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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Beanery Writers Group March 4 & March 11, 2013, Writing Prompts


I’ve been posting  a bi-monthly prompt from the Beanery Writers Group. I keep hearing that recipients of the prompt are writing even if they don’t send me the results. Some have sent the results, and some have been posted. I will continue sending out the prompts weekly (or at least try weekly) as long as I keep receiving positive responses.
NOTE: The Beanery Writers annual print publication is now available. They can be purchased for $4.50 from the Second Chapter Bookstore on West Main Street, Ligonier. from any member, or by contacting me at 724 238 3493.
These booklets make a great substitution for a get well, birthday, or any other occasion card.
The Beanery Online Literary Magazine is up and running, albeit poorly. If you haven’t visited the site plan on doing so to check out the Wednesday (or Thursday, if necessary) posting .
You can be any kind of animal you want to be. What will it be? Why? What characteristics of that animal do you desire?
Write a story titled Bragging Cardinal Sins…
Email your results (the seven minute writing) to me or bring your results to the next meeting.
Hopefully, another prompt will be e-mailed next Monday.
The prompt results can be sent to 
Sit down for 7 minutes and just write. Then, if you feel so inclined, develop your 7 minute writing further.
Send your results to . Even though we haven’t responded to each submitter, some responses have turned into posts on the Beanery Online Literary Magazine (
NOTE: The Beanery Online Literary Magazine seeks submissions for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Lent, the winter season, the spring season…send to
The Beanery Writers Group meets the second and fourth Fridays (except the first Friday in October, and the second Friday in November and December). It is open to writers in all genres, either seeking assistance on a single project or ongoing membership.
The next meeting date is Friday, MARCH 7, 2013, 1:00-3:00 p. m., at the regular place---the Coffee Bean Café (on Rt. 30 in LATROBE across from the former outdoor theater and present CVS Drug Store). Gather early for sociability and/or eats. The back room is being reserved from noon to three-thirty, so we can gather and socialize without taking up the space for customers at the coffee shop.
WITH WEATHER CONDITIONS BEING WHAT THEY ARE THE MEETING MIGHT BE CANCELLED AT THE LAST MINUTE. Call me at 724 238 3493 if there is a question about inclement weather cancelling the meeting.
Carolyn Cornell Holland, facilitator, Beanery Writers Group