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Friday, October 25, 2013

LVSD will not recognize a band member?

Dear Diane: I'm not sure if you've read about this on Facebook or not, but it seems that one senior, Emily Stanislaw, may not be recognized at tonight's Senior Night game simply because she attends a cyberschool.   This young lady has been in the band for 5 years and should be recognized along with all the other seniors for all her hard work and dedication.  Her cyberschool pays a fee to the district to allow her participation, and she and her family also pay the required "pay to play" fee.  I (and it appears others as well) feel that she should be recognized, and I personally feel that if she is not recognized none of the seniors should be. Other students who did not attend brick and mortar schools in the district (homeschooled students) HAVE been recognized at the appropriate Senior Day/Night activities.  Emily should not be left out simply due to the choice made for her education.  Please speak out about this injustice.  Thank you.  Yours truly, Anon