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Thursday, April 18, 2013

little things make a big difference

For years I had great joy going into my office each morning when I opened an old fashioned screen door on the back porch.  It was the original old door and it was in perfect condition.  One day I heard some noise and went downstairs to find two handymen had taken off the old door, destroying it in the process and replacing it with a piece of crap new door.

Today I went to work and while I was gone a plumber went by appointment to my home to fix a broken pipe leading to my outdoor faucet.  I came home to find my faucet gone and a new faucet installed  in a way that the plumber thought was better than my old faucet.  If I knew I was buying a new faucet, I wouldn't have bought this faucet and I sure wouldn't have allowed it to be secured to my house with a piece of crap plastic thing that serves no known purpose.  Looks like a Mickey Mouse job and I'll bet we get charged an arm and a leg for that crappy faucet with the crappy piece of plastic.

I don't understand how it is that the little things like a nice faucet or a great old door get lost from life without having a chance to save or preserve them.