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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6 Reasons Organics Can Feed the World

"While conventional growers battle herbicide-resistant superweeds with bigger, badder chemicals, the organic crops held their own against weeds, producing just as much food as the conventional fields without the assistance of herbicide. The next time friends, family members, or even strangers tell you we need super-chemicals and GMOs to feed the world:
1. Chemical farming isn’t “feeding the world” now.
2. It takes three calories of energy to create one calorie of edible food with conventional farming.
3. Biotech crops falter and fail without expensive herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and irrigation.
4. Organic methods can produce harvests 180 percent larger than chemical farming in communities that struggle to feed themselves.  
5. We could double food production in just 10 years using organic practices and other agroecological farming methods.
6. Organic farming creates more of the resources on which our food supply relies, while conventional farming destroys them. 

See the following link for details of the above items:  (Rodale Institute)