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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just sent this email to

Hi, Mr. O'Reilly:

I don't know where else to turn for help and I thought perhaps you might have an interest in this matter.

Ligonier Borough is a small town in Pennsylvania with little land and a tiny population.  The YMCA in Ligonier wants to expand their footprint and after a public hearing town officials voted NO because the YMCA plans are not in the best interest of the folks in Ligonier Borough.

The YMCA is bullying town officials into reconsidering their vote because the YMCA says it will appeal the decision which would cause the borough to have to spend money to defend itself.  The YMCA knows the borough doesn't have the money to fight.

[The public does not know that borough officials gave up their annual salaries - I think $2500/year - to avoid raising taxes.]

I believe the YMCA of Ligonier has forgotten the mission of the YMCA.  If you are interested in learning more of the details of the YMCA plans and why Ligonier Borough residents object, I can provide more information.  There is a public meeting set for October 29th in which the borough officials will reconsider the YMCA request due to the "legal ramification" i. e. costs to defend.

My husband and I enjoy your show and just received our copy of Killing Jesus yesterday. Tell Watters that he's terrific!


Diane Cipa
Ligonier Living

Note to Ligonier Living readers:  The information concerning borough officials giving up their salaries was given to me in confidence.  I apologize to the party for breaking the confidence.  It's not something I would normally do but given the circumstances, I think transparency on the status of borough finances is important.