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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Freedom of religion means Jews as well"

Today's events come after another prominent Israeli minister called for an end to the ban on Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon insisted that freedom of religion "includes Jews [as well as Muslims]."

"We must take steps to ensure that Jews are not only able to visit the Temple Mount, but are also able to pray there. I see no logic in allowing Muslims to pray there, but not Jews. I am committed to this idea,” he added.

Responding to those who contend that asserting Jewish rights on the Temple Mount could provoke a violent backlash from Islamist groups, Danon retorted:

“We do not need a permit from the Muslim world to for every little thing we do. We do what is best for the Jewish people. It is the job of the police to take all scenarios into account and ensure freedom of worship for Jews at the Temple Mount,"