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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Freaky Fruits of Fukushima

Not your average heirloom tomato there on the left...this one is from a garden downwind of the devastated Fukushima nuclear plant

Safe energy producing conditions for healthy living.

"A "steam-like gas" has been seen rising from the No. 3 reactor building at Japan's devastated Fukushima nuclear plant, where contaminated waste water remains. Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) says there is as yet no "emergency situation" and they will "continue to monitor the status closely." This is the latest in a string of problems including water leaks, power failures and last week's report of a sharp increase in radioactive cesium in groundwater. Now pictures have surfaced of grotesquely deformed fruits, vegetables and flowers near the plant. Some argue there's no definitive proof they're the result of radioactive contamination because haven't you ever heard of coincidence? We report, you decide."
(more photos of freaky fruits of Fukedushima: )