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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

narrow minded hypocritcs - PETA

The Huffington Post ran an article last month entitled “Shocking Photos: PETA’s Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies.” It garnered nearly 5,000 comments and 244,000 Facebook likes. The article photo-documented PETA’s hypocritical actions of claiming to be outraged over “inhumane” animal treatment, but at the same time, slaughtering thousands of animals, throwing kittens and puppies in dumpsters, etc.
Curiously, PETA aren’t going after the author of that article. They’re going after a few commenters on that article.
One of those commenters called PETA “animal Kevorkians.” The animal slaughter organization wants the court to release names, e-mail addresses and other personal information about commenters like that one. They have to at least identify the people in order to sue them for defamation.