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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"How can we help people to understand this? (Theo Colburn)

Dr. Colborn, a scientist who understands the chemistry of fossil fuels, speaking about what comes out of a natural gas drilling site (and into the air and bodies around it) a 5 minute tutorial; very clear, concise and sobering.

Dr. Colborn earned a PhD at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in Zoology (distributed minors in epidemiology, toxicology, and water chemistry); an MA in Science at Western State College of Colorado (fresh-water ecology); and a BS in Pharmacy from Rutgers University, College of Pharmacy. In her retirement she has set up a non-profit, TEDX, to carry on the work of providing objective, technical information about endocrine disruption and related low-exposure hazards for academicians, policy makers, government employees, community-based and health support groups, public health authorities, physicians, the media, and individuals. (Wikipedia)

If you know anyone who lives near a gas drilling site or works on one, please have them watch this 5-minute video. If you breathe air, watch it yourself...drilling is here, and so are the toxins that respect no property lines.