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Monday, September 16, 2013

Just got back from the public hearing.

Here are my takeaway thoughts:

A - Numero - UNO thought......West Vincent Street is the exit point.  How did I miss that?

The plan, if implemented, would move the YMCA drop off traffic for childcare and medical facilities to the back of the current building.  The entrance to the drop off would be from North Fairfield onto Wellington.  The traffic would then turn left onto Elm Alley and exit onto West Vincent Street.

Say what?

Yes.  Exit onto West Vincent Street.

Do you ever drive up or down West Vincent Street?  If you do, then you know the drill.  Cars take turns. The road isn't wide enough for two cars to pass each other so people politely find vacant spots to pull over and let the other car pass and so on.

What do you think will happen when the YMCA daycare drop off and pick up traffic is redirected through the alleys and out onto West Vincent Street?

As soon as I realized they were using West Vincent Street as the exit, when given a chance I asked the traffic engineer if they had observed the traffic flow on West Vincent Street and taken into account that cars had to take turns going up and down the street.  He said no.

Okay.  Guess we'll just need to have a wait and see attitude on that one.

Next thought.  Sam Banales got it right when he said that he hopes the Ligonier Borough Council does what is right for the borough and not what's right for the YMCA.  Ligonier Borough has fewer citizens than the YMCA has members. So, that's lots of crowd peer pressure coming to bear in favor of the plan.  Ligonier Borough citizens - voters and taxpayers - deserve to be the primary beneficiaries of the actions of their elected officials.

This is not Ligonier Borough's "Keystone Pipeline moment" as one speaker reflected.  This is not about increasing employment opportunity.  This is about an idea that got floated, caught some wind and now has a momentum of its own with lots of money behind it.

I have only lived in Ligonier since 1988. I live in the township now but I spent years living in the borough and I have always worked in the borough and I think I have a sense of the Ligonier village feeling.  I like Ligonier because of it's quirky village feel.  We're not living in the middle of nowhere.  We're living in Ligonier and Ligonier is a place the needs to be protected.

That goofy street grid that John Ramsey made back in 1817 works.  It keeps us small and limited and charming and not like other places.  Let's preserve it, protect it.  Let's not make a first cut.  Let's not eliminate one little piece of an alley to accommodate an idea that got floated and caught some wind.

Let's be just a bit stingy. Trust me, the YMCA will survive without killing Wellington Alley.