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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Moral Mondays

"It amazes me that they claim they don't want government intervening in health care issues, yet they want to tell women what to do with their bodies."

Almost 4,000 North Carolinians stormed the state house Monday demonstrating that, despite repeated attacks by the GOP-led legislature, the opposition is growing 'ever fiercer and stronger.' Marking the tenth "Moral Monday" action, participants rallied in the capital against an anti-choice abortion law that passed the state Senate last week in a GOP 'sneak attack' on reproductive rights. Organizers estimated that roughly 4,000 people had joined the action in "one of the largest" demonstrations yet.  64 people were arrested for refusing to leave the state house, bringing the total arrests since the protests began in April to over 700.
"This state has gone to hell and it's hurting my family," said Tanya Glover, a N.C. resident, as she lined up to be arrested alongside her father.