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Friday, October 18, 2013

This isn't just about the YMCA.

Does everyone understand that the zoning amendment the Y wants to force upon Ligonier Borough will change the zoning in the entirety of the borough, not just the Y lot? 

The Ligonier Borough Planning Committee expressly wanted to limit the creation of parking lots within the borough for a variety of reasons. Whatever happens on the Y matter will change this tiny village in ways not yet envisioned. 

The Y has 4300 members which makes it a far larger entity than Ligonier Borough. Borough planners and council have the legal authority to make decisions for the good of the borough but these taxpayers have a limited supply of money. They must provide for street maintenance and police protection and all of the other things that responsible government must provide. They can barely make ends meet and do not have the resources for a battle in court. 

So the Y has the ability to force its will upon the borough for its short term - probably 10 years at best - Excela doesn't stay anywhere for very long - hoping to balance their budget. Will the Y survive? We don't know. I'm sure Ligonier Borough will survive but will it still be a lovely residential village? What will the unintended consequences of the forced allowances for new parking lots do to this tiny town?