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Friday, September 20, 2013

Looking for Kittens

Hello Good Folks of Ligonier....

There has been a group effort to rescue a Momma cat and her 2 kittens from the area around Dollar General.

We were able to finally gain the Momma Cat's trust enough to handle her and get her off the streets. She has her forever home... yeah for her!

Even though every effort to capture the cat family together was made - it did not happen that way . The kittens are still being offered food and shelter in the origianl feeding spot but they disappeared after that last Mom feeding and have not been seen since.

The Kittens I guestimate to be about  10- 12 weeks at this point. They were eating canned and dry food-

One kitten is the color of a deer in fall with lovely black circles around the eyes and white toes
The other  kitten is a the most amazing grey striped tiger cat I have seen with the most miniscuel tiny stripes.

IF the Kittens have been rescued by someone else.....GREAT.. just let us know so we can quit worrying

If ANYONE thinks they have seen the kittens just let us know..

If you can catch the kittens and put them someplace safe  for the eve we have foster homes for them.. just let us know.

I work at Rachel's Ligonier Floral..724 238 6626... leave a message
or call my mobile 814 341 9846....
Winter is coming and we want them safe and warm....
Thanks for any leads.....
Beverly J Struble