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Sunday, August 4, 2013

libertarians to Christie...BRING IT ON!

Those Americans have not “forgotten 9/11,” as Governor Christie says. They’ve simply realized that the government should not be given a blank check written against our civil liberties.
Most millennials do not clearly remember a time when America was not at war. They’ve begun asking tough and important questions about whether the global war on terror has been worth it, either in terms of American lives, American money or American liberties. Libertarians were asking those questions at the outset.
On many other issues, libertarians have been bellwethers for future changes in public opinion. Support for marijuana legalization is now supported by a majority of Americans. Support for gay marriage, something libertarians advocated before many people had even considered the idea, is also above 50 percent. And younger voters are supporting those issues at a much higher rate than older voters.