qualified employees. Why? Because our young aren't going into fields like Engineering, and Math Sciences in the numbers that we need to fulfill the demand. Just wish Google was around when I graduated with a CS degree.

Out of the Fire Cafe is GROWING!

Out of the Fire Cafe
is looking for qualified restaurant

employees to grow with us!
New restaurant opening in Ligonier &
New catering facilities opening at
Donegal location
*Chefs ($45-60K)
*Sous Chefs ($35-40K)
*Cooks ($9-14hr)
*Dishwashers ($8-10hr)
*Front of House Managers ($40-50K)
*Host/Hostess ($10-12hr)
Please send resume to
Or apply in person at Out of the Fire Café
3784 State Rt 31, Donegal, PA 15628

How was the cash mob?

I went to Martins and bought a great pair of loafers on sale for $35.  Any feedback?

Eminent domain? An imminent problem for Pennsylvania

“Eminent domain” is probably the most- feared phrase that a property owner can hear — besides, of course, foreclosure. But what is eminent domain? It’s also known as a “taking” because eminent domain is the governmental power to take private property. [...]

For all of the opportunities (and potential problems) that Marcellus Shale brings to Pennsylvania residents, eminent domain is being overlooked. It’s an imminent problem for property owners in the Keystone State. Presently, much of the focus is on laying pipes to transport the shale gas across the state and beyond. Last month, a story surfaced up in Laporte (100 miles north of Harrisburg) about a pipeline operator using eminent domain to gain access, or easement, to 150 properties in Bradford, Lycoming and Sullivan counties. "

Read the full article at

don't forget...CASH MOB today at Martins in Ligonier

What is a cash mob? It's a demonstration in support of a local business.  This one has no rules other than you go into Martins and buy anything large or small, anytime today.

If this one goes well, it would be fun to target a different business each month.  It's a good way to support our local businesses.

Martins was suggested and I think that's perfect choice because it's our oldest running store in Ligonier and they cater to both men and women.  Now is a good time to pick up end of season sale items or something new for spring.

So have fun and I plan to buy a pair of new shoes.  ;)

PS - We didn't call the folks at Martins to say anything about this so perhaps you will be the first to say that you are a CASH MOBSTER!  ;)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Canadian National Farmers Union calls for moratorium on drilling

The National Farmers Union is first large, national agricultural organization to make a clear statement that fracking for gas represents a threat to food safety, agriculture, and farmer health. The NFU represents thousands of family farms across Canada.

Their statement:
“Farmers across Canada largely depend on ground water aquifers for both domestic use and livestock production. The quality of ground water is critical to raising high quality food. Unfortunately in the experience of too many Alberta farmers and ranchers hydraulic fracturing has been associated with water well contamination and damage. That is why our organization is calling for a moratorium on this technique until these problems can be addressed.”

Need to get rid of an old refrigerator or freezer?

Looks like West Penn Power will do pickup for customers,  Call 877-270-3521 or visit

There are some restrictions because the units will be recycled.  I think they will pay YOU $50.

CASH MOB at Martins in Ligonier Saturday the 25h.






Mountain Palace - Seasonal Seafood

In view of the season, the specials this weekend will be northern Chinese style fish with vegetable and rice as well as shrimp chaofan (fried rice) with chicken potato soup each for $8.95. It appears we are approaching Spring as the daffodils and tulips begin their annual journey back for our enjoyment. The never ending miracle continues! Come to Mountain Palace this weekend to enjoy our healthy benefit authentic northern Chinese eatery. Friday 6:00 to 10:00, Saturday 11:30 to 10:00, and, this Sunday, a bit late from 12:15 to 6:00. Lacy will be presenting on behalf of Mountain Palace at The Backyard Event Center at 11:00 Sunday. The Backyard is located at 16740 Route 22 East New Florence and is located right off of the highway travelling east from the 259 to Armaugh exits. We urge everyone to experience this remarkable event center in our own back yard! Mountain palace can be reached at 724 717-8614 and located online at

Ligonier Cash Mobs!

"A new phenomenon, called “Cash Mobs,” is spreading across the country, changing the way people view local businesses. Similar to flash mobs, Cash Mobs organize customers to spend money at struggling locally owned businesses to support their community.[...]

The idea is the brainchild of Buffalo blogger and engineer Chris Smith, who said that Cash Mobs are sort of a reverse Groupon. Instead of offering people bargain-basement deals, people pay the regular price to support retailers in their communities. In a time where many small, local businesses are struggling, victims of a fallen economy, the concept is a financial relief, serving to bring communities together. "

Some Mob Rules suggestions:

Dr Quantum - Double Slit Experiment

here's the aforementioned double slit experiment

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday Lent Specials at Rosary Acres

Friday Lenten Specials...Seafood-oysters in the shell and already shucked, fresh wild COD and Salmon and shrimp peeled and cooked....New addition Fresh salads topped with fresh veggies and Tuna and LENTIL SOUP!

Rosary Acres
1869 Rt30 w
Ligonier, Pa 15658 ( next to Bull's Tavern)

Pittsburgh Dad: Deleted Scenes

The Barking Toadstool

Imagination + Visualization = Reality

PM Not Getting Cup of Coffee at White House - Global Agenda - News - Israel National News

PM Not Getting Cup of Coffee at White House - Global Agenda - News - Israel National News

Art along the Lincoln

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor will host a presentation entitled “Art along the Lincoln” on Sunday, February 26 at 2:00 p.m. at the Lincoln Highway Experience, 3435 Route 30 East (near Kingston Dam) in Latrobe.

Artist Michael Allison, the presenting speaker, has participated in art-related ventures throughout Pennsylvania for the past 40 years. He held the position of curator at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Loretto, PA from 1980-1989, founded the arts organization Art in Common, and has been directly involved with the Blair County Arts Festival. As an educator, he served for a period on the Visual Arts Advisory Panel of the PA Council on the Arts, coordinated school projects, and taught privately. His paintings and sculptures are to be found in numerous public and private collections.

Allison is no stranger to the winding asphalt and concrete ribbon known as the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor. His creative talents have previously been put to good use creating murals and restoring vintage gasoline pumps for inclusion in the 200-Mile Lincoln Highway Roadside Museum.

Recently, Allison has been assisting at the Lincoln Highway Experience with exhibit design and a mural, depicting the panoramic view from the empty curve west of Bedford where the S. S. Grand View Ship Hotel once sat.

During his discussion and visual presentation on February 26 Allison will touch upon a variety of roadside artworks, including murals, roadside giants, and gas pumps.

Reservations for “Art along the Lincoln” and can be made by calling 724-879-4241 or visit to make reservations through PayPal. A fee of $10 per person ($7 for Friends of the Lincoln Highway) will include light refreshments.

The Beanery Writers Group February 20 & February 27, 2012, Writing Prompts

I’ve been attempting, sometimes (no, often) unsuccessfully, to send out a weekly prompt from the Beanery Writers Group. I keep hearing that recipients of the prompt are writing even if they don’t send me the results. Some have sent the results, and some have been posted. I will continue sending out the prompts weekly (or at least try weekly) as long as I keep receiving positive responses.
Invent a unique Leap Year's Day celebration. Discuss it in detail.
What's the hardest thing you've ever had to wait for? Describe it in detail.
The prompt results can be sent to 
Sit down for 7 minutes and just write. Then, if you feel so inclined, develop your 7 minute writing further.
Send your results to . Even though we haven’t responded to each submitter, some responses have turned into posts on the Beanery Online Literary Magazine (
NOTE: The Beanery Online Literary Magazine seeks submissions for the winter season: Leap Year Day (Feb. 29), St. Patrick’s Day, and the Easter season.
The Beanery Writers Group meets the second and fourth Fridays (except the first Friday in October, and the second Friday in November and December). It is open to writers in all genres, either seeking assistance on a single project or ongoing membership.
The next meeting date is Friday, February 24, 2012, 1:00-3:00 p. m., at the regular place---the Coffee Bean Café (on Rt. 30 in LATROBE across from the outdoor theater). Gather early for sociability and/or eats. The back room is being reserved from noon to three-thirty, so we can gather and socialize without taking up the space for customers at the coffee shop.
Carolyn C. Holland: beanerywriters @


IMG_8669 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_8669, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

like the abstract quality here and the saturated blue...also reminds me of the famed double slit experiment in Quantum physics...which opening do you go through?if I recall correcetly: if you are a particle its one or the other, if you are a wave its both

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Need help with your spring cleaning?

Do you want to tackle the dreaded "junk" room or maybe even organize your closets and make room for your summer clothes? Helping Hands For Home is your number one choice in organizing and cleaning. We offer deep-cleaning, organizing, and help with upkeep. With our affordable rates, you can get the job done and have the time you want and need instead of spending grueling hours on your home projects. Leave it up to our cleaning experts to get the job done, in a timely manner and with the prices you can afford!
Call to get a FREE estimate with no obligation to a contract unless you like what you see!

Helping Hands For Home

just a simple bit of humor

just realized I am taking more time to read the LL blog and posting as I have a slow day for let me share a fav joke...

A mother gives her son two shirts for his Birth Day...the next Sunday she invites him to dinner so he wears one of the shirts... opon seeing this the mother says "whatsa matter, you didnt like the other shirt"

Basketball Playoff Information

Just in case you are looking for something to do Friday night and support our local youth at the same time, consider attending the next round of the District 6 playoffs. How nice, both teams, Girls and Boys, are playing on the same night at the same venue.

Below is information regarding play dates and times for the next round of basketball playoffs.

Location: Richland Junior/Senior High School (Both Games)
Date: Friday, February 24, 2012
Girls 6:00pm Ligonier Valley vs. Blairsville
Boys 7:30pm Ligonier Valley vs. Westmont Hilltop


(Feb. 24-25 & 26) - "BIG MIRACLE" Rated: PG - 107 min - Drama | Romance. In small town Alaska, a news reporter recruits his ex-girlfriend - a Greenpeace volunteer - on a campaign to save a family of gray whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle. An audience favorite! Starring Drew Barrymore. Fri. & Sat. @ 7:30 PM, Sun. Matinee at 2:30 PM. **REMEMBER TO ASK ABOUT THE MOVIE REWARDS CARD! **


Judge: NY town can block gas drilling in community

"Dryden, NY — A judge has ruled in favor of the Town of Dryden, stating that it has the right to keep hydraulic fracturing and natural gas drilling out of the municipality. [...] "Basically, the judge upheld the power of a town under a properly crafted zoning law to restrict the exploration and extraction of natural gas and petroleum," said Mahlon Perkins, Dryden town attorney. [...]

"This case is about land-use authority," Perkins said. "It comes down to whether a municipality that has land-use authority — such as a village, city or town — can determine where heavy industrial uses are allowed or if they are allowed, and it is not about regulating the industry.""|newswell|text|Local%20News|p

To Preserve Our Rights, We Must Stand Up For Them

On Feb. 1st, journalist Josh Fox was arrested for attempting to film a public hearing in the Science, Space and Technology committee in DC. His case was dismissed immediately though, because his arrest -- ordered by powerful Representatives on the committee looking at groundwater contamination due to fracking -- was found to be baseless and without merit.

"The First Amendment to the Constitution states explicitly “Congress shall make no law…that infringes on the Freedom of the Press.” Which means that no subcommittee rule or regulation should prohibit a respectful journalist or citizen from recording a public hearing.

trout time!

Fly fishing anglers living within a 50-mile radius of Pittsburgh may not realize that there are numerous opportunities that exist from Ligonier to Ohiopyle. 

With dozens of outstanding streams, award-winning state parks and forests and cultural and historical attractions, the Laurel Highland Trout Trail (LHTT) should lure enthusiasts to the various sites along this 70-mile region in southwestern Pennsylvania. 

Read more in the Daily American.

not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount

The Muslim Waqf was allowed to manage the site after Israel succeeded liberating the Temple Mount in 1967 at the suggestion of then Defense Minister Moshe Dayan. It maintains a discriminatory policy seeking to bar Jews entry to the site. The Israeli police, afraid of riots, allow the Jewish worshippers to be discriminated against to the point of not being allowed to even whisper prayers on the Mount.  Read more about the recent stone throwing in IsraelNationalNews.

Well, I for one am happy that I was able to stand in the place of the Holy of Holies and say a silent prayer.  Too bad I didn't know about the prohibition against Jews praying on that spot or I'd have been sure to do it aloud.  Talk about religious freedom...shheesh.


Is believing in good and evil a disqualifier?

“If somehow or another because you’re a person of faith and you believe in good and evil is a disqualifier for president, we’re going to have a very small pool of candidates who can run for president,” Santorum said.

Read more on CNN.

Zumba® Toning

Licensed Zumba Fitness® Instructor
Heather Beatty

New Florence Fire Hall Tuesday's 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Bolivar Fire Hall Friday's 6:30 - 7:30 pm and
Saturday's 10:00 - 11:00 am

Fresh Seafood twice this week at Rosary Acres (Weds and Fri)

Fresh Seafood twice this week Wednesday and Friday....
Fresh and Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon, Orange Roughy and Cooked and Peeled Ex Large Shrimp!
Rosary Acres
Natural & Organic Foods
1869 Rt30W
Ligonier, Pa 15658

Rosary Acres- What's New in the Oven!

Here is a sneak preview of FRESH HOMEMADE that we are working on its perfection soon to be available daily!

Rosary Acres
Natural & Organic Foods
1869 Rt30W( next to Bull's Tavern)
Ligonier, Pa 15658

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rams Basketball Teams win 1st Playoff round

Congratulations to the Girl's and Boy's Varsity Basketball teams for their first playoff wins. Please come out and support your team at their next playoff game.

Amidst all the political and religious controversial posts, here's a post that is local and positive for all of us !!! Go RAMS! These student athletes have worked hard all season and deserve the support of their community.

Contact the Ligonier Valley High School for more information on their next playoff game and time and hopefully, we will see you there!!

Banner hung at London's National Gallery

"Up to eight activists from environmental protest group Greenpeace climbed on to the roof of the National Gallery in London. The campaigners said they were protesting against oil firm Shell's plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. They unfurled a 40m (131ft) long banner from the roof bearing the picture of an oil rig and reading 'It's No Oil Painting'. [...]

The protesters said they had targeted the gallery as Shell is hosting an event there. One of the protesters, Hannah Davey, said: "We're here to tell Shell, and their guests, that oil companies have to keep out of the Arctic. The region is too fragile to risk an oil spill that experts say would be almost impossible to clean up.""

Needed some laughs...

...and the wild man from Texas, Jim Hightower, always delivers!

"But, as my mother used to tell me, two wrongs don't make a right. But I soon figured out that three left turns do."

"Politics isn't about left versus right; it's about top versus bottom."

Even the smallest dog can lift its leg on the tallest building."

The corporations don't have to lobby the government anymore. They are the government."

"The middle of the road is for yellow lines and dead armadillos."

His new book:
Swim Against the Current: Even A Dead Fish Can Go With the Flow

your local massage gal

I massage mobile.  1-877-213-3173 or 724-396-4337 (text or call)
I massage at the YMCA. 724-238-7580
I run specials every month. 
"my month of love special" $70 for 90 minutes of Swedish, $10 value of 
Firefly Chocolates (located at Westmoreland Mall/Hidden Valley)

you get to choose how you want to use my specials:
a massage party
 the office (employees can split the cost)

Air Force One? at Latrobe airport?

A few weeks ago I was pulling into the big parking lot where Shop'nSave is. Flying extremely low and heading to land at the airport was a large white jet and when it got even closer (right over my head) I saw "United States of America" in large blue letters on the side. My heart skipped a little. It was just so impressive! I asked someone about it and was told that this was most likely a practice touch and go landing. They are done in prep for an actual landing of the President or VP. Also, airports other than Pgh. where Air Force One (or Two) might land are planned as back-up in case of emergency, etc.

Anyone else ever seen this? Twice in the past I was late for appointments in the early A.M. when traffic was held up when VP Cheney was hunting at Rolling Rock. The doctors said that was the best excuse for being late they had ever had!


Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.
Due to family obligations The Rev. Monte W. Holland, retired pastor, will not be writing an online Lenten study series this year as he did the last two years. However, the two studies he wrote are available online either by linking to the entire list of each study, or connecting to the introduction to each study.
Each day’s study links to the following and the previous studies. These are the links:

A Daily Online Lenten Study Guide: Introduction
Post List for A Daily Online Lenten Study

Ash Wednesday: Intro to Lenten Study on the Seven Deadly Sins or

Post List for the Lenten Study: The Seven Deadly Sins

Singing into Spring

First Friday Community Series
March 2nd- 7:30 to 9:30 PM

Singing into Spring
An evening of song, led by Diane Cipa.

Sing-a-long in an evening of folk tunes and other favorites.

The First Friday Series offers the public the opportunity to hear religious, philosophical
or other vital topics affecting humankind. The belief set of a different religious tradition
or other subject is presented and discussed each month.

Free to the public - Sponsored by
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ligonier Valley
1.5 miles East of Ligonier on Route 30 (Beside Ligonier Valley Beach)
March, 2012

Pittsburgh Dad vs. Technology

Why the Ligonier Valley Railroad could not exist today

The Ligonier Valley Historical Society is sponsoring a lecture by Dave Byers. A native of Ligonier and a railroad enthusiast, Dave serves on the board for the Ligonier Valley Rail Road Association.

Thursday, Feb. 23rd

7:00 p.m.

Ligonier Town Hall Community Room

For more information, call 724-238-6818.

a funny heart attack?

Sharing this light-hearted (oops!) video on women and heart attacks, for those who haven't seen it come through email or on FB yet. The actress featured in the video, Elizabeth Banks, is well-known apparently, and a quick check suggests she hasn't actually ever had a heart attack herself. Still, it's an inspired way to present the differences between men's and women's heart attack signs:

something worse than corporate lobbyists or front groups is possible?

"Through ALEC -- the American Legislative Exchange Council -- behind closed doors, corporations hand state legislators the changes to the law they desire that directly benefit their bottom line. Along with legislators, corporations have membership in ALEC. Corporations sit on all nine ALEC task forces and vote with legislators to approve “model” bills. They have their own corporate governing board which meets jointly with the legislative board. (ALEC says that corporations do not vote on the board.) Corporations fund almost all of ALEC's operations. Participating legislators, overwhelmingly conservative Republicans, then bring those proposals home and introduce them in statehouses across the land as their own brilliant ideas and important public policy innovations—without disclosing that corporations crafted and voted on the bills. ALEC boasts that it has over 1,000 of these bills introduced by legislative members every year, with one in every five of them enacted into law."

Lost dogs....

I wish I'd snapped a photo, but there are 2 adult Labradors running around Oakwood Hills. One is black, the other brown, and both are wearing metal choke collars. I didn't see ID on either of them, and can't catch them, but wanted to put it out there that they're here. They seem very friendly and stay together.

Boomers looking for work.....

AP Interactive

Struggling with Corbett's education cuts, boards allowing drilling close to children

"In light of the $10 million budget shortfall the (Seneca Valley) school district faces for the 2011-2012 school year, officials in March also brought up the possibility of drilling for Marcellus Shale gas on the 142-acre property the district owns on Ehrman Road. The property spans Cranberry and Jackson townships. The property, which the district purchased for $4.5 million in 2002, was once under consideration for new buildings after a predicted spike in school population.

Mirka Fatschel of Seven Fields, who is the mother of three Seneca Valley students, said she didn't want Marcellus Shale drilling to take place near any of the schools. “There are many health issues we are worried about,” she said."

on the Obama food mandates

Federal garbage: It's tough enough for school boards to cut costs without new federal mandates. 

Read more: Greensburg Tuesday takes - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review