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Sunday, September 1, 2013

even the Tribune Review reports fracking downsides

Risky gas drilling waste pits anger Mt. Pleasant neighbors

"Kim Staub's backyard isn't the same since Range Resources Corp. dug a black plastic-covered pit at the bottom of grassy hills next door. The company's Carter Impoundment is bigger than a football field and can hold 15 million gallons of water for Marcellus shale-gas drilling. Nobody has tapped a Marcellus well in Mt. Pleasant since May 2011, but the 3-year-old pit and several others remain, having served wells as far as 47 miles away, according to their owner. Staub and others call the pit an industrial misfit in a quiet neighborhood and want it gone.

Susceptible to spills of chemical-laden water, waste pits can be one of the riskiest parts of the gas drilling industry. Though they're supposed to be temporary, that doesn't always mean brief. “We lost the tranquility of our farm,” said Staub, 49, whose backyard abuts the Carter property. Range drained the pit this summer. “It's a truck stop in the middle of an agricultural land.”"

And Act 13 allows these things to be within 300 feet of one's back door....wonderful.