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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

it's almost Hanukkah

Isn't this a pretty picture? I found it on this blog in a Google search.

I've got my mind on Hanukkah because I'll be participating in the First Friday Series at the UU Church on December 7th and I get to say a few words about the holiday. There's so much that can be said but this will be an evening to discuss the importance of light as a part of the festivals that take place in winter.  I'm looking forward to hearing about all the festivals of light that will be discussed that evening.

Speaking of Hanukkah, I had to chuckle this evening at Giant Eagle.  As I rounded the corner after the bread section turning into the second aisle where they have the cookies, I noticed a display of Christmas cards.  My mind went BING and I remembered that I need to pick up a few Hanukkah cards for family and friends.

I turned around and went over to the big card display back in the corner.  I searched and searched but darned if I could find one Hanukkah card.  It made me chuckle because that's one of those things about Ligonier.  It's a city feeling kinda small town and I like that but it's also a place that probably doesn't have Hanukkah cards at the local Giant Eagle.  I'll have to remember to run over to Kelly's place when I take the mail to the post office.  I'll bet she carries one or two at The Paper House.

As I made my way through the store I pondered on how many customers in Ligonier are Jewish or have Jewish friends.  As I passed through the bakery section on the way to the checkout counters, I remembered one Jewish friend who lives in Ligonier commenting that the only time the Ligonier Giant Eagle sells Challah bread is for Easter which is also during Passover making it a forbidden food for Jews. I chuckled to myself again.

Moved up to the cashier, started placing my goods on the belt and a lady with her arms filled with groceries moved into line behind me.  As I made room for her to place her items on the belt behind mine, I thought, "she looks Jewish", then I looked down and saw that she was buying about ten packs of bacon.  ChuckledOL  Probably not.  ;)