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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

retail outdoor display rules missing from Ligonier Township code

At least I can't find any rules governing outdoor displays by retailers.

Why is Ligonier Township giving the Curiosity Shop in Laughlintown grief?

Graham's Antique Mall and the Fleatique have items displayed outside and they aren't being cited.  There used to be a store across from the Colonial Inn that displayed all kinds of items outside including carriages and I don't recall hearing that they were cited.  Twisted Vine has all kinds of stuff displayed outside their store and I don't think they have been cited.

What's up?????

Why the unfair treatment??????

Ligonier Township says the Curiosity Shop must comply with industrial or commercial storage standards.  WAH?  Come on, get real.

This is a retail display and the township has NO rules concerning outdoor display by a retailer.  No rules means no rules.

If they had rules, we'd all expect them to be fairly implemented anyway.  Right???