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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Indiana resident oppose wind farm............"drives you crazy"

"Let me tell you: I live in an area where they are putting up more and more of those windmills. It started by "only 3", now there are several hundreds around here meanwhile. The first ones were built 10 or more years ago. And now they are getting bigger and bigger. And there IS a permanent noise when they are rotating. And a constant change of shade and light. It drives you crazy when you are affected. And they interfere with radio frequencies, too. Radio and cellphone reception has become a lot worse ever since. Plus, the big ones need to have permanently flashing red lights on top for air traffic. All that fits perfectly in to nature :-D
Only one thing everybody was afraid of was positive: Wildlife adopted rather quickly. Birds are breeding underneath or even on top of them. But if I look at our landscape now and compare it to how beautiful it used to be 15 years ago when there were no wind mills .....'

Greentown — It could be standing room only at future meetings of the Howard County Commissioners as a group of residents plan to fight a proposed wind farm in the eastern portion of the county.

E.ON Climate & Renewables plans to construct wind turbines in the county in the next two phases in the Wildcat Wind Farm. The project is already operating around the town of Windfall.

Approximately 75 people attended the first meeting of Howard County Residents for Safe Energy in the Greentown library Wednesday.

Susie Cox said although E.ON indicated it doesn’t plan to start the project until late 2013 or 2014, the company is speeding up the process and could file for improvement location permits in May.