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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer of Love cast members pop into Mellow Mike to create some great harmonies.

Last night was a fun Mellow Mike with poignant readings and interesting music including haha - Soft Parade.  I put that one in the book a while back hoping to find the right mood in the room and it worked last night. ;)

Near the end of the evening we had a special surprise when a few cast members from the Valley Players current show - Summer of Love - popped in.  Well, Mellow Mike is the place where the music of the Summer of Love is a favorite.  Amy, Fran, Temperance and Corrie took the reins with melody and layered harmony with Mellow Mikers and WOW - what a sound.  Corrie gave us a special last song of the evening with her acapella rendition of Over the Rainbow.

There are three more shows this weekend.  Don't miss the Summer of Love at the Ligonier Theater.