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Thursday, July 25, 2013

planning to consider YMCA plan as medical office use

The planning commission agreed to address the YMCA's request as a conditional use for a medical office, and Jim McDonnell said it should also consult with the borough council to confirm it views it the same way before a decision is made in the matter.

“We can look at this expansion, but there is a medical office; and I really believe we need to review this medical office, but we all have to be on the same page,” Jim McDonnell said. “In other words, if we feel it's this way, I really think we should have council agree with us so that we are all together.”

A medical office, according to the zoning ordinance conditional use, can be permitted so long as it meets several requirements, specifically parking for patients and employees is off-street and the parking and delivery zone plan does not conflict with existing borough traffic flow.

The planning commission also devised a list of question categories to submit to both the Ligonier Valley YMCA and the borough council for the public hearing. Their concerns include the size of the added building, the setbacks of the expansion, security, number of employees and parking for employees.

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