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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Top 10 Things the ACA Gave Us vs. the Top 10 We Gave Up

You can blame Republicans for blocking ACA implementation, but they're only exploiting the opening Democrats gave them. The White House and Congressional Democrats made the decision to go for piecemeal private insurance reform rather than wholesale public health care reform.

"Back in the days when President Barack Obama was still Illinois state senator Barack Obama, he too was an advocate of single payer, famously telling audiences that all we had to do was elect a Democrat House and Senate, and put a Democrat in the White House to make it happen. The electorate followed Obama's advice, but the president went another way. What did we gain? What did we lose? Was it worth it? You decide...:
(Note: See link below for what we would've got under each item.)
 1. We got a swiss cheese system that exempts many large corporations from having to ensure their employees.
2. We got a Medicare expansion which can be thwarted at will by current or future Republican controlled state governments.
3. We got a chaotic and confusing “marketplace” in which patients with little information are encouraged to conflate low insurance premiums with low-cost quality insurance. 
5. We gave an ongoing river of cash to private health insurance companies. Millions more are now forced to buy their crappy product, with the premiums funded by billion annually in public subsidies.
6. The ACA gives us little or no cost control over medical care and even bans most measures that would lower the cost of prescription drugs.
7. ACA only covers about half the nation's total uninsured.
8. We have to wait till 2016, when the Obama administration is on its way out of office for all the provisions of the ACA to take effect.   
9. Making health insurance and health care privatized commodities instead of human rights granted certain permanent rights to those profits under the currently popular conservative legal “takings” doctrine.   
10. ACA's scheme of privatized health insurance paid for by public dollars was originally devised by one arm of the ultraconservative Heritage Foundation, and is opposed today by another arm of that same organization. Go figure."