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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Truth and CAP!

Energy Independence? (...the gas is going to Japan.) 
Jobs? (...a relative few, for a relatively few years, until the gas is gone and the state's water and air is ruined...when the taxpayer will begin to pay to clean it up. Gee, thanks, Mr. Corbett.)
Profits? (...oh, yes, yes: For a small number of land owners and for companies who will suck PA dry of gas and then leave us with the mess. Gee, thanks, Mr. Corbett. Nice legacy.)
Ah, the smell of capitalism in the morning: The devastation disguised as "success". Attained by the relative few, aspired to by ordinary folks who rarely actually experience it, but who still support those who take all the winnings... . How very self defeating to champion the few who benefit even as you are hurt by their self-serving actions. Real self delusion, that.)
The story the oil and gas companies don't want you to know (and are spend millions hiding from you.) 
Free advance* screening Thursday, 7pm
Soldiers & Sailors Hall
4141 Fifth Avenue in Oakland
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

*Will be featured on HBO July 8th.

See you there.