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Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Writers' Collective Seeks Members

The new Cooperative Association of Writers (CAW) will hold an information session on Saturday, September 21st at the Ligonier Library. The meeting will be held downstairs at 1 pm. CAW is calling all seasoned writers, new writers, artists and the arts-minded to join us for this meeting.

CAW seeks to promote the arts in general and to use the combined efforts of its members to market members’ books. Those already involved in publishing and promoting books know that the practice can be difficult and frustrating. CAW hopes that in joining forces we can meet the challenge together and collectively work to increase our visibility and also promote the arts within our community. The Cooperative’s inaugural members have already established a blog that may be accessed at

Please join CAW on the 21st for conversation, light refreshments, and camaraderie!!
Questions? Email CAW at