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Sunday, June 2, 2013

"They Lied." about the Somerset County wind farms........

I live in Somerset County, one and one-half miles off the main road between two ridgelines.
On the west side of our home is an 18-turbine wind facility with six turbines located 1,390 to 1,500 feet from our back door.
Don’t let any one tell you that they are not loud! They sound like a huge jet hovering above our home. I have been getting readings anywhere from 55 to 70 decibels late at night.
Some people in our area are complaining about the noise a mile away. We checked and, yes, you can hear them that far away.
Now there is another wind company planning to put a wind facility on the ridge 1,800 feet from our front door on the east side of our home. The wind power company did a noise study after we asked them. We are still waiting for the results. The man who did the study told me that we will never be able to live with the noise.
As I write this letter, I am getting shadow flickering from the turbines. The flickering passes through my kitchen this time of day. It makes you dizzy. The only way to avoid it is to pull your blinds and drapes shut. I don’t like living like a bat!
We were not totally against wind turbines when they put them there, but since they began running in September our feelings have changed. They ruined the mountain, and the peace and quiet we once loved is gone.
We were told that the turbines would not cause any problems; in fact we would not even know they were there. They lied.
Ginny Deeter

When directivity and atmospheric effects coincide to increase the wind turbine noise immission at your home I am not surprised the wind turbine noise level is 70 dBA. By contrast the nighttime ambient noise level outside your home when the wind was calm may have been about 20 dBA.
There are virtually no rules governing wind farm noise immission. At most the developer is required to show the wind farm computed noise immission using ISO 9613-2. There are no requirements to disclose the nighttime wind farm noise impact or even attempt to compute the worst case nighttime wind farm noise immission levels.
George Kamperman