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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

still droning about drones ;) Here's a question for local officials.

If a person is unaware of FAA rules or disregards FAA rules and flies a drone over part of your jurisdiction where you don't think it's appropriate, what could you do about it?

For instance, let's say I buy a drone because I want to provide a cool new way to watch what's happening in Ligonier.  Let's say I want to outdo the Chamber and with their web cams and I want to fly over Ligonier making videos for readers of Ligonier Living to enjoy.

I might want to a parking report for Fort Ligonier Days to help people find spots.  Maybe I could take some cool videos of the Rolling Rock Fox Hunt in progress.  That would be neat, eh?

Come to think of it, lots of folks might want to get a peek at some of those big houses that sit far from the road in Ligonier.

Truly, I can think of all sorts of subjects I'd like to video from a fly over because I know people will want to watch them.  Obviously I'm not planning to buy a drone and start the Ligonier Living flying video delight, but what if I did and a police officer wanted to tell me to stop, could the officer do that?  On what basis?

I could be wrong but I don't think police have the authority to enforce FAA rules so if I'm flying a drone over town, could they stop me?