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Friday, October 11, 2013


But they want to the President and Congress to hear their quiet roar of displeasure at the direction they’ve steered the country.
“It’s not about them and their jobs and their re-elections and their buddies and their cronies,” Suzy Null said from the passenger seat their big Kenworth rig. “It’s about people. It’s about families. It’s about loving each other and doing what’s right. And pretty often they do not do what’s right. More often than not they do what’s wrong. And you see it every day.”
She says hard-working families like her own feel it.
“Yeah, you feel it. Especially when you have 15 grandkids. And you start thinking, ‘What’s this going to be for them?’ That’s why we’re here.”
There’s little question that even a few trucks driving together slowly on the beltway could snarl roads already prone to maddening traffic jams.
The Virginia State Police has issued this statement:
Virginia State Police is aware of the proposed convoy of commercial vehicles and is preparing accordingly with the region’s law enforcement agencies and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), just as we have done in the past for similar demonstrations held within the National Capital Region. As long as the vehicles comply with Virginia law, then the Virginia State Police will not interfere with their activities.