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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year, Ligonier!

Double Happiness at Allegory Gallery

Please join us at Allegory Gallery for a very special event on Friday, January 4th from 5PM to 8PM.  We will be celebrating the opening of Jessica Wiesel's latest show, "Double Happiness"!  Come by and check out her whimsical fabric pieces using embroidery and applique techniques.  She is coming all the way from Asheville, North Carolina to join us... so show your support for the arts in Ligoiner and welcome this very talented artist!

As an added bonus, Amy Yanity will be doing a reading from her forthcoming novel, "Tom None".  Flush with rich detail and laced with natural observations, this fantastical search for identity marries the hero's quest with a coming of age story.  Amy will be reading around 7PM!

Don't let the snow scare you off!  We'll keep it nice and warm in gallery and serve lots of free food and beverages!

 Keep those sidewalks shoveled!

Took my daily walk around town today and found it a little more challenging than usual.
I don't believe the borough has rescinded the ordinance about clearing snow from the sidewalks, but it certainly isn't being enforced. In fact, if you walk regularly up and down Main Street as I do, you pretty much know where the sidewalks will be difficult or dangerous to navigate.
Obviously, some residents and business owners take great pride in keeping their sidewalks clear and dry and safe for pedestrians. Others make no effort, all winter long.
What surprised me this morning was that the borough's sidewalk on Main Street adjacent to Mellon Park was still snow-covered and slippery in spots -- perhaps because of the holiday weekend. The sidewalk on Walnut Street in front of Mellon Park was no better. Seems like the borough could do a little better than this with all the equipment it has at its disposal.
By contrast, the sidewalk in front of the Ligonier Valley School District headquarters -- the old LVRR station -- was completely clear and dry. I don't believe clearing snow is a primary function of LVSD, but they do a good job at it.
The most dangerous spot I found during my walk this morning was the Dollar General parking lot. It was almost a complete sheet of ice and very difficult to navigate. I slipped and nearly lost my balance as I approached the door. They really should address this situation.
Everyone in the borough should make a greater effort to keep the sidewalks near their homes and businesses shoveled and salted for the safety of pedestrians. And if you have a fire hydrant nearby your home, keep that shoveled out too. Let's have a safe start to 2013.

Happy New Year!

Did you forget to make plans?
The Kitchen on Main
is serving a 5 course dinner tonight, 5-10pm.
There are only a few opeings still available,
call to make your last minute reservation.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

An interview with scientist, mother, cancer-survivor and poet, Sandra Steingraber

Survivor of bladder cancer in her 20s - a cancer almost always attributable to environmental exposure to carcinogens - biologist Steingraber chats with Earth Island Journal:
"What’s the connection between the crisis of toxic chemical exposure and climate change?
The environmental crisis we popularly talk about is really two twin crises. One has to do with melting icecaps and rising seas and so forth that come with a destabilizing climate caused by us using the atmosphere as a waste dump for fossil fuel combustion. The other is the crisis of toxic chemicals where we have to worry about pollution, pesticide residues in food linked to learning disabilities in children, about toxic chemicals from oil and gas exploration, especially fracking, some of which are reproductive toxins and can lead to miscarriage risks. Really the toxic crisis and the climate change crisis are two branches of the same tree. They share a common trunk – and that is our ruinous dependency on fossil fuels. When you light [fossil fuels] on fire to make energy, you threaten to destabilize the climate; when you take those hydrocarbons and use them as feedstocks for pesticides, fertilizers, plastics and all kinds of other petrochemicals, then you poison kids, you poison animals, and you have a toxic problem.
You talk about this also as a human rights problem.
It is a human rights problem because it’s poisoning and killing people through toxic contamination and it’s also degrading the ecology of the planet on which future generations will depend. We are violating the rights of future generations to have the biological resources that they need. They need pollinators. One-sixth to one-third of all the food we eat is brought to us by insect pollination and those systems are now falling to pieces. We need plankton in the ocean. Plankton provides us half the oxygen we breathe and those plankton stocks are now in trouble because of warming ocean temperatures and ocean acidification. It’s our responsibility as members of this generation to safeguard all these things for our children."

Read more of this interview at

Amy Yanity at Allegory Gallery

As a special treat, Amy Yanity, the poet of "The Weather Inside Her" and author of the blog, "The Maple Line", will be doing a reading of passages from her forthcoming novel tentatively titled, "Tom None".  This local wordsmith and teacher will be conducting her reading in conjunction with Jessica Wiesel's art opening, "Double Happiness" on Friday, January 4th at Allegory Gallery.  The opening reception is from 5PM to 8PM and Amy will be doing her reading around 7PM.  This is sure to be a magical evening!

Copies of her book, "The Weather Inside Her", will be available at Second Chapter Books for purchase.  And if you're nice, Amy will sign your copy!

giving peace a chance

Aspects of a possible confederation between a Palestinian West Bank state and the Hashemite Kingdom – not Syria – were the subject of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s recent conversation with Jordan’s King Abdullah in Amman, DEBKAfile’s sources reveal. Nothing was decided and the two leaders agreed to hold further discussions in the coming days.

This idea has become a focal talking point in Amman, Washington and Palestinian centers.

Netanyahu brought some pointed questions to the highly confidential one-on-one at the Hashemite palace: He asked the king how much responsibility would Jordan undertake in controlling West Bank security and intelligence activity? What were his plans for extending such control from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip? And how would Jordan’s intentions fit into the security arrangements demanded by Israel in both territories as part of any accord with the Palestinians?

According to US and Jordanian sources au fait with these ideas, the current goal for the next stage of Israel-Palestinian negotiations in the coming months would be a long-term interim accord. It would leave the core disputes on permanent borders, Jerusalem, the Palestinian refugees and the future of Israel’s settlements in Judea and Samaria to a later round of negotiations at some unspecified time in the future.

This made me chuckle.

"Whenever an article or editorial contains the words “needs to understand” you know that’s trouble. For one thing this phrase often means that some Western pipsqueak whose most strenuous activity is hailing a taxi is lecturing men ready to commit mass murder and crush their opponents under a hobnailed boot."

Here's the rest of the article. Carolyn

 New Word: Boilo
Pronounciation: BOY-low
Definition: alcoholic yule-tide cocktail; coal country cocktail, …1
(Not just any coal country. Pennsylvania coal country.)
…a name unique to a handful of Pennsylvania counties.
And not just any Pennsylvania coal county.

My sources speak of counties that, more than one hundred years ago, were populated with Lithuanian immigrants who mined anthracite coal. This includes the Schuylkill County community of Minersville, town where my the family of my maternal grandfather---Adam Borinsky, a. k. a. Albert Charles Briskay---emigrated from Europe to America in 1894 when my grandfather was two years old.
Thus it can be concluded that boilo is a part of my heritage, probably consumed, and perhaps made by, my ancestors, who lived in boilo’s epicenter: Brewing up a batch of wassail-like boilo is a time-honored traditional event, with roots in the early mining communities and cultures of northeast Pennsylvania, especially in the Schuylkill county area.2
The invention of Read more of this post

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bob Hope Christmases with the troops

Jessica Wiesel at Allegory Gallery

Come by for the first art exhibition of the new year at Allegory Gallery!  Jessica Wiesel will be showing fabric pieces in her upcoming show, "Double Happiness".  The show opens January 4th with a reception from 5PM to 8PM.  Meet the artist and take a look at her whimsical work!

And don't forget to stop in and see Shirleah Kelly's ballet-themed photography show, "Fanciful Interludes" before it closes!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Revelations of the New Earth

The Seer and the Sayer
Revelations of the New Earth
Author and speaker: Victoria Hanchin

Ms. Hanchin will share her true spiritual adventure, “The Seer and the Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth,” through revelations from Gaia, Mother Earth herself, as her co-adventurers and she are shown how to enter the consciousness of Oneness, to become the eyes and the mouthpiece for the transformed post-2012 New Earth. This Oneness is the 2012 rebirth that the Indigenous prophecies and religions have predicted. Victoria calls this Oneness the New Earth.

The First Friday Series offers the public the opportunity to hear religious, philosophical or other vital topics affecting humankind. The belief set of a different religious tradition or other subject is presented and discussed each month.

Free to the public - Sponsored by
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ligonier Valley
1.5 miles East of Ligonier on Route 30 (Beside Ligonier Valley Beach)

First Friday Community Series
January 4th- 7:30 to 9:30 PM


Butch asks why we don't hear more about the people saved by heroes with guns.

A friend of LRC reader Randy Peoples asked that question along with the following private gun ownership confrontations with armed criminals:
• A 1997 high school shooting in Pearl, Miss., was halted by the school's vice principal after he retrieved the Colt .45 he kept in his truck.
• A 1998 middle school shooting ended when a man living next door heard gunfire and apprehended the shooter with his shotgun.
• A 2002 terrorist attack at an Israeli school was quickly stopped by an armed teacher and a school guard.
• A 2002 law school shooting in Grundy, Va., came to an abrupt conclusion when students carrying firearms confronted the shooter.

Mountain Palace - Pork Lomein Special!

The weekend special at Mountain Palace is pork lomein for $8.95. This has been a very popular dish with its especially tasty lomein noodles. Chef Lacy thought everyone would be eating sauerkraut on Tuesday and would likely enjoy something different this weekend. Visit Mountain Palace this weekend and enjoy this delicious special or any of our other tasty and healthy authentic northern Chinese dishes. Mountain Palace will be observing our usual hours of Friday 6 to 10, Saturday 12 to 10 and Sunday 12 to 6. Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake.  724 717-8614 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

much thanks

To all the hard workers out there moving snow and helping those in trouble, THANK YOU!!

What to give the King of Beasts?

Lucifer at the London Zoo gets a prezzy.... . (He appears to have already eaten the bow.)


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hope yinz didn't forget the batteries!

We are living such a beautiful day, today, Ligonier.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Catz pajamaz

New indigo sacred threads skirts just in for last min shopping!! Open Christmas Eve till 2 724-593-2289

Winter weather comes to PA!

It was beautiful along the Loyalhanna today, with the sun shining through really crisp air...great walk with the dog after wrapping the last of the trees needing to be protected from the weather. Lovely.

Best holiday greetings to all: Belatedly, in the case of Hanukkah and Solstice, and on time for those who celebrate Christmas and many ways to celebrate in the dark days of winter!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Good day, Ligonier!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


""Skip the mall and the neighborhood store, resist the urge to shop online and, by all means, don’t buy anything you don’t truly need. So says Kalle Lasn, 70, maestro of the proudly radical magazine Adbusters, published in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mr. Lasn takes gleeful pleasure in lobbing provocations at global corporations — and his latest salvo is “Buy Nothing Christmas.”
“As our planet gets warmer, as animals go extinct, as the humans get sicker, as our economies bail and our politicians grow ever more twisted,” Americans just go shopping, Adbusters says on its Web site. Overconsumption is destroying us, yet shopping is “our solace, our sedative: consumerism is the opiate of the masses.” “We’ve got to break the habit,” Mr. Lasn said in a telephone interview. “It will be a shock, but we’ve got to shift to a new paradigm. Otherwise, I’m afraid will be facing a new Dark Age.”"

We can say "no" to the Market Magician selling fear...the niggling fear of not having enough, of not being enough, the fear of needing to appear hip, of continually having to demonstrate with purchases how well we've done, how well we think we will do in the future.

We can stop allowing Corporate America to distract us into endless buying.

Enough, we have enough

had a really fun moment in Giant Eagle today

While standing in the produce section picking out a head of cabbage I was surprised by a little girl who ran up out of nowhere and sort of growl-roared at me. I looked down, she gave me a real big smile and ran off.

That was fun. ;)

the eagle quits...

From the Hartford Courant:,0,779563.story

Not's video games, celebrities

"There are people who claim to be legitimately gobsmacked today that (NRA President) LaPierre did not come to Washington, D.C., and say, "You know, I honestly think we can give ground on the assault weapons thing." Those people need to ask themselves: Why would a guy who is paid to help assault weapon manufacturers sell assault weapons to people who want assault weapons say, "Hey, let's restrict the sales of assault weapons?" If you thought that the NRA was going to sign on to any sort of weapons ban, then you have not been paying attention to what the NRA is all about. Lots of people who have read Buzzfeed's listicle of "10 Things The NRA Blamed For The Sandy Hook Massacre" have noted that one of the things that the NRA went awfully easy on was the actual Sandy Hook Massacre-er, Adam Lanza."

Fear: Corporate interests always play on the peoples' fears of things around them, they prey on those fears...fear sells, and fear kills. (It's the magician again: "Keep your eyes on my right hand, ladies and gentlemen...!" distracting us from seeing the left hand stealing, polluting, and always making more It's their God.)

Gov. Tom Corbett discloses free trips

December 20, 2012 - HARRISBURG — Gov. Tom Corbett on Thursday defended his decision to let a businessman and campaign donor with ties to the Marcellus Shale industry cover his and first lady Susan Corbett's travel costs on a vacation to Rhode Island last year. In November, the Republican governor filed an amended version of his annual financial disclosure forms with the state Ethics Commission, showing that he'd accepted $2,323 worth of travel and hospitality from John D. Moran Jr., the president of Moran Industries, a trucking and logistics firm in Watsontown, Northumberland County.
Corbett's filing was made belatedly after a clerical error was discovered. StateImpact also reported that Moran and his wife, Ann, a member of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, collectively donated $75,000 to Corbett's 2010 campaign for governor. In his role with Team Pennsylvania, Moran traveled with Corbett on a trade mission to France and Germany that was partly used to promote the state's burgeoning natural gas industry. "A lot of people have access to me," the governor said. "They are friends." Good government groups, including Common Cause of Pennsylvania, have pressed for a ban on gifts to elected officials, arguing that they interfere with effective policymaking.

U.S. Shooting Deaths Since Sandy Hook Top 100

3 Shot And Killed In Mich... 18-Year-Old Shot Multiple Times, Dies... Man Kills Wife, Teen, Himself... Man Shoots, Kills Own Son... Cops Shoot Teen Dead... Man Gunned Down In Parking Lot... 5 Dead In Spate Of Shootings... 2 Murdered In Philly... 2 Kansas Cops Shot Dead... Shooter Killed... 4 Die In Apparent Murder-Suicide... Ga. Cop Dies From Gunshot... Argument Leads Teen To Shoot Friend... Man Shot To Death... Teen Dies After Being Tied Up, Shot... Man Shot Dead In Street... Drug Deal Leads To Shooting Death... Mother Of 2 Killed In Road Rage Shooting... Man Shoots, Kills Intruder... 1 Killed In Coney Island... Man Dies From Gunshot Wounds... Cops Investigate Gun Death... Shooting Victim's Body Found On Bike Trail... Man Charged With Shooting Own Brother Dead... Man Dies After Being Shot In Chest... Body Of Shooting Victim Found In Pickup... Teen Arrested For Robbery Shooting Death... Man Carrying 2-Year-Old Son Shot Dead... Man Fatally Shot Near Home... Parolee Dies In Shooting... 1 Killed In Buffalo Shooting... Man Shot Dead In Apartment Complex... Street Gun Battle Kills Grandma Bystander... Man, Woman Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide... Woman Shot Dead By Intruder... 14-Year-Old Arrested Over Fatal Gun Attack... Man Found Shot Dead In Parking Lot... Woman Shot In Face By Ex-Boyfriend... 1 Woman, 3 Men Shot Dead... 2 Die In Attempted Robbery... Army Reservist Shot To Death In Alley... Man Shot To Death In Bodega... 2 Shot Dead In Burned House... Man Shot During Break-In... Man Fatally Shot... 20-Year-Old Gunned Down... Man Shoots Self During Police Pursuit... 1 Killed In Baltimore Shooting... Cops ID Shooting Victim... 60-Year-Old Man Shot Dead... Shot Man's Body Found In Vacant House.... Woman Shot And Killed Outside Her Home... Shooting Victim Was 'Trying To Turn Life Around'... Slain Shooting Victim Found In Street.... Driving Altercation Leads To Shooting, 1 Dies... 3-Year-Old Dies In Accidental Shooting... Man Turns Self In After Allegedly Shooting Wife... Man Shot Dead Outside Home... 3 Slain In Separate New Orleans Shootings... Cops Investigate Shooting Death... Man Shot Dead In Ohio... Teen Shot To Death... Man Dies After Being Shot Multiple Times... Man Charged Over Son's Shooting Death... Cops Find 2 Men Shot Dead... 1 Dies In Shooting... Man Charged Over Gun Killing... 1 Shot Dead In Confrontation... Man Charged With Murder Over Shooting... Motel Owner Shot And Killed... Husband Shoots Estranged Wife Dead... Suspect Arrested Over Deputy's Shooting Death... Police Probe Fatal Shooting... Cops Kill 2 Suspects In 3 Shooting Deaths... Man Killed Fighting Back Against Robber... Man Killed In Home Invasion.... Nightclub Shooting Kills 1... Child Brain Dead After Drive By Shooting... Man Charged Over Shooting Of Ex-Wife... Body Found In Vacant House... Teen Fatally Shot... 

Pittsburgh Dad at Westmoreland Mall today

Come on dahn and say hi at the Pittsburgh Dad meet & greet at Westmoreland Mall! First floor in front of Bon Ton.

women before Twiggy or androgeny became vogue

Today's perfect woman might closely resemble a Victoria's Secret model. But 100 years ago, the female physical ideal was very different.
A series of articles in 1912 and early 1913 saw Brooklyn-born Cornell student Elsie Scheel, 24, hailed 'the most nearly perfect physical specimen of womanhood'.

Read more:
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I love this article.  Women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes.  The beauty expressed in the paintings of old, show the variety of loveliness.

I am happy that younger women are not so inclined to be unnaturally thin.  That's a good trend.  Well done, ladies.


JAMES BOND, 007, IS BACK IN "SKYFALL!" Rated PG-13, Running Time 143 minutes. 

208 West Main St


$6 Adults, $5 Senior Citizens & Students
Sunday Bargain Matinee: Just $4 for Everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mountain Palace - Christmas Weekend Seafood Happy Family Special! Nice hat!

Mountain Palace weekend special for the upcoming Christmas holiday is the seafood happy family set for $18.95. The seafood happy family includes an entrĂ©e of special Chinese fish, shrimp and scallops with broccoli and rice, Chinese salad, and small seafood happy family soup. Come this weekend and enjoy this special treat or any of our other healthy authentic northern Chinese menu items. Mountain Palace will be observing our usual hours of Friday 6 to 10, Saturday 12 to 10 and Sunday 12 to 6. Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake.  724 717-8614 
Merry Christmas from Mountain Palace!

Good morning, Ligonier!

Kate Smith introduces God Bless America

Thursday, December 20, 2012

not the end...celebrate a new beginning...hey, why not?

"It is a cosmic dawn," said Lemus. "We will recover the ability to communicate telepathically and levitate objects ... like our ancestors did."
These are not people who believe the world will end on Friday; the summit is scheduled to run through Dec. 23. Instead, participants say, they are here to celebrate the birth of a new age.
A Mexican Indian seer who calls himself Ac Tah, and who has travelled around Mexico erecting small pyramids he calls "neurological circuits," said he holds high hopes for Dec. 21.
"We are preparing ourselves to receive a huge magnetic field straight from the centre of the galaxy," he said.

thanks to Melissa for our afternoon chuckle!

a 1942 Christmas Declaration

Throughout the spring and summer of 1942, Allied leaders received a steady stream of reports about the Germans massacring tens of thousands of Jewish civilians. Information reaching the Roosevelt administration in August revealed that the killings were not random atrocities, but part of a Nazi plan to systematically annihilate all of Europe’s Jews. In late November, the State Department publicly verified this news and, on Dec. 17, the U.S. and British governments and their allies issued a declaration acknowledging and condemning the mass murder.
But aside from that Allied statement, the Roosevelt administration had no intention of doing anything in response to the killings. There was no serious consideration of opening America’s doors—or the doors of British-ruled Palestine—to Jewish refugees. There was no discussion of taking any steps to rescue the Jews. As quickly as the mass murder had been revealed, it began to fade from the public eye.
Dorothy Thompson was determined to keep that from happening. And Babe Ruth would help her.

new conservation easement

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy announced it has protected more than 37 acres of farmland through an agricultural easement at the headwaters of a notable Westmoreland County creek.
The Fairfield property sits at the headwaters of Tubmill Creek, which has been identified as a priority watershed because of the aquatic life in the stream. The creek flows northwest near the Westmoreland-Indiana County border for approximately 12.6 miles through rural forests and a small portion of agricultural land until it discharges into the Conemaugh River just west of Bolivar.

Read more: 
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Former Mobil Oil Executive, Doctors and Scientists Urge Obama to Wait on Fracking Exports Plan

"A former high-ranking Mobile Oil executive has joined more than 100 scientific and medical professionals in urging the Obama administration not to approve several proposed liquefied natural gas exporting facilitates that would expand the domestic demand for natural gas produced by the controversial, high-volume gas drilling technique known as "fracking." The development of the massive natural gas export facilities would require a "rapid increase" in fracking operations, which have been linked to water, air and soil pollution as well as health problems in communities near the drilling rigs, according to a petition filed with the White House last week by Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Health Energy (PSE). 

The scientists and medical professionals warn against creating international demand for gas produced by the already rapidly expanding fracking industry, without first conducting widespread environmental and health impact studies to ensure the American public is safe." 

Take Flight, My Boy

Veronique Pozner's eulogy for her six-year-old son Noah, killed by an assault-style rifle in Sandy Hook Elementary last Friday:

"The sky is crying, and the flags are at half-mast. It is a sad, sad day. But it is also your day, Noah, my little man. I will miss your forceful and purposeful little steps stomping through our house. I will miss your perpetual smile, the twinkle in your dark blue eyes, framed by eyelashes that would be the envy of any lady in this room. Most of all, I will miss your visions of your future. You wanted to be a doctor, a soldier, a taco factory manager. It was your favorite food, and no doubt you wanted to ensure that the world kept producing tacos.
You were a little boy whose life force had all the gravitational pull of a celestial body. You were light and love, mischief and pranks. You adored your family with every fiber of your 6-year-old being. We are all of us elevated in our humanity by having known you. A little maverick, who didn't always want to do his schoolwork or clean up his toys, when practicing his ninja moves or Super Mario on the Wii seemed far more important. Noah, you will not pass through this way again. I can only believe that you were planted on Earth to bloom in heaven. Take flight, my boy. Soar. You now have the wings you always wanted. Go to that peaceful valley that we will all one day come to know. I will join you someday. Not today. I still have lots of mommy love to give to Danielle, Michael, Sophia and Arielle.

Until then, your melody will linger in our hearts forever. Momma loves you, little man." 

video games on the hot seat

(Reuters) - The multi-billion-dollar videogame industry came under scrutiny on Wednesday after Hollywood canceled, postponed or played down a slew of movies and TV shows with violent content in the wake of last week's shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.
In Washington, Senator John Rockefeller called for a national study of the impact of violent videogames on children and a review of the rating system.

my heavens

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Spilling is just the beginning

From Bob Donnan:
"West Virginia has taken my breath away on any number of occasions in the past. In the distant past – by experiencing the world class beauty of the twisting roads and mountainous terrain from a motorcycle. In the more recent past – by witnessing the destruction of these areas from an airplane – all due to the mad rush for shale fuels.Most of the past century’s indiscretions and errs in judgment are once again revealing themselves on the face of a deeply scarred landscape. The number of pristine spots I have always considered extra special in our tri-state area are dwindling by the hour.
See how New York (and PA) could someday resemble West Virginia. Mountaintop removal… floodplain drilling… air inversions… death from a thousand pipeline cuts.
Spilling is just the beginning."


the silence is deafening...

The NRA website and Facebook page have gone dark. 

Those who fear that the outrage over Sandy Hook might actually spur meaningful action against assault weapons -- weapons of war, not sport guns -- are not-so-curiously quiet... . Word must be out from the pro-gun inner circles to all their apologists that the best short-term strategy is to let the outraged Americans have their grief and, after a few weeks, the whole thing will blow over. The business of guns and fear-mongering can then go on... . 

It's the latest, subtle "get back to shopping, America!" tactic. 

Cynical and lacking basic humanity...all for a worldview founded on division and competition for the last filthy piece of gold.

**61 mass shootings have happened in the USA since Columbine.

**34 Americans are murdered every day by guns.

**After a 1996 mass murder in Australia, legislators enacted sweeping gun control laws. Since then, there hasn't been a mass shooting, and violence has plummeted.

gotta love Buddha Doodles

Monday, December 17, 2012

Farmer jailed for defending his property

"NICHOLSON TWP. -- The Headley and Bezjak families say are regretting
their decisions to allow a new natural gas pipeline to cross their
properties. David Headley and his wife, Diane, own a 115-acre farm on Volick Road.
They sold the right-of-way for an existing gas line, but they hadn't
bargained for another gas line that is planned for their property.
When the pipeline's pathway poised to cross Georges Creek, Headley
contacted the state Department of Environmental Protection after
drilling left a bentonite spill.

Joe Bezjak of Smithfield-New Geneva Road said his herd of about 180
head of black Angus cattle was harmed after gas drillers tore down a
fence that separated the two herds. Without the fence, the cattle
inter-breeded. "That ruined the herd -- more than 40 years worth of work down the
drain," Bezjak said. "They practically ruined my entire breeding
stock." The pipeline is owned and operated by Williams Laurel Mountain
Midstream, which has its regional headquarters in Moon Township and
its corporate headquarters in Tulsa, Okla. The new pipeline's fate is far from certain."

Update: Joe Bezjak was arrested on Friday and thrown in Fayette County jail over the weekend after he caught Williams Mountain Midstream workers dumping mine water on his cow pasture and confronted them. That's right, the property owner being wronged was the one arrested while those doing the illegal dumping walked free. Justice in Corporate America.

A Culture That Condones The Killing Of Children And Teaches Children To Kill

"The Sandy Hook massacre isn’t just about the need for gun control laws, it is about a culture that condones the killing of children and teaches children that killing is okay. It is about a country addicted to violence on television and movie screens. It is about cuts in education spending. It is about giving the military free access to our schools where they regale our children with romanticized delusions of military righteousness. It is about environmental and health policies that expose our children to all manner of toxins in the air, land and water. It is about thinking we have the right to kill children with drones or by dropping toxic munitions on their countries that cause birth defects and miscarriages. It is about saddling our children with crippling education debt and no prospect for jobs. It is about telling boys (and men) they have to be tough and to fight and kill for what they want or think is right. It is about a national policy that denies children basic rights and systemically teaches them that violence is okay.

And it is about a media so insensitive that it thinks it is okay to shove a microphone in the face of young victims in the name of sensationalized 24/7 cable “news” while under-reporting the root causes of this tragedy. Sandy Hook did not happen because of a lone, disturbed young man and it is not an isolated incident. It is an epidemic and we are all to blame. And today (and tomorrow and every day after that) is the time to confront this self-inflicted tragedy."


"Condolences are not enough"

"The president promised in his 2008 election campaign to press for a reinstatement of the 1994 ban on assault weapons and large magazine clips which expired under the Bush administration. But Obama did not act on the issue. Apparently fearful of voters with strong pro-gun views in swing states, he shied away from pressing for fresh controls. Instead, since coming to power, Obama has signed laws allowing people to carry guns in national parks and failed to use his existing powers to block the import of semi-automatic weapons and clips that hold large numbers of bullets.

He was silent when the supreme court effectively extended gun rights by striking down local bans on handguns, and when many states permitted the carrying of concealed weapons even in places such as bars, schools and churches. Critics also say the president has failed to enforce existing regulations, particularly background checks on people with criminal records or a history of mental illness. The New York Times on Sunday reported that the justice department drew up proposals to tighten background checks following the shooting of Giffords and others in Tucson but they were shelved for fear of costing the president support during the election campaign."

The question now is whether the tragedy of Newtown will change that.

Do We Have the Courage to Stop This?

"The fundamental reason kids are dying in massacres like this one is not that we have lunatics or criminals — all countries have them — but that we suffer from a political failure to regulate guns. Children ages 5 to 14 in America are 13 times as likely to be murdered with guns as children in other industrialized countries, according to David Hemenway, a public health specialist at Harvard who has written an excellent book on gun violence.So let’s treat firearms rationally as the center of a public health crisis that claims one life every 20 minutes. The United States realistically isn’t going to ban guns, but we can take steps to reduce the carnage. 

American schoolchildren are protected by building codes that govern stairways and windows. School buses must meet safety standards, and the bus drivers have to pass tests. Cafeteria food is regulated for safety. The only things we seem lax about are the things most likely to kill. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has five pages of regulations about ladders, while federal authorities shrug at serious curbs on firearms. Ladders kill around 300 Americans a year, and guns 30,000. We even regulate toy guns, by requiring orange tips — but lawmakers don’t have the gumption to stand up to National Rifle Association extremists and regulate real guns as carefully as we do toys. What do we make of the contrast between heroic teachers who stand up to a gunman and craven, feckless politicians who won’t stand up to the N.R.A.? As one of my Facebook followers wrote after I posted about the shooting, “It is more difficult to adopt a pet than it is to buy a gun.”"

glorification of violence

I am a gun owner and an advocate for gun rights.  If some lunatic invades my home, I will defend myself.  If a coyote tries to take one of my cats, he or she is toast.

That said, I am deeply disturbed by violence in movies in the news, in books, on TV, and what I see of the video games people play.  I don't get the glorification of violence.

This subject was raised yesterday by a woman expressing her grief over the tragedy on Friday.

Why do we glorify violence? Why is it so hard to select a movie that doesn't have a gun on the poster?

That got me thinking about the children, the young, who go through a normal process of rebelling against their parents and elders.  It is my sincere hope that the young people might decide to rebel against the glorification of violence and choose to reject films and games that make us forget about the sanctity of life, that make us not see the horror or the pain of death.

Wouldn't that be something if the new cool and hip way was to reject guns as entertainment?

focus on treating mental illness

Families and doctors who treat the mentally ill say they hope that Friday's tragedy in Newtown, Conn., will refocus the nation's attention on improving mental health services.
Police have not yet released details about the motives or mental state of shooter Adam Lanza. But the perpetrators of similar mass murders -- at Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University and a Tucson gathering for Rep. Gabby Giffords, for example -- all suffered from serious mental health conditions.

Jessica Wiesel: Double Happiness

Speaking of unicorns... Asheville-based artist and designer, Jessica Wiesel, employs an arsenal of textile techniques in her whimsical art exhibition, "Double Happiness".  The exhibit will run from January 4th to January 31st with an opening reception on Friday, January 4th from 5PM to 8PM.  The opening reception is free of charge, family-friendly and open to the public.  Come by and enjoy her fantastical creations!  This is Jessica's first solo art exhibition at Allegory Gallery.

Unicorns and Rainbows

In a recent comment, I was informed that "not everything is unicorns and rainbows".  Let me make this clear... I will always choose unicorns and rainbows.  The unicorn is an archetypal symbol of goodness, purity, and righteousness.  For more examples of Team Unicorn, check out this awesome anthology by a group of young adult genre authors, "Zombies vs. Unicorns".  And I don't think it needs to be said, but rainbows symbolize better days to come and an end of hard times.  In the Bible, it was God's promise never to destroy the world by water again.  At this time, when there's so much senseless death (abroad and in our own country) and hardship within our own community, I can't imagine a time we didn't need a rainbow more.

Fantasy, imagination and positive-thinking are key ingredients to weather any storm.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to Plant Bulbs in Winter!

Bing Crosby - Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas Song)

WTAE's Adventure Time

How many of you wrote letters to Santa and sent them to Paul Shannon who sent them to Santa in a big rocket?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ligonier After Hours pages

I'd like to update the Ligonier After Hours pages here on Ligonier Living.  These are the most frequently used links by visitors from out of the area and so I do think it's important to have good info posted.

If you have a Ligonier business that is open after 5pm on Monday thru friday or open on Saturdays or Sundays, please check to see if you are on the correct page.  If not, send me your information in an email to

Rev. Bully

"Just know one thing, Rick Snyder: You sign that bill, you won't get no rest," said Rev. Charles Williams II at the Tuesday rally in Lansing, according to Michigan Capitol Confidential. "We'll meet you on Geddes Road. We'll be at your daughter's soccer game. We'll visit you at your church. We'll be at your office."



parking fines go up in Ligonier Borough

While Ligonier residents won‘t face a tax increase in 2013, parking violators will see an increase in fines.

Council members approved the final $1.1 million budget Thursday night, as well as an amendment to the vehicles and traffic ordinance, which updated the code to meet state standards and raised several fines.

The borough will use up its remaining 500 tickets before issuing new ones that list the new fines.
Secretary-treasurer Paul Fry said he expects new tickets to go out around Jan. 2.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Bricks Are "Drinking With Santa" Tonight at the Ligonier Tavern!!!

It's the annual DRINKING WITH SANTA at the Ligonier Tavern tonight!! (Friday, 12/14)   Come on out and enjoy the music of The Bricks and enjoy some liquid Christmas Spirits with Jolly Old St. Nick himself.  It's been rumored he has naughty elves that have all kinds of surprises in store!   The fun starts at 8:00 p.m.


Main Exhibit Gallery is having a sale on WatchCraft watches 'til December 24. Pick up this week's Echo and get 20% off a watch with the ad. Made in the USA!


We're open Friday nights until 7pm.  Our hours for the holiday season are Monday-Thursday 11-5, Friday 11-7, Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 12:30-5.

Mountain Palace - Broccoli!

The weekend special at Mountain Palace is pork with broccoli and rice for $8.95. This healthiest of all vegetables is once again featured for your nutritious eating enjoyment. As we enter the Christmas holiday season why not enjoy some authentic northern Chinese food in our unique setting. Select the special or choose from our regular menu of homemade miracle dumplings, hot pots, healthy soups, chicken with cashews and celery, hui guo rou (twice cooked pork with mushrooms, green peppers and onions) or pan fried fish with colorful vegetables. We offer a number of vegetarian options and, as every meal is individually prepared by Chef Lacy, can accommodate food allergies and special requests. Friday 6 to 10, Saturday 12 to 10 and Sunday 12 to 6. Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake.  724 717-8614 

Mellow Mike night changes

Morning, Ligonier:

Mellow Mike will be at the Catz Pajamas this coming Tuesday.  Joy has a new store and we'll be checking it out and playing some music.  BYOB.

We'll skip the next two weeks for the holidays and then starting in January, Mellow Mike will switch over to Monday nights 7:30 to 9:30 at the Ligonier Tavern.

Bring your gitars, voices, poetry and what not and we'll have a good time. ;)

interesting notes on the Syrian conflict

–The Libyan government gave 50 percent of the funds to finance the budget of the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Syrian National Council (SNC) budget. Since Libya is very much a U.S. client, it’s reasonable to conclude that the Obama Administration encouraged this generosity. Yet this money was financing a Muslim Brotherhood front.

By the same token, a lot of arms have been flowing from Libya to Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip and to radical forces in Syria. Some claim that the U.S. government was coordinating that traffic though this has not yet been proven. But at least indirectly the U.S. government was helping to arm the Brotherhood by overseeing Qatar and Turkey delivering weapons to the Brotherhood’s militia without making any attempt to identify and arm moderate and non-Islamist forces instead.

This means the Obama Administration was using a barely disguised channel to pay for a revolutionary Islamist movement seeking to take over Syria. The fact that this group was also anti-American, antisemitic, and genocidal toward Jews seems significant.

The rest of the SNC budget came from Qatar (38 percent) and Saudi Arabia (12 percent).

Latma reveals the real Churchill

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Men's American eagle

Catz pajamaz 724-593-catz

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'I'd Rather Fight Like Hell'

'Climate change is the human-rights struggle of our time'

 "Then she offered an anecdote, as if to dispel any assumptions that she's a conventional green, planet-saving type. Fresh from the Superstorm Sandy disaster zone, she described visiting an "amazing" community farm in Brooklyn's Red Hook that had been flooded. "They were doing everything right, when it comes to climate," she said. "Growing organic, localizing their food system, sequestering carbon, not using fossil-fuel inputs — all the good stuff." Then came Sandy. "They lose their entire fall harvest, and they're pretty sure their soil is now contaminated, because the water that flooded them was so polluted." "So, yeah," she said, "it's important to build local alternatives, we have to do it, but unless we are really going after the source of the problem" — namely, the fossil-fuel industry and its lock on Washington — "we are gonna get inundated."

For McKibben and Klein, going after that source means, to begin with, going after the industry's business model and its very legitimacy. To that end, they've used the sold-out national tour, which ended on December 3 in Salt Lake City, to help launch a student-led divestment campaign calling on universities to stop investing in fossil fuels. As of early December, that effort had already spread to more than 150 campuses around the country, including more than a dozen in New England. The point of divestment may not be whatever economic leverage it can wield over some of the richest companies on Earth, but instead a kind of moral leverage, as a rallying point for a broad-based movement — committed to mass protest and nonviolent direct action — that aims to delegitimize what McKibben calls a "rogue" industry and its lobby." and

EPA allowed waste injection that polluted at least 100 aquifers

"Federal officials have given energy and mining companies permission to pollute aquifers in more than 1,500 places across the country, releasing toxic material into underground reservoirs that help supply more than half of the nation's drinking water. In many cases, the Environmental Protection Agency has granted these so-called aquifer exemptions in Western states now stricken by drought and increasingly desperate for water. EPA records show that portions of at least 100 drinking water aquifers have been written off because exemptions have allowed them to be used as dumping grounds.

"You are sacrificing these aquifers," said Mark Williams, a hydrologist at the University of Colorado and a member of a National Science Foundation team studying the effects of energy development on the environment. "By definition, you are putting pollution into them. ... If you are looking 50 to 100 years down the road, this is not a good way to go."

Sancta Lucia Day - December 13

Today, December 13, is SANCTA LUCIA DAY, a Swedish (Scandinavian) tradition out of an Italian tradition.


Take the Sancta Lucia quiz before reading about the December 13th Swedish celebration:


The Sancta Lucia celebration is rooted in what country?


Lucia was born into a poor peasant family in Sweden.  T  F


Lucia married into a Pagan family.  T  F


The Sancta Lucia celebration isn’t a major Christian event in Sweden. T  F


Found guilty of treason, Lucia was sentenced to a life of servitude and _______________.


Lucia remained a virgin in the tradition of St. Agatha.  T  F


At _____ a. m. On December 13th the (youngest – oldest) daughter in a household, places a wreath containing lit candles on her head, awakens her family members, and serves them Lucia buns.



   December 13 is Sancta Lucia Day in Sweden. Its roots---both sacred and secular---can be traced through Swedish history and medieval custom to the 4th century martyrdom of a Sicilian virgin named Lucia.

   The eldest daughter of a household rises in the wee morning hours (to continue reading click on

For More Info, go to: