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Thursday, June 13, 2013

LOL I can see this happening in Ligonier Borough. Sorry - didn't mean to give anyone new ideas. ;)

For people living in a York County condominium complex, they'll soon have to get their dogs swabbed for DNA because of what officials are calling a growing problem.

Chestnut Pointe Condo Association Board members said they will soon implement a program using "Poo-Prints", after some people have not been able to clean up after their dogs.

According to a message posted on the Dallastown condo's mailbox area and sent individually to the owners or renters of the 12 units, there have been complaints that messes are left on the grasses. One resident told CBS 21 News that because of the feces on the ground, some people have stepped in it and brought it inside the home, staining the carpets.