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Monday, July 1, 2013

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and as a number of drill leasers are finding out, it doesn’t spew from gas wells either.

As was stated in REVOLT OF THE DRILL LEASERS, royalty checks are not all they were fracked up to be.
"Not only are the royalty checks tiny, in some instances leasers are being charged retroactively for post production costs which has resulted in receiving a BILL in the thousands of dollars instead of a check.
Testifying at a Senate Environmental Resources and Energy committee hearing on June 27, 2013, Bradford County Commissioners Chairman Doug McLinko said, “Our constituents have shown us evidence of extraordinary post-production cost in Bradford County, with deductions of 40 and 50% all the way up to as much as 90%.”  “…we have seen checks come with zero payment.  We have seen retroactive charges being billed to land owners for tens of thousands of dollars where the property owners actually have a bill sent to them and they go without any royalty payments until it is paid in full.” Similar concerns were raised by the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau at the same hearing."