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Monday, August 5, 2013

Winning Our Hearts and Minds? Monsanto and Big Food Pull Out the Big Guns

Last month the Holmes Report revealed that Monsanto was interviewing public relations firms to spruce up its image. A tall order given Monsanto's status as "most evil corporation in the world." (A google search of "Monsanto most hated corporation" returns over 823,000 results).

"Monsanto and Big Food are taking the battle for consumers' hearts and minds to the next level. And it's no coincidence that they're pulling out the big guns just as the Washington State I-522 campaign to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food products is gaining steam. Can industry front groups and slick public relations firms convince us that the products they're peddling are not only safe, but good for us? Will the millions they spend on websites and advertorials pay off? We're guessing not, given the latest New York Times poll stating that 93 percent of Americans want labels on foods containing GMOs.

Still, it can't hurt to know who's behind the latest salvo of lies and misinformation. In this case, it's a new front group. And a new website and forum, introduced by biotech trade groups no doubt with the help of a new PR firm. And a new front group. The freshly launched is funded by the biotech industry, which claims it just "wants to talk". And the recently formed Alliance to Feed the Future,  representing more than 50 multinational food, agribusiness and biotech companies, wants to give us the "real" scoop on our food system."

Don't believe Monsanto or its front groups...Frankenfoods are Franken(stein)foods: Demand labeling of genetically modified foods.