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Friday, August 9, 2013

Ligonier Borough considering an ordinance specific to bamboo

After hearing the wording of several Pennsylvania ordinances regarding the planting of bamboo, Ligonier council voted to form a committee to draw up an ordinance to address the invasive plant's existence in the borough.

“The biggest issue with the bamboo in my opinion is it has runners, and it travels just under the surface of the ground, under sidewalks and into other people's yards,” council president Robert Helterbran said. “I have no issue with the looks of bamboo or the bamboo itself, but I do have a problem with it invading other people's properties.

“Once it starts spreading, it continues to spread, and there's very little that can stop it,” he said.

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Perhaps this ordinance could be updated to reflect current naturalized gardening trends such as rain gardens and a measure added for control of or prohibition of "running" bamboo. Rather than having a special law for bamboo, as a gardener, I think it would be nice to have all these sorts of items in one law, don't you?