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Saturday, June 30, 2012


CMU BLDG by "Dmitri" Beljan
CMU BLDG, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

One nice thing about bus stops is they give you a chance to stop and actually look around at what you may photograph. This was taken from the stop at Forbes and Craig

photo,seen above this one, but before using pic monkey

for those interested in photo processing here is the same picture as seen above, but before I used to edit out a few leaves using the "clone" ap, in the photo above this one I took an area of sky and put it where the excess leaves were

private space mission

Today an American non-profit organization announced a space mission to map the inner solar system for evidence of asteroids that could strike the Earth. The five-and-a-half-year voyage, which the organization describes as the first privately funded deep-space mission, is due for launch in 2016 or 2017.

State legislators trying to exempt certain counties from drilling

"Democratic state Rep. Jesse White, whose Washington County district includes most of the towns challenging the gas-drilling law approved earlier this year, said the provision was a surprise. White posted this to his Facebook page: "Just found out that they're trying to jam a ban on Marcellus Shale drilling ONLY for Bucks and Montgomery Counties into the fiscal code (SB 1263) of the state budget tonight. Aside from being blatantly unconstitutional, it's horrible policy. Drill everywhere or drill nowhere, but don't let this become a political county-by-county football. Unreal." [...]

"Shortly after the House panel meeting, Clean Water Action -- a group critical of drilling and a frequent voice during the Act 13 debate -- released a statement: “Apparently Act 13 is so unpopular that some legislators in Bucks County who voted for it now want their own districts exempted from its draconian provisions," said Myron Arnowitt, the group's state director. "These secretive dealings are just the kind of politics-as-usual approach to legislation that infuriates most voters.  Legislators should not get to write special rules for themselves just because they are worried about getting re-elected.  Clean Water Action would welcome a reopening of Act 13 -- as many legislators have proposed -- but it must be done on a state-wide basis.  The Bucks County exemption to Act 13 divides counties into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ when it comes to local zoning control over gas drilling.  Municipal rights should be based on the public good, not on what party you belong to or how politically connected you are.  If this was good legislation, they wouldn’t hide it under a rock until late Friday afternoon the day of the vote.”"

Read the full story at:

Long Handled Gardening Tools Save on Your Back! Stirrup, Collinear & Tra...

Israel Air Force Targets Terrorist in Gaza, Prevents Rocket Attack on Is...

How Pennsylvania Can Help Willie and Penny Read

Friday, June 29, 2012

Art Show at The Kitchen on Main
Sunday, July 1st, 6:30-8pm

The Art Room is proud to present our
 "Summer Camp Art Show"
We will display all of our amazing works of art 
created during the four weeks of camp,
showcasing over 30 students ages 5-11.
The Kitchen on Main is located at 136 East Main St. in Ligonier - the restaurant will not be open for food service - however ,we will have a treat for the kiddos. Please stop in to encourage our young artists & view their talent. There will also be a Sunday evening concert at The Diamond beginning at 7pm -
why not make a night of it!

"so like"

Is it 'cause I'm of another generation or like what, like this guy is talking like right now at the coffee shop where I like am, and like he's all "like" repeating over and like over ....driving me crazy

woohoo! 1940 census is now searchable in Pennsylvania on ancestry,com

I hear familytree makers clapping.  ;)

Mellow Mike is taking a hiatus until July 10th.

Please pass the word.

Can a persons eyes change color ?

I mean from one day to the next. I ran into my friend Aurora at a coffee shop and just had to take some photos as seen belo. I am recalling she said something like "my eyes are really blue today" . Is that possible can a persons eyes be really blue one day and something else another? If you think your eyes change color please feel free to comment.

Aurora (2)

Aurora (2) by "Dmitri" Beljan
Aurora (2), a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.


Aurora by "Dmitri" Beljan
Aurora, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

Mountain Palace - Closed This Weekend

Mountain Palace will be closed this weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) due to unforseeable circumstances. Everyone is ok and we will be back next weekend. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Lacy, Yuzhen & Clay

Cities and townships decide to take matters into their own hands

"Seven municipalities from across the state have filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court challenging the constitutionality of Act 13, a law passed in February that charges an impact fee for natural gas wells but also overrides local governments’ zoning authority. The case was argued on June 6 and is currently under review. At first glance, the impact fee of up to $50,000 per well seems to put wealth from drilling on the Marcellus Shale into citizens’ hands. Detractors of Act 13 say, however, that it is a Trojan Horse of unwelcome stipulations.

Thanks to the law, doctors can find out what chemicals are used in fracking, the controversial drilling technique that environmentalists say turns their water taps into flamethrowers and poisons the air. But they are bound by a confidentiality clause that prevents them from telling their patients what those chemicals are. Local counties get the impact fee, but it comes with strict regulations on how it can be spent. They can use it to provide low-income housing for gas workers, for example, but not to conduct air quality testing. Most importantly, municipal zoning jurisdiction has been overruled. Now gas companies can drill wherever they like, even if local councils vote to keep the wells out of their jurisdictions.

“It gives industry the right to tell us how we’re going to plan our townships rather than the other way around,” said David M. Ball, a petitioner in the lawsuit and councilman of Peters Township, Washington County."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

well, at least the Supreme Court is calling a tax a tax...

Blurb from a March 2012 Reason article:

Why did Congress make enforcement of the insurance requirement so toothless? Presumably for the same reason it stopped calling the penalty a "tax" (as it was labeled in early versions of the law): to avoid provoking public anger with the prospect of uninsured taxpayers mercilessly hounded by the IRS. As the Tax Foundation reminds us in its brief against using the tax power to justify the insurance mandate, President Obama "abolutely reject[ed]" the notion that the penalty was a tax during the debate over the legislation. "For us to say that you've got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase," he insisted to ABC News in September 2009. After the mandate was enacted and challenged in court, the administration started calling it a tax because it initially sought to delay resolution of the issue by citing the Anti-Injunction Act. Later it abandoned that position, although it continues to call the penalty a tax when defending its constitutionality. Given the difficulty the government will have extracting this money from taxpayers, the administration probably should call the penalty a "suggested contribution."


Spread the word -- "BLUES IN THE VALLEY" is going to be an exciting night! For those of you who enjoyed the Gil Snyder Combo so much at our Chill Chaser in January (and didn't want to leave!), we're inviting all of you to experience the entire Blues Band to perform all evening long! Bring your friends and put on your dancing shoes! Doors will open at 7 PM and we will offer a Cash Bar featuring an assortment of beer and wine. Snacks will be provided. Our concession stand will also be open. Tickets are $15 and will be available at the door. (General admission seating.) ~~~ OVER 21 ONLY ~~~

We are planning on hosting a monthly BLUES IN THE VALLEY event, and this is just the beginning! Don't miss it!!


The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the individual health-insurance mandate that is at the heart of President Obama’s landmark health-care law, saying the mandate is permissible under Congress’s taxing authority.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Edible Kneads planning to make the rounds with goodies and coffee.

I hear the ladies of Edible Kneads are planning to make the rounds of Ligonier businesses with fresh bagels and other goodies.  You can buy from the cart.  What a great service.  Thanks!!!!!

Carnegie Hero Medals

Kirk Haldeman, 51, of Ligonier, and Michael Ledgard, 52, of Greensburg, also were recognized for their instincts when a bar confrontation turned deadly on July 11, 2011.

A patron left after confronting another man and returned with a rifle. Mr. Hadleman charged the gunman from across the room, pushing the rifle upward as it fired. When Mr. Hadleman had the man against a wall, Mr. Ledgard then took both men to the ground and the gunman lost control of his rifle.

Read more:

For the full list of award winners:


IMG_2525 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_2525, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

really like the old stonework found on Pittsburgh buildings

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good nite at mellow mike

Ligonier taverns best kept secret!

big tree trimming bully, West Penn Power

Is it voluntary or not?

A few weeks ago we received a notice on our door stating that the power company "would like" to trim trees on our property.

I called the gentleman in New Florence to discuss what trees he meant as I have no trees planted under the power lines.  We specifically planted hedges that would grow no higher then 20 feet - thus not touching the power lines.

He said if that was the case, they wouldn't have to trim any of our trees.  He then made a visit to our house.  Hubby was here and he indicated to Hubby that they would still like to trim back other trees in our front yard.

I called him the next day to discuss the trees in our front yard and that the branches were not over the power lines and not near the power lines and in the 12 years we had been here had never been a problem with the power lines and I did not want him to trim my trees.

I expressly got an agreement from him that they would not trim my trees.

I came home today and 5 of my trees are trimmed.  They had to use their bucket to go up and over my hedges and over my driveway to get to the trees that were not interfering with the power lines.

Good thing those fellows just quit for the day because if they were still on the road, we'd have had a discussion.

West Penn Power - You get your authority from laws and regulations and since the notice implied this was voluntary, I have to presume that you broke a law or regulation.  I will seek out this information and get back to you.

notes from Joe

The reading at Allegory Gallery turned out very well. Besides myself, Amy Yanity, local poet and originator of these particular readings, read from her own work. So did Joanne Mcgough, Jan McLaughlin and Diane Cipa. There was wine and pastries and we all had fun.

The event got me to thinking. There are a number of events in the area held for and by area writers that are not well known, sometimes even among writers. I am aware of only some of them and a quick check with a few of my writing friends turned up a surprising list. Perhaps the most well known group is the Ligonier Valley Writers, which was started a number of years ago by Clark McKowan, who has since moved to California. I am aware of this group because Clark was the first person to give me encouragement in writing and the Ligonier Valley Writers was the first writing group I joined. Another local group is the Beanery Writers, a group that meets in the Coffee Bean Café in Latrobe. I currently belong to that group. Other than those two groups, I understand there are groups located in Latrobe, Somerset, Greensburg, Scottdale, Murrysville and Delmont.

it's Mellow Mike night!!

MM is a bit of an open mike but that's only a part of what happens.  Mellow Mike is more about creating a feeling of community and laughing and singing together, so it's not what we would normally call a show or open mike, it's a fun evening get together where strangers become friends and friends groove to music and enjoy some readings.

We've been doing Mellow Mike for over two years now at the Ligonier Tavern and over that time it's always surprised us that the folks who really LOVE Mellow Mike are usually Leonard Cohen fans or after they hear a song or two BECOME Leonard Cohen fans.  LOL

We like to sing Leonard Cohen songs and Beatles mixed in with folk tunes and oldies and not so oldies and meditative musical improv, Dmitri style.  It's all very casual and not a professional performance - very pub or salon style.

MM usually starts around 7:30 on Tuesday evenings and runs until 9:30.  Folks at Mellow Mike play harmonicas, tambourines, drums, shakers or just sit and listen or get up and dance.

To give you a flavor of songs, we'll probably sing Hallelujah, Let It Be, Woodstock, Ghost Riders in the Sky, Who By Fire, Little Red Riding stuff like that.  Got it?  We'll mix in a few local poets and hopefully Pete will do some Dylan.  ;)  

MELLOW MIKEmellow mikemellow mikemellow mikemellow mikeMELLOW MIKEmellow mike

tonight at the Ligonier Tavern 7:30 to 9:30

this is what happens when my family tries to do formal it

Dog Sitter!

As always, it's the last minute and I'm looking for a dog sitter for the weekend (Fri- Mon).  I live in Laurel Mt. Boro and I need someone to come by twice a day and check in on Ada and take her for little walks.  Please call or email!  724-875-5638

events by Ligonier Radio

  • JULY 7: The Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve is Latrobe is hosting a Birds a Prey program on Saturday, July 7th beginning at 10 AM. Learn how birds of prey play important roles in our life. The program in free to the public. For more information, call 724-537-5284.
  • JULY 9: The Ligonier Theatre is sponsoring summer theatre camps for students in grades 3-12...the weeks of July 9th and July 16th. Call Cathi for more infromation at 724-238-6514.
  • JULY 16: Action for Animals will have a golf outing at the Ligonier Country Club on Monday, July 16th. Call 724-516-5806 for more information.
  • JULY 16: The Southern Allegheny Museum of the Arts will host a two week summer Art of Puppet Theatre camp for children aged 5-13 on July 16th through the 27th. The theme for this year's camp is the Year of the Dragon and gives the children the opportunity to create puppets, paint scenery and develop theatrical techniques. For registration information call SAMA at 724-238-6015.
  • JULY 20-21: The Summer in Ligonier Arts and Crafts festival will take place all around the diamond in downtown Ligonier July 20th and 21st from 9 AM-5 PM. There will be arts and crafts, entertainment, food, sidewalk sales, fun activities for the kids and buggy rides on Saturday.
  • JULY 21: The Christian Family and Children's Center presents All Out Praise, a concert to benefit the Center on Saturday, July 21st. The concert will take place at the Champion Christian School North campus in Donegal and features Christian music performers Aaron Shust and Jason Gray. Tickets are $25.00...for more information, call 724-455-2122.
  • JULY 28: Bethlen Communities will hold their annual golf outing on Saturday, July 28th at the Champion Lakes Golf Course. To register call 724-238-2235.

Monday, June 25, 2012

bear attack

A Tempe man who was attacked by a bear in his tent near Payson was in surgery Sunday afternoon at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn with severe but not life-threatening injuries.

The unidentified 30-year-old man was sleeping at 5 a.m. when the black bear attacked him at Ponderosa Campground in the Tonto National Forest just off Arizona 260 about 12 miles northeast of Payson.

Read more:

electric stove, gas dryer and TV stand - all need homes ASAP

Call Marianne at 412-817-9346.

Items in Ligonier.  You pick up.

electric stove is FREE
TV stand is FREE
gas dryer - $50

All must go by Friday.

~~~ MOVIE for June 29 & 30, July 1 ~~~


127 min - PG-13, Action | Adventure | Drama
In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen. Stars: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron

The Ligonier Theatre is located in the heart of town, just a block and a half from the Bandstand at 208 West Main Street. 724-238-6514 x 4

Lincoln Highway Experience to Host Ghost Hunters

Museum Paranormal Investigation Results to be Revealed When lead investigator Dr. Laurel J. Black and several members of Ghost Researchers in Pennsylvania (GRiP) visited the Lincoln Highway Experience museum in February to investigate for paranormal activity they brought with them highly-attuned sensitivities to otherworldly phenomenon, but also came well-equipped with technological instruments. On Sunday, July 8 at 2:00 p.m. Black and fellow researcher Sharon Edith will tell of the group’s experience investigating the nearly 200 year-old museum structure, formerly known as the Johnston House, and also present an informative overview of a fascinating field of inquiry. During the presentation Black and Edith will explain how GRiP members employ a full range of investigative methods, gathering both subjective and objective evidence: senses, feelings, and, on occasion, even psychic abilities are employed; conversely, video cameras with night-shot capability, tape recorders, digital cameras, thermometers, and K2 meters that measure electromagnetic fields are also utilized. Some of the equipment used by Black and her team will be demonstrated and Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVPs – the voices and sounds captured on recorders – from several local investigations will be played. Attendees will be encouraged to share their own experiences, ask questions about ghost lore, and, perhaps, volunteer area locations that might be haunted. In addition to heading GRiP, Black, an English professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is the faculty advisor for the student organization Paranormal Society of IUP (PSIUP). She has visited public and private haunted sites nationwide, conducted on campus and community field searches, and offered paranormal investigation workshops. The ghost hunter has also been the subject of newspaper interviews and appeared on regional television. A paranormal investigator of four years and alumna of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Sharon Edith brings to GRiP a combination of intuitive sensory-based experience and knowledge gained through ongoing work in the field of psychology to her investigative style. Her expertise includes the study of various East Asian philosophies as they relate to paranormal investigation. The Lincoln Highway Experience is located at 3435 Route 30 East (near Kingston Dam) in Latrobe. Because of limited seating, advance reservations are required. Visit to make reservations through PayPal, or call 724-879-4241. An entrance fee of $10 per person ($7 for Friends of the Lincoln Highway) includes light refreshments.

jobs posted for school district

Certain things in Life...

"Do you care how the Supreme Court rules on health care reform this week? I don’t mean in the political sense. I mean in the personal sense—because the law’s fate is a very personal matter for many millions of Americans.

They’re the Americans who have diabetes and Crohn’s disease, cancer and hay fever. They’re the Americans who don’t have access to health benefits and the Americans who have access to health benefits but can’t afford it. There are a lot of these people, more perhaps than you realize. They number in the tens of millions, for sure, and possibly in the hundreds of millions, depending on how you define the categories. If by now you’re thinking, gee, maybe I could end up becoming one of those people, you’re right. Death and taxes aren’t the only certain things in life. Accident and injury are too. They’ve plunged the lives of plenty of Americans, even those who thought they had good insurance, into financial and physical chaos."

Sunday, June 24, 2012

thrift shop safari in Ligonier

Nearly New, Maddal's, and Whistlewind for clothing and lots of little antique shops in Ligonier make this a wonderful destination for thrift store lovers.

have you ever wanted to buy a fancy broom?

LOL  I wouldn't have thought of it but over the years walking around Ligonier I had noticed a few pristine porches with a neat little porch broom hung in a handy place.

Well, I found one for my new back porch.  G2 Gallery has a line of handmade colorful brooms with matching dust pans.  I picked one with a dark stained handle, green broom and gold and red accent colors.

also had a chance to try The Kitchen

We had lunch at The Kitchen yesterday.  Took advantage of the sidewalk cafe seating and enjoyed an ahi tuna salad.  Other items tried at our table were salmon salad, salmon burger, and kitchen tacos.  Top notch quality food and service.

finally had a chance to try Mountain Palace

Love it!!  The food is unusual, so fresh and tasty.  We shared all types of dumplings, chicken with cashews and fish with colorful vegetables.  It's BYOB so we took a few beers with us but also had Jasmine tea.

What was so funny is that we headed to Ligonier Creamery for dessert and saw all the other folks who were at Mountain Palace had done the same thing.  How crazy was that?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pomme De Terre 2012 MET Final RIFAC v Ligonier bout7

Pomme De Terre 2012 MET Final RIFAC v Ligonier bout8


The Closing Specialists

vandals in Idlewild

Ligonier Township police aren’t sure why someone drove a van into a pond early Saturday in Idlewild Park & SoakZone.
About 5:30 a.m., one or more people entered the park and “possibly attempted to steal a (park-owned) van,” police Chief Mike Matrunics said.

Friday, June 22, 2012

good social libertarianism

Mary Cheney, the openly gay daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, has married her long-time partner Heather Poe, The Daily Caller has learned.
Cheney spokeswoman Kara Ahern confirmed to TheDC that the couple married Friday morning in Washington, D.C.
In a statement provided to TheDC, both the former vice president and his wife, Lynne, said they are “delighted” the couple could have their “relationship recognized.”

Read more:

Mountain Palace - Pepper Beef

This weekend's special at Mountain Palace is Chinese healthy spice beef with green peppers and rice for $8.95. Sweet bell peppers contain an alkaloid compound capsaicin. Laboratory studies suggest capsaicin has anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, analgesic, and anti-diabetic properties. It is also found to reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels in obese individuals. Chef Lacy also offers many vegetarian and gluten free options along with our regular menu of chicken cashews, hui guo rou, fish, hot pots, healthy soups, and of course our homemade dumplings. Come to Mountain Palace this weekend for a unique dining experience. Enjoy authentic northern Chinese cuisine surrounded by remarkable embroidered and porcelain art in a rustic setting. Friday 6 to 10, Saturday 12 to 10, and Sunday 12 to 6. Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake.  724 717-8614 

large lovely moth sitting on sidewalk this morning

Rolling Stone asks "What color will the sky be overhead?"

Attached to their legendary clean water, a lot of frightened New Yorkers are given a voice in a new 18-minute video just released that asks the NY governor some tough questions. Features PA folks and PA realities. (Pop Quiz: Which colleague of said governor made $1.6 billion from whom...? Answer is waiting below, nestled among lots of even more important stuff for those who drink water.) and

The sky is pink...

21 photos showing some great humanity

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wells hardly "leak-proof"

"We've heard time again that strict regulation is the key to moving forward on fracking, and that new regulations should make sure that industry constructs leak-proof wells that do not pollute the water
table. There is no such thing as a leak-proof gas well. The gas industry knows this; in fact, it has known it for decades. The part of the gas well that they're relying on to protect groundwater is simply cement: about a 1inch thick layer between the steel casing and the surrounding rock. Cement is permeable before it sets, subject to cracking afterward and can never be made leak-proof. A 1-inch layer could never be adequate when groundwater is at risk.

The gas industry's own documents and case studies show that about 6 percent of cement jobs fail immediately upon installation, and recent experience in the Pennsylvania Marcellus shale has borne this out over and over again. Pennsylvania's DEP has tracked gas leaking from wells across the state. They found 6.2 percent of new gas wells were leaking in 2010, 6.2 percent in 2011 and 7.2 percent so far in 2012. When the cement fails, it opens a pathway for gas and other toxins involved in the drilling and fracking process to migrate into groundwater and to the surface." 



IMG_2374 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_2374, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.
fellow busker and great model...was a hot day in Squirrel Hill, on Forbes near Murry

Aurora with guitar

IMG_2302 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_2302, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

busking in Squirrel Hill


IMG_2384 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_2384, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

Lincoln Highway Experience Features ISDT Motorcyclist

An Olympic Adventure on Two Wheels When Mars, PA resident Paul Danik started to tinker with a wrecked motorcycle that was collecting dust in the shed on his family’s farm, the 14 year-old boy never envisioned that the experience would be the beginning of an adventure that would eventually take him to Europe and the Olympics of Motorcycling. Danik, who today is a founding member and president of the Penton Owners Group, will recount his experiences as a representative of the United States in the International Six Days Trial (ISDT) on Sunday, June 24 at 2:00 p.m. at the Lincoln Highway Experience museum. First run in England in 1913, the ISDT was held only in Europe for many years, with interruptions during both World Wars. Known since 1980 as the International Six Days Enduro, the oldest off-road motorcycle event on the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) calendar remains a grueling test of both machine and rider. During the course of six days and for distances of 1250 miles or more, participants must adhere to stringent rules and perform his or her own track-side repairs. When the ISDT travelled abroad for the first time to the United States in 1973, Danik qualified and won a gold medal. In 1974 Danik earned a spot on the United States Trophy Team, which was comprised of the top six US riders. This honor took him on a racing journey that covered 1500 miles of Italian countryside. Danik’s program will include a visual presentation of the 1974 Camerino, Italy ISDT. Also on view will be the 1973 125cc Penton motorcycle that Danik rode when he earned his gold medal and a display of his ISDT memorabilia. The Lincoln Highway Experience is located at 3435 Route 30 East (near Kingston Dam) in Latrobe. Because of limited seating, advance reservations are encouraged. Visit to make reservations through PayPal, or call 724-879-4241. An entrance fee of $10 per person ($7 for Friends of the Lincoln Highway) includes light refreshments.

good people overshadow the bullies

Karen Klein, the bus monitor who was verbally abused in Greece, N.Y. by the group of 12- to 15-year-olds she was supervising, is about to go on one heck of a great vacation.
An Indiegogo fundraiser in her name has pulled in more than $190,000 to send her on her way. (The amount continues to rise; we’ll update the numbers as it does.)
The fundraiser was started by Reddit user Max Sidorov of Toronto, Canada. When Sidorov heard about Klein’s salary — $15,506, according to a district website — he decided she did not make enough money to have to put up with that type of harassment.

Will Fast and Furious be Obama's Watergate?

Fast and furious hasn’t been discussed a lot in the mainstream media, which is why the facts can seem so preposterous when you read them for the first time. But the story is slowly unraveling and the public is catching up with the madness. On Wednesday, the The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt over his decision to withhold documents related to the “gun walking” operation – documents that President Obama tried to keep secret by invoking executive privilege. The question of why the Prez intervened in this way will surely hang over the investigation and the White House for many months to come. Be patient, conservatives. It took nearly eight months for the Watergate break in to become a national news story. But when it finally did, it toppled a President.

"The Skeptical Environmentalist": A Conversation with John Tierney and B...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

50% off almost EVERYTHING at Whistlewind on North Fairfield

while Marianne is consolidating the store...

Help Marianne reduce inventory so Whistlewind can settle into one half of the building.  There are bargains galore!

I picked up two dresses and three tops last week at 50% off.  I love them all.  ;)

Words in Process is on Thursday this month not today. ;)

If you enjoy writing stop by Allegory Gallery on East Main tomorrow night at 7pm.

insect drones

The kinds of drones making the headlines daily are the heavily armed CIA and U.S. Army vehicles which routinely strike targets in Pakistan - killing terrorists and innocents alike.

But the real high-tech story of surveillance drones is going on at a much smaller level, as tiny remote controlled vehicles based on insects are already likely being deployed.

Read more:

Bike Rally for Kids

Once again FREE helmets for kids when they come with their bike and a guardian and participate in the program. New toddler and small helmets just in from the SW Regional Safety Network. Larger ones from our donation from EXCELA Health.
Saturday at 1:00pm at Ligonier Township Municipal Building, 1 Municipal Park Drive, Ligonier, PA (2 miles north of Ligonier off of Route 711N).

Local officials kept in the dark about spills

"PITTSBURGH - Gas drilling-related companies spilled oils, gases or chemicals about 134 times onto land and into water across Pennsylvania since Jan. 1, 2011, but the state rarely, if ever, notified the public. By law, it doesn't have to. Officials from a dozen western Pennsylvania townships affected by the spills want such notification. State Department of Environmental Protection records obtained by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review show at least 27 spills from shale drilling in 19 townships in the agency's 10-county southwestern region during that time. Most officials the newspaper contacted said they knew nothing about the incidents.

DEP officials "don't tell us any more than they have to. I think we … have a right to know," said Ed Barale, a supervisor in Amwell. DEP records show Texas-based Range Resources Corp. was responsible for a stream discharge, a drilling fluid leak and an overturned tanker spilling brine in Amwell - all of which township officials learned about weeks later from workers, Mr. Barale said. "DEP keeps you in the dark, anyhow. So I don't have much faith in them," he said." 


Something NEW is coming to Ligonier! BLUES CONCERTS are the happening thing!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"bridge of sighs"

IMG_2275 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_2275, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

from old courthouse to jail, pittsburgh

Bench in Frick Park

IMG_2279 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_2279, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

Frick Park trail

IMG_2284 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_2284, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.

Did you know?

Ligonier Country Inn

Well, here it is summer time again. We sure are busy here at the Inn with weddings, banquets, and partys .
This Wednesday is our Farmer's Fling Vendor and Craft Show .We have the following vendors coming this week...
Betty Shimsky -C. Homes
Bernadette Brownsfield - Hand Crafted Jewlery and Purses
Anna Sheasley - Tastefully Simple
Racheal Olbter -Pampered Chef
Alexis Updegraff - Pink Zebra
Donna Horner- Children toys
Becky McGee -Hand made pendants and coasters
and many more
So stop on by Wed June 20 between 5-8 pm .

Our pool area is open for dinner and drinks and the weather is cooperating.
Check out our summer hours and come in and say hello!

Sunday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Thursday 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Friday 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

We all hope to see you soon,

Maggie, PJ, and the staff of the Ligonier Country Inn.

Pittsburgh Dad: Furries

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it's Mellow Mike night!

MELLOW MIKEmellow mikemellow mikemellow mikemellow mikeMELLOW MIKEmellow mike

tonight at the Ligonier Tavern 7:30 to 9:30

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Kitchen is hopping.

Ligonier's new hot spot is The Kitchen.  Can't wait to eat there.  We tried over the weekend and it was packed.  Went to look in the windows today at lunch.  It looks beautiful in there.  They are closed on Monday but while we were peeking in four groups of potential customers came up and tried to open the doors.


Guest speaker to give cooking demonstration and advice on growing and using herbs

                LAUGHLINTOWN, Tootie Lentz, an experienced herbalist and proprietor of Lentz’s Greenhouses in Youngstown, will be presenting a program titled, “All About HERBS” on Sunday, June 22, 2012 at 1:00 pm.

This event is free and open to the public and will be held at The Conservatory – Plants and Gifts for Gardeners, located at 1367 Route 30 in Laughlintown (third building on left past Pie Shoppe).

                Ms. Lentz, who has been studying and growing herbs for 3 years, will present a special program on growing and using various herbs, including cooking demonstrations. “I hope people will come away with recipe ideas and a new appreciation and love for herbs that are both common and uncommon to the kitchen” Lentz says.   “By using fresh herbs in place of the dried variety that most people have in their kitchens, I hope I am able to show them how fresh herbs impact the dishes they love, can be used medicinally, and bring their gardens to new life.”  Those attending will have an opportunity to touch, smell and taste some unusual herbs such as Thai and African basil, different types of sages and the herbal sweetener, stevia.

Terry Coyne, proprietor of The Conservatory is a PhD nutritionist. “I have been growing and cooking with herbs for years, and many of the herbs Tootie will use can be found in my garden” Coyne says.

For additional information regarding this event, contact Terry Coyne at 724-238-2288.  It is recommended that those attending bring a lawn chair since seating will not be provided.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ligonier update on Wikipedia

Ligonier Historic District is a national historic district located at Ligonier,Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. It encompasses 419 contributing buildings, 2 contributing sites, 1 contributing structure, and 1 contributing object in the central business district and surrounding residential areas of Ligonier.,_Pennsylvania)

home tour today

Five homeowners will welcome visitors during the 2012 Annual Inside Ligonier Valley -- A Home Tour from 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. today
This year homes in Ligonier Borough, Waterford and Ligonier Valley are on the self-guided tour, which showcases the valley and its landscape.
"Some of the homes have beautiful views of the valley," said Kristen Poerschke, tour committee chairwoman.
The homes on the tour this year range from a log cabin dating to the 1700s to a modern, recently updated home.

deadly crash in Donegal

A Stahlstown woman was killed Wednesday when the car she was driving hit a utility pole about a half-mile south of the Donegal exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, state police at Greensburg said.

Friday, June 15, 2012

really enjoyed Men In Black 3 at the Ligonier Theater this evening

Hubby and I both agreed it was the best of the three film series.

Had fun before the show.  Eric raffled off hats, T-shirts and other fun stuff sent to the theater to help promote the film.  I got a MIB3 hat.

Love our local theater. ;)

Mountain Palace - Cong Bao Rou!

This weekend's special is Cong Bao Rou, a very popular northern Chinese dish made with green onions and pork and will be served with rice for $8.95. Green onions offer many health benefits including lowering blood sugar, decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure levels, reducing the risk of colon and other cancers, and reducing inflammation. Mountain Palace also offers chicken, cashews and celery; hui gou rou (twice-cooked pork) with mushrooms, green peppers and onion; fish with colorful vegetables; and our healthy soups, hot pots, and seven kinds of homemade dumplings. Come to Mountain Palace to enjoy authentic northern Chinese food prepared individually for you by Chef Lacy! Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake. Friday  6:00 to 10:00, Saturday 12:00 to 10:00, and Sunday 12:00 to 6:00.  724 717-8614 

House Hunters is a fake. Crap. One of the few shows I look for when I can't sleep. Hope Holmes is real. ;)

From bait-and-switch marriage proposals to wig-pulling, cocktail-tossing catfights, it’s safe to say we’ve grown accustomed to absurd contrivance and scripting in "reality" television. But who would expect such dramatic puppet-mastering on HGTV?

Apparently we all should have. Earlier this week on the website Hooked on Houses, former House Hunters participant Bobi Jensen called the show a sham. Jensen writes that the HGTV producers found her family’s plan to turn their current home into a rental property “boring and overdone,” and therefore crafted a narrative about their desperation for more square footage. What’s more, producers only agreed to feature Jensen’s family after they had bought their new house, forcing them to “tour” friends’ houses that weren’t even for sale to accommodate the trope of “Which one will they choose?”

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ask a Libertarian Lightning Round: Recalls, Libertarian Paternalism, & T...

50% off ALMOST everything at Whistlewind today and tomorrow!!!

That's right.

50% off ALMOST everything

at Whistlewind on North Fairfield

Will be closed this Saturday.

Ask Pittsburgh Dad on WDVE

Grilled Pizza tonight at Connections Café! Stop by BYOB.

Today's Menu...
• Mushroom Barley
• Black Bean & Mango
• Cauliflower & Peas
• Chicken & Wild Rice w/ Cranberry & Pecans
• Curry Chicken
• Mixed Tomato & Asparagus
• Summer Corn
• Sunshine Quinoa
• Tuna & Red Bean
• Zucchini Pesto
Grilled Cheese...
• Cheddar & Asparagus

Grilled pizza starts at 5pm.
Connections Café
109 S. Market St.

Chris Oldham is an OPM addict. [Other Peoples' Money]

Superintendent Chris Oldham said she's hoping the state will step up its contribution to public education in coming years.
"We're surviving another year," she said. "We've made significant cuts for the last three years and those cuts are going to seriously affect our programming. Until we get some more funding from the state, it's going to the exact same scenario one year from now."

gotta wonder if the trust documents were read by the trustees

A former Cranberry couple pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges of misappropriating $1.4 million from a trust set up for twin orphans whom they adopted after their father murdered their mother and killed himself in Florida in 2003.

Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Kevin Sasinoski sentenced Merily and Daniel Pompa to 16 years of probation and ordered them to repay the money they took.

Read more:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Margie caught a snippet of the Welsh lullaby we sang last night at Mellow Mike.



JUNE 15, 16 &  17, 2012 at the LIGONIER THEATRE, 208 W. MAIN ST.


Agent J travels in time to MIB's early years in the 1960s to stop an alien from 
assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history. 

Starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin.

See what happens when nannyism takes hold?

At the meeting, some of the members of board said they should be considering other limits on high-calorie foods.
One member, Bruce Vladeck, thinks limiting the sizes for movie theater popcorn should be considered.
"The popcorn isn't a whole lot better than the soda," Vladeck said.
Another board member thinks milk drinks should fall under the size limits.
"There are certainly milkshakes and milk-coffee beverages that have monstrous amounts of calories," said board member Dr. Joel Forman.

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IMG_2273 by "Dmitri" Beljan
IMG_2273, a photo by "Dmitri" Beljan on Flickr.
another photo of this Grande Dame, The Arrott Building , downtown Pittsburgh, before it's rendered invisible by the "evolving Pittsburgh"

Ligonier Township joins the push back on Act 13

Ligonier Township has joined several Western Pennsylvania communities in opposing the controversial Act 13, the state oil and gas law that restricts the limitations municipalities can place on Marcellus shale gas drilling.
Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution that opposes two parts of Act 13 that they say takes away the "reasonable regulation of land use and planning by Ligonier Township" and "denies the rights of local citizens to due process and protection of basic and fundamental rights."

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

it's Mellow Mike night!

MM is a bit of an open mike but that's only a part of what happens.  Mellow Mike is more about creating a feeling of community and laughing and singing together, so it's not what we would normally call a show or open mike, it's a fun evening get together where strangers become friends and friends groove to music and enjoy some readings.

We've been doing Mellow Mike for over two years now at the Ligonier Tavern and over that time it's always surprised us that the folks who really LOVE Mellow Mike are usually Leonard Cohen fans or after they hear a song or two BECOME Leonard Cohen fans.  LOL

We like to sing Leonard Cohen songs and Beatles mixed in with folk tunes and oldies and not so oldies and meditative musical improv, Dmitri style.  It's all very casual and not a professional performance - very pub or salon style.

MM usually starts around 7:30 on Tuesday evenings and runs until 9:30.  Folks at Mellow Mike play harmonicas, tambourines, drums, shakers or just sit and listen or get up and dance.

To give you a flavor of songs, we'll probably sing Hallelujah, Let It Be, Woodstock, Ghost Riders in the Sky, Who By Fire, Little Red Riding stuff like that.  Got it?  We'll mix in a few local poets and hopefully Pete will do some Dylan.  ;)  

MELLOW MIKEmellow mikemellow mikemellow mikemellow mikeMELLOW MIKEmellow mike

tonight at the Ligonier Tavern 7:30 to 9:30