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Monday, July 22, 2013

Spilling (and leaking) is Just the Beginning....

From Bob Donnan:

Seems you can never escape the presence of the oil and gas industry for very long. Returning from a weekend trip to the Laurel Highlands, we became part of the ‘captive audience’ in an Interstate 70 traffic jam due to a spill of [hydrochloric acid & ‘who knows what’] when the interstate was closed for over 4 hours yesterday from a truck like the one in the photo below.  Thanks Halliburton!

Once again, John Poister of the Pa DEP sounds more like a PR guy for industry than a representative of the commonwealth’s environment. And the iffy-ness of what was actually in this tanker truck further points to improvements that need to me made with placarding and shipment logs of O&G trucks travelling Pennsylvania highways.